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  1. That lovely College Experience...

    Verrin finally slipped into the room, being careful not to let the odd cat through, just in time to witness a man - presumably a Sith - trying vainly to pick up a sword. Either there was a trick to it, or the fellow was poking fun at the instructor, because he seemed unable or unwilling to lift it. Not having a weapon in his hand, might have saved his life. Then again... with Samhain, it might also kill him. Verrin deftly moved so that he wasn't in the way of the flying sword that Tanit threw to the side - not so much a dodge, as a sidestep. And then his former apprentice went into a berating monologue - something he knew had been in her as his apprentice, but that had grown since her time away from him. Verrin didn't use such tactics himself, but knew plenty of Sith who did. In a way, it was amusing, because she was much smaller in size than her pupil. But seen through the Force, he was a puppy beside her. People often misjudged books by their covers. Yet, as she pointed out in her tirade, the man HAD survived the Korriban Academy (assuming he had done just that). He wasn't useless. Or at least... he shouldn't be. Verrin spoke before the 'student' could respond, asking a question, "So... what's the story with the pet?" He was purposefully vague. He might have been asking the man about his odd cat, who resided for the moment outside the door. But he could also have been talking to Darth Tanit regarding the man before her.
  2. The Knife Edge

    Twice, after giving the order to the officer, Verrin turned to one of the Guardians who accompanied him. He knew who she was beneath her mask - his own apprentice, Vanessa - but he didn't call her by name. For that matter, he didn't call her at all. He wanted to. He felt so awful, so despondent, and so tired... all was lost... the Empire had been surprised, decimated, and overrun. Now, it was fragmented - how? How was an Empire so huge, so powerful, brought low by a group of Republic hacks and a handful of Jedi? The woe and doom he felt was oppressive. Part of him wanted to have Vanessa take him in her arms and hold him, and the other part wanted her to end him so he wouldn't have to see his beloved Empire die. But she didn't budge, didn't react to him, and he never voiced those desires aloud. But just then, he received a hailing message from a Corvette-class ship that had entered the space around Bastion. The message called on him directly, stating, "My Lord. Admiral Esk'oban here, aboard Octagon IV - they picked up some of our escape pods when the Spectre went down. We're receiving transmissions that we are not making a stand here at Bastion, is that correct?" Verrin's eyes lit up at the sound of his Admiral's voice. She had military experience that he lacked, and she'd been an excellent facilitator in helping him become integrated with the command of a capitol ship. Now, apparently, she was a survivor without a ship of her own, but she was still willing to serve. And if the crew of the Spectre, however small, was with her... then he had some assistance. If only... Another message came through. This time, it was through the Force. His former apprentice, Darth Tanit now, was reaching out to him. He felt her mind touch his, but she didn't relay any words. Instead, the 'message' that came across was a series of feelings. Raw emotions, carried on waves of Battle Meditation began to offset those employed by the Jedi. And Verrin's face lit up even more. "You old fool," he said to nobody in particular, other than himself. He felt the masks of a few Guardians turn his way, the owner's eyes upon him. "Of COURSE they would use that technique! *I* should have used that technique! They simply beat me to the punch! The element of surprise... THAT must be why I haven't thought to use the power myself!" Verrin turned his mind inward, now aware of the mental treachery, he actively resisted it. His delight was obvious upon his face as the veil of doomed thoughts lifted and were replaced with feelings of anger. And just as he felt better, so too did those around him. One of the more military minded officers even went so far as to address him directly, "My Lord... are we to regroup and take the fight to them?" Verrin shook his head briefly. "No. Stick to orders. We will be abandoning this station for the safety of the remaining people. Finish supplying the ships and prepping them for travel - load as many refugees as you can." He repeated the orders to Esk'oban, who invisibly saluted and moved to explain the situation to the Captain of the Octagon IV. Then Verrin turned, reached for a nearby railing, and looked upwards, as if seeing through the roof into space. "You fracking Jedi monsters... you wonder why we hate you so much... you wonder why we struggle to bring law and order to the galaxy... and once again, you strike us, in our homes, killing our people. You two-faced, self-righteous, ignorant, holier-than-thou..." The rest of the insults faded into the air. "We are not 'done' here." His own Battle Meditation carried his feelings to the Empire at large.
  3. The Knife Edge

