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  1. Internal Release

    Telona 1st, 3631 BBY Anaxes, Military Training Pits The first strike caught Yusanulis by surprise as the black haired male soon swooped low with a kick, the blow barely missing before the momentum brought up a secondary strike that caused the Echani to raise his arms to take the brunt of the blow. Staggering as he recoiled from the blow, the Echani lunged forward with his palm outwards, only to watch his arm get pushed to the side and a knee strike him in the stomach, the momentum of the blow causing the younger male to stagger backwards and take in his surroundings - or what he could see of his surroundings as they all blurred together. The man stood almost five inches taller than him, had a finely trimmed beard and had small streaks of grey going through it. His eyes were different than most other humans, much more near-human than Yusanulis himself, but the clothes he wore were the bare minimum required for the training pits. Countless scars sat across his face and exposed arms, and his nose was slightly off-center, a sign that he man had taken a strike to the nose and hadn't properly had it realigned. Watching the third strike come towards him, the Echani watched as the fist came towards his gut and used the sand to his advantage, twisting on the balls of his feet, he brought both hands to intercept the punch, following up with a powerful elbow to the man's face, practically forcing him forward into it. Skin broke and blood gushed, though that did not deter the man as he smiled finally, bringing back his fist before feigning another strike, the Echani flexed his ribs as the foot barely missed, a sigh of relief escaping his lips as he looked up for only a moment. The fith strike came almost too quick for Yusanulis as he raised his hand to seize the man's wrist, though the blow still struck him in the chest, staggering him. Attempting to retaliate by forcing his palm forward by drawing the man in, the Echani soon found his own momentum used against him. World turning upside down as he was flung head-over-heels by the man, he coughed sharply as he landed on the hard ground, the sand providing little cushioning to such a devastating throw. Attempting to get back, the Echani twisted on the spot before feeling a foot come up to his ribs, the wind being practically pulled from his lungs immediately as he took in a mouthful of sand. Clutching his stomach as he heaved and spat out the grains of sand, he tried to look upwards before feeling his head get pushed to the sand, the weight of the man practically pushing him into the ground. Eyes watering from the sand in his eyes, he struggled for a moment to remove the man's foot from his head before drawing back to his days on Thyrsus as a child. It didn't take much to use the weight and momentum of an opponent against them, it simply required practice and precision - he had learned that much from his Thyrsian step-father - and as the words came back to him, he immediately threw his arm back, elbow colliding with the knee of the man before he used the pain that would come with it to tackle the man to the ground. Wrist being pressed to the man's throat, the Echani grinned as he brought his knee up to the man's right side, pressuring the man's arm to lock it in place, "I'd give up by now, I don't want to be regarded as an old man beater," though the grin soon faded as he felt his left side get a sharp pain through it and soon the world turned black as the Echani felt the static course through his being. Waking up several minutes later with a painful grunt, the Echani looked at the finely groomed male Epicanthix who he had been sparring with, the smug look across his face and the cut under his eye only serving to mock the Echani. Slowly pushing himself up from the ground and into a sitting position, the Echani shook his head to clear the cobwebs that had come with the dull stun knife. "Can't get too cocky, kid. I've faced Echani and Jedi, can't say they enjoy my innate immunity, but I can say that you all fight with enough ferocity to make a rancor blush," the Epicanthix, Jyun, spoke finally as he wiped sand and blood from his face, finally showing some sign of injury as he clenched his teeth, "I can tell you are trying to be blunt with your martial arts, but you must learn to be fluid. Take in the strikes as they come and redirect the kinetic energy to your advantage, you can't continually fight like you're some Noghri. Being durable is one thing, coming out alive is another." Easing as he sought his canteen of water, the Echani shook his head before running his sandy hand through his hair before pouring the water over his head, letting it wash off his hair and face of sand, soon drenching his tunic. Did he really need those words? He could tell simply by their fight that he was rusty, and far from the epitome of Echani martial artist. Grunting as he unbuttoned his tunic to look at the fresh bruise on his chest, he rolled his eyes before hunching over. "I've never had a challenge I couldn't simply overcome by not just beating it into submission. Emotions? Beating it into submission with training. Adversaries? Beating them into submission with Jedi teachings. Injuries? Continuing to train until scolded, then beating them by resting. My life revolves around just being stronger than my issues," laughing as he ran his hand through his hair once more, he looked to the Echani who was grinning like an idiot, "Thyrsus is a lot different than Eshan and the Jedi Order, but that's where I began and as much as I do not want to be part of it - it is who I am." "Trust me, sometimes I wish I was born without this.. gift, it'd make others believe me much more often. Unfortunately, you just have to deal with the hand you are dealt, after thirty-five standard years I still regret leaving behind my family, yet you don't see me actively seeking out a solution to replace my loved ones - it's the path I chose, much like how you continued to choose the path of the Jedi. There is no easy path, but you need to accept that maybe that part of you is what is holding you back, learn to redirect that negative energy into positive energy," the words used by Jyun brought a solemn look to his face, though he soon replaced it with the fatherly smile he always wore - attempting to coax recruits into a sense of familiarity before forcing them to work harder. The cheap tactic worked though, and Yusanulis found himself understanding that he did have the choice to back away from the Jedi Order, the option given to him by Master Suto and his own mother - yet he chose to stay the course. It wasn't about him, it was about protecting those he cared about, focusing on others. Though, as the thought came into his head and a smile was placed on his lips, the Epicanthix immediately wrapped his arm around the Echani's head and locked it in place. "Now go and continue to train, the one who gets beat by the elderly," the smug comment made the Echani smile as he was held in a headlock, incapable of escaping it. Telona 10th, 3631 BBY Dressed in a simple grey tanktop and black pants, Yusanulis stood out like a sore thumb with his long hair, his hair had been originally tied tightly in a knot above his head, though after facing an opponent ten minutes earlier, his hair had become dishevelled, bits and pieces hanging down on his forehead and near his eyes. Sweat and sand cover his shirt, the sun beating down on his body was almost blistering hot, yet he drew on the Force to keep his body cool - the pros of being a Force-sensitive, but still a technique that served only as a minor convenience. Light bruises covered his chin and cheek and along with his forearms, he could feel in the back of his mouth a tooth had been broken, and even tasted blood - though he shrugged off the dull throbbing pain. Easing himself up to a neutral stance, his leg muscles throbbing as he attempted a meditative-to-standing maneuver, to reach his peak height, before thrusting his right hand out before him. His forearms were soon brought before him in a defensive position, palms facing outwards as he clenched his fingers into claw shapes. Raising his left foot slightly, he stomped down onto the ground as the sand rushed over his bare feet, the hot grains of sand soon rising as he quickly shot his right leg out, grunting as he twisted on his left leg. Foot coming up above his head, he staggered as felt his left leg give out, catching himself on his knee and hand. Standing back up as he dusted the sand off his clothes and rubbed the sand together between his fingers and palms. Focus, Yusanulis. Echani martial arts are meant to kill, yet they are the core of learning true self-defense. Without a weapon, I can only fall back on Jedi teachings, but if it is life or death, it is best to learn a more passive version of my heritage. A kick to the head can knock someone unconscious, and learning how to properly fight without a lightsaber against an armed opponent will only open more ways to disarm. Focus. Yusanulis exhaled sharply as he re-positioned his right foot behind him, lowering his stance considerably in the sandy training pits of Anaxes - each fiber of his being remembering the teachings of his youth as he controlled his breathing. Sliding his foot forward slowly as he thrust his palm forward, the cool air running along his exposed flesh and the slight sweat sitting at his brow, it all brought back the memories of training on Thyrsus - the demands that his step-father enforced him to follow, to understand the martial training without the Force. The hatred his step-father had for the Jedi was outweighed by his mother's dedication to ensure her own son would learn the ways of her people, and the Jedi Order. The contrast between both societies were obvious, females dominated the Eshan worlds where light armor and light weaponry were at the forefront of combat, while Thyrsus sought to separate themselves from the matriarchal society and focus on heavy armor and weaponry - though they both shared respect for one another, in one way or another, regardless of disagreements. The Eshan Echani were not very emotional, a trait Yusanulis unfortunately did not pick up from his mother, but the Echani martial arts put emphasis on understanding emotion through physical confrontation - while the Thyrsians did embrace the emotional spectrum, but still were reserved. Body language meant more than actual words, and a quick ten minute spar could be on the same level as a ten hour conversation. Relaxing as he let out a sigh of relief, he crossed his legs and delved back into the Force, letting the light side flow through him as he drew on the energies of the Force to mend his bruises and minor cuts that were placed around his body. The light side of the Force came slowly, though once he had properly connected with it, he felt relaxed, almost at ease. His quest to find a form of calm would continue, but it was a quest he had been on for awhile now. Post Information
  2. Yusanulis Rasudan

    Character Skills and Abilities Force Powers Enhancement Force Jump ⇉ Force Leap Force Dash ⇉ Force Speed Battle Meditation Force Valor Restoration Force Mend Protection Force Armor Force Absorb Astral Force Sense ⇉ Force Sight Telepathy Perception ~ Psychokinesis Telekinesis: Expert Force Wound Force Push Force Burst Lightsaber Throw Environment ~ Skills Lightsaber Novice Single Saber ⇉ Intermediate Single Saber ⇉ Expert Single Saber Novice Dual Saber ⇉ Intermediate Dual Saber Form I: Novice Shii-Cho ⇉ Form I: Intermediate Shii-Cho Form II: Novice Makashi Form III: Novice Soresu ⇉ Form III: Intermediate Soresu Form V: Novice Shien ⇉ Form V: Intermediate Shien ⇉ Form V: Expert Shien Martial Arts Martial Arts: Novice Broken Gate Piloting Personal Starship Proficiency
  3. Yusanulis Rasudan

