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  1. Name: Iman Zana Gender: Female Species: Rutian Twi’lek Rank: Jedi Padawan Date of Birth: 3649 BBY Appearance: Iman Zana is of a roughly average build for her people, at about six feet tall and weighing roughly one-hundred fifty pounds. Due to her being a Rutian Twi’lek, her skin is a dark blue color. She has a prominent nose and strong jawline, which conveys to some both ambition and motivation. While her eyes are typically calm, they are a cold steel grey color, and often her expression is one of someone that is generally lost in thought. She wears a traditional Twi’lek head ornament above the browline, and her lips have been tattooed permanently black, giving her a distinct look while remaining both understated and conservative. Around her neck is another traditional piece, a large gold and ivory collar that is representative of her Twi’lek heritage. Possessions: Iman, as a Jedi, carries with her a single lightsaber staff that she constructed during her time as a Jedi Initiate. It is a fairly austere weapon, possessing a green blade and little ornamentation save for the leather that she bound tightly around the grip. She is rarely if ever seen without it clipped to her belt. For clothing, Iman typically wears a pair of reddish-brown leather pants, and a jacket of the same color and material with a sleeveless undershirt worn beneath that is tucked into the pants. The legs of the pants are then tucked into a pair of durable black boots that are roughly knee height and look as if they were meant to be worn in more rough and rocky terrain like Ryloth. Her Jedi Robes are worn when the occasion calls for it. They are dark brown with a hood, and tie off at the waist. As well as her lightsaber, Iman carries another piece that connects her to her heritage, a small and simple Twi’lek dagger that is holstered in her left boot. There is nothing particularly special about the construction, the blade is straight and only about six inches long, and the hilt is carved wood with a pommel that carries perhaps the only ornamentation afforded to it, the symbol of the Jedi Order. The weapon was a gift given to her by a family of Twi’lek on Coruscant, whom she had helped track down and return their missing son. She never uses it to fight, and it is there more as a piece of utility equipment more than anything else, used to cut bindings, prepare food, and other really rather mundane activities. Personality: Iman, as a Jedi Padawan, has established herself as a firm believer in a pacifist philosophy. To that end, she feels the Jedi, as keepers of the peace, should not be relied upon as soldiers for the Republic, but as a defense against the incursion of the Sith and the Empire. Despite her love of peace and tranquility, she knows that the Sith do not share this philosophy, and so she has accepted that in order for the Jedi and the Republic to achieve peace they must be prepared to make war when they are called upon. In doing so, Iman has chosen to focus on non-lethal and low-lethality methods for dealing with threats to the lives of others and herself, and will only elect to kill if there is no other recourse in the moment. Much like others of her race, she is generous almost to a fault. When meeting people she has never met before she often spends time finding what she hopes to be a good gift for anyone that invites her into their home or offers their time to speak with her. She is a gracious host when she can be, preparing food and a warm space for guests in her small room in the Jedi Temple. Time spent with visitors and good company is time well spent, and she is not one to turn away a visitor when the opportunity arises. Another facet of her generosity is in the time she spends with the sick and injured that are brought to the Jedi Temple. While she is no healer herself, a friendly face and reassuring presence willing to give their time to assist the temple healers, in her mind, shows those who are being cared for, that the Jedi Order is a cohesive unit, with all hands working toward a better more peaceful galaxy. Iman herself is curious about what good she could do with the healing arts, though she will follow whatever path the Force has lain for her. In the end, all she wants to do is help bring light to a suffering galaxy, and represent the Jedi Order as best she possibly can wherever and however she is needed. Skills, Abilities and Talents: Iman is a woman that is quite average physically. She has lean muscle from the work she has done in practicing the Broken Gate martial art, as well as pursuing the standard physical fitness recommendations for an active Padawan learner. While she is not overly strong, she is not weak by any means, and can hold her own for a respectable amount of time before having to stop to rest. For her age, and her build, she is perfectly adequate, if not just a little bit more cardiologically healthy. It is for these reasons that conflicts, should they arise, should be dealt with quickly lest she physically tire herself out fighting defensively. Should a fight prove to last longer than she is comfortable with she will use what remains of her physical energy to flee from battle to recuperate and plan another method with which to solve issues requiring battle. In contrast to her average strength, she possesses quite good reflexes and speed. While she is no blur, and she is not capable of outpacing those who have dedicated their time to becoming the quickest she is no slouch. This developed in tandem with her study in Form III, as