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  1. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this. It is an announcement I hoped that I would never have to write - one that I have avoided writing until I think, it was well overdue. It is with the greatest regret, that I must announce that the staff have come together for one last time, and decided unanimously that it is time to shut down this site. I'll save you the trouble of looking at the date - this is no April Fools, this is an unfortunate reality of the longevity of this site, and the bare remains that are left from a grand history. I have tried to recreate the vigor that I first experienced when I joined, to re-experience the wonder and excitement that we all witnessed when we signed up to this magnificent ride. The plots, the friends, the late-night chat's and the laughter over jokes too sick to recant here. I remember the chat room filled with people on a daily basis - the site exploding with activity, with posts bursting from the seams. We all have our amusing anecdotes about times gone by - a ridiculous story from a ridiculous time. And we all remember the heartbreak of the schism (first, or second, depending on your vintage), and the choices that we all made in those dark times. No single person is at fault. No Administrator, no member, no Emperor or recruit can be solely put to blame for the decline of this site - a site which has become increasingly irrelevant due to the increasing content from BioWare's The Old Republic, a game we were originally based on. As we skipped from "close-canon" to "alternate universe" we crossed boundaries, and we could never come back. We made choices about Character Sheets. Then we changed that choice. Then we changed it again. Then for fun, we changed the system again. Every change alienated another set of members, and drove away more. The faithful few remained, until we are where we are. We have a small, reliable base of members, but we can't maintain this. The staff are at the end our their tether, mentally and physically, and we don't know what we can do anymore to keep this site operational. We've made everything as straight forward and simple as we can, but it doesn't make the RP flow any easier. The systems we have created are a fault, but not the cause of our decline. There is a lot I could say. A lot I should. So much is swimming my mind, of reasons, excuses and people to blame. But in the end, it has come down to me, to switch off the lights on a legacy of roleplay. On a community that I have proudly been a member of since 2012. I am the bringer of darkness, the destroyer of worlds. In the end, even the humour doesn't help. I realize that this might seem a shock to some people. I realize that some may be mad, upset or hurt by this decision. By all means, this is not a decision I made easily, and it is not one I execute with any great degree of pleasure. I implore anyone who has doubts, questions or concerns, to message me privately. I'll be contacting some of you myself. I'm leaving the site open for two months - to wind everything down properly, and see the old girl off properly. Write your goodbyes, finish your stories, copy what you want to save, and read over old stories. I will be writing out, at the very least a summary of the story I saw for my characters , bringing to an end their story-lines properly, and with grace, to bring their stories to their conclusion, so no lingering "what ifs" remain. I don't want any unfinished business. Neither, I think, should any of you. I want to say at this juncture, that I have thoroughly enjoyed RPing with each and every one of you. Your support, your guidance, your stories have kept me going through some tough moments in my life - and I'm sorry in the end, to disappoint you all like this. I thank all staff, current and past, for your dedication to this site, and to every person who has fought to keep this site going despite our best efforts to grind it down with administrative hurdles. As I look on future endeavors, on new and exciting prospects, I hope to see you all in the wider web. A Veteran of Fates, before the End. Again, I thank each and every one of you, for your hard work. I regret it had to end like this. But I am glad to have ended it amicably, and without controversy. Thank you all.
  2. I'd say that I was coming back from my two week holiday - but I've been inactive and absent for much longer. Trying to recover my writing bug, considering some serious character retirement and fresh starts. Will keep trying.

  3. As chat reaches into its last two weeks, I'm opening up permissions for people to kick each other from the chat room, in a last hurrah. However chat is broken still, and impossible to read the bottom line, so the joy might be lessened.

    1. Kure


      Implying people still use old chat - Discord is so much better, pls.

