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  1. Looking for people to assist with guides to help current and new members. Reply to this status to be added to the PM - I do not expect anyone to need to write full guides as well, just gathering information.

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    2. Darthmama


      I can do things like guides and details of societies.  Did it before. :)

    3. Empress Kitty

      Empress Kitty

      I'll pitch in if needed like last time.

    4. Kure


      Perfecttttt, four should be enough - though if anyone wants to lend a hand still, it's more than welcomed.

  2. Posts most definitely tomorrow, I think I owe one, but yeeeeah. Work has been kicking my ass lately.

  3. Signing out for three days due to work and other crap. I may respond to PMs, but otherwise I will be MIA - including on Skype and Discord. And I'm back, kind of.
  4. Little friendly PSA: If you find a page redirecting to another website, please inform one of the staff - most likely me - and tell them what page/thread it is. We can easily fix those errors in a jiffy, or at least the staff team that are on computers.

    1. Karter


      I've encountered that. Will send you links later

    2. Kure


      Were the threads/pages fixed? I only know of a few, one obviously being Verrin's stuff, and then there are two that are being fixed through potential removal in the future, and the other being topics with members that are set with two titles.

    3. Karter


      The ones I've spotted are all really old ones, some of them were my old stories, especially with ark

  5. :thinking:

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    2. Kure


      Am I the deleter, or are you the deleter?


      Or is Daniel the deletist?

    3. Corey


      That sounds a bit like deletism to me, sir! 

    4. Kure


      Do not oppress my rights.



  6. For those not in our Discord chat and those still working on their changes; remember that you have a wiki page that covers the biography May make things 100% easier.
  7. From the album Kure's Picture Shtuff

    All Rights Belong To: http://len-yan.deviantart.com/
  8. Force Absorb is not a light side power, as it is practically the same as Force Deflection, except absorbing the energy instead of deflecting it. Unlike Force Energize, it doesn't really draw on the light side of the Force to convert most of the dangerous energy, merely just absorbing energy through the hand and dissipating it into the Force once no longer being channeled. Force Energize is capable of absorbing and redirecting the energy outwards with more power than the original source, through the light side effectively transforming the energy into a source of power. Though, as it makes mention in both the Force Powers, it can kill the user by absorbing too much energy. The skill grows with how often the practitioner uses it, essentially.
  9. From the album Kure's Picture Shtuff

  10. Sometimes change can be a good thing, and sometimes change can allow growth once more. Let's make the magic of roleplay happen once more ;) 


    More coming soon™

    1. Empress Kitty

      Empress Kitty

      to be cheerful, you must be smoking some good stuff there sir.

    2. Kure


      :thinking: Canadians are just more positive, clearly. Gosh darn old hag of Michigan. :thinking:

  11. As with every change there is a discussion on the Force Powers introduced, and the very rarely added Force Powers to the list are brought up. The staff only want canon powers and things that don't already have a place with other skills (Morichro can be included in the Force Temperance tree with actual usage of the abilities and development, and Lightsaber Throw can be used with disc-weaponry with enough training as well.) If there are any questions on changes, or what certain things can do (the descriptions are a lot more clear than previously), please do not be afraid to ask. Recommending 'self-created' powers will be ignored, and recommending repeatedly without looking at the other powers and thinking through if they could potentially do what you are recommending will be ignored. We're doing some changes around here and one of our steps to obtain this change is through is trying to involve the community more in certain matters, providing them platforms to provide feedback and to discuss.
  12. From the album Kure's Picture Shtuff

  13. From the album Kure's Picture Shtuff

    Biography picture.
  14. From the album Kure's Picture Shtuff

    Biography Picture