    Biography Early Life Yusanulis was born on Eshan to a Force-sensitive Echani mother and a Force-sensitive Human father, with a twin brother named Jeyanders. Being separated at birth, Yusanulis went with his mother to Thyrsus. His adoptive father was a military man who idolized Yusanis, a General who fought during the Mandalorian Wars, took interest in the boy's name. Being named after the general placed a ton of stress on the child as he tried to be stronger than the rest physically, as well as mentally - even at the age of 4 he was forced to train in the unbearable conditions of Thyrsus. Once he was away from his adoptive father, his Eshan mother smuggled him off Thyrsus to Tython to begin his training as a Jedi - something his adoptive father was against entirely, viewing the Jedi are those that "limited" themselves. Believing his adoptive son was stolen, he went off to wander the wastes of Thyrsus to find the boy, eventually perishing. Inititate Days on Tython Growing up on Tython, he was trained as a Jedi youngling, almost being rejected due to the emotions they felt within him - childish curiosity about his family after being told he wont have contact with them any longer and that his mother was proud of her son and to stay strong like any true Echani. He chose to hold the promise of staying strong, holding some memories of her throughout the years, though most faded he kept the promise. Eventually he conquered his emotions, almost going a bit cold while trying to remain true to the Jedi. Training still to maintain a top peak in physical strength, he began to favor a more passive Form than Form I due to his thrill for fighting, choosing Form III to maintain a calm while allowing himself to soak in the fight, his natural instincts coming to him more easily than others. While he wasn't the most proficient with the Force, he held potential in the basics, notably telekinesis and enhancing his senses through the Force. The inspiration of Jedi Council members Bestros, Satele and Gnost-Dural made the Echani try to find as many opportunities to learn valuable lessons from them as a youngling, and the thought of wielding the Force and having a perfect state of mind had him scouring for ways to become better. Finally reaching the age of 15, he now looks to take on new challenges and seeks a master to do his own Jedi Trials. Befriending Zyann Aari during their first meeting, he felt comfortable around the Togruta and felt like a teacher of sorts, even though she taught him the importance of having friends and sometimes relaxing. Meeting Jakar with Zyann when they were selected for a mission, he learned the importance of putting his life before others and to keep calm in dire situations over a mission with them. While the mission wasn't as successful as he would have liked it to have been, he felt a lot more mature and a lot more dedicated to helping others afterwards. Padawan to Alluk Suto A few days before the Echani was to be sent to the Jedi Corps, a human Jedi Knight decided to take the Echani under his wing, thought there were some issues at first. Being ridden with confusion and teenage angst, the Jedi Knight challenged him to defend a droid to test the boys resolve. Being beaten pretty hard, although remembering the importance of innovation, the Echani was shocked that he was picked as a Padawan and extremely grateful, though he held his excitement down. A few days later, he was forced to duel his master and got sorely beat after almost giving into his emotions, being stopped by his new master and forced to accept defeat humbly - the lesson was one of many he learned that week and he changed his demeanor into a more humble attitude, even though he goes through relapses of his overconfidence. Jedi Knighthood After the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Tython, the Echani sought to prove himself to be capable of filling his now deceased master's shoes, completing the last couple of Jedi Trials under the Jedi Council with minor struggle, his determination being the main driving force behind his success. While the male's connection to the light side waned due to the remorse he felt at the death of his master, the connection started to form slowly as it guided the Echani down a path of seeking to right every wrong he had done in his short time. Being knighted by Grand Master Forseti, the Echani chose to pursue the previous path of his master, assigning himself to training Jedi Initiates and Jedi Younglings, while working with the Acquisition Division to assist in getting Jedi at a young age into the Jedi Order, though this is only part of his job. Refusing to take a Padawan, something he picked up from his own master, the Echani is a bit unsure about his own future in the Jedi Order, though he has chosen to pursue the title of Jedi Battlemaster, hoping to one day become one of the greatest duelist among the Jedi Order. Personality Yusanulis is a young adult that is soft spoken, though he at times is extremely overconfident in his ability. Due to his upbringing, he is a lot more hardened than a typical Jedi Knight, though he does enjoy joking every so often. Headstrong in most situations, he prefers to duel than speak out disagreements, his Echani lineage allowing him to understand a person significantly better while fighting them - thanks to the innate battle precognition most Force-sensitive Echani display. Upon completing his Trial of the Flesh, the Echani has developed an interest in the individual he was named after, wishing to pursue the knowledge of Yusanis to assist the Republic against the Sith Empire and the Mandalorians, though he has come to respect the Mandalorians for their combat prowess - refusing to underestimate those labelled as barbaric warriors.
  4. Yusanulis Rasudan

    Name: Yusanulis Rasudan Gender: Male Species: Echani Rank: Jedi Knight, Blademaster-in-Training Date of Birth: Elona 35th, 3651 BBY Appearance: Standing at 6'1" and weighing 190 lbs, Yusanulis is by definition Echani in terms of how he appears, being regarded as extremely fit and muscular for his age, though there are certain distinct features that betray him as not purely Echani. Appearing to be about twenty years of age, his body is scarred with numerous training scars, though the deepest scar he has on his face under his left eye due to telekinetic training at a young age. Formerly wearing his hair long and flowing, he has recently worn medium cropped hair that is snow white, in addition to having a rather clean face, though signs of stubble are obvious. His most betraying features are his light blue eyes and peachy skin color, though there are obvious emphasis to the blending of human and Echani genes within the young adult. Possessions: Lightsabers Customized during his tenure under Master Suto, the slightly curved hilt was created to assist in fighting and blaster deflection, fitting his palm effectively. The coloration of the blade is an icy-blue created by the Permafrost crystal set in the weapon, the handle is wrapped with nerf-hide leather and a polished durasteel plating is used to secure the wrapping. Fitted with a dual-phase switch, he has adjusted his fighting style to utilize the three lengths to properly catch off adversaries. He still keeps his old green shoto-lightsaber on hand to assist him as a backup which is a simple durasteel casing, though his original blue lightsaber is damaged beyond repair. White Jedi Robes Worn over a black tunic and durasteel armor, his white Jedi robes are normally worn to keep a more calmer appearance, contrast to his previous grey robes worn during his earlier years as an Initiate and Padawan. The white robes have golden symbols embroidered across the hood and chest. While not wearing the robe all the time, he typically removes the upper portion while keeping the lower portion to fit as a kilt, held together by a brown belt, in addition to a metal buckle. Durasteel Armor Worn underneath his white robes, the armor is worn only on the hands, feet and chest. Typically worn in pieces, the cloth covers most of the plates, though the plating on his boots and gloves are less than normal, providing more mobility at the cost of protection. While worn with the white robes, it resembles attire worn by Eshan Echani and Jedi Temple Guards, minus the mask. Astromech Droid, T7-J9 A masculine personality astromech droid, "Jane" as Yusanulis calls it when the droid annoys him, was the Astromech of Jedi Archaeologist Kethym, a Miraluka that built T7 himself during the first days of moving the Jedi Order to Tython. Choosing to have a travel companion in case of emergencies and due to the bond shared between the two, Yusanulis relies on the droid to fix most of his errors in piloting and mindset, though the droid typically gets chided when it makes sarcastic remarks. Light Corvette (Absolution) A light corvette formerly owned by Alluk Suto, Absolution is the ship provided to Yusanulis by the late Jedi Grand Master Jakar Forseti. Originally securing the vessel after the sacrifice of his master, the Echani pleaded with the Republic Military to put it in the reserved vessels for Jedi Knights, instead of utilizing it themselves. By good graces, or sheer luck, the Echani was reunited with the vessel and has since used it as a mobile base of operations. Originally owned by his former master, the light corvette is barely customized at all beyond the standards. Equipped with dual laser cannons and missiles, the Echani prefers to rely on T7-J9 to control the weaponry while he flies, finding some security in the knowledge that his late master once pre-occupied the same vessel. Jedi Credit A credit given to Yusanulis by the late Jedi Grand Master Jakar, it is safely kept on a necklace worn by the Echani to keep the memory of the older individual alive, and to root himself in his Jedi beliefs. Skills, Abilities and Talents: Being born an Echani, Yusanulis has latent Force-sensitivity that was displayed at an early age and forced him into the Jedi Order where he excelled at lightsaber combat as opposed to Force-related skills. Training as a Battlemaster, the Echani excels at most physical lightsaber Forms, such as Shii-Cho, Soresu and Shien, alongside it's dueling form Djem So. Due to his younger age and understanding of lightsaber combat, the Echani is slowly being taught the other lightsaber Forms to ensure he learns discipline and that absorbing knowledge too quickly can become an addiction. Due to his Echani lineage, he has a natural battle sense that is amplified through his study of the Force, in addition to relying on the Force to amplify his peak physical condition to superhuman levels, understanding that a Jedi uses every tool he has to preserve life and to only kill when there are no more options. His connection to the Force also has provided him with a sense of security while piloting his personal starship "Absolution" - the former ship of his late master. Due to his overspecialization in lightsaber combat, he has significantly lacked in areas of the Force outside of augmentation and basic psychokinesis abilities.
  5. Yusanulis Rasudan

    Table of Contents [ Character Information | Character Biography | Character Sheet ]
  6. The Meditations of Battle

