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  1. Cuyot Arms CRS-5 Rifle - Accepted

    Simple, provides Mandalorians with access to a starter weapon should they want a slugthrower, as well as tying in with one of the longest surviving Clans on the site. Accepted
  2. Based solely on the amount of weaknesses and actual thought out strengths, I can't truly decline this item. Everything else just runs together smoothly. Approved
  3. Stealth Armor for Homra Azner - Approved

    As per working with on the system and this being the reward you were given, I hereby say the Stealth Armor is now... Approved
  4. Forge Templates

    The Forge Templates --- Introductory to the Forge Rules Frequently Asked Questions High Quality Materials --- When submitting a submission for the Forge, please add in the Tags section of the post the type (armor, welee Weapon, range weapon, vehicle, starship, droid, or artifact), as well as the Production Rate. Below will have all the types of templates, as well as a restricted template for those who receive Event Tokens and those that reach the rank of Jedi Master or any equivalent, though this template requires Administrative supervision to ensure the item is created without delay. Armor Template Melee Weapon Template Ranged Weapon Template Droid Starship Vehicle Artifact
  5. Atrox

    From the album Kure's Picture Shtuff

    Ren is a good person, but also anime garbage.
  6. So like everything on this site, a lot of stuff was outdated and the Questions and Answers went back to a more 'nail in the coffin' era for 'character questions', so here is where you can ask new questions. Remember to read questions before it, to ensure they haven't been answered already as those answered already will be ignored. Questions about the Forge, the Plotter and other stuff are okay, so long as it doesn't devolve into a string of replies back-and-forth between a single member and the staff - if you have a question, ask them all at once.
  7. Kure's gonna be posting tomorrow, hopefully. Though depending on if the final warning is actually acknowledged, it may get delayed for that.

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    2. Kure


      Corey was dealing with it, then left the administrative team. You read the statuses and could have done what they said. There is no point in arguing because I don't even have access to said PMs.


      PM me the stuff.

    3. Meracus


      You know they've been incredibly busy so maybe you could have reminded them or checked-in on it too?

    4. Daniel


      I was under the impression that you were quitting the site. Or at least, that's what you've said to us before and have been threatening for six months or more, so it's possible it was low priority or forgotten - we aren't infallible you know. You've never had a problem messaging us before, so I'm not sure why you've held off this time, of all times. I'm more than willing to continue this discussion privately if you feel like you want to argue this further though, spare Kure from the unnecessary dialogue.  

  8. Currently the Forge and Plotters are under construction, though it may be for the best to wait before asking questions and posting in there.


    Once it is fully complete, we will have everything accessible for you all to look at and potentially answer all those questions, but unfortunately our lives are busy and it will take time.

    1. Kure


      No worries man, I've got you covered. Unfortunately the site can't have children on it, so I'll ease you into your place.

