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  1. Finally recovering from my block only to be crazy busy IRL.  -.-

    1. Darthmama


      *forms a battle line with Kitty to beat back Life cause it's an asshole*

  2. Im still in too - in case ya didnt see my message in chat bout it.
  3. I'm made of glitter and sugar and cappuccino


    1. Kure


      You're also made of allowing me to only have 4 things remaining for everyone. So woo.

  4. All of us staff are unofficially signed out, so until I'm personally back from IRL chaos, all chronicling is postponed (minus one or two exceptions that the guys have been working on for weeks now).


    Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    1. Darthmama


      *hugs for you and all the staff*. Kick Life's butt!  You can do it! 

    2. Kure


      Except Kure, now.

  5. Irl is a biyotch

  6. Kitty Update: 

    - Been very ill since the 2nd

    - Seeing doctor on Wednesday

    - Attempting to kill writer's block

    - Making crap posts gradually

    - <3

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    2. Empress Kitty

      Empress Kitty


      Yeah, it is.  The flu plus a stomach illness hit the north bad last week.  Mine was the flu that has possibly mutated or something x_x.  Not sure how things are in the west of the US yet, but tis the season lol.

    3. Darthmama


      Hope you guys get well soon!

    4. Mindy


      @Empress Kitty

      I'm not sure either.


      Thanks. :) I'm getting better now. :)

  7. I have the flu, so I'm unofficially off duty.  Will return to active staff work in three to five days.

    1. Kure


      Welcome to my world :)

  8. Anyone else praying 2017 is better than 2016?  Let no more kickass celebrities / legends die please >_<

    1. Darthmama


      My plan for New Years includes a sledgehammer and breakable things labeled "2016".

  9. Open RP

    Denying this application as you haven't made the changes required like you promised despite having the time to do so. Reapply after changes have been made, if you are still interested. Thank you.
  10. Kawaii Desu ~ ♡

    1. Kure





    2. Alex Murphy

      Alex Murphy

      Hit me up in PM pls.

  11. Basically if you write quality work, you get rewarded for said roleplay - this is incentive to branch out and interact with others as well as focus on story and site plot, pushing everything forward in a logical manner.
  12. Thread: The Biggest Enemy Participants: Setsuna And Nikura Location: Dromund Kaas - Ministry Of War Chronicler: Empress Kitty Feedback: Though I personally would like to see Nikura have a mean streak, the fact she's not Sith and thus isn't limited to the strictness of corruption that Force Users in the Empire must follow shows that not all Imperials are "bad guys", they are just people following orders like any other out there trying to live their lives. As one who has been in threads and also chronicled threads involving Setie, seeing her from the beginning to now, I have to admit I'm enjoying her development. With Nikura and Setie having similar interests of knowledge, and the way they interacted in this thread, it seems Nikura may be Setie's weakness and strength in the future (someone that can stabalize Setie and perhaps help her bring out her strengths, yet if taken from Setie, cause her to collapse in rage and emotion). I am also curious if Setie will have a bit of a crazy streak with her mother still affecting her mindset. DP - Setsuna: Single Saber - Novice, Force Sight (Bonus Point) DP - Nikura: Personal Blaster - Maintenance (Bonus Point) SP - Setsuna: 1 SP - Nikura: 1 Final Notes: In response to your mention of lightsaber parts and such, Setie, you did fine. It's hard to find diagrams and fully understand anything more than the basics unless you're encyclopedias like Kure and Corey haha! Chronicle: Complete
  13. New site looks sexy on "Titan" theme <3

  14. Will gradually work on Chronicling and posts - sorry for making everyone wait so long </3