    A leader, was that what Yusanulis's position was to be? The thought hadn't crossed his mind, neither did getting full acceptance from Jakar about the entire idea. Clicking his tongue against his teeth at the thought, he felt himself be lowered a bit in stance by Zyann's renewed hope, a faint smile trailing across his lips. Nodding in agreement to her, though acknowledging the void was something he feared, he wanted to be more - even if it took him years of training. "You will learn more, Zyann. You're still younger than me and you've grown quick - but don't overestimate or underestimate your ability. Maybe you can use your knowledge of Shili to try and embrace more natural medicines," smiling at her fully now what little emotion he had that was negative clearing away thanks to Jakar's own influx of hope and what could be pinpointed to as the Force, he let out a chuckle, "I don't think I have much of a knack for healing myself, but that's why I need you to look after those I can't always protect. You will be the safeguard to my aegis, but we will need more and we will need to rely on the Force and those that have trained on this planet." Feeling her release his hand, he brought his knuckle to her face to wipe away the tears, he shook his hand aside and looked up Jakar, what emotion had been on his face had been replaced by a stern gaze, the determination to fulfill Jakar's request and to actually do his part in the war. Hand resting on his lightsaber as he nodded at Zyann, drawing on the light side of the Force to give her a small boost through it, he wanted to fill her with the same determination as him and to wipe away what remained of her sorrow. Shimmering light flooded his eyes momentarily as he let out a sigh of relief. "Far too eventful of a day for a Jedi, I was expecting disciplinary action or being forced to read," chuckling to try and make the situation less awkward for himself, still not fully understanding the emotions he had felt, he ran his free hand through his hair and exhaled, long hair didn't fit him much anymore, "I guess you can tell the ones you trust to meet us back here in four days, gives me enough time to crop off this mop, allows Zyann to have some study and calm herself and gives you enough time to do what you must. I had thought you would have died fighting instead of protecting, though I suppose everyone's thoughts are different in the end. "I will stay here though, there's a few things I have to do before I return to Coruscant, and the first is finding true balance in the Force. Zyann, I want you to leave immediately with Jaynine and I want to test something. I want to see my ability to channel and the range of my ability with Battle Meditation, I imagine once you leave it will end, but I want to try and help through a metaphysical manner," scratching his noise as he spoke looking off into the distance, he set himself back down onto the ground and closed his eyes tightly, envisioning the presence of Zyann within the Force, drawing on the connection he had formed with the previous Force usage and poured his Force presence into her mind. Hands slowly sliding together, fingers stitching across and thumbs folding inward, he let the Force echo through him and around him. While a normal Echani felt peace through physical interaction, the Force bestowed a calm, or at the very least the light side did. The ability to touch a living creature through the Force and to connect was interesting, and significantly easier to maintain when it was a small number of people - or people that had a connection - and thanks to the fact he had touched the girl with the force to provide her with some form of confidence, even in a tiny amount due to Jakar's own ability. Without the dark, we would not know the light. Clarity is the light in the darkness that will forever be lit, and even in the face of impending doom, the light will prevail. The thoughts of what the light side was rolled through the Echani's head as he focused on the Force in it's most natural form, letting neither side of the Force interfere with his meditation. He was not the perfect Jedi, he was not the epitome of a light in the dark, but he needed to understand the Force in it's most natural form before pursuing further into the light. Post Information
  7. The Meditations of Battle

    Yusanulis couldn't get the words out to describe his emotions. Baffled? Befuddled? The Force was cruel, but it had a weird way of working - there was a destiny for every being that had the Force flow through it, and perhaps that was Jakar's destiny, to be what he wanted. To protect the Republic, even at the cost of everything - including his life - it was perhaps the most audacious thing Jakar could hold on his shoulders, yet he did it. Am I going to have to do what.. Jakar did? The thought permeated as he hung his head low and listened to the ethereal and pleasant voice of Jakar, each word was held with confidence, yet the light side provided the relaxation he needed. The words, while they were just that to an Echani, actually allowed Yusanulis to smile - they were words of someone who fought to protect, used their body to shield the Republic and their mind to spread proper ideals. Turning his head to the droid, the Echani mulled over the thought of Jakar actually having a family, even doubted it at best, but before him was a holo of his family. So it is true... Unable to keep his face straight, a grin playing upon it his hand reached down for the data-disk that was presented by TeeSeven, holding it tightly in his hand. "I can't.. believe it is true, to think the Jedi Grand Master had a family.. and I do owe you, at the very least to keep your memory alive," laughing a bit as he calmed his nerves, he kept his face towards the sun, "I shouldn't need you to look after me, I've gotta be the aegis for the Republic, I have to be the one to do what you and Master Suto did - to protect the weak, one must do what necessary, even with sacrifices," speaking as he smiled, his head turned to see the Togruta attempt to hug the Forceful body of Jakar, only for her to hit her head off the tree that Jakar was 'leaning' against. He exhaled sharply at her words as he extended out a hand towards Zyann, his hair hanging in his face as he put out a soft smile. "Zy, sometimes it is best to understand you can't protect everything and if this is proof of anything, of Jakar being here.. then there is no death and there is in fact the Force. Master Suto and Kes are with the Force and with us," speaking softly as he awaited the girl to seize his hand or arm to pull herself up, his free hand sliding the datadisk into a small pouch on his belt, "I need you to be strong, even at your young age, Master Vystok chose you because she saw you as something more than the caring person you are, she saw you as the capable healer you've become and will always be, I.. no, the Jedi Order needs you to be there to be the one to ensure there are Jedi left alive," attempting to reassure her of her own duty, he understood the girl's predicament more than anything - except for running into a tree. "I want you to thank Master Suto for me, if you can, I hated him for sacrificing himself, but I think I understand why - even if I will not understand it completely until I'm older. Sometimes I wish there was a way to protect everything, but that is clearly not the case - but I will do what I must," speaking aloud to Jakar, then himself mulling over what it meant to be a Jedi, to be the peacekeepers of the galaxy, he looked at Zyann and then to Jakar, closing his eyes as he smiled once more, "It's the duty of the Jedi to uphold peace and understand everything.. and Master Telles was right, no one is invincible, regardless of how much they know or can do, but perhaps together Jedi can be capable of fulfilling the needs of many with a few Jedi." Fingers going over the astromechs upper portion, he patted the droid on it's 'head'. It was weird treating droids like animals, or children, but they deserved some recognition. "If there is anything you want me to do, Mas- Jakar, please tell me. I will get officials from Anaxes to redirect the droid to Corellia and to your family, but if there is anything else.. please tell me," speaking softly as he placed his palm over his lightsaber, he looked at Zyann with a smile to reassure her that everything would be fine, even with their losses - the Jedi were meant to be strong enough to understand that every sacrifice led to something new. Post Information
  8. Posture and Grace

    Blade turning to intercept the next blow, the Echani gritted his teeth as he was pushed back by the Togruta, though not with strength, but with mere pressure and presence. Makashi as Yusanulis was learning by each minute was about reserving yourself and not overextending, but also pushing the assault when the opportunity presented itself. Al'ekka maneuvered into the Echani's defenses constantly, showing no fear and picking apart the Echani's tunic, the blade never quite touched the skin but showed all the opportunities and they kept building. Drawing on the Force, the Echani enhanced his own physical body as the light radiated from his left hand and ran up it. Force Valor, while it didn't kill the pain it allowed the limb to function as if it wasn't limited when wounded and it allowed one to focus on the fight before them with clearer thought. Drawing his shoto up to feign a blow to the side of the Togruta's montral, though the strike had been anticipated by the Togruta as his head stayed still, his lightsaber being thrust forward as it bit into the abdomen of the Echani, sliding along the muscle and exposing the reddened flesh. The pain brought emotions up as the Echani felt himself drop his lightsaber shoto and back pedal, holding his side as he exhaled sharply. The wound stung, though if the lightsabers were adjusted properly, there wouldn't be much to hold onto. Al'ekka let out a toothy grin as he raised his lightsaber upwards as if to finish the duel, though the Echani shook his head, trying to fight back the pain as he looked upwards and reached out with his lightsaber and tried to speak, though the pain gripped his throat as he stood back up to his full height, though his left hand continuing to hold his side. "I've still got fight, don't.. try and stop it yet. I only need one arm for.. this," teeth gritting as he spoke, Yusanulis held his blade to the side, his left hand still grasping his side as he could feel the beads of sweat rolling down his face, though the Togruta merely chuckled as he shook his head, looking towards Telles who returned the gesture - though she did not speak, giving the decision to the Togruta. "You've got courage, you just don't know when to give up, but if what you want is to fight until you're on your backside.. well, I can sate that desire," the Togruta spoke roughly as he took a few steps back, changing from the former stance of Makashi to something more akin to Ataru, "I want you to understand that I'm more than a former slave and more than just Telles's prodigy," the final words were whispered as the Echani grinned ear-to-ear. Raising his blades up, the Togruta moved forward before twisting to the side as the Force enhanced his movements, his pace enhancing as he flanked to the side but didnt attack, feigning an assault as he slid around the Echani, gripping the ground as he brought up his lightsaber to strike the Echani in the side, though Yusnaulis struck out at the strike, trying to twist the strike inwards, though the Togruta had quickly pushed himself upwards with his palm into the air and came back down towards the Echani, the purple plasma searing the air as he struck downwards at the Echani with his weight. Twisting into the blow, the Echani let out a grunt of pain as his burnt abs tightened, the following movement caught the Echani off-guard as he found himself staggering backwards. Transitioning from the strike, the Togruta had used his weight and momentum to bring his knee square into the Echani's nose, the taste and smell of blood flowing as his eyes watered, though he did not forfeit - much to the disappointment of Telles. Vision blurred as he tried to sense the Togruta's next strike, the Echani ducked low as he felt the ping through the Force as the blade carved over his ducked head, strands of hair falling down onto the ground as the smell of burnt hair permeated in the air. Striking out to the side, the Echani grunted as he missed his target. Pulling back as he heard the rustling of heavy pants, the Togruta's foot connecting with his pained side, the Echani laughed a bit through the pain, his lightsaber blade being thrust outwards as the blade connected with the Togruta's own lightsaber, though the Echani used the closeness to his advantage. Seizing a grip on the leg of Al'ekka, Yusanulis twisted the leg upwards and slid his blade downwards, twisting his wrist to apply pressure near the handle before pulling his blade backwards. The icy blue plasma found flesh as it burnt the Togruta's arm as a yelp escaped his lips as the Echani smiled, staggering backwards as he finally landed the strike he wanted. The pain in his abdomen was obvious and the wound on his arm was also obvious in how he held himself, his back hunched and the blood dripping from his mouth and nostrils pooling below him. Even with his eyes working at half-capacity, he could use the Force to feel out and touch Al'ekka to sense the movements. "Enough, Yusanulis. You are forbade from going to Alderaan to assist Grand Master Forseti, think on what has transpired in these chambers and understand I do not say this lightly - even though you can take a beating in a spar, on the battlefield a Sith Lord would not take your arrogance with a pinch of salt. A Sith Lord would beat you within an inch of your life and let you die - or just kill you outright, even though you show promise, you are to learn. Your first step towards being a Battlemaster is learning that even with your physical capabilities and the Force, you are not invincible - though you will learn that once you stop the adrenaline racing through your bloodstream," the words of Battlemaster Telles rang through Yusanulis's ears with as much disappointment as she could muster, though she turned her focus on A'lekka who held onto his wrist and sat on the floor, the plasma of the Echani's blade wrapping around his wrist in the single maneuver, "Al'ekka, do not be taunted by someone, no one in here thought less of you - it's perhaps the first time I've seen Yusanulis want more from a Jedi Padawan, meditate and meet me back here later tonight." The words stung Yusanulis as he nodded as slowly walked over to Al'ekka, deactivating his lightsaber and hooking it to his belt as he extended out his hand, the blood from his nostrils and lips marking his hand. Feeling a grip on it, Al'ekka muttered under his breath as Yusanulis grinned at what he caught from the muttered words, though he could feel his abdomen begin to feel pressured and the pain almost encapsulating his entire mid-section with the burning sensation. Even with being forbade from going to Alderaan, the Echani was at least happy to learn something new. Post Information
  9. The Meditations of Battle