    Verrin stayed sitting on that crate for a while, trying to mull over the situation, and hoping that news from other Kaars arriving would at least make the last day or two seem less terrible. He knew, in the back of his mind, that some of his negativity stemmed from lack of sleep - he didn't require much, but he did require some - so when his reverie was interrupted by a young officer of the Empire, he didn't bark back. Instead, he let his eyes roll up to focus on the man in uniform, even though his head remained tilted down. "Lord Verrin, the ships that made it here are refueling and supplying for a longer journey. But the Republic could arrive at any time. Darth Tanit said..." "Darth Tanit?" Verrin interrupted, "Where is she?" News of a fellow Kaar, and his ex-apprentice in particular, perked him up for the moment. She was part of the military arm of the Empire, and if she survived, then he wouldn't have to shoulder the responsibility of leading the refugees from Dromund Kaas. Unfortunately, the man replied, "Unclear, My Lord, but her last message suggested that Bastion was equipped to repel attackers - to a degree. It's a type of battle station, but bringing it online and manning the various positions is taking every body we can muster as they arrive. Until she makes her presence known here, we need a voice of authority." Verrin managed - just barely - not to groan. Thoughtful governing was his wheelhouse, not military command. If the troops here were counting on him, then they were truly on their last leg. Verrin wished Esk'oban had made it to Bastion. She'd know what to do. But Darth Atrox's last message to him contradicted this request, and the former 'Hand' of the Empire could not have been more clear: Verrin was to take any remaining survivors and leave Bastion behind, before the Republic arrived. He hadn't dictated a final destination - and perhaps there wasn't one - so that left a significant decision in Verrin's hands. If it had been any other Kaar, or another time and place, Verrin might have got some pleasure or satisfaction from being trusted with such a task. He and Atrox had historically not worked well together, and their philosophies on the Sith often conflicted. So just now, it seemed the request was more an act of desperation than admiration - a sign of how dangerous the situation at hand was. Atrox likely could have chosen any other Darth to perform this task.. if any of them were available. Verrin finally nodded at the man. "Your orders are to fully fuel and supply the ships for a long trip - fill them to capacity as much as possible. Bastion will not be the tombstone for this Empire. Our epitaph will not read, "They fought bravely, but futilely", or some blurb about how the Republic was right, and the Empire was wrong. Set defenses to whatever automated capacity they have, such that if the Republic does arrive, they will be sorry they did - both from being fired upon, and the fact that most of us will not be here. Understood?" The soldier seemed to. He smartly saluted and then ran off to set the wheels of this plan into motion. But Verrin's next thought was where he would take them all? Where could an Empire in disarray hide? The Outer Rim? Perhaps. But he wasn't sure they'd be moving millions of people. He suspected it'd be more like thousands. They didn't need an entire system. They merely needed a planet. Where, though? His first option wasn't the 'best' option, but it seemed reasonable enough: Dathomir. The entire jungle planet was so steeped in the Force that it often hid detection of Force-sensitives. He'd been there a few times, searching for the remnants of Vakar Sadarri's space yacht, but to no avail. The tribes would have issue with the sudden influx of the Empire, but Verrin wagered they could quickly erect significant defenses to hold off any attack the locals might muster - even with their rancor pets. And the planet wasn't so far out of the way, that they would be cut off from civilization of nearby systems. They just wouldn't be able to have the presence that they once did. It would be less of 'the Empire', and more an establishment of 'the Sith'. Verrin didn't rush to his decision though. More refugees kept arriving , and he wanted to take as many of them with him as he could.
  4. The Knife Edge