  9. The Forge Rules

    The Rules As with every system on every site ever created, there are a number of rules to follow and while these rules are significantly more relaxed, they are still important to follow. Should there be any inquiries on the rules themselves during the process of creating an item, it is important to message one of the Forge Administrators. The administrators will try to get back to you as quickly as possible with the best possible answer, though do understand that many have lives outside of the site and should be given at least twenty-four hours. Below you will see all the rules, as well as having them separated into specific categories to assist in finding the exact rule you are looking for. General Rules Research is a must for when creating an item, as well as having some semblance of realism in the Star Wars universe. Plagiarism will be immediately denied as there is a difference between taking inspiration and copying almost word-for-word. Remember to always respect the individual working on your application, as it is not something they are being paid for. Different rating scales have been made for armor/weapons, starships/vehicles, and droids. Armor and Weapons are rated by their modifications and materials used, Low Quality, Common, High Quality, and Exquisite are the four ratings available at the moment. Starships and Vehicles are rated on their 'attributes' such as armaments, maneuverability, speed, and defense. Very Low, Low, Average, Above Average, High, and Extreme are the six ratings for the 'attributes'. Those that try to create unrealistic starships or vehicles will have their applications denied, meaning you can not create the best thing ever. Droids are rated based on their 'attributes' such as combat proficiency, efficiency, mobility, and defense. Low, Average, Above Average, or High are the four ratings for the 'attributes'. Each character is restricted to having only 3 Exquisite quality items, including starships and droids. Starships, vehicles, and droids will be ranked based on the median of their attributes. Those who try to create multiple for their characters within a short amount of time will have theirs denied, unless there is a reason for it. The only time a rule can be tossed aside is during an event, or by creating event rewards Only those on the administrative team can toss aside a rule, should it be necessary. The Creation of Items Items already created in the Star Wars universe before our current era do not require a template unless they are heavily modified. The items must follow the templates posted within the forums, any modifications to the templates themselves will lead to the application being denied. This rule is to ensure that every member is judged fairly, in addition to keeping them simple enough to get done quickly. The item must have a proper reason for it's creation. This rule is the most important one of them all, and can lead to the item being denied should a constant stream of items be produced. The only time an item lower than Common needs to be made is for when it is being created for a large group of individuals, such as a faction or group within a faction. The only time a lightsaber application is required is when the lightsaber in question is considered unique or uses high quality materials. It is expected by the staff team that you create strengths and weaknesses for items that are easy to read. An example of a weakness that will be not be accepted is "Needs To Be Repaired", as that is a weakness with everything and doesn't truly balance out the strength you may give it. The creation of stealth-based armor must contain blatant weaknesses, though those that are of a high rating will have significantly less due to the materials and technology used in them. Should an item be excessive eccentric, the Forge personnel are capable of bumping up the rating of the item to the point of becoming Exquisite for armor and weapons. High Quality Materials and Restricted Technologies To ensure that everyone can have items that benefit themselves, we have made a list of high quality materials that immediately push the base rating of each item up significantly. The reason for this is mainly so members can have a list of items that can access after reaching a certain rank. If you are unsure if your character can obtain a specific material, there is a high chance that they are incapable of obtaining it, though it does not hurt to ask a Forge Administrator. Mandalorians can create beskar items immediately, though it is expected that they won't be created for other lower ranked members until the Mandalorian is a higher rank. When creating an item with High Quality Materials, it's rating should never go below the High Quality rating. The only exception to this is if the item itself is damaged and broken. By adding countless modifications to these materials, they may reach the Exquisite rating, which there is more on below. Alchemized materials can be obtained outside of this system, though like everything that deals with Force Alchemy it will not be efficient compared to one made by the character. The ancient Rakatan, Gree, or Celestial technology is simply not allowed due to the power it provides the person, in addition to being almost completely inaccessible. Anyone that attempts to replicate technology similar (such as creating warp gates) will have it denied. The Rakatan species, however, is not banned due to going into a more primitive state of mind. Anything similar to Dashade technology will be immediately denied, solely because it forces unfair play on members of the community by giving them no in or out of a situation. The Dashade species is, however, not banned. For those without knowledge of the Dashade technology, the weapons are capable of penetrating shields, armor, and instantly kill anything it comes in contact with. There are no exceptions to this rule, as even the most powerful ability in the Force can not do this without godmodding.
  10. High Quality Materials List