    The serene and otherworldly voice that spoke brought Yusanulis out of his meditation as he stood up immediately, shock crossing his features as he looked around momentarily. He couldn't feel Jakar's presence physically, yet he knew Jakar was there with him, and the presence had snuck up on him - if it was a twisted joke played by the Grand Master, the Echani was livid. Though he finally caught sight of the glowing blue presence that was before him, the Force willing it's self to provide the Echani the vision of the dead Grand Master. Words coiled in the nineteen year old's throat as he clenched his fists tightly, holding back every amount of emotion he wanted to display - though his emotions were properly displayed by his contorting features as he felt his eyes wet momentarily, though he continued to listen, incapable of forcing out the words himself. The astromech didn't understand it's owner's sudden emotions, though there was obviously something bothering him, and as the final words were spoken to the Echani, the emotions practically floored him as he lashed out towards the incorporeal form of Jakar, his fist and body passing through the shapeless man as he felt his feet stagger as he felt the emotions get sucked back in as he let out a sigh, holding his tunic to his face as he turned back to face the Grand Master, if it wasn't obvious he was annoyed at the man, the words that he could finally muster would. "Why? Why would you of all people be dead? You would sacrifice everything for the Republic, including your life, but why would it be so soon?" The question escaped the lips of Yusanulis as he chewed his lip, though he wasn't done in his response. "What do you want me to do with funds? Funds aren't people that can assist against the Sith Empire, they are just things to purchase material goods with. The Republic needed someone like you to lead it, but now what? You're dead and now there is no one to be the shining example, you were foolish enough to continue to fight even after you obtained the position. What if the Sith gets word of your passing? Did you not think about anything other than the now?!" The words continued to flow from his lips as he caught the attention of the two riders, though they quickly moved away, and perhaps rightfully so - a Jedi screaming at nothing was perhaps the most awkward situation to witness, but the Echani knew he wasn't delusional. Continuing to clench and unclench his fist, he looked Jakar in the face, his features slowly calming as he tried to grasp the entire situation, though it was near impossible to truly grasp for him. Master Forseti and Master Suto were both dead, the two individuals he had felt were like father figures, and yet he couldn't understand why they were gone - yet Jakar had found a way to communicate with him. It aggravated him, why did he need to suffer when others didn't? Was it simply because the light side wanted him to understand the burden he was to take on? Bringing up one of his fists to his face, he clutched his hair tightly and pushed it out of his face, attempting to smile as he felt his emotions continue to simmer. "Who else knows of your.. situation? What do you expect me to do exactly with the data disk? What is expected of me? I can't fight the Sith Empire on credits and funds, I need people that have valor, a reason to fight, we can't just throw some zealous Jedi out there.. not even Battlemaster Telles believes I am ready," slumping his shoulders as he walked around the tree, Jaynine whirrs symbolizing depression and slight confusion. "I think I understand.. what you expect from me, but I'm not sure if I can do what you expect, even with the assistance of Zyann or some other Jedi, one or two people can't hold the burden, and most Jedi seem to fear the Sith, and they refuse to act, but there needs to be someone to guide them, not just another Grand Master.. but someone who understands that the Republic comes first," mumbling his words as he knelt down beside the tree to run his fingers through the grass, he turned to look at the Force ghost behind him, what sad emotion was there had vanished, a much more stern look crossing his features. "I am going to ask something of you, even though I'm unsure if you can do it.. but I need you to speak with those you know, to bring them to Anaxes. I don't know if you're tearing your own spirit apart doing.. what you are doing, but it's obvious I shouldn't preoccupy your time," standing up as he held a small pile of dirt and grass in his palm, he let the loose dirt slip through his fingers and nodded, smiling as he shook his head, "If you really do have a family, go see them before even attempting my request, and I will promise to protect them even if I need to do more than I think I'm capable of doing, It's the only way I can repay my debt to you," letting the words float from his mouth as he dropped the pile of grass, he felt like he couldn't forgive Jakar fully, feeling betrayed by him for in a way abandoning the Jedi Order and his family - all in the name of his own righteous duty. He had one more request, but the request would need to wait, once the Echani's emotions fully disappeared.
  10. The Meditations of Battle