    "How did we get here?" Verrin asked the question, but nobody deigned to answer. It wasn't that it was such an odd or difficult question. But it was a strange fact, that given the number of people moving about - military people rushing from here to there, civilians fleeing, but not sure where to go - that nobody stopped to notice the Kaar sitting upon a shipping crate, looking for all the galaxy like he wasn't a Kaar, a Darth, or even a Sith. For that matter, for an 'Empire', there was a distinct lack of organization in the massive hangar bay on Bastion. But they could probably be forgiven that. Not forty-eight hours earlier, they had all been living their lives on Dromund Kaas. It was just another day in the Empire. Soldiers drilled, civilians worked, droids moved to and fro. Businesses operated, children played in the streets, and shady deals were made in back alleys. Verrin's day had been similarly average, starting by training his apprentice, Vanessa. They trained in combat together, and in a positive way, they trained one another in the saber staff. Verrin had experience and skill over his apprentice, but she made up for quite a lot with vigor and natural talent. She was learning the skills from him, but he was pushing his own by working her. It was a symbiotic relationship, noted by the fact that when she managed to knock him down once with a well-placed boot, she didn't finish the maneuver by driving the tip of her plasma blade through his neck. Oh, she held it on him for a moment, likely savoring the win (and possibly deciding if their relationship had ceased to benefit her), but something about the look on his face gave her pause. There was no hatred there - merely mild confusion. She had asked him what was wrong as she withdrew her weapon and cocked her pretty head, but he could only shake his own and reply, "Something is off... not right... in the Force. Can you feel it?" She admitted she couldn't, and they went on about their days. Later in the morning, Verrin was working with his other apprentice, Holle. She was working hard to master her telekinetic abilities - her desire to choke the living heck out of someone was almost like a fine mist in the air - a palpable thing one could taste or feel. But she too noticed a distraction on her otherwise focused master. She paused in her efforts to ask about it, and he replied to her as well, "Something is off... not right... in the Force. Can you feel it?" She couldn't sense it either, which left Verrin to wonder if he maybe had the flu, or some other virus. Maggie, as ever, was diligent about his health though, and affirmed that he was as hale and hearty as ever... for his age. From one of his apprentices, that last line might have been a dig, something to get under his skin. But from his loyal droid assistant, it was merely factual in nature, and made him sigh. He was getting older, and some day soon, he'd have to do something about it if he wanted to continue on. The question he'd been unable to answer though was exactly that: did he want to continue on? He had no family, and no living legacy. The Empire was his family, the Library his legacy, and one might argue that his apprentices were part of both, but when every day was a test to see if they would finally tun on him and kill him, he doubted they felt the same way about him. And then, all of a sudden, some time around noon, the attack came. Massive Republic vessels appeared in space above the planet in force, unannounced, and began an attack of unprecedented violence. Finally, that sense that 'something is off' clicked and made sense. This was what the Force had been trying to tell Verrin was coming, but he'd been too busy, too distracted, or too blind to heed its warning. The planet scrambled and began to fight back - the Empire's military was no slouch - but it wasn't consolidated, it wasn't prepared. Intelligence failed to arrive early enough, and Verrin suspected that either the Darth in charge of Intelligence would be executed for failure, or one of the sitting Kaars had sold them all out maliciously. Unfortunately, the intensity of the attack didn't leave a whole lot of time for speculation. It could only be reacted to. So the Empire did just that. Command ships from nearby places, like Korriban, arrived on the scene first. Between them and the normal planetary defenses, they managed to throw a speed bump into the otherwise overwhelming event. But it was a stop-gap. It was stuffing a towel under a door that smoke was flooding through. It was slamming a window closed in the face of a tornado. It was doomed to fail - but it did what it could to buy time. They needed that time to scatter, to pack what they could, and to evacuate. Fortunately, Verrin's long tenure as the head Librarian had taught him a few things. There were measures in place, protocols for emergencies. He'd used them when Nogatan was attacked, and developed them further when the Rakata invaded with their Madalorian troops. In seconds, the Library went into its own state of emergency, and with the press of a button, shutters slammed down over shelving, heavy lifter droids emerged from the lift to the basement, and the knowledge contained therein was transferred to a waiting cargo ship, named simply, 'Betty', the only ship of its kind in the galaxy. It was too old to be in regular use anymore, and its core drive was lethal to the pilot in prolonged flights. But it could carry the entire contents of the Library, and was historically ignored in evacuation as exactly what it was - a civilian vessel. It just needed some cover to get free of an attack. And that's where the Spectre came in. Verrin's capitol ship emerged with the Emperor's Leviathan, and stemmed the tide of battle for a brief time - brief enough to allow several civilian ships a chance at freedom. They broke free of the planet and shot out into space - for some, Bastion was their destination, for Betty - that destination was unknown. But escape they did, even as the Republic regained their footing, and the Leviathan was disabled. Dromund Kaas's gravity pulled the massive ship into orbit quickly, hungrily. And Levaithan fed her, and fed her well, smashing into the city proper and horrifying the remaining people of the Empire - as well as creatures far out into the jungle who wondered what shook the ground that they walked upon. The call from the military came through, loud and clear - the planet was lost, and all should leave, if able, and head to the man-made escape raft known as Bastion. Built by Emperor Cideon, the place had been designed to salvage the remains of his Empire should the attack from Nogatan to Dromund Kass fail some years back, but it hadn't failed, and so Bastion stayed adrift in space, like a forgotten bunker. Only now, it was no longer 'forgotten'. It was needed. And wasn't it nice to be needed? Verrin gathered what people he could onto his own personal fighter ship, piloted by Vessker's husband - a man simply known as Key. It shot out into space, and the expert pilot navigated the chaos, even bringing them through a field of debris that was created when the Spectre finally gave up its last effort. Verrin didn't have time to salute his Admiral Esk'oban, or mourn his people aboard that ship. They were gone. If he lived, then maybe... maybe in time, he would. The flight to Bastion was fast, but Verrin worried - there were too many vessels heading that way. There was no way the Republic wouldn't find the mystery satellite. Again, they were simply buying themselves time so that the remaining warships of the Empire could cripple the Republic enough that they might survive. Not win... survive. "How did we get here," indeed.
  5. That lovely College Experience...