    2. Empress Kitty
  4. I'll be sending out a group message sometime today - and a private one to Verrin to sort things out. Thanks guys.
  5. It's been a few months, I figured that other things might have gotten in the way since then. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Check in - is anyone still interested in this? I've been dragging my heels, but want to see who is still up for it before I finally make my PM.
  7. From the album Luci's Randoms

  8. Either the joke didn't get a reaction, people are busy, or the announcement has become so commonplace that it honestly would be normal for us. Either way, food for thought. April Fools everyone. Maybe the joke is on me? :P

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    2. Kure


      If you ever change us to Pravus Axiom or any form of Axiom again I will throat punch you, since Axiom, or "Collectively True Statement", is a dumb thing. I will never unknow the meaning and it has ruined the old name for me :(

    3. Mindy


      You really fooled me there.

    4. Je'ka


      I believed it. I also believe and wanted George Takei's announcement to run for Congress. I am gullible.

  9. I won't lie, posts aren't coming 'soon' but hopefully will try to get them out when I can. Sorry for delays. Got heaps of site stuff to organize at the moment, will settle soon though - this change is a fairly simple one, once its all written down. Just tedious atm.

    1. Darthmama


      *hugs* No worries, you get to them when you get to them. :)

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      So long as there is a warning, it is all good :P


      We are busting our butts for y'all, that's how much we care for y'all.



  10. The new Force Powers have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. :) Big thanks to Kure who put most of it together, along with the rest of the staff team (plus some) who have been working diligently since my screw-up.

    1. Kure


      We've learned from the best ;)


      And by best, I mean myself and by myself, I mean I'm firing you all, even you, my boss. Nah, I love y'all too much.

    2. Darthmama


      *squeals in glee*

  11. So, I had planned on doing this a little bit differently. I planned on saying a lot of things about a lot of things - but silly old me was doing some file deletion today and accidentally deleted the Social Point Store, and all of the Character Sheet information from the board. If you are in any doubt of how much I deleted, it includes the Force Powers, the Action and Expertise Skills, along with all of the Mission Information that our staff have spent so much time creating. So I've had to push the time-frame of this announcement along a little bit, because although we have managed through HTML sorcery and fortunate-Force Powers page being open in another browser of our invaluable staff, and a few copies of other things, we've pieced together enough information to hold it together. But. Our true announcement was something a little bit different. It had to do with the staff of this site being very busy almost all of the time lately, and that we aren't able to maintain the systems and chronicling that we've created. And its true - we have all grown older, gotten more responsibilities, and the days where we have hours and hours a day to sit on the computer doing site related things have dwindled into the abyss. So I approached the staff, and made a proposal which was, more or less accepted without hesitation. I was planning on weaning it out, but unfortunately my own stupidity has done that for me; we are abolishing the current system of Character Sheets, and creating one which is entirely much more flexible and easy to use, without the need for Discipline or Social Points, no requirement for chroincling or constant staff approval. A system much like we used to have, when staff would monitor from afar (they do already) and catch things as they happen. I call this Character Sheets 0.5. Its half way between the old days of everyone doing whatever they wanted, and almost the first system where you were allocated points for being a specific rank. Out of Character rank will never correspond to In Character rank however, so that much is never going to change. Neither is the rank-up systems, with Trials and what not - which are great for character progression and give clear definitive lines on how characters can progress in rank. The only thing that will change, is the availability of powers and items. The powers are now, thankfully restored, being colour coded. The Entry Level Acolytes and Apprentices will be able to select any power coloured purple to add to their sheet, Knights and Sith Masters will be able to select anything blue or white to add to their sheet, Jedi Masters will be able to select anything Green, Blue or White to their sheets, while Council will be able to add anything Orange or Below. Red is the new restricted colour, with these powers given out at Admin Discretion. Members will be asked to place their character sheets into a forum (which I will link later) so that they can be recorded for use, as we used to. These Sheets will be more of a reference point than a true indication - with members and characters expected to only take what their character would rightfully know, and not select every power in the list that they are able to select, just because they can. This will be somewhat self-policing, but staff will be on hand to make sure people don't simply claim to know everything all at once. Characters should still train to the best of their ability, and still follow powers on their natural path. All members will be expected to take only the powers they actually would learn and want, rather than taking every power known to man and being a God of the Force. This is known as God-Modding. Characters will be required to have a character sheet for reference, but they won't be scrutinized for point totals, or required for anything other than a reference of what the character is capable of in the grand scheme. It will be expected that characters don't add powerful abilities at the last second, for a thread, without reason other than convenience because this known as Meta-Gaming. The other reason we are asking members to add their sheet to the forum, is because any character who has earned or purchased a skill or power up until now, is allowed to keep those skills or powers regardless of whatever the colour coding shows. So we know what is Grandfathered, we will get members to add the sheets there, so we can see if it has been edited or added to fraudulently. No characters will be forced to give up any skill or power they have already obtained, and making new skills will be as simple as progressing to the next tier of power. We understand it is a little restrictive, but on the up-side, people should be able to see how much more freedom we have provided. No threads will be required for Chronicling anymore, with that word being forcibly removed from our vocab by my foolish mistake. I'll add more information soon - but I had planned on doing this a little bit later, so I've been forced to rush my announcement slightly. Apologies for any inconvenience you may have - hopefully this can help create a much simpler, and open forum for all to enjoy. Regards The Staff Team
  12. Daniel did mess up big time. Massively. Announcement incoming.