    Yusanulis nodded and followed behind Jakar with his hood over his head, his eyes following the heels of the Jedi Master as he walked, his eyes turning to the man's face when he mentioned he could teach him how to protect himself with the Force and the demonstration of the blade being absorbed into Jakar's hand caused the Echani to feel a bit of a tingling sensation down his spine. There's no way that isn't painful in some form... Walking with the Jedi Councillor until he was positioned on the wall, the Echani stood in front of him with his hood covering most of his head, leaving his eyes barely visible under the rim. The information that renown duelist amongst the Jedi Order had fallen to the dark side caused the Echani to chew his lip momentarily, understanding what Jakar meant; Ulic had done what he thought was best, instead of relying on the Force - or that's how the Echani interpreted it. Information on the dark side of the Force and it's allure at least gave the Echani an understanding on why so many had the potential to fall to it, it allured those that sought more power - it brought even the mightiest to their knees. Vigilantly fighting the dark side was a Jedi’s job, to secure the future for the next generation of Jedi to ensure that they could take the torch and become the peacekeepers of the galaxy. Knowing that the dark side could consume any, the Echani was determined to find a way to root his beliefs in the Jedi Order, and would seek the assistance of others - Jedi were there to support each other, only those that would turn their back on their comrades would become selfish and consumed. "I'm sure there’s other oddball Jedi, you're just.. a Green Jedi, you weren't raised on Tython to be as stiff, plus you do stuff that probably most other Jedi could never do," laughing a bit at using the term oddball, the Echani leaned back and placed his arms behind his head, listening more intently to Jakar’s words. Hearing that Jakar had lived in the Empire himself brought up perhaps more questions than necessary, but the Echani understood that he didn't know half of what the Jedi Order did - he was after all only a Padawan and training to be a Jedi Guardian. Turning his eyes as Jakar abruptly cut himself off, the Echani bowed his head towards the Twi'lek before setting his head back into the palms of his hands. As Jakar continued to speak on the ideals of the Jedi fighting the Sith properly, the Echani felt that Jakar was perhaps the only one outside of his master that understood his stance - there was no reason to pursue the darkness with zealotry, instead acting as a safeguard to push it back when it popped up. Knowing Jakar's regrets, of his distaste of becoming a Jedi Councillor in a sense, it was kind of unique to realize that Jakar did it because he wanted to assist in changing things. The thoughts of revenge had the Echani pull back momentarily, his features slightly distorting before relaxing - it was easy to piece together what had happened prior to their mission on Tython and why Jakar was weakened with that information. Jakar was by definition righteous, he wanted to do what the Force conveyed for him to do, to ensure the safety of the Republic, and perhaps Jakar had even tread the dark path before, similar to Ulic with the best intentions, but there was always redemption and perhaps the help the Green Jedi had put forth was the first step towards his redemption. He felt some pride in being right, at least in the Jedi Master’s eyes, but he still felt uncertain of the entire situation. Was his idea too righteous? The thoughts that came provided more questions than answers, but he was sure that even Jakar wouldn’t lead him down a different path - even if Jakar was an “oddball”, there was one thing he at least had stayed true to. "And I’d be honored to fight alongside you, but maybe when I’m older. Though you may finally decide to retire by that time, if your body continues to fail you," a grin playing upon his lips as he shook his head, his hand going to his hair and brushing it out of his face. "Thank you.. Master Forseti, there is still much I need to understand about the Force and the Jedi way, but I don't want to preoccupy all your time, I'm only a Padawan after all, not even your own Padawan," laughing as he bowed his head towards the Jedi Councillor, he looked up and bowed his head slightly, "I will wait until I'm prepared to take everything to the Empire, I still have much to learn and even with my experience, I need people to help me. This isn't something we can do ourselves, and I feel like you have redeemed yourself - to lose my own master I.. can't imagine it, but I don't think I could put myself through that. May the Force be with you," smiling as the last words left his mouth, he turned and walked away, thinking on what he had learned and what it meant to be a Jedi, the sacrifices that had to be made to ensure the galaxy was rid of it's tyranny. Anaxes, Pols Anaxes Melona 13th, 3632 BBY The trip to the planet was less than satisfactory for Yusanulis, though he did enjoy not having to deal with having to fly to the planet himself. The planet of Anaxes was lush with life, even from the space station above one could witness the difference between Coruscant and Anaxes, it almost felt like Tython in terms of color. For a planet that dealt with the war directly, it was almost too peaceful, though the fleet that was positioned above the planet looked immediately threatening, the power house of the Galactic Republic being bred to combat the Sith Empire directly - and with how Alderaan was beginning, it was an obvious requirement. The shuttle to the surface of Anaxes was crowded with individuals his age, and even a bit younger - people going there to learn about tactics and other military strategies that the Echani wouldn't be able to comprehend. Gazes were set on the Echani and his astromech droid, each individual cleanly shaven and dressed in military uniform, while the male simply wore a mildly plated mixture of cloths and leathers, his white hair unkempt and pushed out of his face, though the tangled mane was obviously seen as different - and possibly the fact a Jedi was visiting Anaxes with such relaxation crossing his features. They probably thought he was insane, but his goal wasn't to merely sit upon his rear in a hall studying away, he was on more important business that dealt with the Grand Master of the Jedi Order - away from the craziness of Coruscant. It was difficult to get an audience with the Grand Master, though it was obviously successful once he got some sort of freedom from his duties. The city of Pols Anaxes was regarded with such high esteem that all forms of vehicles were almost absent, the complete opposite of Coruscant - and that somewhat shocked the Echani. Some vehicles littered the streets, though they looked rather expensive and for the higher ups of society - the hover limo that seemed to be for the highest class of them all. Alongside those were carriages drawn by weird looking beasts apparently called keffis, or so the sign that was scrawled upon stated, their features looking even odd compared to some of the beasts on Tython. Fingers tracing the line of his belt as he let out drawn out sigh, the Echani started his trek towards the rolling hills that were off into the distance, the droid following as it let out beeps that made mention of it's master coming there once to visit a family that had apparently purchased a Jedi relic. "Well at least we're not here to discuss relics, we're here to discuss my place within this war - our place in the Republic," groaning as he stretched, Yusanulis eyed the droid as it let out a whirred noise, turning it's top portion - or it's head - towards the Echani, "I can assure you that you are my permanent companion, so long as you don't bring up any more references to Master Telles telling me that I need to meditate on my decisions. This decision was thought out and meditated long ago - maybe too long ago," mumbling the last few words, he reached the very top of the hill before setting himself down underneath one of the trees, the purple leaves providing more color to a world that practically was an explosion of life. The droid made it's position beside Yusanulis before focusing on the sight of two individuals riding red keffis, practically racing across the hills as it let out a long whirr of cybernetic noises to bring the Echani's attention to them. Sighing at the droids persistence to let out mentions of missing Tython's surface, the Echani pulled up his hood before delving into the Force, reaching out with his mind towards the individuals that rode the keffis. He knew the core tenant of Battle Meditation was to inspire and grant the same effects as Force Valor, but at a wider scale and as he touched the minds of the riders, the Echani smiled softly. Letting the light side bleed into their minds, the Echani recited his own purpose for being on the planet within his mind, trying to use the purpose as a simplistic focus to concentrate on the two individuals from afar as they moved freely along the grassy hills. I think it is time that I do what Master Suto would want from me, to lead and protect - to fight the Sith Empire so the Republic can uphold the peace and harmony it always has sought to obtain. The Jedi Order serves one purpose and one purpose only, to ensure the Republic continues without oppression from the corrupt. Letting the light side continue to bleed from himself into the other individuals, he felt the Force wash over his senses as he placed both his hands together, focusing on the Force as it allowed the young Jedi to continue to let his reserves pour out to try and assist the two animals as well, his focus slowly spreading with the Force to ensure they were also provided a boost that their riders would perhaps be trying to force upon the animals. It was an important part of connecting the life essences of each individual with one's self, but the Echani felt the drain firsthand as he let out a sigh, a pain forming in his head as he continued to focus outwards. Post Information
  11. Posture and Grace

    Yusanulis let out a yawn as he approached the training room, his lightsabers hanging from his belt as he approached the Togruta that sat cross-legged, his posture almost perfect as vibrant purple eyes opened to look the Echani in the face, the red hues of the Togrutan's skin were almost in perfect condition, except for the mark around his eyes that looked like different sized boxes. Repositioning his stance, the Echani grinned as he removed the lightsaber from his belt with a snap-hiss, the weapon being angled upwards in a two-handed grip, the icy blue blade shimmering as he lowered it to his side. The Togruta merely grinned as he pushed himself up with only his legs, the male looking to be around the same age as him, though the way he held himself was significantly more refined - one that had been groomed to be a proper duelist since becoming a Jedi. "Al'ekka, this will be your opponent today. Knight Rasudan, this is my Padawan," the words of Battlemaster Telles rang as she stepped from the side of the chamber, her attire significantly different than what she normally wore. "Al'ekka has only been trained in Makashi for two years, and yet from his rather horrifying beginnings he has shown promise, the dedication he has put forth is rather remarkable," the Iktotchi spoke as the Togruta unclipped his lightsaber from his belt and raised the weapon up into a salute, but did not activate it. "He is almost at his peak physical condition like you, but that is because he worked his entire life as a slave to the Sith Empire, only to be freed by a task force. He almost wasn't allowed to become a Jedi, but I chose him because he knows what it means to lose everything and persevere." Watching Al'ekka with half-lidded eyes, Yusanulis slowly paced himself around the room, the blade humming in-sync with his thoughts. The enemy, regardless of who they were, always had a weakness and that weakness was the easiest defeat. As the Echani made a half-circle with sidestepping, the Togruta activated his purple lightsaber and moved at a rather remarkable speed, his feet almost sliding across the ground as he made it up to the Echani, performing a quick thrust that was meant to test the Echani. Bringing up his blade as he let out an exhaling breath, the Echani caught the blade and pushed upwards, angling it away from himself with a one-handed grip. The Togruta's physical strength was weak in comparison to his own, and he lacked the battle mind that most Echani inherited, yet the agility displayed was marvelous. Watching as the blade slowly slid down his own, Yusanulis gritted his teeth and pulled away, rotating on his foot and placing his left hand behind his back, the blade being held out before him as the Togruta moved forward and performed a flourish of light chops and stabs, aiming not for the Echani himself, but instead for the blade he carried. Each strike that came was quick and precise, the blade almost being wrenched from his hands as he pulled it upwards to remove it from the flourish, taking another step back as he let out a sigh. On the defensive, he couldn't outperform the Togruta, but on the offensive, he feared the Togruta could outperform him by merely taking steps back. Even with the range advantage, there were still many disadvantages when practicing a lightsaber Form meant to be trained accordingly - surely he could go onto using Djem So, but that merely meant that he would be cheating in his own eyes. Only one way to know. Lunging forward, Yusanulis gritted his teeth as he felt his blade become twisted by the Al'ekka, the male Togruta's grace excelling the Echani's own prowess in combat. Each movement from the Togruta was smooth, each strike was transitioned into a parry, twisting each strike to the side to expose the Echani, but never lunging forward to strike - almost as if he was trying to break the Echani's composure, and it was obvious that the male was doing that. Pulling back as he shook his head and let out another sigh, he gripped the hilt with both hands and held it to his side, taking side steps and specific precautions to not leave himself entirely exposed, angling the blade forward as he sunk his stance lower. Can't beat him in a flourish, so that leaves one thing remaining. Parries. Watching the Togruta move forward once more, his figure twisting as he performed a cross-cut that came towards the blade of the Echani, the low strike trying to remove the weapon from his hands, though a second blade sprung to life as the Togruta lunged forward after stopping his twist, the second blade being aimed at his bicep. Gritting his teeth as his senses flared, the Echani moved backwards before twisting his blade upwards to intercept the lunge, using both hands to force the blade down and following up by aiming for the Togruta's other weapon as the Togruta attempted to leave no room for the Echani to outperform him. The icy blue blade found it's mark, the grin on the Echani's face symbolizing that he had read his opponent properly - but he quickly pulled away and shook his head. It was almost too easy, as if the Togruta was trying to let him find some sort of pride. "Al'ekka," Yusanulis spoke as he reached behind himself, his hand grasping onto his shoto as the Togruta only shook his head, "I want you to go all out, don't toy with me," the words left the Echani's mouth as he activated his second blade, the snap-hiss of the blade showing a green blade behind him, held in a reverse grip. His knowledge of the reverse grip could be effectively used in Makashi, using a second blade to act as a defense tool - in addition to a quick strike. "I have no reason to, Master Telles told me to play at a beginners level, so that is what I am doing," the words that left Al'ekka's mouth caused Yusanulis to shake his head, the accent of the male being almost sweet and slightly reminding him of Zyann's own - or what he thought was an accent. "You seem to be getting angry and that is already a win for me, Makashi isn't only a fighting style, it is a way of thinking. Relax and let your mind focus, you are thinking too much," the words, while annoying, rang true with the Echani - he was prone to overthinking the fight, over preparing. Grinning as he brought his other blade before him, the Echani calmed his breathing as he attempted to regain his composure, though the Togruta moved forward once more, bringing his secondary blade upward to feint a strike. Yusanulis gritted his teeth as he took a step back, conserving his energy as he brought up his secondary blade to knock it away, his main blade lunging forward, though Al'ekka shifted his stance to the side, dodging the strike before bringing up his second blade to strike the weapon, though Yusanulis reached around with his other blade to knock it away and repositioned his feet to enhance the momentum of the strike. The green blade struck the purple blade, soon knocking it aside as Yusanulis continued his lunge forward, soon meeting flesh and searing clothing as he finally made his first true strike against the Togruta, though the Togruta smiled as he found his blade towards the Echani's wrist, searing the cloth with ease. Dropping his lightsaber as it spluttered and deactivated, the icy blue blade barely marking the floor beneath them. Pulling back as he shook his wrist, the wound being minor, yet it had temporarily disabled his main hand. Raising his green blade across his chest as he bit down on his lip, his eyes focused on the Togruta, the cut that had been made causing the clothes to fall down to reveal the countless scars. "Conservation of movements, you opened yourself up to my strike, even though you landed a strike. Learn and continue," the words left the male's lips as he moved forward once again and twisted his wrist into a sideways slash, the blade arcing towards Yusanulis's left side as the Echani felt through the Force, moving away quickly as he tried to bring up his shoto, only for the Togruta to retaliate with his other lightsaber. Letting go of his blade as the strike made contact with the blade, the Echani threw back his hand from the blade, letting it drop as he drew on the Force to send the Togruta backwards with the telekinetic force that came from his hand. The Togruta skidded across the ground as he rolled and recovered from the Force striking him, a grin placed upon his lips as Yusanulis reached out through the Force with both hands. Focusing intently on the pressure pad of both, he applied pressure as he drew them back to him, activating their blades as he clumsily caught both, one blade fizzling as his attention to both his blades spread. The wound stung, but the Echani grinned - each wound he gained was a lesson. The Togruta was more adept at Makashi, but the only way an individual grew was by facing a stronger opponent. Rotating the hilts in his hands as he held them backwards, his stance lowering as he watched the Togruta assume a lower stance, his lightsabers being positioned to his side, though his attention to Master Telles as he nodded, deactivating one blade and attaching it to his belt, leaving the other to his side, his hands sliding around it as he moved forward, faking a simplistic lunge before rotating out of the lunge into a downward slash, aiming directly at the Echani's legs. Feeling the Force warn him, the Echani lowered his stance more and slid to the side, bringing his blade to intercept the blow as he struck down on the blade, the purple weapon hissing as the plasma blades ran along the edge, and even though the Torgruta pulled away, the Echani continued in his rotation, activating his second blade and bringing both his blades down around and struck out against the Togruta's blade once more, interlocking it within both blades as he attempted to remove the weapon from the hands of his opponent, though it didn't budge as the hissing continued. I have to find an opening. Post Information
  12. Posture and Grace