    Darth Verrin passed Maggie while on his way to the training room that Darth Tanit was utilizing. Maggie's somewhat expressive face was unusually (for her) passive. It made Verrin pause to ask her, "Problem?" She reacted similarly non-emotionally. "My emotional replicators are failing to process an appropriate response to a situation, My Lord. I'm off to run a diagnostics check to determine if they are at fault." Verrin looked at her more quizzically now. To date, she had never had this problem. It made him wonder if he should check her warranty. But Maggie didn't explain further, and simply click-clacked her way towards his office where she would presumably run said diagnostic. Verrin turned back in his original direction, and proceeded through the Library until he came to the door of the training room, whereupon he stopped in his tracks and stared - now aware of Maggie's distress. There was a large cat sitting at the door, and looking anxious... for a cat. Verrin had two experiences with cats over the years. One apprentice, Muriel Y'ar, had gifted him a housecat at one point. He'd cared for it for a time, but after Muriel passed away in the Maw, he'd donated it to a more interested party. His other experience had come when his master had thrown him into a pit with a trio of Edan tigers, and suggested he 'sink or swim'. Either way, he didn't recall ever seeing an animal in the Library, aside from a rancor... once upon a time. Just then, the cat jerked as if it had been struck, and Verrin quirked his head in curiosity. He reached out with his Force senses to determine if there was anything amiss - other than the presence of a cat. Perhaps there were spirits here, or some illusion at play. Maybe one of the new Acolytes was amused by creating such a thing - a way to disturb the Library without actually causing destruction?
  6. Blackbird

    Holle apparently attempted what he asked, but the strain was too much for her. Verrin replied, "So you want me to lock you in a training room again..." But he didn't maintain a serious face as he said it, and he had no intention of doing that. He did realize, however, that Holle was unlike some other apprentices he'd had. They were more dogged in their pursuit of power. They would have attempted to force a vision until they suffered a migraine, or passed out from the strain. Holle, on the other hand, was more pragmatic and seemed to sense when she wasn't having success in what she was attempting. This was both good, in that she knew her limits, but also bad, in that she didn't push herself. On that good side, it would keep her from weakening herself in training only to fall to a peer because she was too exhausted or disabled to defend herself. But on that bad side too, if she didn't push beyond her perceived limitations, then she couldn't make the important breakthroughs that would propel her to the next level. 'Playing it safe' wasn't usually a part of training among Sith. And there was a balance somewhere, but Verrin wasn't inclined to find it at this exact moment. Verrin waved off any look of concern from his apprentice. "Relax. To answer your questions, the short answer is 'yes'. Through the Force, a heightened sensitivity can offer ways to be where you are not wanted, or pursue those who are wanted. The connection between master and apprentice, for example, makes sensing one another much easier. If I died off-planet, you would probably sense it. And similarly, if I have to hunt you down for something, there is little you can do to keep yourself from me. I think it's part of the reason that some Sith stay in the Empire beyond their intentions. Though rare, a few Sith find the Jedi teachings more compatible to their own beliefs, and attempt to leave our order for theirs. Even fewer survive long enough to make it to the intended enclave. Once a level of power is attained to become a Darth, it's even harder to hide form others. Take Darth Atrox, for example. If he woke tomorrow and decided to flee the Empire, his Force signature is so strong that he would be hard-pressed to keep himself hidden. He might mask that signature for a time, but eventually - if he ever slipped - his location might come across as a beacon to others... especially his own former apprentices who would be most connected to him. " Verrin shrugged then and looked back towards Maggie, who shook her head. "It appears that I do have an appointment to keep. So go on with your day... your training, or whatever you need to pursue. When we speak next, I'll test you further. We'll see if you're ready to assume a higher position of power within the Sphere... " He trailed off for a second, seeming to look past Holle, but not focused on anything in particular. "A change is coming soon..." he said, somewhat cryptically. "We should be ready for whatever comes our way."
  7. Blackbird

