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The Sith Empire

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Lucian Eidolon

The Sith Empire has existed in various fashions, since 4999 BBY. Although much of this information is documented in other locations, the Sith Empire was ruled by Lord Vitaite for thousands of years in hiding, the Empire building itself out of the prying eyes of Coruscant on Dromund Kaas. There the Sith forged themselves anew, with the intention of growing powerful enough to combat the Galactic Republic. Lord Vitaite formed a Council of Darth's, called his Dark Council to rule the Empire while he


The True Empire, originally called the Black Empire and variations therein, was formed on Corellia after the Treaty of Coruscant, as a splinter sect of Sith loyalists who were disenfranchised from Vitaite's rule. Eventually conquering their own planet, the True Empire was lead by a number of Emperors, before Darth Cideon, the final Emperor of the True Empire, faced with a planet which was beginning to fail around them, moved the armies of his Empire against Vitaite. In a vicious week long attack, Cideon's Empire toppled Vitaite's, ending his reign, and joining the two Empire's once and for all.


The Sith Empire is commanded by the Sith Emperor, and his twelve Kaars, which form the Dark Council. Each leading a different Sphere of Influence, they deal with the day to day governance of the Empire. From Korriban, to Drumond Kaas, Zoist and many other of the Sith Worlds and beyond are underneath the power of the Empire, with financial backing from Muunilist.


The Sith Emperor

Main Article: Power Base of the Sith Emperor


The Sith Emperor is the ruler, and Dark Lord of the Sith.


The Spheres of Influence

Main Article: The Dark Council


There are Twelve Spheres of Influence which govern different sections of Imperial Society. Each one is lead by one of the Dark Council, a Kaar, takes the title of Darth. These Spheres often overlap and interweave, but each have clearly defined tasks which make them unique.


Sphere of Military Offense

Controls the forward command group of the Imperial Navy; spearheads Imperial campaigns to destroy enemies of the Empire and conquer new systems; Coordinates with Military Strategy and the Ministry of War in matters of Imperial warfare.


Sphere of Military Defense

Controls the strategic command group of the Imperial Navy; ensures the defense of Imperial systems and planets; controls the Imperial Guard outfit; coordinates with Military Strategy and Ministry of War in matters of military defense; prevents Sith in-fighting and monitors all Sith on the Emperor's behalf so as to identify and root out all self-destructive Sith tenancies.


Sphere of Military Strategy

Coordinates with Imperial Defense, Military Offense and Ministry of War; Creates, distributes and controls the plans, tactics, strategies and procedures utilized in Military campaigns; commands the Imperial Conquest Consolidation Corps; Operates officer academies for Navy and Army.


Sphere of Ancient Knowledge

Maintains the libraries and vaults which hold the Empire's hoards of journals, recordings, tomes, holocrons, artifacts, talismans and relics; oversees the expansion of knowledge and understanding of Sith history, as well as its protection and continued recording; commands the Imperial Reclamation Service.


Sphere of Sith Philosophy

Protects the Sith Order by teaching and enforcing the code, tenets, traditions and ideals of the Sith; Oversees the Sith Academies and the training of Acolytes; Oversees the Imperial News Network; Spreads anti-Jedi and anti-Republic teachings and propaganda; Roots out those who practice or believe in the advantages of the Light Side of the Force under the umbrella of the Imperial Inquisition.


Sphere of Sith Intelligence

Coordinates with the Ministry of Intelligence; Oversees the propaganda-generating Outreach Bureau; Controls the many divisions of Sith Intelligence, from espionage to assassination and information gathering. There are many facets of Intelligence.


Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy

Controls the Imperial Diplomatic Service; Oversees conquest plans and timetables; Maintains relations with and seeks out new potential allies; Advances the Empire's borders and Galactic influence.


Sphere of Production and Logistics

Coordinates with the Ministry of Logistics; Oversees the Empire's trade routes, resources, economy, supply lines, transportation systems, nationalized industries, populations, labor and other assets and programs essential to the continued functions of the Empire; Provides calculations to fend off enemy troops, logistical necessities of fleets and ground forces, and financial concerns of the war.


Sphere of Laws and Justice

Directs the law enforcement and judicial branches of the Empire; Writes and implements law; Maintains the Empire's prisons; Schedules and carries out executions; Maintains order; Oversees bureaucracy and governance in Imperial systems through the combined efforts of the Castigate.


