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  1. Plotters is now open.  

    Direct all questions you have to me please, NOT the other staff members.  And make sure to read the rules posted.  


    Thank you.

    1. Kure


      Otay boss lady.

  2. Introductory To The Forge

    Welcome, everyone, to the Forge! As you can probably guess, this is the location for creating custom items, allowing your imaginations to flourish. Here you can create weaponry, armor, and even vehicles whether for mass production or personal use. Like all systems, this one does have some limitations of which will be elaborated on below. Personal Items As tempting as having unique one-of-a-kind items are for our characters is, please understand that personal item submissions will be judged the harshest. It's not to be unfair, but rather because they must serve some sort of purpose other than completing your character image or for your own story. An example of a personal item that is acceptable would be Darth Sanguira's armor; it was made by a Mandalorian Armorsmith and signified the positive relationship between Sith and Mandalorians at that time. Yes, she needed armor like any character going into battle does, but it was able to be more than just average because of what it represented. Don't feel your item has to be that significant, unifying factions, but do think of its greater purpose than aesthetic appeal. Mass Production Items These items are more of what we would like to see, given they can benefit multiple characters versus a single character. The specs on these will be looked at closely to make sure the functions and appearances make sense for what the item is, and if it's something that can be customized a bit per character that owns it, then that's even more appealing and more reason that its submission should be accepted. Event Items Like always, active participation events tend to result in a reward. This reward will be a Forge Credit, allowing you to submit an item creation. Helpful Links Forge Rules - Read before starting your submission. High-Quality Materials - Keep this open in another tab so you know restricted tech/materials. LINK HERE - Thoroughly follow the templates for the item type you wish to make. Wookieepedia - Use this site to research the materials, item type, and so forth as you fill out the template.
  3. Plotter - Sanguira

    Plot Ideas: (Describe them in a paragraph sized summary)
  4. Plotter - Sanguira

    ❘❘ Character ⇢ Darth Sanguira❘❘ Rank ⇢ Kaar❘❘ Affiliation ⇢ Sith Remnant Allies ⇢ Darth Atrox Apprenticeships ⇢ Amari Sehrin ⇢ Bara Zaar Aquaintances ⇢ Valyrian ⇢ Darth Tanit ⇢ Darth Verrin ⇢ Sirakar ⇢ Ma'rik Alesha ⇢ Enemies ⇢ S C H E D U L E Kitty generally is available in the evenings to early mornings (think past midnight type morning). As her work varies, and her husband's schedule is changing, her availability alters rather frequently. For now, her focus is on staff work versus role play, and so she is currently not accepting new role play requests - if you see posts of hers, they are due to threads needing to be completed. In a week, a more specific timetable will be offered. Unavailable Days: 8/6/2017 - 8/16/2017 R O L E P L A Y S 𝙲𝚄𝚁𝚁𝙴𝙽𝚃 : ⊱ Worthiness ⊱ 𝙿𝙾𝚂𝚃𝙿𝙾𝙽𝙴𝙳 : ⊱
  5. Plotter Template

    Pʟᴏᴛᴛᴇʀs → Tᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ Below is the format of information needed per thread. The information is in a specific order, so please do not change that, though you may add color and such as you please. All information except for plot ideas are in the first post of your thread. Each new plot idea should be a new post. Thank you. Character: (Name - linked to profile thread)Rank: (Character's rank)Affiliation: (Character's faction) Allies: (List here) Apprenticeships: (List here) Aquaintances: (List here) Enemies: (List here) Schedule: Give a general time-frame (mornings, afternoons, evenings) of when you are available, and definitely post when you are not available for contacting, replying in roleplays, etc. Current Roleplays: (Thread name with a link and status - active, delayed, dead, even completed if you wish.) Plot ideas should be written in a proper paragraph of four or more sentences to summarise the idea. If you want to get specific and list roles of partners you need for it and so forth, you may do so.
  6. Plotter Rules

    Pʟᴏᴛᴛᴇʀs → Iɴғᴏʀᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴ A "plotter" is a thread that acts as an advertisement on your behalf, promoting members to interact with one another. It has basic information on your character as well as any ideas pertaining to said character that you come up with. The thread will also act as a tracker for your activity so that roleplay partners aren't left cluelessly abandoned. Pʟᴏᴛᴛᴇʀs → Rᴜʟᴇs · One thread per character. · These are not mandatory, but highly recommended. · You must completely fill out the form. ↳ If you do not fill out the form, a Staff will hide the thread until you make the needed changes. ↳ You may decorate it as you desire, as long as all information is there and in the order given. · You must link your character's profile thread. · You may have multiple plot ideas. ↳ Plots do not need a ton of detail in their summary, but enough to grab one's attention like a proper ad. ↳ While you are free to think up as many plots as you want, limit plot submissions to three a month. Spamming of plots will result in a warning and deletion of extra posts for the first time, removal of ability to use Plotters if this continues. · If you see a plot/character you are interested in, contact that person via Private Message.
  7. Attention:


    Do not post in Plotters section yet, please.  Or any other new areas for that matter.  They are still being worked on, and a status announcement (if not a normal announcement) will be released when the staff team is ready for everyone.


    As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.

    1. Kure


      Thank you, since people are still misconstruing what the section has been about forever, even before the old one was moved to the archives.

  8. Kitty Update:


    Kure and Danny are working hard to get the site reboot ready for the public.  <3 


    Official DA group will be up and running in a month or two.  


    Any other social media suggestions you may have, please let me know (while the guys run the site, I will be trying to take charge of advertising to bring in new members).

    1. Kure


      Reboot is a loose term, it's more of a.. fresh layer of paint. Taking what is good and molding it into something better, by taking apart the community in it's entirety from the past.

    2. Voska K. Skye

      Voska K. Skye

      YAY DA! I love DA pages :) writing and art just go together <3 

    3. Thuria Drinna

      Thuria Drinna

      Glad to see there are updates. :) I can't wait to see the site when its finished. :)

  9. Mistakes

    We are family, and shall forever support eachother through thick and thin. <3
  10. @Chen: since the site isnt getting closed, i will finish your character sheet reviews tomorrow.  

  11. Finally recovering from my block only to be crazy busy IRL.  -.-

  12. War Thread: Coruscant

    Im still in too - in case ya didnt see my message in chat bout it.
  13. I'm made of glitter and sugar and cappuccino


    1. Kure


      You're also made of allowing me to only have 4 things remaining for everyone. So woo.

  14. All of us staff are unofficially signed out, so until I'm personally back from IRL chaos, all chronicling is postponed (minus one or two exceptions that the guys have been working on for weeks now).


    Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    1. Kure


      Except Kure, now.