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  1. Reminder: The Knife Edge is open for reactionary posts/ getting involved in the story posts, if anyone wants to. :)

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    2. Kure


      As in PM us so we can answer your question, thought that was clear from the whole "PM one of us" thing.

    3. Thuria Drinna

      Thuria Drinna

      Oh, that makes sense. But I didn't know who you were directing your first post to. Sorry. I got confused there.

    4. Meracus


      I'll get somethin' posted soon with Tanit at the least. Had dental surgery :^)

  2. Subforums

    Please give your opinion on subforums. This is mostly for fun, but also interesting to see.
  3. Given how I ended that last post in Knife's Edge, any Sith or Jedi (or otherwise) are free to post in that thread their circumstances, or how they managed to survive/ how they destroyed Sith so far. I'm moving the storyline as quickly as possible, but anyone is free to post in there should they feel the urge. If you don't know where you might fit, send me a PM and I'll set you right.

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    2. Kure


      EVACUATE THE BIBLIOTHÈQUE! Make sure the Sith live, Lord of the Raisin :(

    3. Empress Kitty
    4. Darth Verrin

      Darth Verrin

      *salutes*  RIGHT!


      Now... where did I leave my evacuation map... friggin health & safety experts in this Empire...


      EH&S (Environmental Health & Safety) is a big deal in corporate America. There are signs for how to be safe on stairways, how to watch where you're going, and then there are measures to keep employees safe - harnesses, taped-off zones, etc... So I'm watching Star Wars ep 7, and they get to the confrontation between Solo and Ren... and all I'm thinking is, "EH&S didn't bother to put a single sign or safety railing on that friggin bridge?!  They are ALL FIRED!!!"


  4. Rank Advancement: Coventry

    I approve your ascension to Jedi Knight status. Traditionally the Jedi Padawan would at this point have their braid cut with a traditional ceremony but I am not sure whether he has such a braid. Congratulations.
  5. Storyline Advances

    Hello again, As we promised when we decided to continue on with this site, would be a number of changes which would drastically improve and change the way we, as a community operated and moved forward. Some of these changes are background things which aren't worth saying - minor changes in wording here, changes in job requirements there - but there are a number of things that we are working on, and we need your help on, if we are to continue calling this our Internet Home. This site, since its inception, has dealt with the SWTOR canon in one form or another. For a time we revered it from afar as a distant and rival Empire, then we conquered it, then we moved past it. We realised our mistake however - in trying to become the very thing we were trying to, we purposely alienated the story-lines that made that particular era and canon so popular. Alternate Universe is an entirely different kettle of fish - and when dealing with a storyline so diverse and competitive as the new stories being pushed out by the team behind The Old Republic, we can't compete even remotely. And yet we claimed to be better - somehow. Our site grew too quickly for itself, in a short span of time. Instead of 2-4 top level players, there were 10 NPC top levels, with thousands of NPC characters that were too powerful, too charismatic, too all-encompassing, which made confronting these NPC's, or even doing normal RP difficult, because one had to be careful of the implications of one sphere to another, etc etc. Suddenly, it was too complicated and intriquite to orchestrate ordinary RP. Even doing top-level scheming required the use and abuse of NPC's to make it work. When you have a system when there are more NPC's than PC's, you have a problem, and it needs to be resolved. These two problems have a common solution. We are going to push past the SWTOR era of RP. I don't mean skipping hundreds of years, or even dozens, but merely pushing past it and going forward into new territory, with a more common feel to it. SWTOR is a focus on the war between the Sith Empire and the Republic (with stuff about Vitaite thrown in for good measure), and is a focus in an era of intense and convoluted stories we can not begin to match or claim to be better than. You'll already see the thread "The Knives Edge" posted, where I am beginning the process - and already you might see what I am clambering towards. The Sith Empire will be destroyed - and the Galactic Republic will come away victorious - at least, that is how we know it will end, one way or another. In our continued storyline, we will try and move into a new era of roleplay, by having the Sith - destroyed by a sudden and brutal attack, formally disband their Empire. Desolated, hurting and smaller than ever, they clamber back into the shadows to gain their strength. With a hidden Academy on Dathomir, and using the planet of Ziost as a place of operation, the Sith will operate under the Republic radar, recruiting, and building their strength so that they might rise again. To rival this, we are pushing forward with original content. The Jedi Order, now experiencing a time of galactic peace, now finds itself in a cross-roads of faith after decades of conflict and war. Needing to find their roots, they withdraw from the Republic, establishing themselves as a Unified Jedi Order in the Holy City of Jedha. They become a self-governing neutral entity in the galaxy, operating for themselves in a style much like the Vatican City does now. With an Enclave on Dantooine, they begin the search for themselves, in a galaxy torn apart by the war - to rediscover the Force, and find peace. But, once they learn that the Sith still exist in hiding, somewhere in the galaxy, the Galactic Republic is no longer interested in hearing the Jedi's pleas, forcing them to act for themselves, chasing shadows to an enemy who remains hidden from them. This story promoted on the front page, will not be a traditional event - we won't be pushing every detail, or RPing every scene. We intend to skip to flash-points, pivitol moments in the story, and spare ourselves the unnecessary months of RP. Our leadership positions IC will be reduced to more realistic numbers, with PC characters only - much like we had in the past. We hope everyone can get behind these story advancements, and we look forward to working with all of you to create years of Star Wars RP. More will come on the other changes we are making - including, but not limited to the return of a formal Academy process, and a call for a recruitment drive, along with an openings for people to volunteer for tasks along the way. Thank you, and may the Force be with you all...
  6. You'll notice a few RP forums have disappeared - will explain more later, but all of your RP is still there - try in the subforum above where it used to be located. 

