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  1. Im afraid I will have to bow out, unfortunately...I have too many active threads, and I didn't when I originally signed up
  2. Is Force Absorb still a light side power? I ask because it doesn't seem to describe it as leaning to light or dark.
  3. I dunno if I'm saying this right...Buna Ziua, Emily!

    1. Emily


      să trăiești :)

  4. Will have posts up soon, to those I owe it to.

  5. What about animated series Mr. Freeze? "NORA, NOOOORRRRAAAAAA!" "Freeze!" "That's Mr. Freeze to you!"
  6. Thought of more questions... Say I got wristband blades and a vibroblade, could I combine the two and make something Ezio would have no objections using or would that be redundant? Also, do the specialized rounds apply to pure blasters or is it just slugthrowers? If I got a wrist laser or wrist vac, could I apply blaster upgrades to those? Also, are pure fragmentation type explosives free? Lastly, if I buy exclusively cryogenic weaponry and ammo, will I be allowed to make cold-based puns in my rp ;)
  7. A couple of new questions. Say I get an electro staff. Could I attach a shoto to it? Also, if I buy an assassin droid does it HAVE to be classed as that IC? Could it be labeled as a bodyguard droid or soldier droid? Also I had some questions about the personal shield generator, oxygen reserves, and toxicity dart shooter Can the shield come in many forms, like that energy vambrace used in the kotor comic series by zayne carrick? Or like that weird energy buckler used by Durge against obi wan in that one animated feature? Do the oxygen reserves take the form of a mask? And is the effectiveness of the dart shooter dependent on the species and toxin used? Can it be a non lethal toxin like a paralytic or a tranquilizer?
  8. Okay, next question, how corrupting is merely possessing a vexxtal in your blade (I ask cause I wanna get one for Karter down the road) also, it says there is a high chance a Jedi will be corrupted if injured with it. Exactly how does that work? Can it be defended against?
  9. Rubat says it makes the lightsaber take a sword shape. What kind of sword exactly? Is it just at the tip. Also, I read Lignan is a dark side ore. Does that still hold true to site canon?
  10. I read the points store and it says pontite cools skin and tempers. Is it like the reverse of the vexxtal crystal? If not, is there a crystal that does that? Plus, on the issue of powercells, is it possible to buy two and combine their functions?
  11. Mission

    What would the hutt cartels stake be. I'd get Karter involved, but I don't want to be the only neutral if no one else is going to be.
  12. Exactly how long would it take on average before a lightsaber burned through a song steel blade not protected by force weapon? Also, the pure Cortosis dagger...doesn't pure Cortosis kill if touched, so you would have to handle the dagger carefully?