    Verrin responded to his apprentice's efforts without the same disappointment she had in herself. "Good... good. Stay with it. Sometimes, the Force grants visions quickly. Sometimes, it takes a while. Sometimes, the future is so muddled that it cannot show you anything. The experienced Seers are adept at nudging the Force into a vision much more quickly, but then they've had the experience with it that you do not. And sadly, that same nudge can often create a vision where there otherwise wouldn't be one... it's kind of like torture that way. You push someone for answers, and they give them up - but can they be trusted to be truth, or only 'what you want to hear'?" He focused on the positive. "That sight you're experiencing is the same that the Miraluka master. It utilizes the Force to bypass the eyes. And It's a good thing to connect to, and something you should practice when you can, so that it will come more easily to you. Similarly, the Force can be used to bypass other senses - the ears, or the tongue, for example. Telepathy... the ability to hear things when you're not even in the same room... there is very little that the Force cannot accomplish int he hands of one who masters it." He then addressed the negative - or more accurately, her disappointed tone. "I don't want to encourage you to be elated with your progress, but neither do I want to detract from your successes. A few minutes ago, you couldn't even see through the Force the way you are now. While it might not seem like a huge step forward, it is nonetheless, a step forward. Well done. Stay in the vision a while longer though. Get a good grip on it so that you can enter this 'zone' again more quickly. While you do that, think ahead to what you will do next... if you're going to the training room to work on your Force Telekinesis, try to see how that practice will turn out. Maybe the Force will show you something after all."
  8. Blackbird

    Verrin studied his apprentice as she spoke, absorbing her words, and trying to determine if her analogy was accurate, or simply 'worked for her'. There was some of each, in the end, with none of it really mattering much except that she was starting to grasp what Ancient Knowledge was all about. Knowledge was, in itself, neither Dark Side, nor Light - it was neither evil, nor benevolent. It simply was - as much as a blaster was simply a tool until someone used it for a purpose. So, too, was his apprentice - a scrap of knowledge, a tool for him to use as he saw fit. But should he fire off the entire clip of his blaster, or wait for precise moments to take shots? He almost laughed aloud at the thought. His former apprentice, Chen... Tanit... whatever she chose to be called at any given time... had started out almost literally as his own blaster-anaolgy described. She had taken a shot, on his behalf, at a precise moment. And the ripples from that decision had carried through time to the present. Now, she sat upon the Dark Council with him. Were they allies? Perhaps - to a degree, at least. Were they friends? As much as any two Sith could be, he supposed. Were they lovers? They had been, at one time. But ultimately, she had been a tool that he'd fired at the precise time - such an effective tool, that his use of her had put him on the Dark Council. But... such a tool - was he to her - that she also used him to obtain her seat upon the Council. Ahhh... karma. Ahhh... the Force. Holle almost ended with one of the more intelligent things he'd heard an apprentice say in some time. " I have the desire for power, but I must learn to better expedite my focus so that I can wield the same kind of power. " He agreed, "Too true. I think you're right - that our glassware need not suffer for practice purposes. Use the training room as you need to - and run simulation..." He tried to recall the exact one that would create glass-like objects to practice on. Maggie offered helpfully, "A17264-13B, My Lord." "Just so," he concurred. "But before you go practice, Apprentice," he added without acknowledging her invitation to join her, "I want you to enter a meditative state - right here and now. You told me you wished to be more aware in the Force... to sense intentions in those around you... to see the future as it might occur. Enter the state... focus inwards... touch the Force... and then, when you do, try to see what the immediate future holds for you. It should seem like a waking dream - partially because it's a 'possible' future. But try to sense whether your decision is the right one for you... try to have... a vision." He had doubts that she would pull off something so prophetic on her first attempt, but in his experience with Seers in the Force, most didn't develop their talent - it was thrust upon them by the Dark Side. IF they were to have visions at all.
  9. OOC Accounts