    Elona 16th, 3632 BBY Jedi Training Grounds, Coruscant Yusanulis wore a simplistic sleeveless tunic and grey pants as he stood there and awaited the Jedi Battlemaster, his hands pushing back his long hair out of his face as he cleared his vision. As the woman appeared, his blade was firmly gripped in his hand, bowing his head towards Jedi Battlemaster Telles, the woman's lightsaber held out before her in a saluting position. The female Iktotchi stood just below the Echani in height, though her battle prowess was incredible, even in her advanced age, her armor hugged her body tightly, but it was meant to provide her with an agile edge over most, her strength being in the Force, instead of physically. She had summoned Yusanulis personally after discovering his rather aggressive Form preference, seeking to have the Echani learn more than his current skill set and something more controlled and elegant to emphasis one's ability with a lightsaber. The Echani let out a sigh as he raised his blade above his head, his blade being readied at a high position as he slowly paced around the Iktotchi stood there, her feet shuffling without much movement as she awaited the assault. "Attack and understand, Knight Rasudan, even with your strong posture and stance, you must understand the importance of the economy of movements taught by Form II," the Iktotchi spoke as the Echani eased his muscles at the challenge, the doubt crossing his features as he moved forward, trying to gauge and understand Master Telles' movements, though he hadn't had much practice against such a Form. As his icy blue blade was activated with a snap-hiss, he drew on what knowledge he had on the lightsaber Forms - understanding those that relied on one-handed strikes typically meant they were weak against power attacks. Sprinting forward, he brought his blade down, the Echani quickly rotating his hands to attack the chest of the woman as she moved and her blade came up, pushing the blow away with her blade as she moved to the side, redirecting the strike to the side as she placed one arm behind her body to fixture her posture, though she didn't stop with pushing the blow away with one hand, instead she broke off into a flourish of attacks, stabs and light cuts meant to harass and push back the Echani's offense. The Echani brought his blade close as he attempted to strike away the blows with fluid ripostes, but every time the blade was struck, the woman has rotated out of the temporary blade lock and advanced backwards before stabbing forward in a lunge. The Force echoed as the Echani moved backwards and drew on the Force as it flowed through his senses and body, filling his spirit. Watching the blade in slow motion, Yusanulis brought his blade downwards in an attempt to beat back the blade and open himself to the woman, though as he struck against the plasma with his own blade, the woman had already let go of her blade and activated her lightsaber shoto, the blue blade meeting the Echani's arm as it struck against the Echani's bare arm, his muscles seizing up and his strike faltering as he staggered backwards. The woman had decided to fight the Force with the Force, but instead of using strength and speed, she used her own grace and speed, her position returning to where it was before with a small shoto-held out before her in a salute. A smile sat upon her face, but the Echani grabbed his biceps and let out a sigh as he let his icy blue lightsaber hang in his hand weakly. "There is a misconception amongst most that Djem So can best Makashi, though as you have seen that is not the case. Power has it's place, but grace has it's own place as well. Without training in Makashi, those that would defend against you would find your attacks powerful, but lacking in the accuracy required to land the specific hit that ends the duel immediately, or we can merely tire out the enemy," Telles spoke softly as she handed the Echani a kolto patch from her belt, her smile being comforting, yet her stature almost intimidating. "Just bad luck on my part, I underestimated you actually trying against me," laughing as he applied the patch onto his arm, the sensation slowly returning as the kolto started it's basic healing process for the minor wound, the Echani stepped back and moved himself into position, his weapon being pointed in the air before him in a similar fashion as his hand slowly tightened and loosened, trying to get full feeling back into the arm. "Teach me how to fight with one arm and teach me the stance, if it's as valuable as you say it is, I need to know everything," speaking in a hoarse voice as he felt sweat drip from his brow, the Echani tried to show his smile, though he clenched his teeth tightly at the slight embarrassment. "Luck isn't a thing when the Force is there, I'm afraid. The first technique is learning how to move your stance without overstepping or exposing yourself," the words of the woman rang through the Echani's ears as she used the Force to grasp her own lightsaber and draw it to herself, the shoto being deactivated and attached to her belt, "Make sure your posture is correct and make sure your feet are spread and planted firmly on the ground." Shifting his feet as he stood up straight, his hair hanging down past his shoulders as he held his blade up before him, trying to replicate the salute, his weakened arm going behind him to reinforce his stature. It burned to twist his arm in the position, but the Echani merely accepted it as one way of learning. Holding out his blade towards the woman, he attempted to repeat her lunge at a distance, his footing slipping up as he overextended and caught himself on his left foot, his body shifting back up as he exhaled. Easing back up, he attempted a slash that he has seen, twisting his wrist and arm to conserve his movement, the icy blue blade carving a soft line through the air before he turned his wrist once more with the blade, bringing it around to perform another quick slash, though there was no emphasis of power behind it. Pulling his arm back, he stabbed forward once again, but twisted the blade as he stabbed into the air, the blade moving downwards instead of forwards, a similar feign to what the Jedi Battlemaster had performed, though she had continually stabbed forward and slashed in flourishes meant to distract the Echani, something he still had to grasp. Stepping forward as he lunged, he pulled himself back quickly and brought his wrist up towards his chest to provide him with a momentary defense, though the woman laughed as she moved forward and performed the same attack, her body shifting and sliding as she moved forward, her lightsaber being held out before her in an offensive position. The Echani noted that she had no intention of defending herself through blocking, instead she used her movements to dodge and redirect the strike to the side. Steadying himself back to his previous position, Yusanulis lunged forward and moved his leg with him, twisting the blade three times, performing three quick slashes before holding the blade out before him and sliding to the side. Repeating the Jedi Battlemaster's movements were helping the Echani understand the Form - it was purely offensive in bladework, but it wasn't not defensive, it relied on moving accordingly and parrying. Practicing the basics repeatedly left the Echani somewhat relaxed, though he could feel the exhaustion course through his limbs, and the sweat drip down his face as he twisted and moved his feet to provide him with a constant movement without overexposing himself to the imaginary enemy before him, while Telles continued to visually correct the Echani's mistakes, understanding that the Echani learned through watching the actual thing. Pushing forward on his foot, he felt the sweaty floor beneath him under his boots, his stance slipping as he lowered his arm and caught himself, his legs spreading as he exhaled, pushing himself back up with his feet. "Facing an opponent, you must learn how much you can push yourself, against an imaginary enemy it may be easier than most. Come back tomorrow and I will bring my own Padawan to face you, he has shown incredible skill with the abilities, though he may be suitable to face in a simplistic duel, don't expect the Padawan to be a push over, he is one of the best duelist I have ever seen at his age," as Telles spoke, Yusanulis deactivated his lightsaber and held it in two hands, bowing at his hips and holding his hands around the lightsaber as he felt his hair fall in his face, the sweat and tangled hair obscuring his vision. "Thank you Master Telles, I appreciate the effort you're putting into me," the words were sincere, though he felt his breath tighten in his throat, a cough escaping his lips as he walked away from the training room. Post Information
  13. Smile, Learn.

