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  1. And Then The Murders Began

    It would be so much easier to use the Force to shove bystanders aside, their gathering making it difficult for the Togruta to slip through despite her presence being needed immediately. But using powers against defenseless, even if they were irritating people, that was just uncivilized at best. The constant buzzing of questions, reporters demanding to know what was taking place, it all faded as soon as she was allowed past the line of security and began to ascend the steps to the temple. Dark brown robe flowing behind her as the teen walked with meaning and haste, she narrowly spun aside to avoid crashing into the white-haired male upon rounding a corner. Well, it would have been more of tripping over him than running into his frame, the way he was planted on the ground. Color tinging her cheeks, she bowed slightly, it taking a moment for recognition to hit her. Tilting her head slightly, she grinned cheerfully at him despite the not so positive situation, her hand extending out before gently resting on his head. It was an action her best friend did often in order to cheer her up, so perhaps it would help the man. "It's difficult leading the way, being the first to face what is to come. Whatever is happening, don't think as one of your great titles. Let the Force guide you... You are not the only one to continue Jakar's purpose and desires for the Order, so let us help carry those burdens." As she spoke, the healer had allowed her energy to wash over herself and the Grand Master, her desires to calm and restore his reserves that had been spent during his battle laced into the cool feel of the Force. "Ah! I forgot we never met formally! Zyann Aari, at your service. I was called to look the prisoner over, but I couldn't just ignore someone so tired now could I. If you can't stay standing, let's at least move you out of the way. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would almost fall over you if you stay here-then again, Yusa always said I was clumsy..." pouting from her own words that were rambled, she shook her head to clear her mind before giving C'erian's head another friendly pat, leaving to examine the corrupted jedi only when called out to by those that summoned her. Likely her behavior was seen as odd, overly-friendly, especially with someone of such stature. Even Master Forseti had cautioned her about her behaviors, but to the Togruta, titles meant nothing. They were comrades, and this was her way of showing support. Of course, when it came to anything medical, she was all business and mature. Gazing at the limp body of the passed out prisoner through the plasma barrier of the containment cell, Zyann gave a nod to the guards and walked to the unconscious male once they deactivated the barrier. They were tense, hands on their weapons, ready to deal with him the way one would deal with a Sith. It made her stomach churn, a slight sigh escaping her lips; even with removing some memories, others that knew it was him who had atracked his own kind would forever feel negative about his existence, and he would have to learn to accept it. At least she could take away some of his pain... Removing the gloves from her hands, she sat on the ground and pulled his body towards her, cradling his head in her lap. Slender digits pressing against his face, his temples, the Togruta opened herself to the Force, allowed the energies to flow around her and through her as though it were greeting her as a friend. Smiling to herself, the teen called out to her own source of power, slowly letting it cover her and the male Jedi before she began to sink deep into meditation, gradually pushing her presence into his mind. Sorting through images that were memories was a long, tiring process, the flashes allowing enough of a glimpse at a significant period in time that she could identify if it was one needing removal or not. Still, it drained her much like when she used her psychometry ability. The filtering of all she saw, even with constant training, it was overwhelming and caused her senses to shut down for a day or two. Giving pause at the more present menories, the healer reached out towards one, towards the moment he confronted the enemy they were ordered to seek and destroy. But a bright flash caused her to hiss and pull back, her energy retreating until she was back in her own body, a silent cry of pain on her lips as she clenched her jaw while pressing her hands to the sides of her head. Shadows fought fiercely, a dark and light, two figures that felt equal in power, but separated by their practices. They fell at the same time, and as she tried to get closer, all she saw was a mask. Gasping, eyes opening wide, her melon skin extremely pale, the alien had to be helped out of the cell and sat down, her body shaking and words inaudible as they left her lips. After muttering about a mask, she finally had enough control over herself to speak up though her voice was strained. "I must rest. I will return and tend to him after. He was a victim as much as those slain by his hand. I can mend him, but not at this moment...foid, and rest." Staggering to her feet, she numbly took a few steps before collapsing, the guards alarmingly moving to pick her back up. Fumbling with one of the pouches at her hip, the Togruta finally withdrew a holocom, using it to contact her friends, the ones she could trust the most, the people that fought with her to keep and protect the Jedi Order. "Ves, Yusa... I'm in the temple. Bring food."
  2. Zyann Aari