    1. Kure


      My heart.

    2. Darthmama


      *hugs* it's ok!  We still love you!

  13. As you are all aware, Invision has recently announced that they will be ending the IPB Chat service at the beginning of May. Although chat has declined in popularity in recent years, we will all be sad to lose an integral piece of the software which has become a makeshift home for many of our members, during different periods of time. The phase of being summoned to chat, the chat chronicles, are all a cornerstone of our past and are an important part of the history and fundamentals of this site. We have explored a variety of options to include a chat service on the site - following all the forums and suggestions available through Invision programming and the talent of its users and content creators. Unfortunately though, we have yet to find anything which meshes with the site in its current capacity. I have been reluctant to go offsite for our chat services, but unfortunately I have seen no other option. So, we came to a decision to ultimately go with DISCORD. Although you may or may not be familiar with its service, it offers an in-browser chat, or chat in an app on iPhone, Android and Desktop. It gives us the option of a voice channel (which I have declined for now) and multiple chat rooms. While I doubt it will ever replace chat, it is for now a replacement for the service we have. I will be setting up groups and ranks, so rank colour will transfer - unfortunately, it will only be one account per member, so you won't be able to sit in chat on an alternative character. DISCORD is easy to sign up for, with only an email address and password, and if you use the link on the header bar above, it'll take you directly to the chat rooms we currently have available. You can find that link here as well. The chat service is fairly basic, but we are adding a number of our (in)famous emoticons to the site to make it more or less reminiscent of our time here. It will never replace Chat, but it may serve as a functionary replacement for what we do have. Given chat's popularity has decreased, its continued use is entirely up to all of you. As for our old chat - it officially goes offline on May 1st. So I will be deactivating restrictions in the chat service starting the beginning of April - and I hope to send chat off with a bang in its last week, by having a final and great party in the app to give it the send off it deserves. I hope as many of you will join as possible before we say goodbye to the service forever. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you can see the opportunities presented here with these unfortunate changes.
  14. Good news: We now have MORE COLOURS available again in the text colour box.


    Bad news: The default colours have jumbled and changed. Good luck.

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      So can I raze people for changing their font color and text style in a thread still?

  15. * Looks at previous three status' *


    I guess that leaves me? :P

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      Don't be too harsh on yourself.

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      Pft. I'm screwed over for maybe a day, and I'll still help you out if I can. Me operating while tired is something that is basically 24/7, so ye. If anything majorly disastrous comes up, let me know and I'll set it on fire :)