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  1. Well, at least we all have a way to communicate by Discord, so the community still lives in a way Plus, it was great seeing your characters grow Setie, especially with their eccentric views and their weaknesses Gotta look at some positives and who knows, maybe we can build something with the community in the future. Maybe something that can take the great things of this site and make something greater. Even with thoughts of giving up on RP, I struggle to give up on Daniel who is probably the strongest admin we have had (Also kind of a push over, but shhh )
  2. Verrin, I will never know how you've lasted this long with the same character (and on this site ) but it is impressive, and even though we've had our disagreements in light forms, I always did appreciate your dedication to the site. I hope all goes well for you, old man, and I hope you do continue to write as you are definitely one of the strongest writers I've had the pleasure of role-playing with- can't imagine The Raisin not role-playing As I'm not that great with describing emotions, like Lucian has said it is a huge regret for me to toss such a timeworn mantle away, even after years of dedication to it - probably a year in the entire time I spent up all night trying to solve issues and such, but I've lost count. It took us a long while to realize we were effectively fighting a wave that was going to destroy us mentally (of course), and I am extremely sorry I couldn't hold out longer - it started to affect my actual sleeping pattern outside of insomnia and I was losing time to actually write myself. Obviously there were reasons for this outside of simple insomnia and such, like actually having a stable job, but I'm hoping to find some stability myself. Let's go away from the negative though, since Lucian has addressed most of that stuff. Long story short, I am also grateful for all the members that have actually stuck to their guns and continued to support us to the end. You all are a bunch of crazy mofos, but that's what was great about most of the community I hope to continue to communicate with most of you through Discord or Skype and I hope one day to potentially cross paths with previous members should I continue to role-play. We do appreciate y'all.
  3. Before I put my head through a table, I'm going to sign out for a week. Hopefully @Daniel can hold the base.
  4. Friday afternoon I'll be posting, have three days off so that'll give me plenty of time. Daniel is still out until Monday, lazy bugger never signed out.

    1. Kure


      Besides my niece being born and mother's day stuff, posts will be out tomorrow. Apologies for the wait, but sadly something in my life does need to come first before the site :P

    2. Darthmama


      No worries! *hugs* Grats on Uncledom!

  5. Thread Name: Internal Release Theme: Social and Training, kind of however it draws out. Faction: Republic, neutral as well if they have a reason to be on a Republic-aligned planet. Location: Anaxes, Military Training Pits Synopsis: A warm day on Anaxes has brought Knight Rasudan into delving further into his heritage as an Echani, like many other Echani Jedi before him - relying on actual senses versus Force-based senses. Pretty much trying to get my Jedi out there for interacting with others, the outcome of the thread is whatever - could fold, could do anything really, but I'm just wanting to write him a bit to get back into the Echani mindset. The top portion can be ignored as that's more me writing down an idea of what he would be doing to actually start the thread - was more of a mental note I wrote down. Looking For: Jedi, Military personnel, etc. Anything that is aligned with the Republic.
  6. Besides the formatting, it is good to go. I also approve the Broken Gate being moved to Intermediate. Go and post it in the biography section now, stuff.
  7. Well, real life is kicking my ass, little downtime here and there. Will try to get to everything during that.

  8. From the album Kure's Picture Shtuff

  9. Looking for people to assist with guides to help current and new members. Reply to this status to be added to the PM - I do not expect anyone to need to write full guides as well, just gathering information.

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    2. Darthmama


      I can do things like guides and details of societies.  Did it before. :)

    3. Empress Kitty

      Empress Kitty

      I'll pitch in if needed like last time.

    4. Kure


      Perfecttttt, four should be enough - though if anyone wants to lend a hand still, it's more than welcomed.

  10. Posts most definitely tomorrow, I think I owe one, but yeeeeah. Work has been kicking my ass lately.

  11. Signing out for three days due to work and other crap. I may respond to PMs, but otherwise I will be MIA - including on Skype and Discord. And I'm back, kind of.
  12. Little friendly PSA: If you find a page redirecting to another website, please inform one of the staff - most likely me - and tell them what page/thread it is. We can easily fix those errors in a jiffy, or at least the staff team that are on computers.

    1. Karter


      I've encountered that. Will send you links later

    2. Kure


      Were the threads/pages fixed? I only know of a few, one obviously being Verrin's stuff, and then there are two that are being fixed through potential removal in the future, and the other being topics with members that are set with two titles.

    3. Karter


      The ones I've spotted are all really old ones, some of them were my old stories, especially with ark

  13. :thinking:

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      Am I the deleter, or are you the deleter?


      Or is Daniel the deletist?

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      That sounds a bit like deletism to me, sir! 

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      Do not oppress my rights.



  14. For those not in our Discord chat and those still working on their changes; remember that you have a wiki page that covers the biography May make things 100% easier.