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  3. Zyann Aari

    ✩ Aari Clan Since the disappearance of their daughter, Yilaou, things had gone downhill fast for her parents; whispers began about how they no longer had an offspring to carry on the role as a leader, and should one challenge her father and win, they would take over the tribe. Knowing their power was being threatened, the couple tried for more children. Each ended in a miscarriage. In despair, about to give up hope, it was finally discovered the woman was pregnant, local healers claiming it was a very healthy baby. Thinking their hardships were over, just as the couple began to relax, hunting parties began to go missing, accidents occurring. Not to mention a sickness came over the group (and other tribes suffered the same illness as well) - death dwindled down the Togruta tribe's numbers until a tough decision had to be made: they would merge with other groups in the same situation, and Clan Aari would step down as leaders for it was clear they were no longer capable of properly ruling. Once they were sure the others would be taken care of, the Aari couple settled in one of the cities where they had their baby. It was another girl, but a strong child despite her gender. All should have been blissful at that point, though it was anything but. Like many others, including majority of their clan, the woman had become ill with that mysterious sickness. With her health declining despite a successful birth, it was no more than three years later that she passed on, leaving her husband to care for their Zyann. Being that he was a warrior versus more of the nurturing being, it was quite difficult on him being left as a single parent, particularly to a child that had not a single capability for battle or hunting. How would she earn her headdress if she couldn't even last a day on her own, let alone face a fearsome Akul? If only she had been born a boy, or so he regularly thought to himself. All he felt she was good for was reminding him of her mother, furthering his depression he began to sink into - and doing household chores, roles the women often took on anyway. Never one to hold it against her father, though it was hard on her as well, the young Togruta knew it must be tough without his mate. He picked up spare jobs here and there with the local spaceport, and Zyann matured quickly beyond her years. She had no choice, after all, for on top of the typical tasks she performed such as cooking and cleaning, she had to take care of her father and do as he demanded - she wanted to make him happy, make him proud of her, and thus she forever smiled, never complaining once even if she wanted to. ✩ Discovery Having gone out to purchase some drinks for her old man, the male Togruta drowning his sorrows in booze more and more often as of late, Zyann's errands were interrupted as she began to pass by the healer's hut that served as a medical facility for the city, the hut being a building rivaling even the spaceport in size. While the head medic was busy dealing with inflating a collapsed lung, another adult Togruta was being carried with a severe wound to his leg. A hunting accident had happened, and he needed to be seen right away, but with no one to care for him, the yellow-skinned girl took charge. Always had she had a knack for healing, though it was different from how things were typically done via medic droids and real beings performing surgeries and the like. Instead she had this sensation that would come over her, and while envisioning healthy parts, bones and tissue would knit together or bruises and cuts would vanish. It took all her energy as well as concentration, but it was a gift, one that was similar to the sister she never knew she had. Having the injured male laid out on a blanket hastily tossed on the ground, one of his companions cradled his head as she prodded around the wound. He would suffer blood loss if she didn't act soon, and so she knelt beside him, resting her small hands on either side of the injury to his limb. He was pale despite having been a brilliant shade of red, his blood practically blending in with his skin pigmentation. Ignoring the hot sticky liquid running over her hands, she closed her shining amethyst eyes and dove deep within her core, seeking out the light that shone in her mind. Asking for help from this seemingly living energy, she held her hands out, letting it come to her on its own before diving into the wound, letting a coolness spread over the area. Just this much caused her to begin to perspire, her throat feeling dry, but she went on, imagining the man's body repairing itself, stopping the blood from leaking out the opening that had been there. By the time she had finished, she was exhausted and gasping for air, but it had saved the man's life, and his gratitude had been reward enough for her services. But the spirits had other plans, for a Jedi had been visiting and was at a nearby shop when the commotion began. He watched it all from start to finish, finally approaching the girl. "That was some showcase of abilities young one. I am Master Suto. What might your name be?" "Zyann Aari." ✩ Padawan Word of her skills in healing spread quickly, her face becoming known in the medical facility at the Jedi Temple on Tython - the girl watched procedures, constantly trying to learn when she wasn't eating, sleeping, or playing outside with her friend Yusanulis. After one mission where she used her body to protect innocent pilgrims, the Togruta wound up as a patient in the medbay. Perhaps it was her upbeat personality, or the painkillers injected into her small frame that made her think she could leave right after getting her midsection stitched up, or that she could bounce around and search for some sweets to chow down on. Instead, when lucid enough, a well-respected woman came to visit her, to check on her injuries. The air about this female was quite mystical, the Force radiating from her in a peaceful fluid way. If Zyann had known her mother, she would have guessed this is what it felt like to be around her: comfort, happy, beautiful. Discussion of healing through the Force took place, and as quickly as the woman appeared so too did the option to become the Knight's Padawan. Thrilled, the child agreed, their focus obvious as both were Jedi Healers, though the Togruta had to learn the basics so as not to repeat an incident like what got her injured in the first place. ✩ Jedi Knight something something dark side, something something complete. ✩ Fall Of Tython something something dark side, something something complete. ✩ Skills, Abilities, Talents text about healing capabilities but no strength / true offenisve skills here.
  4. Zyann Aari

    Name ][ Zyann Aari Pronunciation ][ Z-eye-ann Ah-ree Gender ][ Female Species ][ Togruta Age ][ Eighteen DOB ][ 3649 BBY Rank ][ Jedi Knight Height ][ Five-Foot, Six-Inches Weight ][ One-Hundred, Twenty-One Pounds Eye Color ][ Purple Skin Color ][ Melon And White Markings ][ Faint Scar On Midsection Physical Condition ][ Slight Frame Force Alignment ][ Purity II Items On Person ][ Ferbil, Shimmersilk Robes (Armor), Saberstaff Items In Pack ][ Bandages, Small Amount Of Bacta, Scalpel, Clamps, Stims, Rebreather, Rationbars, Canteen, Corked Jars ✩ Personality Always positive, Zyann strives for greatness and recognition. She works hard and has a thirst to learn, to improve upon what she knows. Helping any and every being in need, she puts others before herself, even to the point of being willing to sacrifice herself for those held in her heart - a trait similar to that of her late sister.
  5. Zyann Aari