Sphere of Biotic Science

Commands the Imperial Medical Corps; Oversees cybernetic augmentation practice and advancement; Maintains disease and hazardous materials control; In charge of chemical and biological weapons projects; Oversees genetic manipulation and experiments; Monitors and controls Sith Alchemy.


Sphere of Technology

Oversees the creation of all weapons, vehicles, droids, cybernetics, superweapons, machines in the Empire; Controls all plants, factories and shipyards.


Sphere of Mysteries

Controls the Empire's assassins; Deals with Sith spirits, dark side nexuses, Sith magics and rituals; Hunts down traitors; Handles the unknown, the unexplainable, the misunderstood and the unpredictable.


The Sith Ranks

Main Article: Sith Ranks


The Sith Empire, by virtue of its very name, is an Empire run and ruled by Sith Lords. Unsurprisingly, many of the ranks and positions of power within the Empire were primarily reserved for Force Sensitivities who used the Dark Side and committed themselves to the ideals of the Sith Code. Beyond simply the non-lineal monarch of the Empire, the Sith Emperor was the highest ranking Sith and held the title of Dark Lord of the Sith over all Sith. Beneath the Emperor though, were a variety of ranks and titles which were given according to the various stations and achievements that individual Sith could achieve.


Sith Initiate → Sith Apprentice → Sith Master → Sith Lord → Dark Council → Sith Emperor


The Sith Initiate is the first rank any hopeful will achieve, spending time at the Sith Academy on Korriban under the studious and often torturous oversight of the Overseer's and Instructors of Sith Philosophy. A Sith will stay at this level until such time as they formally become apprenticed. Much like the Jedi, Sith society revolves around the mentoring of one lessor Sith to a more powerful and experienced Sith. To progress, a Sith is expected to learn from another, learn some of the secrets of the Dark Side, and embrace the Dark Side in order to understand it.


The Sith Apprentice then undergoes a number of Embodiment's, challenges spaced over the length of the apprenticeship in order to ensure their loyalty and power within the Empire. Once they have completed this, they are ceremoniously graduated by their Master (or Sith of a higher rank), and given a Sith name. This name is personal, and becomes a part of who they are, in the largest possible way. At this rank, they are expected to take an apprentice of their own, and take them through the trials and tribulations of apprenticeship in order to stand up to the next level in the Sith.


The Sith Lord is the highest rank that one can achieve without becoming a member of the Dark Council. Though Sith Lord is the official rank, there are a number of titles that can be achieved. Depending on station, one can be addressed as Lord, or if you are in the confidence of one of the Dark Council, you may become one of the three Darth's that each Kaar is allowed to name within their Sphere. Naturally, the only place to go from Sith Lord is to the Dark Council - which is generally gained through manipulation, murder, or by succeeding a former Master. The Dark Council is the highest possible rank that a Sith can achieve within the political structure of the Empire. Some Sith gain the confidence of the Emperor, and gain the position within the Emperor's Sphere of Influence, which while exists within the Empire, belongs outside of the traditional Sith and Imperial hierarchy.


The Ministry of War

Main Article: Ministry of War


The Military arm of the Sith Empire, the Ministry of War is officially commanded by the combined leadership of the Sphere of Military Offense, the Sphere of Military Defense, and the Sphere of Military Strategy. Through the Imperial Navy and Imperial Army, the Ministry of War uses Sith and Non-Sensitive alike in the endless ambition of conquering the galaxy into Sith rule, and bringing the end to the Jedi and the Galactic Republic.


Ensign/ Private → Lieutenant → Commander/ Major→ Admiral/ General → Grand Admiral/ Supreme Commander → Minister of War →  Kaar


The Ministry of War, although a cohesive large scale force, is separated into the three Spheres of Influence that make up the Military Command, with each of the other Spheres having access to a personal reserve fleet for their own defensive and offensive purposes. The Military is highly regulated, with Sith and Non-Force Sensitives serving side by side in various functions across the galaxy.


The Ministry of Intelligence

Main Article: Ministry of Intelligence


The Ministry of Intelligence is considered to be one of the most powerful branches in the Empire, working within the Sphere of Sith Intelligence. Within this branch, Non-Force Sensitives are often at their most powerful - with the position of Minister of Intelligence being on of the highest ranks that a NFS can aspire to within the Empire.


Allies of the Sith Empire


The Sith Empire and the Mandalorian's are officially allied. More information on this here.

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