blaster deflection was a heavy focus of Soresu and the quicker one could react to the danger the more likely one would be to not only spare themselves the wound, but their compatriots as well. In a galaxy where the majority of its inhabitants are armed with some kind of blaster, it was a purely pragmatic choice, but one she had enjoyed so far as it has allowed her to continue studying the Jedi arts while also choosing a form of study that allows her to remain calm in the heat of battle. Iman’s greatest ally is her mind. Her connection to the Force is adequate, but where her strength lies is her ability to control herself in the face of adversity. Her faith in the guiding words of the Jedi Code has allowed her a good measure of resilience against fear, anger, and hate. She has a firm belief that the Light can and will help her overcome any obstacle, and that standing not just with the Light, but in the Light is the reason she has yet to feel any pull from the Dark Side of the Force. Biography: Iman was born in 3659 BBY on the planet Ryloth and raised by her Uncle Radat until the age of nine. His gambling addiction coupled with his abusive behavior prompted her to run away from him, leaving behind the only home she knew for the streets of Lessu. She was freed from his tyrannical treatment, but in the same instance had to accept that she was now homeless and had to scrape out a living for herself on a planet that sold many of their own kind into slavery. By the time she was ten she had learned how to eke out a life for herself, traveling through the alleyways and avoiding large crowds except for when she had to try and get food or money. Learning how to pick pockets and locks to steal from those more fortunate was not something she was proud of, but life found a way and she did what she had to do to feed herself and keep herself from ending up enslaved to be sent off to Hutt space. At age eleven, her life changed. In slinking between alleys and shadows, Iman had begun to follow a strange robed visitor to Ryloth. She had never seen a man like him before, but visitors always came with money. Unfortunately the moment she made her move to snatch something from his pocket, he turned around and looked right down at her. It was the first time in a large crowd someone had caught her, and it paralyzed her with fear. What surprised her was the smile on his face, and the offer he extended to her. Something about him put her at ease, made her feel at peace, so she accepted the meal she was given and the condition that she listen to what he had to tell her while she ate. He introduced himself as Raxos, a Jedi Knight that came to Ryloth to search for candidates for Jedi training. To him it was no accident that they crossed paths, and should she want to come with him to Coruscant she could be trained as a Jedi as well. She agreed, and later that day they departed for the Core Worlds. Iman had some trouble as a Jedi Initiate, and from the start showed that she still harbored some of her resentment and anger toward her Uncle subconsciously. She was competitive in learning Shii-Cho and Broken Gate, and often became more aggressive than she should have been. The pivot came when she had her arm broken by a sparring partner, not out of aggression on their part, but out of self-defense for the overt aggression she showed. Raxos visited her while she was in the care of the temple healers and spoke to her at length about the Jedi Code. What she had not learned, or refused to learn out of stubbornness was that on Coruscant, in the Jedi Temple, life was not like it had been on Ryloth. Living in the past was dangerous, and her anger and bitterness were a sure path to the Dark Side. The lesson, though short and to the point, shook her. Iman had been living in the past, and treated even her peers as if she had been in competition when she should have been there to better her fellow initiates just as she was bettered by them. Her success, was the success of the Jedi Order, and their success as well. It was selfish of her to behave in such a way, and it was there that she let go of her resentment, the past that bound her to Ryloth, and found renewed purpose to live in peace and harmony with those around her. With the teachings of the Jedi now resonating in her better than ever, her focus shifted from attempting to one-up her fellow initiates, to cooperating in training exercises, and learning from her mistakes rather than blaming them on others. Iman worked hard, staying physically fit and mentally sharp. She trained in Broken Gate, she learned her lessons in Shii-Cho and Soresu practice, and she even started grasping a better and more accurate control of the Force. She knows she has only just begun, but learning a hard lesson granted her the clarity to see her calling lay with the Jedi, and with making the galaxy a brighter and kinder place. Character Skills and Abilities: Melee Combat Martial Arts: Basic Broken Gate Lightsabers Novice Single Saber Novice Saber Staff Form I: Shii-Cho Form I - Novice Shii-Cho Form III: Soresu Form III - Novice Soresu: Stealth and Survival Novice Stealth Novice Survival Enhancement Force Power Force Jump Astral Force Power Force Sense Telepathy Psychokinesis Force Power Force Push Final Notes: Small personal request, that Iman has Intermediate Broken Gate, as a point of emphasis on the character and how her preference for ending a conflict is through non-lethal means first and foremost, and resorts to more drastic measures such as using a lightsaber if diplomacy and non-lethal means have failed.