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  6. Memento Mori

    Upon hearing the late friend's last name, her eyes darkened slightly, her smile saddening for a split second before it returned to its cheerful image - the man would have smacked her lightly upside the head if he had seen her growing mournful once more, or in her best friend's case, he would flick her forehead. Giving a nod, her head tilted slightly as she began to explain why he was more than just the Grand Master to her, though her words paused in her mouth when the other Jedi continued, explaining a meeting arranged, how she encountered the Echani as well. The tiredness slowed her thinking, but soon enough the dots were connected, Zyann suddenly understanding as she recalled some of the conversation between the Force Ghost and the male. "Ah! You'll be joining our little group then?! That must mean Jakar managed to see his family too-we were worried he wouldn't have enough energy left to do both, and urged him to visit his wife and child first. Yusa, Jakar and myself were assigned to deal with Flesh Raiders long ago, before we were Padawans. Jakar was taking the lead, having the most experience, and since then the three of us were friends. This was way before he became Grand Master, of course. He was what I imagine a father would be like, or a very older brother, though Yusa definitely fills that role with me. We met as younglings and at that time there were too few in our age range, so we were together all the time." Pausing, she grinned, her childlike nature showing as she rambled a bit, talking eagerly of her friends. That and healing were two things the young woman often could go on and on about to others. "And no need to worry about not being strong in the Force. I'm just the opposite, so Yusa is having me be the designated healer and supporter with the Force. Yusa is much like you, unless he's been able to find more connection with the Force. The only thing he seemed better at than me besides actual fighting was meditation... I always fell asleep until I was, mm, fifteen standard years of age? Something along those lines." At the next question regarding Anaxes, the Togruta nibbled on her lower lip, pondering this as she casually began testing the woman's range of motion to make sure there weren't other issues now that the healing had been completed. Her hands were soft, fingers nimble as she gently yet firmly grasped the other's wrist, bending her hand forward and back, rotating her arm back and forth, then having the Jedi lay down, sit up, stand and bend. Everything seemed in order, if not a bit uncomfortable as the body adjusted to the sudden healing. "The planet itself is beautiful, ironic that it's a military base - a Temple would suit such nature perfectly with the thriving life of the flora and fauna here. As far as those residing here, the injuries and such, I've seen worse and better. Bodies here are pushed to and past their limits, so to heal a person repeatedly would only destroy the body in the end, over time, but damage would be done nonetheless. For example, if you take a thin sheet of durasteel, you can bend it this way and that over and over, but after a while, that bend becomes weak and the sheet will break along that line. Muscles and such are the same way. It's best that we heal only the bones, and provide splints and such for other healings unless that patient is about to leave for battle. Of course, there are some emergency cases where vitals are in trouble, and those are the times a healer may ignore broken bones if they won't endanger organs, arteries, and so forth. It takes a lot of energy to repair organs or bring a patient back from the brink of death, so one has to pick and choose what is most important to tend to first. With you, for example, I started on the ribs as they can be like a blade and pierce lungs or the heart, or other such parts centered in the torso - most beings have similar enough anatomy that that's the case. Your fracture wasn't so severe, but one shouldn't take chances. The wrist was in worse shape, but wouldn't hurt anything if left alone for a while. Then there are the wounds of the heart and mind. Anyone who goes into battle, or sees the damage done by said battles will have them, and for me personally, I find it my job to heal that as best as I can. It's a work-in-progress, but no one should suffer any sort of darkness if it can be cared for." Stretching, her gaze caught movement as exhausted healers emerged from the surgical room, the sound of machines reaching her montrals, the medic droid clearly there to continue to monitor the patient's status and administer any stims should the person's condition change. It seemed that whatever had taken place was a success, though the Force User and regular medic were both worn from their efforts by the appearance of their pale pallor. Resting a hand on the female's shoulder, she gave a nod towards the door, choosing to walk with her as the healer's work was done for the day; if any other patients arrived, she would receive a summons via holo or message on her datapad. Exiting the facility, Zyann looked to the trooper still waiting, his hands still wringing nervously. "The procedure is done. You may go see them, though your friend may be unconscious right now. If you are questioned, just tell them Healer Aari gave you permission to be there, and that they can contact me if they have concerns about it. Vesrai, are you hungry? Healings always make me hungry ~"
  7. Memento Mori

    Nodding slightly, the Togruta led the beaten up Jedi to a table, a fresh cloth covering it - cots were uncomfortable in the best of times, though the medical beds for brief exams or emergency surgeries had a tendency to be nothing more than a slab of metal. A rock would be more comfortable, for it at least wasn't cold all the time. Then again, it had taken the femme many standard years before she could sleep properly in a bed, preferring the floor as a youngling since she was used to burying herself in blankets atop a worn fur rug. "I'm typically stationed on Coruscant, but was sent here for training. Certain types of, mm, wounds can only be found in places like this. Now, miss, I will be feeling for any other wounds. It will hurt, so don't hold back, and try your best to keep your body as relaxed as possible. And yes, that's far easier said than done, especially if internal bleedingbor broken bones are involved. Bodies will only put off the pain for a short while after the initial damage is done, and then as tissue swells, you feel it tenfold," she murmured. Rubbing her palms together to warm them first, the healer began to carefully and firmly feel around the other's frame, extending her arms, testing her joints. Amethyst eyes watched her expression carefully, Zyann making mental notes with each subtle indication of discomfort. Ribs. That was the worst of it, and the first area she needed to tend to since they could stab into organs depending on the severity and position of the break. "Ah, I'm going to begin the treatment now. It may sting or burn, but I find it helps to count your breathing like when younglings first learn meditation. And try not to fight against my presence. You will feel my energy, and may even shy from it, but do not push it away as instinct demands. Doing that makes the healing slower and more painful." Hovering her hands above Vesrai's abdomen, the Togruta began to ease her energy into the other, her eyes closed as she sought the damage to the ribs; a decent fracture, but not one that caused bone to chip or fully separate. Luckily the surrounding organs were undamaged, though nearby bone from other ribs showed old damage, thick spots here and there indicating the body repairing itself over hairline fractures, trying to strengthen the bone so it would avoid future injury. As the process of speeding up the body's own healing began, the Jedi careful at how much new bone formed over the break, she spoke gently to try and keep the other occupied and relaxed. "I am Zyann. What's your name?" Tissue repair was easier, whether it be muscle, ligament, or skin. Noting much internal bruising, the xeno couldn't help but ponder what abusive training the female was undergoing. She would get along well with Yusanulis if these wounds were any sign. "Do you have pets? I have three, though they had to stay behind. Fluffy is best for when I work with the younger patients at clinics. He's my ferbil. Then I recently happened across someone selling Mooka. I named them after dear friends that joined the Force: Suto and Jakar. I find animals far easier to understand than droids- oh, you did a number on this wrist! Honestly, treasure your body more... so many old injuries... You're just like him, only he doesn't listen to me unless I physically reset his nose and joints instead of easing the pain with the Force. Aaand there we are." Pulling away, slowly withdrawing her energy to let it trickle back into the pool that was her reserves, the Togruta flashed a satisfied grin. "Yusanulis. My dearest friend. He might still be around here yet. You should ask around and perhaps meet him, spar a bit. That's your thing too, right? Physical aspect of battle, I mean. I'm just the opposite ~" It was strange in some ways, not being shy around a complete stranger. Perhaps it was due to the woman being a patient, and the conversation just gradually shifted to a little more personal matters. That or the healer was finally maturing enough to push through any sensation of being timid. Nonetheless, if anyone broke Vesrai's ribs again right after the healing, Zyann would personally scold them good. Bodies weren't indestructable, and repetative damage in a single area could become irreversible over time. OOC: Force Heal x2 ------------------------ 20 / 25 Uses Left
  8. Memento Mori

