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Head Admin

Lucian is the current Head Admin for the site, having taken over the responsibilities from Raeynn in early 2015. Lucian is responsible for maintaining the sites boards, skins and applications, and to ensure that all sections of the site continue to operate in full capacity. He facilitates staff discussion and decision making, and is responsible for approving site changes and making rule updates.



King of Kings

Kure is the current Disciplinary Admin for the site, as well as the Character Sheet Admin. He is responsible for making sure everything is treated fairly, from disputes between membership and how members are being treated by the staff team, in addition to being the writer of the newly created character sheet section on the site - with assistance from other members of the staff.


Alongside Daniel, he facilitates staff discussion and decision making, while also getting the opinion of certain members (selected at random) before putting them out for the public to view.


Due to his understanding of the Character Sheet section, it is advised you go to him about any questions and concerns deal with the system. While he may not respond as soon as possible, he will surely get to you within 12 hours - unless he is busy with his real life job.

Mand'alor te Cabur



Corey, the Mandalorian Expert of the site, is one of the members of staff who will routinely help you with your questions, and is typically the member of staff who works with members to bring roleplay into line with site canon.

Like all of the members of staff, he does his best to drive forward RP by actively roleplaying his character and helping along the story of the site. He is usually more than happy to help brainstorm ideas to help out your character, or help you adjust ideas so that they fit into the canon of the site. Corey is a strong believer in members researching a concept before bringing it to him, but he can provide material and insight that may help in that process.


He regularly pokes Daniel and Kure's brain to aid with changes to the site, working on missions, doing their best to bring the most interactive and inclusive experience to all members.

If he can help, he will, if not, he likely knows who can.

Empress Kitty

Empress Kitty


Kitty is the glitterglue that holds the team together, helping support them with anything they need.


An expert in the medical skills offered to characters, she is the one to go to if you have questions regarding that area.