    Yusanulis let out a heaving breath as he held his side in pain, the sudden notice of his own physical exhaustion taking him almost entirely as he leaned against the wall, his tangled platinum white hair dangling down in his face and sweat dripping from his brow. Bruises littered his body from the day's training in hand-to-hand combat, the cheek of the Echani's cheek littered with a deep purple bruise and a cut from receiving a punch to the side of the face. Dressed in his heavy white robes and armor, the male stood out even amongst most Jedi due to the style of his armor, the armor being a mixture of Echani and Temple Guard armor. The flexweave armor was lightly plated for maneuverability to accommodate for the Echani's preference of lighter armors, while wearing durasteel plates in specific regions of his body to provide protection. His physical fitness was defined as the epitome of Echani physique, though there was still a ton that the newly knighted Jedi could improve upon - his ability in the Force was almost purely augmentation with a few powers capable of inflicting injury to subdue or save. Over the last year and a couple days the male had gone from Jedi Padawan to Jedi Knight, eventually filling his master's former shoes as a part-time lightsaber instructor and a part-time member of the Acquisition Division, mirroring his master's inability to commit to a Jedi Initiate to assist them in achieving the rank of Jedi Padawan, and soon afterwards Jedi Knight. It was in a twisted sense honoring his master, but at the same time he knew Master Suto would have wanted the Echani to continue onwards and assist those that were assisted like him - but the Echani felt his calling was to look towards the future. The esteemed hotheaded Echani teacher that got scolded by Jedi Master's for allowing the Younglings to push themselves to their physical limit, sat there within the calm of the pain he felt, his nerves burning, but the light side provided him with a slight confidence boost. The Echani was almost forbade from teaching them Form V to those that were of twelve standard years of age, though it was understandable - the Form was all about domination in the end, but to dominate one's emotions was the Echani's true goal. The basic bladework of Form III was taught by the male instead, with those that were only a few years younger than him being taught Form V, and was starting to train those in the basics, as well as furthering own training, in the Jedi martial art of Broken Gate as a safe alternative to losing his lightsaber in a duel. His innate ability with the Force was lacking in comparison to most, but he made up for it by being physically stronger than most, his own body being a weapon through the Force. The classes that went on during the day slowly winded down as the Echani tried to reach a calm within the Force, his body aching and his breath calm - his attempt to repeat what he had been taught by Zyann so long ago, the ability to mend one's wounds by delving into the light side of the Force. Within the five attempts he had tried, the only visible reference of the light side performing any repair was the bruising that had slowly shrunk into tinier blotches on his skin, though it was an improvement from before. The idea of training a minor ability to mend one's wounds was important for most Jedi, though the Echani felt it may have been better to learn it earlier in his career as a Jedi, though he hadn't truly felt at peace with the light side fully - at least until his final Jedi Trial. As the silence came to the Echani, he could feel the cut upon his cheek slowly sting as he focused on the area through the Force, focusing intently on the light side and allowing it to flow through him. The skin cells slowly started to increase in frequency as blood started to drip slowly down the Echani's cheek, his eyes tightening as he continued on with the process of healing, the foreign technique causing the Echani to feel the sweat roll down from his brow and touch the cut. Then, as the pain grew to it's utmost, the sense of bliss came to the Echani as he opened his eyes slowly and brought his fingers towards his cheek, the fingers gathering blood that had dripped before pressing against lightly scarred skin, the previous cut filled in and left white. Smiling slowly as he stood to his feet, his hand gripping the wall for balance, he noticed something that stood out to him through the Force, his senses becoming confused as he peered at her - the light side and the dark side combined, leaving a noticeable grey area, but the light was still there. It was a weird thing to sense, it wasn't a natural grey area seen in many Jedi that coined themselves as 'Grey Jedi', it was instead as if the dark side still lived and thrived within the girl, but it didn't pierce the surface. Walking slowly as he followed suit, he positioned himself near her to observe her rather lackluster bladework, though it was obvious she wasn't the most practiced with a blade, though her usage of a lightsaber staff was admirable - it wasn't as easy as most thought it was, it was easier than Jar'kai, but it was by far not the easiest thing to perform. Her stance, while showing inexperience, was something akin to what he had seen Jakar perform with his own lightsaber staff, though the male had obviously more experience. Moving forward with a slight grin on his lips, the Echani bowed at the girl, his eyes closing as he folded his hands before him in a respectful bow. "Greetings," speaking as he bowed, he had no idea how she would react to his sudden visible appearance, though he was unsure if the girl was looking around to see if anyone had been watching, "I'm Yusanulis Rasudan, Jedi Knight and beginner lightsaber instructor, and part time Acquisition Division member," speaking in a low voice, he raised his head up to reveal the bruises around his collar from the previous brawl he had done - the Force healing only being able to supplement the small cut and bruising on his face. "I see you're practicing alone, mind if I step in to provide you an opponent, and don't worry, I won't go to my fullest. Can't learn much performing Dulon," smiling as he spoke, he withdrew his lightsaber that was slightly curved to fit in his palm firmly, raising his blade before his chest at forty-five degrees to provide himself with a forward defense, spreading his legs to situate himself in a basic Soresu stance, though he hadn't practiced any more than the basics of Soresu since his time as a Jedi Initiate, "I trust you can fight with more than a lightsaber, with your holopad and stuff there. It's smart to focus in one area, but it's always nice to at least learn in another." The Echani drew on the Force to bestow himself with Valor and even provided the girl before him with the same Force-enhancement as he smiled, it would allow her to perform better and it would allow him to defend better - without having to resort to using other augmentations of the Force. He had entirely forgotten to ask for her name, the thought of the woman's confusing presence in the Force bringing him a slight sense of curiousness. Post Informatio
  14. The Price of Peace

    Feeling his hands get gripped, Yusanlis looked up at the Togruta and shook his head at her, his expression hiding most of his emotion - besides the slight remnants of tears. Listening to Zyann as she spoke, her voice hoarse from the events that transpired, the Echani shook his head side to side, a faint smile playing on his lips. "Master Suto would want me to continue, I'm sure he's continuing right now," smiling even more as he bit his lip to hold back more emotion from flooding, "I'm not sure you can handle this, but if you think you're strong enough.. then I won't deny you doing what is best," removing his weapons from his belt, he placed them both into her hands and turned around to face the console. Moving the countless controls to their starter positions as the Togruta left the room, he let out a hefty sigh as J9 came to his side and looked at him, the droid beeping before letting out a drawn out beep mimicking the Echani. Placing his hand onto the droid's scratched frame, he shook his head and sighed, "I guess we both know what it means to lose our masters, Jaynine. I'll make sure they don't memory wipe you, okay?" Walking down the ramp of the ship with the astromech, the Echani placed his arms behind him and lowered his head as his hair hung before his face. The thought of trying to resist arrest sat on his mind, but it wouldn't solve any issues - and it would probably end worse for him. Watching as the guards took groups of prisoners with them, he awaited being cuffed, watching as J9 was taken from his side and powered down to be taken with the other droids. Feeling his arm seized tightly as he bit his lip, pushing back his Echani-urges, he looked over his shoulder as he caught sight of a smaller woman, then a sharp sound rose in the Force, the Echani's senses becoming distorted as he shook his head violently to remove the sensation that had left him prior - the sensation of death. As his features became neutral, he grunted as the woman pushed him forward, the cuff on his bandaged arm caused irritation of the injury, though he continued to move with his attention on the durasteel tiles before him - counting each to ease his mind, his senses becoming dull as he allowed the woman to guide him. He had lost count after the three-hundredth tile, though he continued repeating from one until he was shown to a cell that was fairly empty. His legs practically giving out underneath him as he felt the cuffs from his wrist removed, and was thrown a wet towel, which he hardly caught as he looked at the woman with a faint smile - at the very least they didn't treat them all as the enemy. Accepting the gift, he ran the wet towel through his hair to remove the sweat and dust that had accumulated before handing it back to the woman, who brought up a shimmering wall of energy between them. Finally looking over the woman, she had to be only a handful of years older than him, her appearance being rather youthful compared to the the man that had contacted him. She didn't appear to be hateful, her disposition in the Force being rather neutral, almost sad in a way - though he couldn't pin it exactly. He didn't feel like the enemy, nor did he feel any anger for those just doing their duty - it's the same excuse a Jedi used when doing something they regretted personally, but did it because they had to do it. "I don't mean to hassle you, but could you do me a favor?" The words left the Echani's mouth as a plea almost, the muscles in his legs feeling flimsy as he tried to hold himself up before her, "I have a droid, he's a T7 unit that accompanied me here. Could you please make sure he doesn't get a memory wipe? He's red and white, looks a bit chippy around his frame, pieces of paint peeling off," describing the droid as best as he could, he held up his bandaged hand and smiled, the hand curling into a fist, holding it in an awkward salute. "I.. will see what I can arrange, but I can not promise you anything," the words left the woman's lips slowly, her attention turning to the male's arm before shaking her head, "I hope you understand I.. we don't believe the Jedi are all in a coup, it's just consequences for a dumb.. decision. The Jedi have been protectors, and it's hard for some people to fathom. My younger brother is a Jedi, about your age, if I had a choice I wouldn't be doing any of this, but orders are orders - hopefully you understand that," as she spoke, the Echani nodded and lowered his head, bowing as she made mention of her brother. Moving towards a group of Jedi who wore their hoods up over their heads, sitting in the corner and being immersed in meditation, the Echani shook his head. Not yet, maybe later. Moving away from the group, he sat in the corner and lifted his leg up, resting his arm on his knee as he exhaled. There is no death, there is the Force.. right, Master Suto? Exhaling as he lowered his head, he let his hair fall in front of his eyes - rest was perhaps one of the things out of the question for the Echani. Leaning his head back against the cold wall, he looked at the roof and started to recount the days it took for him and Master Suto to finally reach a proper agreement without pulling teeth. Post Information
  15. The Price of Peace