    Anaxes. A beautiful place if one looked past the military establishments, the harsh trainings many underwent. It was a planet she rarely bothered with - the teen was a healer, not a warrior - yet after various duties had been completed on Coruscant, and a well protected skill introduced to her, it was advised by the council, the ones allowing her to learn this easily abused ability, for her to seek out those with traumatic experiences. Of course an obvious place to find potential patients suffering from mental damages would be a war zone or headquarters for those that saw battle. Naturally for the Jedi, that meant traveling back to the planet she had visited months prior. It was strange attempting to execute the brief "lesson" given as the Council took away all memories of the scientists pertaining to the Rakghoul cure and their post aboard the station. While their efforts felt less invasive, her own caused far more than discomfort. Healing of any kind, where one forced their energy into another, had a tendency to be painful until further training perfected the techniques. Knowing she had to start small, very small, and that it would be easy to get carried away trying to alter or completely destroy memories linked together, Zyann carefully looked over each person's file, and even interviewed them before determining if they would be a candidate at this point in time. Her latest patient (or victim depending on the point of view) found themselves faltering to charge into battle, their best friend having been decapitated by a lightsaber when they fought a Sith. Instead of erasing the human's memory of their friend, or that their friend died, the Togruta opted to remove the detail of how they fell in battle so that the person could mourn for the loss and continue to fight on against any foe they came across. As she let her presence fill the other, her fingertips lightly pressed to their temples, the Jedi sorted through the memories, the images of the event, doing her best to ignore the noises of doscomfort - it was painful having your mind invaded, even if you were allowing it. It went against natural instinct. Finding what she sought after over an hour of standard time had passed, the female pulled all traces of that incident into her presence, taking it with her as she slowly freed herself from the trooper before her. Both were pale and sweating, Zyann pushing the memories that weren't her own to the far reaches of her own mind, not yet knowing how to completely wipe their existence. For now, to have a place to start, this would do. Standing a bit unstably, the Togruta walked the trooper out when they were ready to leave, a long exhale sounding as fresh air hit her in a most welcome way. Amethyst gaze settling on a figure against the building, her head tilted slightly. A gentle smile, albeit a tired one, crossed her lips as she made her way to Vesrai, crouching down in front of her so they could be at eye level with one another. "You've been here a while, yet said nothing despite your pain. Honestly, you shouldn't hold back like this. The Force ripples around you from your suffering, so don't try denying it either. Are you able to stand, or shall I examine you here?" OOC: Attempting Flashburn - training 20/25 uses left
  9. Heart's Projection

    Relona 14, 3632 BBY Almost a full month after the creation of the Jedi Sect, the female found herself sharing some free time with her friend; he had been left to deal with the beginning formation of their group, the Togruta having to return to Coruscant to finish her duties. Practically living in the labs, it took much studying of the "cure" created for the Rakghoul Virus - the way the ingredients' molecules had bonded was a bit unexpected, and the amounts of each part had to be very precise for the creation to happen. Recordings, both verbal and digital, were entered into the Jedi Database, every detail carefully documented for future production should the result be positive. Without the assistants to help, the Jedi wouldn't have been able to do it on her own, her knowledge being pushed further during the process than ever before. It had been fun despite the stress and heavy atmosphere hanging over everyone in the labs. As soon as she was able to create a second accurate serum, the femme handed it off to be used to test on victims of the virus. If it worked, others would step in and use her reports to create more vaccines, but her part in its creation was over while her role in the lives of the assistants had just begun. The skill to change one's memories was complicated, and clearly a powerful skill not to be abused or used lightly by any means. If the late Grand Master hadn't vouched for her, she would never have been allowed to observe it being used, never have been instructed and allowed to learn it. Naturally she wasn't even close to mastering such a skill, but it was now something she could do if absolutely necessary. Zyann closed her eyes as she waited for her friend, having sent him a message to meet her in the training chambers. Leaning against the wall, her hands folded in front of her, the alien recalled the teachings. (insert learning of Flashburn here, in italics as it's a memory)
  10. The Meditations of Battle