    Restricted Technology Rakatan Technology Gree Technology Celestial Technology Dashade Technology Restricted Materials for Low Ranking Members Cortosis-weave The weaving of cortosis ore is an extremely difficult technique utilized by smiths to properly bond cortosis to durasteel and other durable materials to strengthen it, this also makes them resistant to lightsabers and other energy based weaponry. Cortosis-weave is extremely expensive to produce into a full set of armor due to the amount Cortosis required, though most vibroweapons are often produced with this ore to be able to stand up against lightsabers. The amount of cortosis bonded to the armor or weapon also determines the effectiveness against energy-based weapons, while also increasing the weight of the weapon or armor. Due to the bonding process, it is possible to combine it with either phrik or beskar, though due to the malleable nature of phrik and the already heavy beskar, it is typically reserved for combining it with durasteel to create armor that is a bit lighter than beskar'gam. Phrik A rare metallic component utilized in light and durable armors as well as staff-based weapons, to properly provide protection to those incapable of wearing heavier armor, or those that do not want to have cumbersome armor. Phrik is typically bonded with other materials to properly utilize it's malleable nature during the heating process, properly reinforcing them with a strong layer of energy resistance that can assist in taking blaster bolts and lightsaber strikes with minor wounds. Due to the rarity of phrik, it is often only reserved for specialized pieces of armor and weapons, such as weapons utilized by guardsmen and prestigious members of societies. While regarded as the best alternative to the heavy beskar'gam, phrik is not as durable nor resistant to energy as Mandalorian iron. Beskar (Not Restricted For Mandalorians) A rare iron ore found only in Mandalorian space, beskar, otherwise known as Mandalorian iron, is typically regarded as sacred to the Mandalorian culture, much like the lightsaber is to the Jedi. An extremely durable and regarded as near-indestructible metal when properly created by a Mandalorian smith, it did not make the wearer or wielder immortal. The nature of beskar allows it to be created in multiple forms, allowing it to be infused into leathers and hides, as well as cloths, to provide them with resistance to energy-based weapons, though it is not as strong as the actual metal form. Two main creations with Mandalorian iron are the beskade which is a bladed weapon that came in multiple forms, most notably swords and knives, and beskar'gam which was a personalized piece of heavy armor that would be capable of taking both lightsaber strikes and bludgeoning force without showing much sign of wear, though the wearer would definitely feel it. Unlike other rare materials, many Mandalorians tend to don their own set of Mandalorian armor, or ancestral Mandalorian armor once they reach adulthood if they are a smaller clan. The process of creating beskar'gam and beskades was taught only within the Mandalorian community and taught to only the most esteemed metallurgist. This has led to many Mandalorians viewing outsiders wearing it as a sign of disrespect, though many who attempt to wear personalized armor tend to find it uncomfortable as it is typically specifically made for a single individual. Ultrachrome An extremely heavy and thick durable metal typically reserved only for two pieces of armor or the hull of a ship, it is typically regarded as stronger than beskar'gam. The main strength of this type of metal is that when a lightsaber strikes it, the energy would spread across the entire plate causing it to almost completely disperse the energy - though the metal would completely melt if a concentrated heat source was applied to it. Another strength of this metal caused weapons such as blasters, slugthrowers and vibroweapons to reflect off it, making the metal almost impregnable without properly being prepared. Due to the heavy nature of this material, it rarely sees any combat use outside of starfighting and the odd defensive piece of armor. Shell Spider Silk A rare cloth typically reserved for the most prestigious of societies, shell spider silk was used in the creation of normal clothing or robes that would protect the wearer from most types of assassination tools. Unbeknown to the most typical person, this cloth excels at protecting the wearer from bladed and energy-based weapons, causing blasters and bladed weapons to deflect off of it, however like normal cloth this form of cloth could be torn apart after repeated strikes from bladed weapons. Weak to kinetic force, the wearer would not have the same luck facing off against someone who is utilizing a bludgeoning weapon or slugthrower. Regarded as the best alternative to phrik for those that do not wish to wear armor, shell spider silk provides flexibility that most armors lack. Sithspawn Leather A rare leather created from the hides of Sithspawn, armors created from this type of material are usually only worn by Sith due to the dark nature of Sithspawn. Like most Sithspawn, the leather itself is extremely durable and can absorb strikes from energy-based weapons with ease, though those are it's only strength before being alchemized. Unalchemized leather can be used