    well, ummm... I love you guys, but this one is obvious to me Merge this with the venerable Darth Verrin, please.
  10. Blackbird

    "... that much we both know. " "... as you very well know. " Those words, with a certain prideful tone, had Verrin cracking an eye open to regard his apprentice. She had a keen knack for stating the obvious, for telling him 'what he knew'. He thought to himself that, "She has no idea what I do and do not know..." But he kept the thought to himself, and instead considered her next words, referencing the Ancient Sith, ritual practices, and modern means. "Well... it's rather like learning language, or an evolutionary change. A need arises, and races adapt to meet those needs. Primitive cultures developed basic communication with one another as a means to increase their chances of survival - a way of relaying important information to one another to improve hunts, claim better mates, or warn of poisonous fruit. Simple writing went with it, allowing the primitives to communicate with more details than their grunts and shouts could permit. Communication developed into a more elaborate system as simple survival evolved, and full-blown language came about - both spoken and written, allowing the transfer of more complex ideas. While modern technology is founded in 0's and 1's, the refined compilation of it allows for light-speed travel, plasma weaponry, and blaster weapons. Such is the relationship of the spoken words to more complex communications - scrolls, books, holocrons... And, so too, did the connection tot he Force develop from simple rituals - grunts and pointing - to more complex ones like levitation and telekinesis. And they developed in a 'wave of the hand' causing a 'crushing force', as technological communication moved on to light-speed travel. And that is why the 'power' is still there in the ancient rituals. It is the fundamental connection to the Force, in the simplest of ways. You learned of your connection to the Force somehow - you made your first grunts and cries, like a newborn baby. You learned to telekinetically move your lightsaber, and push a pillar, as an adolescent learns language skills. You will develop stronger skills, like crushing Force, just as a young adult learns control over at least one language, if not more. And you will master more difficult techniques, even as college-level students and professors write their theses and dissertations. It merely takes time, practice, and skill. We are not droids - we cannot download a language to our brains... yet. Nor can we just have power handed to us, and assume we understand it. We... learn. We cast off the chains of ignorance... and gain in power. Do you understand, Apprentice?" He thought she did, or at least, was starting to. "You might spend some time studying the amazonian tribes of Dathomir. Their shaman have figured out how to connect to the Force at a very basic level, and they have developed rituals, even as the early Sith did. They have some kind of telepathic empathy with the local rancor population, all fueled by the Force. It's an interesting topic, as it shows where the Sith came from, in a sense, during their earliest years... back before the Dark Jedi merged with them."
  11. That lovely College Experience...

    Maggie was about to reply to Varsin when the cat growled. Maggie knew why, of course. As an artificial intelligence, she wasn't limited to the space immediately around her for information. She'd been aware of the arrival of Darth Tanit as soon as the woman crossed the Library's threshold. Maggie turned promptly upon Tanit's arrival, and bowed to the Darth, greeting her by title. "Darth Tanit, welcome." It was simple, and to the point, and any reply Maggie was going to make was immediately eclipsed by the warlord's presence. Even as she began to answer Varsin's request for materials on Sith blades, Tanit spoke up, requesting a training room. Given her rank, Maggie immediately prioritized the Darth's desires. "Of course, Darth Tanit. Right this way," she offered, while simultaneously sending a message to the master of the Library. Verrin was in his office, as usual, and playing audience to yet another aspiring Sith Lord. The Lord's name was dismissed, and their concerns even more so, which left him debating the benefits and disadvantages to moving his office outside the Library's confines. The problem with doing that, was that when he was in the Library, where he wanted to be, office-related matters tended to follow him anyway. So there wouldn't be any respite from these meetings. The message from Maggie regarding Darth Tanit was largely unnecessary though. Verrin sensed her through the Force before she even stepped one of her skull-crushing boots onto the marble tiles. She had been his apprentice, after all, and was now a powerful Force user in her own right. A darkness tended to precede her wherever she went, even as it did with him. One could make an argument that if he spent much more time in the Library, that it would wind up having his Force signature attached to it like a scent. But he had to wrap the meeting with this Lordling in front of him before he could visit with his peer. It took a couple of minutes to do it nicely - and to recall why the Lord was there in the first place - but then Verrin stood and headed out into the Library to meet his guests. Maggie had reported that she'd escorted them to one of the training rooms, just off the main Library floor, and so Verrin made his way in that direction.
  12. Blackbird