    Slender fingers slid into the extended palm, her hand gripping her friend's as she was hauled back up to her feet. Swiping at her eyes, her face red from what crying she had done, the Togruta gripped the Echani's hand tightly, refusing to let go just yet - it was as though she was taking comfort and drawing strength from the physical contact after the experience with passing through the figure of her friend and mentor. Listening to the exchange of words, her brows furrowed when Jedi Healers were mentioned; she had failed miserably in protecting them, was limited far too greatly than what was needed. As though he had sensed the teen about to protest, her lips closed when the spectral hand ran along her cheek, the light washing over her. It was like freezing water being poured over her head, though instead of her skin prickling from a temperature shift, it was due to the calming energy that was clearly not natural, was clearly the influence of the spirit. With a small sigh, she let her muscles release their tension, her eyes closing, her grip on Yusan's hand loosening. "She smiled, you know." Voice barely above a whisper, her eyes brimmed with tears, but a smile filled with both joy and sadness had finally crept along her lips. "She was happy with her choice, happy she could protect us, give us a chance to live another day. I know so much, yet in the end it's a fraction of what I need to learn if I am to amount to being the Jedi I dream of becoming. I promise you, Master Forseti, I will grow stronger! I won't let you down, nor let the Order fall no matter what comes our way!" Turning towards the male teen, she brought his hand to her chest where she gripped it with both hands, amethyst eyes gazing intently at his face as she spoke, the passion and enthusiasm clear as day upon her features and in her words. "Yusa, let's make Master Forseti and Master Suto's dreams a reality! Let's protect everyone together. There's a void now, but we can fill it if we work as a team-I... I've tried to do it on my own, but it's impossible for someone like me." Clutching her friend's hand like a lifeline, the teen closed her eyes, focusing on the feel of the light still permeating through her frame. By the next day, she would need to return to Coruscant, return to the labs that she would claim as her own for some time. A cure must be duplicated, and the sooner she analyzed the sample, the sooner she could assist in making more of the serum so lives could be saved. It also meant she would manage to be taught how to wipe the minds of others, such a technique rarely used and only necessary during dire times such as the situation at hand. "I need to know more than how to heal. I'm still incompetent," she mumbled under her breath, truly feeling like the weak link of the group. "I'll not drag everyone down any more. I swear to it..." Releasing the male's hand, she took a deep, slightly shaky breath and pulled her shoulders back in order to stand up straighter, her expression clouded by emotion, yet her eyes showing nothing but determination; she would always blame herself, regardless of what the spirit said, but it made her feel a bit better to know he and his padawan were at peace. The Force was truly amazing, and it showed her new miracles each day, yet it didn't change the fact that she alone had failed her friends. For every step forward she made in expanding her skills, in learning how to work with the Force, it was as though the teen took two steps back while fighting to cope with her desire to do no physical harm to another being, even if she were staring at the end of an enemy's lightsaber. Yet at the same time, if others were the ones threatened, she would have readily sacrificed herself- She would have done what they did. The realization of this made the tears spill over, her cheeks burning as they ran freely to gather at her jaw. Their hearts were in the same place, their desires the same. It wasn't incompetence on her part, but bravery and faith on theirs. Suto, Forseti, and Kes had each followed a path the Force laid before them, a path that ensured the safety of others, a path she would have chosen herself if opportunity allowed, yet it was not her time yet - just as it hadn't been her time when she became the physical shield for the pilgrims on Tython. "Do not worry, Master Jakar. We will be the shield and blade of the Order. We will protect everyone and each other with unwavering hearts just as you have shown us." Clarity. This was the final gift the spirit was giving her before he moved on, before his true purpose was fulfilled.
  11. The Meditations of Battle

    How could this have happened? She had promised to protect them, to keep them safe if they could bear with her lack of offensive skills, yet of the four Jedi, herself and the unconscious male were all that survived; she saw and felt their peace, the Grand Master's padawan in her last moments, the self sacrifice. The Togruta's heart had begun to shatter, the cracks that had formed from the incident on Tython deepening until pieces fell with yet another friend and slight bond disappearing. Had she not been in charge of caring for the Echani, had she not been dragged away by the scientists into the pod, perhaps her life would have ended there as well, or perhaps she could have saved Kes in her brave act of making sure the others lived on. Her head pounded from the stress, and after making sure her companions were tended to, a few subtle injuries mended with ease, the Jedi curled up on the floor with her back pressed against the wall once coordinates for Coruscant were plugged into the ship's computer and autopilot engaged. Eyes bloodshot as she silently cried, exhaustion overtook the teen yet she was unable to sleep. For all that she wanted to celebrate their lives lived instead of mourn their loss, the pain was too fresh and it was all the Jedi could do to keep her emotions in a tight grip, to make sure she remained rooted to the light. Despite wanting to find her friend, feeling duty-bound to inform him of their friend's passing, Zyann met with the council to inform them of what had happened, though as she spoke, it was obvious a few of the others had sensed something yet didn't know it was his death they felt, the stronger members having no trouble feeling the absence of Master Forseti's Force signature. It took much discussion, much questioning before the Council agreed to have the scientists kept guarded and isolated until matters on the more political and pressing side of things were handled (and the former Grand Master's astromech arrived, if it hadn't been destroyed in the explosion). Briefly bothering to freshen up, the teen tried to comm her friend, the shadows beneath her eyes darker, her complexion a paler hue of her typically vibrant yellow-toned skin. When a familiar beeping sounded, she let out a sigh, trying to decipher what it was saying. Time spent with the male and his astromech allowed her to become familiar with some of its mechanized language, though she typically had to have her datapad act as a translator. "Tell Yusan I'll be at his room shortly-" whistles and beeps sounded, cutting her off. "Well, where is he then? What do you mean gone?! Gone where- Jaynine, it's an emergency. Yes. Send me the coordinates please, and don't let him leave. Thank you." Arranging a ride to the planet took more time than she desired, but her spirits lifted a bit the moment she stepped out of the spaceport, the lush planet filling her with renewed energy. Extending her senses through the Force as far as her limits allowed, the teen was able to pick up the male's signature and follow the general location in which it was at. The sight that greeted her was not one Zyann would have expected in all her life, nor one she was prepared for. Eyes welling with tears, a sob bubbled from her lips while she ran straight for the image of Jakar, her arms opened as she prepared to give him a hug, to ensure he was real. Instead, she ran right into a tree, hitting it hard enough to cause a red mark to form on her face, the impact knocking her back and down onto her bum. At least it kept her from crying out any further, but her head was pounding tenfold now. Sniffling, she swiped at her eyes, Zyann soon speaking in a cracked voice. "I... I'm so sorry! I promised, but you still got hurt, and-and..." Lip quivering, her arms wrapped around herself, voice barely above a whisper. "Kes is gone too. She saved us..." OOC: Force sense x1 24/25 uses left
  12. Ghost Station of Cannibal Raks