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  3. Darth Tanit, Holle, Ma'rik Alesha, Master Karnok, Orianne Theriot, Lyra Ginn. Not particularly difficult I hope, but there are quite a few. Taken by: Kitty and Kad
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  10. Open RP

    With tensions ramping up in the galaxy between the Empire and the Republic, there are some questions that come into the periphery. One of those questions is how neutral planets are approached, and how they deal with a war between two great powers. It can't just be that they are left out of it entirely, not universally at least, so I had the idea that maybe there could be some neutral planet in the galaxy that has something both the Republic and the Empire want and/or need to help their respective positions in the war and galaxy. What the resource is, remains up to debate, as does the planet in question, but the idea is generally this: The Empire and Republic send diplomatic envoys to the planet in question in order to meet with the leaders on that world to discuss either entry into the Republic, or being extended into the protection of the Empire. As to be expected, missions such as this are both dangerous, and pose different issues. One of those is the potential for the Empire to attempt sabotage or assassination of the Republic diplomat sent to negotiate, and/or vice versa, while others are there defending their respective political charges. This is a loose idea so far, so I would love for people to throw their input and ideas into this as well to see if we can get the idea off the ground.
  11. Name: Orianne Theriot Biography: Right Here Primary Rank Badge: Soldier seems to be the most appropriate for an Ensign. Character Sheet: This is the Assault Specialist archetype with what I hope are the logical minor alterations for someone that would have gone through basic naval training, but also ended up trained in work related to being a junior gunnery officer. Power Strength 2 Conditioning 1 Endurance 1 Agility Quickness 3 Reflexes 1 Coordination 2 Willpower Resistance 1 Spirit 2 Skills Personal Blaster - Basic Proficiency Assault Blaster - Basic Proficiency Stabbing Weapons - Basic Proficiency Martial Arts: K'tara - Basic Proficiency Vehicular Combat - Basic Proficiency Vehicular Combat - Turrets Notes: The general idea and premise of the character is to be someone loyal to the Empire, and to the Sith. In the same function it is meant to be portrayed as someone who has to tackle how mentally taxing it is to be put in the position to kill people, and see people killed, both enemies and allies. It is to explore the realities of warfare and violence from the eyes of someone that considers themselves to be compassionate and understanding, yet must perform duties that call for her to do things that only military service would demand of her.
  12. Basic Information Name: Orianne Theriot Place of Birth: Theriot Estate, Vjun Date of Birth: Nelona 17th, 3655 BBY Species: Human Height: 5' 9"/175cm Weight: 158 lbs/71kg Character Biolography Orianne Theriot was a Human female from Vjun that was commissioned as an Ensign in the Imperial Navy in the year 3632 BBY. She was born the seventh child of the old aristocratic House of Theriot in 3655 BBY, and left the family estate to enlist in the Imperial Navy on Dromund Kaas in 3636 BBY. In abandoning the politically arranged marriage into the House of Dumont, she shamed the family and was removed from the order of inheritance of the Theriot Barony as a result. While in training on Dromund Kaas, she showed a moderate grasp of weaponry, completing her tests in the blaster pistol, the assault blaster, the combat knife, and K'tara, with scores that put her in the middle of her class. What separated her from the rest in the Naval Academy was her understanding and skill in the use of vehicular weapons, and the targeting and tracking systems of point-defense and laser turrets found on the large spacecraft in the Imperial Navy. For the potential she showed, she was selected for Officer training in 3636 BBY following the completion of her basic Naval training. In the Officer’s Academy her abilities with personal combat arms remained passable. Her abilities on large turret mounted weapons on capital ships excelled though, and in the training simulations, she showed a high level of accuracy and speed in arming, tracking, and keeping fire on targets. She showed an advanced understanding of logistics, and leadership, remaining calm and collected in high-stress situations. Despite this, her evaluations for her ability to improvise and deviate from plans was subpar, and her marksmanship remained at the same level as when she began. In 3632, she was commissioned as an Ensign and recommended for a field posting as a junior gunnery officer for any openings in the Imperial Navy. Life at Home Being a child in the Theriot House was a stable and normal lifestyle for her. She received full meals every day, and the best tutoring that the family could afford her from the top minds that her father Adrien could afford. Her education