    Verrin listened while Holle spoke, and enjoyed the massaging ministrations of Maggie. One benefit to having the droid around, was that in this instance, her fingers never got tired, and he sensors could detect fairly subtle biorhythms in his neurological system, such that she could more effectively pick her pressure points and obtain optimal results. She didn't possess the 'loving touch' of a person, but in this way, she more than made up for that. His apprentice rationalized a more realistic approach to her training that he'd heard up until now, and he almost smiled because of it. It sounded like she was starting to see how true power was seldom bestowed in a grand, sweeping gesture, like a wish from a lamp-ridden genie, It was built from a foundation, brick by brick, with mortar, and painstaking work... with blood, sweat, and tears. But when it was finished, it was strong. It simply took time - and the young were always struggling to see the long game of life. He replied to her without opening his eyes, though he sensed her levitation of her wine glass through the Force. " Very reasonable... and attainable, my Apprentice. The foundation is in understanding the nature of Telekinesis. Telekinetic talent comes from the Force itself - not from any Dark Side or Light Side. It is simply a manipulation of power - an ability to tap into the midiclorians that flow through all things, and nudging them to do what we will. BUT... when one applies the Dark Side to that otherwise neutral power... when one not only imposes their will over the Force, but does so with strong emotion and anger... then one can boost that power to something it otherwise might not do. Through the Force, you moved your wine glass to the cart. Through the Force, I've seen you manipulate your lightsaber. Through the Force, you moved that pillar... though I suspect some of the Dark Side was involved initially. But should you tap into that anger, AND maintain strong focus of your will... then you can cause that telekinesis to become more... destructive." Verrin focused his own will, still without opening his eyes or twitching in any other way, and the Force constricted around Holle's wine glass where it rested on the cart. It tightened about the glass like a fist, squeezing tighter and tighter with each passing second. A 'tink' was heard, as the glass started to crack under the strain, and a a spiderweb of cracks appeared in the second or two after. And then, in an implosion of broken glass, the vessel shattered, all without sending a single shard out into the room. It collapsed in upon itself as little, broken bits, and then the power faded. "Just the same telekinesis you apply every day, focused to push from all sides at once, and then bolstered with the Dark Side. That is the essence of the crushing power of the Force. Do you understand?"
  13. Mistakes

    "Hello, Darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains..." I'll open the doors to the Library once more, then. Welcome back, Emperor.
  14. Blackbird