    While she had done her best to not reveal just how tense and nervous she was, how fearful of this place she was, the teen couldn't fully hide what it did to her thoughts - even if she was able to overcome them - and neither could the others. There was too much darkness that swallowed them whole, barely allowing the light they emitted to shine, yet suddenly there was a beacon of hope. Whatever Jakar had done made the alien visibly relax, her forced smile softening to the natural one typically worn. He was that beam of light needed to properly calm the mind, to lead the way. He was what she wanted to be: a bringer of hope. She would have to ask him about At the mentioning of their other companion, Zyann silently volunteered to tend to him. He was still her patient, and apparently between the effects of the concussion received plus the healing, albeit minor, the male had lost consciousness once more. Pausing as she turned towards the Echani, the female glanced at their leader's padawan, her lips parting yet the words she wished to say died before exiting her mouth. It was clear from the other's expression that healing must wait, though the Togruta decided to keep an eye on her in case her state worsened. Upon reaching Homra, the girl slid her pack off one shoulder so that items wouldn't be crushed (mainly the containers holding samples) under his weight as she shifted him onto her petite frame. More than likely it appeared she was half dragging him, and so she readjusted how he was draped over her body so that he was now bent around her neck, his weight supported on her shoulders and back. Grunting while maneuvering him, at last she sighed when confirming he was secure while also enabling her to draw her weapon if need be. Though the teen wanted to apologize that the three would have to keep her guarded, she bit her tongue. They knew what had to be done, and were willing if it meant escaping with their lives. Brows furrowing, the noises at the door sending more chills down her spine, the Togruta shot a look to the Grand Master when he mentioned the lab assistants. Immediately her brain began to process the words spoken, the words unspoken, understanding dawning on her - had she not been forced to grow up fast, had she not seen various horrors, been allowed to stay naive upon Tython, the Jedi would have remained clueless and perhaps even questioned a bit of the man's actions. Instead, her heart clenched, yet as a friend and one with desire to preserve and protect the only family she had, the only place she belonged, and all that they stood for, the alien went along with it all. "Talk with the Council when we return, and after you rest a bit. Leave them with me until then, and perhaps I can learn what was done to create the cure, if it truly is one. And if possible, I wish to learn that skill as it is performed - I understand that's a lot to ask for, and not something just anyone can have, but if I'm to help to the fullest, that is an ability that would be of use in emergency situations. Especially should the Republic find out we are going against orders. They chose the wrong path with this, and it is our job to correct their mistakes regardless of what they desire. We must right the wrongs in order to correct the balance in the Galaxy, right Master Forseti? So in this situation, though it's a burdensome choice to ignore orders, it is the proper one to make... You have my support as a friend and follower." It was a lengthy speech for saying she trusted him, but she felt inclined to say what she did, even in front of the helpful stranger for he wouldn't say a word of this after all - he valued his life and wanted to put this place behind him as much as they did. With everyone ready to proceed, the two men began clearing the path for the younger Jedi and the astromech trailing along. Their group moved fast, knowledge of Sith being in the station unnerving in some ways, yet not shocking with how full of dark energy the place was. Had there been others, perhaps an encounter with said Sith wouldn't be a disaster if it happened, but as it were, they were all very unfit to battle it out with their counterparts amongst dangerous hungry creatures. Force was on their side a bit, at least until the Grand Master was bit - even if the armor protected him, it clearly hurt as well as shook him up a bit to no surprise given his past run-in with Rakghouls. Frantic beeps and the sound of incoherent growling drew the Togruta from her thoughts on her friend's condition (mental and physical), a curse in Togruti slipping past her lips before Jakar told them to go back the way they came. Not wanting to temporarily split, she hesitated a moment before following his padawan, her expression grim given their situation and how the man was clearly exhausted, perhaps near being drained fully of energy and willpower to push on. No. He would survive this place. She would make sure of it. The readjusted path to the turbolift went better than anticipated, though it felt like they were being watched and followed, an eerie sensation to say the least. Practically jumping into the lift when the mechanical doors opened, Zyann used this moment to catch her breath as well as send majority of her energy into both Jedi companions, a glance to Yun making her hesitate before pulling out a ration bar. "Take it. You need energy too. Try to manage a few bites..." As the lift slowed, then stopped, Zyann readjusted the unconscious body draped over her shoulders, biting her lip too hard when the opening doors revealed an orchid zombie that was shot, the mercenary being quicker than the Grand Master at drawing his weapon. The noise drew attention, Zyann pushing the others out of the way before diving to the side herself, her and Homra tumbling down while the creature became trapped in the lift, doors having shut. Picking herself and the Echani back up, the alien felt her heart beating faster than ever before, her hands clenching into fists. Claws and howls from a few corridors away signaled rakghouls heading in their direction, so the group pushed onward towards the labs, hoping against hope that they'd not face more beasties. OOC: Revitalize x2 Force Push x1 ------------------- 5 uses left due to giving most energy to jakar and kes Using strength 2 to carry homra, but growing worn out and trying to push past the physical exhaustion
  13. Ghost Station of Cannibal Raks