consisted, as a daughter of the house, primarily of social etiquette, but she was not content without learning the same things her elder brothers were taught. It was the first in a line of rebellious behaviors that created tension between her and her father, but with pressure from her mother Julienne, he relented and tasked the instructors to give her the fullest education they could manage. The tensions at home did not stop. From a family that valued their daughters as pawns to be played in the political marriages aristocratic families arranged, she had no desire to even allow her father to control her destiny. It was an arrangement that was ostensibly for life, and only for the benefit of her family and father's prestige, that she be married off to another aristocratic family. She questioned it, over and over again, and to no avail. Her mother could not make her father relent in this matter, and the arrangements were made for her to be married to Wilmot Dauterive, a man forty years her elder. The life of luxury was no longer worth it to her, and instead of going through with the wedding, she booked passage off of Vjun and for Hutt Space. Her father was outraged by the decision to shirk her familial responsibilities. He spent thousands of credits hiring trackers to find her and bring her home, or bring her a message. She would be cut out of any inheritance if she did not return to Vjun and seal the marraige with the Dauterive house immediately. In her desperation to sever her family ties, she booked passage away from Nar Shaddaa to Dromund Kaas and chose to secure herself against future intervention by enlisting in the Imperial Navy. If there was one organization in the galaxy that would not allow trackers to take her away, it had to be the Imperial Navy. Personality She is, almost to a fault, loyal to the Empire. What was made as a choice for personal security against being taken home by the trackers her father hired, quickly became the best decision she had ever made. In the Navy she could thrive as the strong-willed woman she was, where decisiveness and force-of-will were required for the best and brightest to succeed. Here, she found a home. In her comrades in the Navy she found family, these men and women serving the Empire did so for vastly different reasons, but she felt at one with herself and with the squad despite the harsh and difficult conditions required to forge the strongest naval power in the galaxy. The education in the Navy also helped to color her adult perceptions of the galaxy at-large. At home she knew discipline, but in a different way. Here, she discovered herself more and more. Her training locker was immaculate. Everything had a place, and a use, and nothing was kept that was not necessary for her to move forward with her training. Her uniforms were pressed and clean, and every button, badge, or insignia was ordred as neatly as she could personally manage. Nothing was out of place, and nothing went without a double-check. In contrast to her home in the Navy, and her strong-willed nature, she was very quiet and reserved. When speaking, she said what needed to be said, and very little more. There was no need for sugar-coating when cutting to the heart of the matter at hand was far more important in context to naval service than not. To her, it was a waste of time to use flowery speech, when lives were on the line. A member of the Imperial Navy was to keep themselves, and their squadmates alive, and the best way to do that was to speak both clearly, and concisely, so as to articulate and relay orders. It was this trait, that helped her achieve acceptance to the Officer's Training Academy. When not on duty, she is just as quiet and reserved. Her hobbies and passtimes do not reflect this though, as she took a great liking to gambling with her fellow squadmates. Her calm and expressionless face helped her develop a reputation among her peers as a dangerous card shark, but she did not see herself in such a way. It was, to her, teambuilding, more than anything. To spend time with, and learn about one's squadmates was to build trust with them. For her, being able to trust the person next to her in a fight, or in the duty stations adjacent to her, was the second most important aspect of being successful in the Imperial Navy, next to skill.
  13. Open RP

    Ad For: MelancholyFaction/Position: Sith Apprentice, EmpireInterested In: I am interested in a few things, the most of which is making connections among the population of the Empire. That being said, I would be quite happy to find a new master for this character if the potential is there at all. The tone of the thread is far more socially-oriented, and will be treated that way unless a fight is provoked.Other Notes: Any Imperial or Mandalorian is more than welcome to join in, as finding allies for Ianthe is always welcome. This thread is ideally a launching point for Ianthe to find herself some kind of purpose and direction in the Empire, so any amount of input is absolutely welcome.
  14. Mission

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