    Verrin had never been a big fan of torture. The reason was likely due to his experience at the receiving end of the activity, and since then, he'd been through so much without ever really resorting to it himself, that it never was his go-to for information. He wasn't blind to it - he knew it existed, and that people like Ianthe were particularly skilled at it, but even as his apprentice stated in her reports - things said under the torturer's knife were often unreliable. He knew that he had said everything and anything to make it stop when it was happening to him, and he was sure some of it was made up, while the rest amounted to too much information. But the torturer - Dabon - was more interested in how Verrin remained alive through the experience than he was about the information he was extracting. He kept up the efforts long after Verrin had exhausted every scrap of useful information. He corrected his inquisitive student on her plan to 'twist the screws' though, "His long term goal? It should be the same as yours, I would think: power. At this point, I'm more interested in what he's willing to do to achieve it." Verrin slumped back in his chair, and propped his boots up on the tiniest portion of cleared space on the corner of his desk. He held on hand to his forehead, thumb to one temple, and pinky finger to the other, and closed his eyes. He had a slight headache from Haversham's monologue, and he sighed. Maggie dutifully obtained a small cloth and some ice from the beverage cart, and brought it around the desk to her master, applying it to his forehead. Without opening eyes, Verrin clasped the cooling cloth to his head, and muttered a quiet 'thank you' to his droid. Maggie smiled affectionately, her emotional replicators working to empathize or sympathize her master's emotions while her programming accepted his gratitude by activating her own pleasure centers. She was always learning - a constant struggle - to both understand and simulate the feeling of sentient emotions. She then pressed her android fingers into Verrin's shoulders and neck, and began to massage the muscles there. For his part, Verrin listened to the remainder of Holle's noble (perhaps too noble?) thoughts. He had to agree that whether she was putting herself in danger, or danger was steering towards her, that she was moving up in the Sith pecking order. She did need to prepare for possible... trouble. She was pushing herself lately though. As far as he could tell, she only just figured out how to telekinetically move a pillar, hide herself from sight, and even the nuance of Battle Meditation. He didn't think she was ready for more - not yet. While she had used the Force to push her slave at the starport, and the telekinesis to pull Gelos' lightsaber from him, she had certainly not mastered the powers he'd just taught her. He wasn't sure she had the control, the focus, or the attention span to learn something more destructive. But did she have the talent? Talent could make up for quite a bit of missing training. He spoke quietly, "More lethal? A paper clip can be more lethal. A datapad can be lethal. Did you have something special in mind?"
  15. Blackbird

    Verrin's eyes narrowed slightly at his apprentice's next words. She was toeing the line of rank - a Sith Lord versus a Darth's Apprentice - and depending on how much of a show Haversham wanted to give, he would either swallow his pride and bear her words, or lash out. Verrin supposed it all depended on whether he wanted to test Verrin's loyalty to his people, or instruct them on the pecking order of the Empire. The order to 'do as instructed' visibly ruffled Havershams' feathers, but he didn't lash out... not yet. However, before he could respond that, Holle practically grabbed her breasts and squeezed them in the man's face, as if to say, "you can't touch this, Lord Haversham". To be fair, she didn't actually do that in a literal sense, but her gesture did have both Verrin and Haversham widening their eyes at the af-front. She didn't stop there either, barrelling on regarding the matter of Haversham's master, and his interest in Alchemy. And the only thing that kept Haversham in his seat was her oblique shift to discuss the man's apprentice. Haversham sputtered like a flooded engine, but finally spat out, "Brugh, hugh, hahm, hah - what... what is the meaning of this, Lord Verrin?! Your Apprentice oversteps her bounds! Will you not muzzle her, or should I?" But Verrin had lapsed back into a tolerating kind of disinterest in the man's plight. "Oh please, Lord Haversham... if I got my feathers ruffled every time a young woman insulted me, I would have lost my plumage long ago." But he didn't completely ignore his apprentice's mis-step, "As for you, Apprentice... watch your tone around a Sith Lord unless you intend to back it up if necessary." The verbal reprimand seemed to soothe Haversham's ego a bit, though not entirely. He likely wanted Verrin to physically lash out at the transgressor. In his mind, the lashing included bits of clothing coming off... and the Zeltron rolling about on the floor... maybe in a small coating of some kind of oil... and perhaps another apprentice... Verrin had two, after all, didn't he? But Verrin's direct attention brought Haversham out of his fantasy. "The condition stands, Lord Haversham. While the holocrons of this Library are more available to the Empire than ever before, our Emperor has given me instruction to filter that access as necessary. I am not denying your request outright, but attaching conditions. If you cannot meet the simple ones I've set before you, then sadly, you will not be able to meet the conditions that the Dark Side will put upon you in order to learn Alchemy. If there is nothing else, then this meeting is concluded." Verrin stood up as a more physical punctuation to his sentence. Haversham rose as the Kaar did, whether out of intention to actually leave or out of respect - Verrin figured it was the former - and bowed slightly. The only words he spoke further were, "My Lord." And at that point, he turned about and left the office. Once the door closed behind him, Verrin cautioned his apprentice, "Be wary. Right now, his ire and frustration are directed at me because I'm not granting him easy access to what he wants. If he turns that ire on you... he may be a misogynist, or more likely a sleaze, but he isn't where he is today because he was unable to best his fellow acolytes at the Academy. Haversham is an idiot in many ways, but he's not stupid. Be prepared to suffer if you pull his eye onto you. Now... this Gelos, and your slave are... dead?"