    Fear. It was a strong sensation, and only her training through the years kept it at bay - barely. The further into the depths of the station that their group went, the darker the aura was, the more suffocating the air became, the opression from the dark side weighing heavier upon them. Once inside the security room, the Togruta let out a breath she had been holding for a few moments now, flickering lights and noises of claws on durasteel walls and floors sending shivers down her spine. Once Homra was safely on the desk, the Grand Master giving her a subtle nod, the healer got to work; as much as she disliked to do so in their location, the teen opened herself up to the Force, the dark energy slamming into her and nearly shattering her mental shields she had built up over numerous of Tython's rotations. Biting down on her lower lip to keep from crying out in alarm, Zyann slowly and carefully began the process of filtering energy pulled from her surroundings in order to replenish any she used to aid her unconscious comrade. Placing her fintertips gently over his temples, the alien let her energy flow over him as she checked for damages externally and internally. Only bruises and a bad concussion were found, the Jedi soothing the pain through the Force, the inflamed tissue gradually decreasing until the large lump that had formed was no more. Calming the nerve endings so as to lessen their rapid-fire pain signals, Zyann pulled away only when she was positive the concussion and its side effects would be no more. Had the helaing been more in depth, had Homra received a more severe wound, the healer would have lashed the strange bounty hunter with such a verbal beating for firing a weapon so loud that he would prefer to face the Rakghouls than her. Instead, she clamped her hands over the base of her montrals where they met her skull, the shot echoing inside her head and her hearing hardly any good now. Growling, the Togruta helped prop the male up, placing the lip of her canteen to his mouth and ordering him to drink a little of the water, and to refrain from moving for a bit. Only when he was stable enough did she pull away, hands gripping her pack while calculating amethyst eyes looked the Jedi master over. Perhaps Jakar didn't realize how much she heard, how the information he muttered mostly for himself was not kept private around her. With the situation going from bad to worse as Imperials were also on the station, the girl felt conflict arise in her chest when Jakar announced his intention to blow up the station. Clearly it was the correct choice, but what of the data, the samples she was to gather? What if there was a cure made, but a creature got loose and wreaked havoc before it could be administered? Zyann didn't see the documents, had no idea how far the Republic had fallen in the name of the good here, and so she held onto hope that if the scientists hadn't managed to make a cure or something like it, perhaps she could if given time and proper equipment. Yet on the other hand, if they destroyed every sample, even those they were to retrieve, and only turned in documents found, it would ensure another outbreak wouldn't happen. Duty or hope? What path should she follow? Reluctantly, the teen fished the sealed sample of bloody tissue taken from the Grand Master's helmet, offering it to the male. She was a Jedi, her purpose being to aid and protect. No matter her personal opinions, she would ensure the safety of others til the end of her time. "Master Forseti, if you don't mind my saying so, but we should make sure even the samples we were ordered to gather get destroyed. There's no guarantee this... mishap if you will won't happen again should we allow anything except the most basic documents to leave this place." Reaching out, the teen grabbed both the man's hand and his padawan's, a small smile upon her lips as she forced her energy into each of them so they weren't so spent, so worn down from earlier and the effects of their environment. It weakened her, of course, but they needed the pick-me-up more than she did. Pulling away, head spinning, the Togruta gulped down lungfulls of air, gathering her bearings. The monsters of the station were almost atop of their group, the healer flashing a grin at her companions. She showed confidence she didn't feel, but wanted the others to be at ease and ready for combat. "If you're still tired, I have plenty of snacks - or some leaves from a particular herb that you can chew on. Usually it's used in tea, but it's good for emergencies if you're exhausted...hard to get past the bitterness though-" Words were interrupted by the raking of claws along the door, multiple pairs prying it open. Moving to be at Homra's side, her saberstaff in hand with one end ignited, the healer was ready to protect her patient until he was back to normal. OOC: Force Heal x1 Force Revitalize x2 --------------------- 14 / 25 Uses
  14. Ghost Station of Cannibal Raks

