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  1. Posts and shenanigans soon!  Hoping before the week is out.

    1. Kure


      Take your time with my stuff - I caused you to wait too long, so it's all good :P

    2. Darthmama


      But that's the fun part of things!  Besides, I think it's all you anyways between character fixing and posts. :P

  2. I'm still up for things! Just need to get Telera redone first so might be slow to join.
  3. *bounces through all tied up and with a duct taped mouth as children chase her laughing*


    *youngest leaves a note saying "Mama hates spring break!"*

  4. Setsuna Andal, Cyrex Varsin, and Telera Montrose I promise it'll be easy at least? ...I think? O_o\ Taken by: Kure because I'm doing this in 'easiest' to 'hardest'.
  5. Aww no bar brawl. 

    I blame the site revamp! :P 

  6. I will finish these posts dang it! 

  7. Have a hug!  Why? Cause you deserve it! :) 

  8. Dear Life,

    Would you stop already!?  

    Bad enough you give my youngest a high fever but then you had to do it on his birthday after I spent the last two weeks trying to put this together?!  Gah you're a jerk!

  9. Posts tonight! ...I think...

    1. Darthmama


      Nope, will be tomorrow because tired Mama is tired. :sofa:

  10. Cursed sinuses are kicking my butt.  Sorry so slow folks!

  11. Posts sometime today or tomorrow.

  12. Depression again.  Sorry if I seem to drop off the radar.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kad


      -hugs and offers blankets and tea- take your time, we all understand the need to take care of your mental health first :) and are all here for you as well :)

    3. Corey


      Do what you need to do, as has been said, you've gotta take care of yourself first. Here for you :)

    4. Darthmama


      *hugs all* thanks guys.

  13. Hmm...I require more posts... *ponders*

    1. Kad


      There's always the social thread with Kehra ;) I can always do a second post in there if people be needing more openings xD

    2. Darthmama


      True, I forgot that one.

  14. When your character says things that just make you... :wail:

  15. Well...frack, think I'm out of posts. O_o