    1. Kure


      Another solution is the Find Content button on their profile.

  7. Rank Badges

    We are redeveloping the ranks currently - and I've deleted all the old badges, wasn't expecting a reply here. We will let you know when this is ready to go again.
  8. OOC Accounts

    I've merged all your accounts now - enjoy.
  9. OOC Accounts

    All your other accounts remain as they are, this is only a minor change, and doesn't affect how characters or accounts grow - but merely allows us to keep an accurate tally of members.
  10. OOC Accounts

    I'm honestly surprised, Verrin. I expected you to switch to Thrazagog.
  11. OOC Accounts

    We have ultimately decided, that OOC Accounts are for the most point, purposeless, so we are phasing out the Member Account in favour of a secondary "Writer" account which every member will have attached to a character. We need you to select a character account - and rather than the old OOC accounts sitting around stagnant, we will merge the current OOC account with an existing character, meaning all posts, PM's and reputation will be transfered to that character. It won't be a replication of the old "main character" system though - and except for having a Writer account which we can use to keep track of member numbers, all characters will progress normally - there are no advantages for admin or moderators. Admin's will keep their OOC account for now in order to be a visible and public colour that new or old members can quickly use to contact us directly. As you can see, we have changed many of the rank colours to be a little more vibrant, but also allow for visible and quick gauge of power level and succession: something we will elaborate on further down the road in our next site update. If you could post (preferably on your OOC plz) which character account you wish your OOC account to be merged with in this thread, we would be very appreciable.
  12. Mistakes

    Like I said in my status: I believe I have made a mistake in closing this place, acting out of self-interest rather than handling the legacy of this site with the dedication or respect that it so desperately requires. In the next few weeks, there will be a massive shake-up of ideas, direction and legacy, but I am going to do all I can to ensure that I don't make this same mistake again. I understand anyone who is unwilling to continue, based on the roller-coaster of the last two weeks. I understand if your faith in my leadership is called into question based on my decisions, and will not take any offence if there are harsh words that I likely deserve. I will "announce" more as it is figured out, and I can only hope that I can count on your support to keep it from falling into the abyss. Thank you all for your time.
  13. Its a hard thing to admit that you've made a mistake - and I believe closing this site is one of them. There is going to be a massive shake-up in the next few weeks - and I will disregard any "final threads" as non-canon unless anyone wants differently. I have a lot of thinking to do, but as far as I am concerned, this site will remain open and available, in some form and another.

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    2. Kure


      Nope, that system was done away with. The only reason it was done during the transfer was to tie up any loose ends that the old system still had in place.

  14. I'd say that I was coming back from my two week holiday - but I've been inactive and absent for much longer. Trying to recover my writing bug, considering some serious character retirement and fresh starts. Will keep trying.

  15. As chat reaches into its last two weeks, I'm opening up permissions for people to kick each other from the chat room, in a last hurrah. However chat is broken still, and impossible to read the bottom line, so the joy might be lessened.

    1. Kure


      Implying people still use old chat - Discord is so much better, pls.

    2. Empress Kitty