    A reprimand from the man was shocking, one she hadn't expected, yet fully understood; seeing their leader as more a friend than boss, her all too familiar tones and unprofessional words were shameful in their current situation. Despite this, the teen still meant what threat was made, and though holding her tongue aside from a proper apology, her eyes told the Jedi Master everything. Never again would she lose a beloved friend, not at the expense of her own life. Too many Jedi couldn't be saved, and died in her arms as of late, too many lights blinking out of physical existence. Pain and emotion were what often got left behind, too few Jedi fit to defend the Republic in the war they found themselves in. Now, as Jakar had stated, was not the time to discuss these things, though. Smacking her cheeks, she regained focus, looking more determined and alert now even with her senses muted. Rakghouls. The name was unfamiliar to her, the information about them being newly absorbed, the alien frowning as the Grand Master told in brief what he knew, what he experienced, what they had to do to get through this. Give them peace at last by ending their life. It almost paralelled something she had told the padawan she mentored. Purge evil and bring peace by returning one's soul to the Force. The path the Jedi walked really wasn't as glamorous as it seemed, as tales made it sound. With the various transmissions ending, any details revealed being stored in the back of her mind, the battle began again at lightning quick pace. It was overwhelming like the stain of death upon this station, her basic fighting skills with a weapon likely more dangerous to her companions than helpful. Still, her saberstaff was in hand, ready to hiss to life. One of the beasts lunged towards her, and Homra, the Echani having decided like the others to protect her. Stepping in front of her as she shifted away in an attempt to dodge the hulking form, Zyann screamed when the male's lightsaber light disappeared, her eyes having adjusted enough to watch the talons rake his skull through two-toned hair. Again. It was happening again. Blood rushed to her face, her head pounding as panic choked her, fear, weakness, desperation. It all fought against her training. Hearing her name shouted, having watched Kes bravely spring to action, the teen felt like time moved in slow motion. Eyeing their unconscious comrade for a moment, the healer straightened, swallowing her panic. He wasn't dead. He would not die. None of them would, not here. With a smile, the Togruta silently thanked the other female, her desperation giving the alien enough time to gather herself, her faith in an almost stranger giving Zyann confidence. Tucking her hilt into her belt, the teen gathered energy to her, let her connection with the Force flow freely, the tainted energy being filtered through her body, being cleansed as she pulled from her own reserves; using it like an extension of her limb, the girl grabbed hold of the hulking monster with an invisible hand and gave it a pull, yanking it near her own figure before pushing it at the wall. The Rakghoul snarled, bouncing off the wall and staggered towards Kes' lightsabers. "Watch the arms! I'll get its feet!" she called out, dashing forward, hilt in her right hand and one blade ignited. Kes would get first contact, Zy having to cover a bit more ground. Biting down on her lower lip, the teen lowered her body and swept at the tendons on the back of the monster's ankles. Practice with surgical procedures gave her an edge with precision, the condensed plasma blade retracting with a hiss so as to avoid slicing through the whole limbs and possibly hurting Kes in the process. No. They had to limit the movements in order to take it down for good. Amethyst gaze settling on the Rakghoul that had tripped over debris, Zyann held both hands out. The Force lept to her call, the creature's form flying towards her. Gritting her teeth, she rose it to the ceiling, its body scraping along the top of the hallway they were in, and passing over the group. Being dropped with a thump, it scrambled to its feet and went to leap towards Homra before an invisible wall smashed into it, sending it flying back. Again, and again once more. Panting, Zyann watched the second Rakghoul, entrusting the first to Kes with confidence that she would be called if needed. For now, the Togruta would keep the other at a distance. OOC: Force Push x4 Force Push (Pull) x2 Telekinesis x1 -------------------------------- 17 / 25 Uses Left
  15. Ghost Station of Cannibal Raks

    A smile tugged at her lips when the Echani pushed her behind him in a protective manner, the Togruta jumping slightly when the fires started, the voices that kept sounding through the intercom system sending chills down her spine. Head tilting slightly, the teen wondered if it was a male habit, or just that she appeared defenseless which made others want to keep her safe. Such an action caused her thoughts to drift to her friend whom happened to be another Echani - it had been some time since she last saw him, talked with him, the teen male seen as an older brother through her eyes. Hoping he was doing well, the alien shook her head and focused on the task at hand, scolding herself for letting her mind drift. Following the group in silence, finding herself behind Jakar, the Jedi tried reaching out with her senses, albeit hesitant. The thick energy in the air seemed to solidify, creating a wall she couldn't get past. Not to mention that everything felt muted when she reached out beyond the distance of their group. The darkness was one thing to feel, but having everything blocked due to how much death surrounded the station just plain unnerved her. Not a stranger to death, the residual fear and anger in the air was something new, the massacre that occurred here having been unlike anything she could fathom. They were essentially blind in this situation, having a mysterious person to trust in based on the promise they would rescue him from this floating grave; Zyann was all about redemption, but something was off. Still, they had a duty to rescue whom they could so long as their other objectives were achieved, and the person was free of disease or able to be quarantined. Hearing a growl, amethyst eyes focusing on the dark hall before them, her hand slipped the saberstaff from her hip, though she kept it deactivated, her stance shifting while the others got into position. What appeared made her freeze momentarily, eyes widening and mouth parting until the stench of decay hit and had her snap her mouth shut to keep the gag from becoming something more. Never again would she complain about changing out bedpans or washing bed sores on patients. While the others perhaps weren't sure enough of movements, or had enough confidence in Jakar to not try slicing the creature attacking him, Zyann took a step forward when the Grand Master managed to take the beastie down. Trusting in the others to have her back, she slid her pack off her shoulders and opened it with deft fingers, pulling out a corked flask and some tweezers. Swiftly, the teen took a piece of bloody rotting flesh from the man's mask, dropping it into the container and resealing it, nose crinkled in disgust. It was a bit difficult to keep the tools from slipping with the gloves on, but still she had managed. "What exactly do you mean, Master Forseti? What two infections? What are Rakghouls? And if you try sacrificing your old man body for me again, even if you are being a good jedi papa to us, I will paralyze you and drag you back to the shuttles. We clear? Now when we get to the labs, that's when I need you all to watch my back, but until then, I can hold my own for the most part. Only worry about protecting me if I'm busy healing someone, understand? Good." OOC: Craptacular post from me. Sorry. Really struggling to get everything articulated properly. 1x Force Sense ----------------- 24 / 25 Uses Left