    Yusanulis rested against the training room's wall as he watched his master lecture him on the importance of restraint, once again. The mentioning that if the Echani really wanted to delve into his combat urges, then he would be smart to be aware of the injuries on his very own arm. Bandages clung to the Echani's left arm, while the white robes he wore were drawn up to his shoulder, revealing the grey tunic sleeve beneath. The scolding was something the Echani grew fond of, what he thought it felt like to be under a parent, it was almost bittersweet in a sense, though Master Suto soon forgot about it until the next time - perhaps he was just trying to give the male a chance to grow and learn from his mistakes, without being reminded of one before. "You at least never called me 'butterfly' that time," smirking as he pushed off the wall to stand and bow to his master, he felt a sudden shift in his footing, then a sudden shift in the Force, his eyes darting upwards as he trailed off. Then, as if the warning through the Force and the sudden shift in his footing was not enough, a loud blast sounded above the chamber, his eyes meeting his master's as they brought their weapons up behind them, not activating them. The sensation of life disappearing was difficult to handle, though the male forced his senses to become clear. Watching as younglings paniced, the Echani chewed his lip and brought his left arm around two, hoisting them over his shoulder and let out an exasperated sigh of pain. Defending the future was the most important, but the threat wasn't known - there had been no fore warning of the Sith approaching Republic space, nor had there been any warning as soon as the strike hit the temple. Grunting as he broke off into a sprint with the two younglings hoisted over his shoulder, he stopped in his tracks as one of the holo-projectors collapsed before him, the image fading and displaying a combination of multiple busts of former Jedi Masters that the Order had lost. Going back a few paces as he broke off into a sprint, he used his own physical strength to carry himself over the durasteel projector and landed on the other side with a grunt. Master Suto followed suit, carrying more younglings as they ran side-by-side, his eyes catching the beeping holo-pad that sat on his belt, warning him to get out as quickly as possible. Thanks Jakar, I never would have thought of escaping what could be my resting place. Smiling at his own thoughts, he looked to Suto who was frantically searching for other individuals that were cowering in fear. Placing his lightsaber on his belt as he drew on the Force, his senses becoming heightened as he felt invigorated as the Force gave him a significant boost to his physical being. "Jaynine, take these younglings to the hangar, ASAP. Make sure they are brought to safety, okay?" Seeing his astromech come around the corner, the male quickly handed the two younglings onto the droid and patted the astromech's top, he could trust the droid not to kill them, and he had to do something himself. Following Master Suto as he handed off younglings to an instructor, the male shook his head as sweat matted his hair, the strands falling in front of his face. Without even being acknowledged, the human sprinted off as the Echani followed behind, his hand raising before collapsing, knowing exactly where he was headed. Feeling another blast occur behind him, he drew on the Force to move forward, the heels of his feet infusing with the Force to allow him to dash away from the durasteel and duracrete that would have struck him, his body practically sliding as he stopped in motion. "You're still here? Didn't I tell you to, you know, save the younglings?" The question that left his master's mouth had the Echani nod before looking at him with a grin. "You've got nerve for a butterfly, but we can talk about this after we assist who we can," the male shook his head at the Echani's silent response. Duty, as it was taught, was more important than preserving one's life - a sacrifice of one to save many could save the galaxy. The lack of selflishness a Jedi sought was there with the Echani, even if his master disagreed with it, though as they turned the corner, the Echani focused his attention to the patients that were being healed by the Togruta and her master, his eyes squinting to see beyond the dust that filled the now damaged temple. Watching as the wall beside her gave way, he hissed as he moved forward and gripped her by the arm, tugging her to her feet, before throwing her over his shoulder. "Listen, arguing right now will not help either of us, nor will it bring back the dead," feeling her protest and push against his arm caused him to tighten his grip on her body, before he turned to look at Master Suto and Luminarya who stood near them, trying to comfort the Togruta in a way the Echani didn't understand - he was a defender, not a healer at the end of the day. The trek to the shuttlebay was longer than he remembered, though many things seemed drawn out. Dust and sweat clung to his hair as he continued to shake it out of his face, to see exactly where he was going. Finally reaching what seemed to be a few moments away from a departing shuttle, he felt a sudden push at his side as he tried to brace himself against the impact, only to topple backwards as the roof above them revealed a laser strike down, destroying the shuttle. Coughing as the dust rose, his eyes burning as he covered his eyes from being assaulted by the particles, his senses flaring as he stood up to see individuals tossed aside, including the Togruta's master, but no Suto. The blast in it's close proximity, and the trauma he felt from the disappearance of Suto's life left him deaf to most things, his eyes trying to find anything that would prove his physical senses wrong, but all there was in the Force was a sharp pang of emptiness, his body hugged by Zyann. Standing up slowly, he looked over to the wreckage, his lip being bitten as he looked for another shuttle. Then it hit him like a tonne of duracrete, his master's personal starship was still operational, though he was unsure of the current situation, he would ensure it wasn't destroyed. "Follow me to another ship. Don't let his sacrifice be in vain," grunting out his words as he lifted those that were wounded, he denied himself the sadness of the loss - it stung, but it was proper to keep his master's memory there. Guiding them to the Defender-Class Light Corvette, he grimaced at Jaynine who was inside with the younglings, it's beeps informing him of what he saw. Moving towards the front of the starship with the astromech who had guided those with him to the medical bay, in addition to the resting areas and storage areas, the Echani let out a hefty sigh. He had been shown by Jakar how to pilot it prior, and Master Suto tried to force him to learn how to control the ship. Getting to the cockpit, the Echani sighed as he felt the full impact hit him as he chewed his lips, forcing back the welling in his eyelids. Bastard oaf. Exhaling as he turned on the repulsor engines, he shook his head side to side to find what he was missing as the astromech jacked into the ship, providing him with the suboptimal routes to escape. Hitting another button, the loading ramp lifted up as the repulsors slowly ascended the ship into the air. The Force could be used to guide an individual, even outside of a combat situation, the senses becoming enhanced to guide a ship through both physical and metaphysical means. Controlling the throttles to move the ship forward, he started slow to get a feeling for it being just him and the astromech. The ship jumped a bit as he eased up on it, slowly lowering it to find the proper speed - it was a bigger target than the shuttles, but it was also faster than a shuttle. Managing the shields, the Echani adjusted them to be more defensive than before, practically removing all power in the weapons to provide a boost to the shields and the thrusters, he sighed as he watched the power gauges lower, then increase. Moving the ship forward, he made it outside before pulling the controls back, watching as the ship ascended while lasers struck down the temple, the searing banners of the Jedi Order slowly being incinerated. It wasn't safe to go upwards in the immediate proximity of the Jedi Temple, so the Echani moved the ship forward, trying his best to balance the thrusters to keep the ship balanced, and his mind open to the Force, finally making it near the Twi'lek and Flesh Raider settlements, he moved the ship into an upward angle, taking a breath. Moving the ship forward to dodge a laser that would have disabled the ship, and potentially killed them all, the Echani thanked the Force for the warning, before throttling the ship forward. The ship picked up speed as it neared the ships, though he noticed countless shuttles above him being locked in place, including other ships that were of Jedi description - though the massive battlecruisers were of the Republic, sending a sickening sensation into the Echani's stomach. Questions raced in his head as he tried to maneuver the ship between the shuttles 'stealthly', though it was a plan filled with holes as the comms within the cockpit sounded with the message to surrender, barking that if the pilot was to attempt to flee, they would use extreme force. "You don't need to worry, I have wounded and.. traumatized individuals with me," the Echani choked out as he rested his head against the controls, his hands shaking as the officer on the other end questioned his age, the holo-terminal behind him pulling up to reveal a human male with a thick moustache and thick sideburns, that looked around the age of fifty standard years. "Seventeen standard years, sir," the reply was choked upon as he exhaled and ran his bandaged hand across face, unable to actually understand the significance of death, of someone that close to him. The male explained the situation, and the Echani couldn't believe that the Jedi were thought to be in a conspiracy plot against the Republic, especially the Supreme Chancellor. Turning around in his chair to face the holo-terminal, he smiled and shook his head - the redness of his eyes betrayed his emotions, but he was willing to comply, so long as none of those with him were injured. Feeling the ship shift forward as it was taken into a gravity field, the Echani felt defeated, though the droid beeped and tried to assure him that 'his master would be proud' - the term would practically left the Echani clutching his chest as he heaved. It was easy for a bucket of bolts to speak of such things with ease, but the Echani was as human as the rest. Moving towards one of the computers almost sluggishly, he sent a message to Jakar telling him that besides a few mishaps, everything was good - it was a lie and Jakar was more than capable of seeing through it, but he didn't indulge the male in the details he knew. That was for another time and place. Post Information