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Mandalorian Trials

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Mand'alor te Cabur

These trials are designed to test the Mandalorians who are seeking to advance within the Mandalorian ranks, wherein they are able to show that they can stand on their own, for their Clan and People. Designed to test a character's progression, to show that they're able to take on students of their own, and positions of greater responsibility. Required to move up to Ruus'alor.


Trial of Prowess 
A trial designed to test a Mandalorian's skills, the Prowess trial can be held in any field, any arena, and is likely to remove a Mandalorian from their comfort zone to show that they have learned not only how to be effective, but how to use what they know in an adaptive sense, to show themselves capable in any situation that a Mandalorian would be called upon to serve in.

Trial of Duty
Showing loyalty to the Mandalorian people, and proving yourself an asset to your clan and Mandalore as a whole, this trial changes context dependant on the individual, but the end result is the same: Showing willingness to be selfless for the needs of your brothers and sisters, putting clan and people before yourself.

Trial of Zeal
This trial shows a Mandalorian is capable of following the Resol'nare, and is able to use that which makes up the core of their society to improve their lot, or simply survive, depending on the nature of the individual trial. 

Trial of Valor
Tasks granted by either Mand'alor, Mand'alor's Fist or the Aliit'alor, this trial is designed not to test the skills of an individual, but their resolve, their mettle. Pushed to their breaking point and beyond, can the one being tested withstand their gruelling test, or will they break, forgoing honour and failing the test in an attempt to complete it?

Trial of Reason
This Trial is by far the simplest of each of the tests, though perhaps one of the most gruelling. A Mandalorian is expected to show good judgement at all times, failure to do so can cause unnecessary deaths of those around you, or cause collateral damage. This trial is designed to see, when the difficulty in task completion increases to a point where it becomes impossible, if the tested has the common sense to retreat, to listen to their better judgement and either work out a feasible way of completing the goal without compromising themselves, their team or those around them, or to simply withdraw. 

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