in the creation of bodysuits for heavy armor and alone can be used to create durable medium armor. Due to needing to slay an actual Sithspawn to harvest, it is extremely rare for someone under the rank of Sith Master to wear the hide of a tuk'ata or other fearsome creatures on the Holy Worlds of the Sith. Sometimes given as gifts to apprentices, armor made from these types of hides are regarded as a symbol of power and respect. Pure Cortosis An even rarer form of cortosis crafting, the metal alloy is created into a small piece of armor or small bladed weapon, typically only a armguard, a single gauntlet or dagger. Due to the high concentration of cortosis, the armor or blade has the capabilities of shutting down a lightsaber for a few moments and provides complete protection from it. Rarely ever used due to the weight of the cortosis itself, pieces of armor crafted from this high concentration of cortosis are extremely difficult to forge due to the heat resistance of cortosis ore and rarely see any combat. Requiring time and dedication to properly craft anything, it is sometimes regarded as a waste of time to make such an item, though once it is made it is almost indestructible. Like the crafting of a beskar crushgaunt, a cortosis gauntlet can temporarily hold the blade of a lightsaber without the heat going through the metal - though it is extremely rare to see this as a lightsaber typically shuts down upon contact. Restricted Materials Alchemized Materials Created by Force Alchemists for the purpose of increasing their battle prowess, only those who create these weapons can properly attune to them and utilize them to their full potential. Obtainable only through being given or through dedication in the Force, these items are regarded as the pinnacle of creations due to the fact the Force can be channelled through them when properly attuned and that they are nearly indestructible. During their creation there are multiple things to be done to properly forge and wield a weapon, as well as to properly fuse armor with the Force, though each one is different per the alchemist. Used in the creation of the Sith warblade and the Jedi katana, alchemized materials create enough power to form a nexus of energy, most notably dark side or neutral, which can be drawn upon by the wielder to amplify their own talents in the Force, similar to an actual Force Nexus. In addition to being able to channel the Force through the blade itself, the weapon can be changed into a hyperconductive blade to deflect blaster bolts, or be sharpened to increase cutting power. Armor infused with alchemized materials also take on a similar feature, though unlike a weapon they can only be infused with the Force to provide a shimmering layer of energies similar to Force Armor that can enhance the defense of the piece versus almost every type of weapon. Due to the tedious process of creating the armor and infusing it with the Force, it is sometimes regarded as a similar process to creating a synthetic lightsaber crystal, though requiring both processes to occur at the same time. The drawback to the incredible ability to fuse objects with Force-based alchemy is that during creation, most items become significantly more cumbersome than their counterpart and infusing materials that are already heavy will more than likely make them incapable of being wield or worn without becoming encumbered. Restricted Weapons for Low Ranking Members Disruptor Weapons Extremely powerful blasters created to kill instead of injure, a disruptor weapon is capable of inflicting grievous injuries to biological beings and damaging starships. Due to their power, they have significantly less shots than a typical blaster, have a shorter range and even though they are extremely powerful, they also are incapable of firing in rapid succession. If overclocked, the weapon will be able to damage even the most durable armor and potentially destroy it, at the cost of the weapon itself. A disruptor blaster is capable of damaging beskar'gam and even inflicting wounds beneath the armor, and is capable of melting an Ultrachrome piece of armor or shield on contact when overclocked. A disruptor rifle is almost twice as deadly, being capable of incinerating an object or being into ash upon contact, though due to the close range required, it is typically regarded as a lesser item.
  11. Roleplaying Character: Mira'elith

    Simple biography and simple skills, can't argue with it. Maybe adding a bit more on how she obtained the skills in the biography may help with getting some Intermediate level skills, but otherwise it looks good to me. You can add the extra bits in the Character Biographies section and PM me the additions afterwards.
  12. Rank Advancement: Vanahok

    You, my good friend, have been approved for the rank of Sith Master on Vanahok. I will be making a thread soon where he can officially embrace his new name, as well as obtaining something speshul. Was a pleasure witnessing Vanahok's growth into the Sith culture and I hope to see more.
  13. OOC Accounts

    Whoever else needs this, just post in this thread and I'll quickly do it for ya'.
  14. Technology Creation

    I wanted to thank y'all for participating, with the final steps coming up I will be making a new forum and posting the entire complete thing for all to see and begin their own creations.