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  1. dislike... strong dislike.
  2. Thread Name: That lovely College Experience Theme: Social Faction: Anyone that would be lurking in the library. Location: Library of Ancient Knowledge Synopsis: Cyrex is trying to use his time recovering to research Sith Warblades properly. Unfortunately he's not very good with the whole researching thing...he's more into stability death and war. Looking For: Thought this would be a good way for Cyrex to meet more people since he's pretty lean on folks he's met.
  3. i swear I'm not dead!  Just flailing from lots of insanity.  Sweet god I wanna know who's paying me for acting in this soap opera! 

  4. *inches along slowly but surely on things*  

  5. Posts and shenanigans this weekend provided life freaking behaves! *grumbles*

  6. Thank you whoever fixed the pic on Cyrex because I realized it was jacked up as I went to bed.  Yay I can work on other things than trying to fix it!

  7. Posts and shenanigans soon!  Hoping before the week is out.

    1. Kure


      Take your time with my stuff - I caused you to wait too long, so it's all good :P

    2. Darthmama


      But that's the fun part of things!  Besides, I think it's all you anyways between character fixing and posts. :P

  8. I'm still up for things! Just need to get Telera redone first so might be slow to join.
  9. *bounces through all tied up and with a duct taped mouth as children chase her laughing*


    *youngest leaves a note saying "Mama hates spring break!"*

  10. Setsuna Andal, Cyrex Varsin, and Telera Montrose I promise it'll be easy at least? ...I think? O_o\ Taken by: Kure because I'm doing this in 'easiest' to 'hardest'.
  11. Aww no bar brawl. 

    I blame the site revamp! :P 

  12. I will finish these posts dang it! 

  13. Have a hug!  Why? Cause you deserve it! :) 

  14. Dear Life,

    Would you stop already!?  

    Bad enough you give my youngest a high fever but then you had to do it on his birthday after I spent the last two weeks trying to put this together?!  Gah you're a jerk!

  15. Posts tonight! ...I think...

    1. Darthmama


      Nope, will be tomorrow because tired Mama is tired. :sofa: