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  1. Setie wished she could have read the Kaar’s mind. While he certainly wasn’t trying to hide his expression she couldn’t tell if he was pleased or not from her answers. It made her nervous and hope dearly that the little smile he wore for a second wasn’t one meaning he was about to use her blood to paint something. Just the thought made her pull back into herself more...which only made Atrox laugh? "Understanding the enemy is half the battle, Andal. You've revealed that behind your rather pathetic demeanor, there is something stirring, something powerful - yet you have yet to fully grasp it and cling to it." She couldn’t help but sigh at the first comment, frustration once again filling her. Everyone seemed to think Setie had power yet she didn’t see it. She supposed that was what the Kaar meant by she had yet to grasp and cling to it. Frankly she thought it would have been more helpful if someone would just fracking give her an instruction manual on this because she was getting tired of hearing she was powerful and not seeing it anywhere. She could not however help but cringe as Atrox told her not to refer to Cideon as Emperor. How was she suppose to know Cideon had been his master? She had not exactly been around when Cideon had ruled after all, she had been hiding on Nar Shaddaa. Setie decided it was better to just nod and remind herself not to talk about the man again unless she had to. She didn’t trust her voice to work under the terror. She continued to nod as Atrox spoke about her answer. She agreed that knowledge wasn’t everything. She had grown up on Korriban and learned well but she’d never been able to apply anything on top of being limited in her learning. Theories were one thing but you needed experience and experiments to learn and stretch. All the knowledge in the galaxy was useless if you didn’t use it. It had been one of the reasons she had left after all. She had wanted to get out and live instead of constantly stagnating. The Kaar shifted topics then, speaking of his other guest of honor. Setie was confused about it as he grabbed the bloody gloves and headed for the room he’d revealed. Her nerves increased but she managed to hold onto them as he commented that he hoped she hadn’t eaten in the last few hours. She followed nervously, edgy from Atrox’s demeanor and the smell of blood that hit her along with less pleasant stenches. Setie blinked as she took in the sight on the table. Her brain already cataloging wounds by severity. She could tell the man wasn’t dying. Shock was nasty but from what she could see he was tended for that as well. She might have missed that entirely if it had not been for the blue tinge on his lips showing issues with blood flow. From all the cuts however that was hardly surprising, not to mention the removal of implants from the look of things. Confusion crossed her face as Atrox said Khul spoke highly of her. She had to take a moment to place what he was talking about and then she paled a bit from the memory. “I-I didn’t ...uh what I mean is-” She was tongue tied from things. She certainly did not believe she was the reason the Empire escaped. It was complete luck that she hadn’t gotten them all sucked into space and killed honestly. She had not done anything worthy of praise but then Khul couldn’t have known that. He was from an older empire, like she was. He probably thought her intending everything she did. She had to struggle against that internal voice that always sounded like her mother scolding her for pretending and telling her how dead she was when the Kaar found out what a lie it was. She had no idea how to correct it though without admitting to gross incompetence and she really did not want to do that. Then finally Atrox explained why she was here...or at least the overt reason. First there was panic as Setie’s brain zeroed in on the threat of being next on the table. A few things rattled as she breathed and held onto control by simple will to live. She started looking at her options in her head then even as her eyes snapped around to take everything like a wild animal looking for a way out. It was all a struggle, but she had to concede that she wasn’t getting out of here without doing what Atrox wanted. She was puzzled though on what exactly it was that he wanted. She didn’t believe for a second that Khul kept whatever information from the Kaar and she certainly did not believe that she was going to get answers that Atrox did not already get. So if he wasn’t looking to get information out of the former cyborg then what was he wanting and how was Setie figured into this? This had to be some kind of test that told Atrox something, but was it about her or about the man on the table? As she tried to remember to breathe Setie stepped closer and started looking over Khul like she would a patient. She needed to have a good idea of the damage done so she didn’t end up killing the man, at least not physically. From the look of him he was already destroyed mentally and was just waiting for the body to catch up. She recognized the demeanor of a broken person well, she’d seen it in the mirror often enough growing up after all. Khul would tell her anything, but that was the problem with torture. When you inflicted pain so much people would tell you anything to make it stop, that was why you had trained interrogators who knew how to manipulate and detect the truth. This wasn’t about Khul, this was about her in some way. Biting her lip Setie shifted to Khul’s feet and elevated them just a bit. It would help with the blood flow issues he was having for a little bit. Atrox might not like it but she had something of a plan going in her head...she just hoped it was good enough. She took off her outer robe next, using it like a blanket over Khul. He seemed to register the kindness and looked puzzled up at the ceiling. She knew that pain too. She needed him to come back a little though to answer her questions otherwise she was likely not to get anything. Trying to remember some of the psychology she had studied when trying to understand people better she did her best to keep her voice light, like there wasn’t a very large and dangerous shadow towering over the pair of them watching her every move. “Hello Lyle, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Setie,” she said, hoping the first name basis might help him think of her as a friend and confide in her better. “I have some questions for you and I need you to answer them honestly ok? I’ll sense if it’s a lie and you will not like that so do be careful. I wouldn’t want to accidentally kill an esteemed guest of the Kaar here.” Khul swallowed but said nothing else, his one eye still staring up. Taking a breath in hopes of calming nerves Setie did her best to focus on Khul, trying to feel out any dishonesty she might encounter. She didn’t doubt he would be cooperative at first but at some point he was going to test his boundaries. She didn’t inspire fear like Atrox did and he’d probably think her weak enough to con. “Let’s start with some easy questions yes?” It went on for a few moments with Setie covering the basics. Occasionally she made it a point to slip in a question about the station. Those Khul resisted a small bit. She was pretty sure it was from pre-programmed behaviors of an agent trained not to speak of his mission but it might have been the mental trauma as well she supposed. She could not have claimed to know exactly so she would ease around them instead. They did however come up more frequently as she spoke, reminding him that they would get to them. Eventually the inevitable happened, Khul told a lie. Maybe it was nerves or terror or his broken mind or he was testing his boundaries and trying to come back into the fight. Setie didn’t know and short of ignoring the lie and risking Atrox’s ire she couldn’t do anything about it. He was being lenient right now and he wasn’t likely to stay that way if she veered off in a direction he didn’t care for. The person on the slab was however dead no matter what she did, and the kindest thing to do likely would have been to put him out of his misery. She couldn’t do that though, she was pretty sure Atrox would have an issue with it. So she simply sighed and shook her head at Khul like a disappointed parent. “I warned you about lying,” she said. There was no emotion in her voice as she did her best to pull herself back from what she had to do mentally. Not that she was sure what to do in the first place. Setie wasn’t use to having power over someone, any kind of power. She wasn’t use to inflicting pain on people, not when they were effectively helpless. She’d hurt others in a fight but never like this. She was a Sith though and she needed to act like it...even if it simply felt wrong. Biting her lip Setie looked to Atrox for a moment, trying to gauge if he was going to be upset by things. She couldn’t but it was habit to try and avoid potential reprisals by asking permission, even if it was silently. Still gnawing on the lip she looked back to Khul and tried to calm and center herself better. The nerves and fear in her belly were making it difficult but she could use those...she hoped. She didn’t dare cut Khul, the shock already had him in a bad spot and if she kept slicing he was likely to die from blood loss. Lightning or choking also were likely to cause to much damage to help either. “The ability to heal is the ability to harm…” she murmured under her breath quietly to herself. She’d never tried using her healing ability on someone else, but S’irakar’s words of how the dark side did not heal were true, it hurt to use that ability. At the same time though, if she could pull it off Khul would be in a better condition, and Atrox might get his “answers” still. The only one off poorly would be Khul but that couldn’t be helped. Carefully Setie pulled the Force to her, focusing on Khul’s body as she pulled the robe down enough to eye one of the gashes on his chest. Blood pulling skin from the clothe and making Khul squirm a bit. Slowly Setie applied the Force, trying to push it to Khul instead of using it on herself. It was harder to do, it felt strange in so many ways. She tried to imagine it as part lightning attack and part heal as she focused on the wound and pushed hard at the body’s natural processes. She had to muscle it along instead of letting it take it’s time. Khul gasped and then let out a wailing scream, it was such a horrible sound that Setie jumped and lost her concentration thinking she had killed the man. The wound was a knitted together some though not all of it. The flesh pulled angrily and fresh blood seeped from it. Khul blinked at her in confusion and agony. “Wh-What was that?” Setie’s wrung her hands together, trying to contain panic as she double checked Khul’s vitals. “Uh...W-Well…” she bit her lip against saying that she wasn’t entirely sure. She was never going to get Khul to answer things if he didn’t think her competent in some degree. “I closed part of your wound,” she said, deciding to stick to the facts about things and let the human mind play havoc with the unknown like it usually did. “Y-You what?” “I started fixing your wound,” Setie said, annoyed at having to repeat herself but the horror in Khul’s tone gave her an idea. “Every time you lie, I will do that again. If I fully restore you...well then I won’t be needed and the Kaar can see to your comfort again like a good host.” She wasn’t scary no, but from the expression on Khul’s face the idea of being put through the Kaar’s entertainments again was not something he wanted. This was a much better method for Setie, she wasn’t hurting the man (at least not exactly) and she didn’t have to risk killing him outright on Atrox then. “Now then, let’s talk about the station hmm?” “W-What do you want to know?” Khul asked, for once looking scared of her. It was a new thing for someone to be afraid of Setie. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with this feeling or how to even process it so for now she put it aside. “Tell me about it. Tell me about your mission. I’ll let you know when I have questions or need clarification. Remember not to lie though. You don’t want to upset our host right?” She did her best to have Khul cover everything, doing her best to keep her senses open to pick up any lies. Whenever she caught one, even if it was small, she worked on another wound until it was closed. The hard part was not so much the questions or the manipulation of tissue, it was keeping her focus. She got lost a time or two after Khul lied, fascinated by the process she was doing even if she failed a few times and trying to see how good or bad it worked without really paying attention to Khul’s screaming. She knew how to tune that out from her days working in labs after all. Other times she would sit quiet just staring at Khul, trying to get a better hold of the emotions running through her. This unnerved him but she needed it to just calm down. It was a heady thing to suddenly have power over someone, even under the pressure with Atrox breathing down her neck. Between the Kaar and her low opinion of self she managed to keep from getting overly eager on matters. It was a difficult balancing act between enjoying the moment and being frustrated that she’d never have power over someone again. Not to mention the prospect of ending up on the table still hanging over her head. Finally Setie was out of time, or at least out of questions. Khul had talked about everything she could think to ask him about, save for what he had said about herself. While she was curious she didn't think them relevant and didn't want to waste anyone's time. Sweat was running down her back from matters but even if she didn’t learn what the Kaar wanted she was pretty sure she could do the odd flesh mending again. It wasn’t much different from using tools, it was just that the Force was her tool instead of other things this time. Using her sleeve to mop her face a bit since there wasn't any rags around Setie looked to Atrox, trying hard not to fidget from nerves. “Was there anything else you had for your guest my lord? I am afraid I have exhausted any questions I can think of.” Please let it have been enough… Setie was pretty sure if she ended up on that table she wasn’t leaving as anything but a mangled corpse.
  2. Name: Setsuna Andal "Setie" Gender: Female Species: Human Rank: Sith Apprentice Date of Birth: 8/3/3652BBY Appearance: Setie is a petite and slim woman with copper bright hair and green eyes. Her hair is worn long and combed to the left side of her head. Under the hair and down the left side of her face is a burn scar she mended herself. She hides it under her hair and commonly hides the rest of her face in the hair when she's wishing to be anywhere else. Possessions: Veda Cloth Robes in apprentice style Nanosilk Robes Hide Armor for training Mesh Armor for actual battle Lightsaber (Red Synethic Crystal) Personality: Setie has a great deal of mental damage that makes it hard to pin down who she is to most people. Underneath the PSTD, Cognitive Dissonance, Anxiety, and Depression however she is a very sweet individual who cares probably far more than is wise. Years of emotional manipulation and attacks from being emotional have left her tying to contain and deny them because she has linked them to pain and ridicule. This has stunted her abilities and her self esteem badly but also given her more compassion for the weak than your average Sith. To most though she simply seems an overly nervous sort and more than a little dim in the head though she is certainly not stupid and is quick to try and capitalize on a given situation if she can. Skills, Abilities and Talents: Setie has shown an amazing aptitude for medical skills. She finds the methods of the body itself interesting and the effects of the Force on it to be fascinating. She has also shown skill in using various Force powers and has shown a talent for stealth born of years hiding and running from her abuser and students that were bigger than her on Korriban. Setie suffers most though in physical aspects. She will certainly never be a great master with a lightsaber and doesn't know strategy very well. She is also very awkward in social situations and nerves cause her mouth to loosen making it difficult for her to lie. The most dangerous thing to Setie though is easily herself, for she talks herself out of victory long before the enemy shows up. Biography: Setsuna Andal or "Setie" as she prefers was born to Kelna Andal on Dromund Kaas in the year 3657. To say she had a difficult childhood is an understatement. When she was five her mother took a position as an Overseer on the Sith world of Korriban to train new acolytes. Although her mother was strong in the force Setsuna showed no signs of force sensitivity and was commonly bullied and terrorized by the students. She often stayed hidden in the family quarters and if she ventured out did her best to be as small and unnoticeable as possible. Her mother did not make life any easier as she commonly bemoaned her daughter's lack of force sensitivity and belittled her interests, treating Setsuna as more of another student than a daughter. She even told her daughter she was her father's revenge but refused to tell Setie anything else about her father, often hanging it over her head as a prize that Setsuna never received. When she was sixteen Setsuna was found to be force sensitive, though small and considered pathetic it warranted training which Kelna opted to oversee herself. While Setsuna did her best in her tasks she was often disciplined for not doing things correctly by Kelna who insisted the girl had potential but kept holding back. Eventually, Setsuna was given up as a lost cause for molding into a Sith to send to the front lines. Her interests in medicine and biology however along with her still viable force sensitivity landed her a place helping with research under the Sphere of Biotic Science when she turned twenty and she was back on Dromand Kaas after years on Korriban. Although she never garnered the attention to become more than an acolyte her help with a number of projects was deemed invaluable by fellow scientists for helping to keep test subjects alive and she was allowed to remain an acolyte with the hopes that being out from under Kelna might spark more ambition. She was however being considered for permanent removal when the True Empire attacked Dromand Kaas. While many of her fellow Sith fought to the death or switched sides, Setsuna opted instead to flee and somehow managed to escape on one of the merchant or transport vessels that fled the planet and the battle. She landed on Nar Shaddaa and lived off small jobs fixing up individuals in the seedier areas. One day though a pair of bounty hunters on the orders of a Sith showed up to take her back to Korriban. Setie resisted and almost escaped but the Sith intervened. While a prisoner on Korriban Setie became a pawn in a game that touched off a Civil War. She managed to escape into the chaos and crashed onto Dromund Kaas where she worked with a group of criminals hoping to get passage off world. Instead though the Sith from before hunted her down but this time with the intent on training her. With no other choice and no way to get away Setie agreed. Character Skills and Abilities: Force Powers Enhancement Force Dash Force Jump Restoration Force Invigorate Protection Force Stealth Astral Force Sense ⇉ Force Sight Perception Force Persuasion Force Camouflage Psychokinesis Telekinesis: Expert Force Push ⇉ Force Whirlwind Force Wound Environment Force Shock Skills Lightsaber Novice Single Saber Form I: Novice Shii-Cho Medical and Torture Novice Biosurge ⇉ Intermediate Biosurge ⇉ Expert Biosurge Stealth and Survival Novice Stealth
  3. Setie gave Vanessa a small smile as they walked, listening as the woman mentioned being from Alderaan. Setie herself wished she could say she knew about the jungle. Though she was born on Dromund Kaas and raised on Korriban she had to say neither planet really struck a cord in her like Vanessa. That might have been due to her being stuck with her mother in halls though. She hadn't been allowed out of such places, much as she wished. Oh she would sneak away sure but she knew predators of all kinds lurked and she would be food or worse if she'd gone to far. When she had been old enough to wander on her own she had still been convinced she was to weak to and stayed put. She wished she could have had Vanessa's courage and strength as a child. Then again maybe Alderaan was not as dangerous? Setie certainly did not know. She followed Vanessa and did her best to focus on her breathing as they went. The closer they got to the edge of civilization the more Setie had to focus and try to calm herself down. She was just going to learn how to handle her saber, there was nothing to fear. Vanessa was not like her mother and going to carve her up. There wasn't any reason for Vanessa to carve up Setie, she barely knew her and she certainly was not one of Atrox's cronies. Setie was thankful that Vanessa didn't go to far into the wilderness. Setie was many things but an outdoorsman she was not and she would have gotten completely lost without the sounds of the nearby city. She was still likely to run in circles for hours on end but there was a higher chance for a patrol to find her at least? The tension that Setie had been combating the entire time was still there and as Vanessa unclipped and activated her own saber Setie flinched, unable to check the reaction. The sound of the saber enough to have her wanting to run for the hills and her face itch from remembered pain. She had to remind herself that she was safe. It was all just a lesson and she was going to be ok. Biting her lip hard to try and keep herself rooted in the now instead of in the past, Setie pulled her own saber from her belt. Her hands felt like ice as she fumbled a bit for the switched, triple checking that it was on a low setting so it wouldn't hurt Vanessa if she was hit by it. The thought was laughable really but Setie preferred to be safe than sorry. With fear barely kept in check from becoming a full blown panic Setie did her best to remember how she was suppose to be standing, checking her feet four different times and her hands five before even looking up at Vanessa. "Can't say I've had the time to really consider the lightsaber as a part of me," Setie commented before gnawing on her lip again. "Only had this one for a few months at most. I've been reading and trying to use training droids but they don't give much feed back on things I'm afraid. Makes it hard to know if I'm on the right track." She did not think of how her comment implied that this was her second saber and not her first one. Even as she spoke her white knuckled hands started trying to shake, making her blade wobble before she turned her attention to it. She purposely clenched her fist hard on the hilt to make the shaking stop. With nothing else presenting itself Setie tried to go through a drill but her actions were choppy, they didn't flow like most actions with a saber. She stopped between each movement trying to make sure she had the next one right in her head before she did it. There was no trust in her own abilities or memory to do what she should and the fear rolling off of her was enough to choke on.
  4. Setie's smile widened a little as Vanessa commented that she'd forgive if Setie did. "That seems a good idea to me," she said with a nod and did her best to put it out of her mind. It lurked but she'd have to deal with it and try not to be so damn chatty. The red head wilted a bit in relief as Vanessa said she'd be happy to help, though Setie's mind knew the price tag was still there. She bit her lip against the urge to talk out of nervousness again. Vanessa would help her with the physical part of saber work but it was the mental and emotional part Setie was nervous about. She wasn't sure it was wise to talk to Vanessa about that though. If Sith started knowing about Setie's problems they could be used against her later. It was bad enough Setie suffered panic attacks but to tell someone that she had trouble just holding a saber? Well Vanessa was likely to learn that soon enough. Let her learn it that way though instead of Setie talking about it. The blonde woman could then draw her own conclusions about things and hopefully Setie would be able to dodge discussing the trauma her mother had inflicted on her. Setie did her best to keep an enthusiastic and reassuring smile on her face when Vanessa seemed a bit nervous. She was reminded that Vanessa knew about as much about her as she did about Vanessa, which was to say very little. It could be that Vanessa thought she was more dangerous than she actually was. Setie pondered dispelling that illusion, but really if she was asking Vanessa for help she'd already shown that she was not the blonde's superior in any way. And then came the payment part of things. Setie couldn't help but sigh a bit at how predictable it was. In the end Sith were very easy to understand. Whatever they did had to benefit them in some way. The more they could get the better. She supposed it would have been insulting if Vanessa didn't try to get more out of this deal, it meant the other woman thought that Setie had some value at least. She almost felt bad for not informing her otherwise. "You have a high opinion of me then," Setie commented with a scowl. "If you were in my shoes you would know what an incorrect statement that is. But that is why I was seeking aid in the first place. When you don't have a decent master to teach you, you get creative." The past about her master was something of a gamble. True Setie did technically have one, but he was an absent one which made it difficult for her to learn while also granting her freedom to do what she willed. It was why she was keen to stay under the radar and not make waves. At some point she'd likely need to see to finding a better teacher but for now, she would have to see about learning what she could. At least she was likely to be powerful that way? Sith philosophy always paraded about how the struggle made one stronger and such...even if half the time that wasn't enforced as Overseers and Masters played favorites. "I'll just request that if you ever need help in the future to remember my limited capabilities then," Setie said then with a smile. She'd leave the illusion that Vanessa was doing things out of the goodness of the heart but remind the blonde that there was many things Setie couldn't or wouldn't do. After all if Vanessa tried ordering her to go assassinate the Emperor or something Setie was likely to tell her she was an idiot and refuse. Thankfully that was unlikely to be on Vanessa's mind...hopefully. She gave a nod as Vanessa commented on the library not being suited for combat training. "Outside the city will be fine. I-" She paused a moment, thinking before she frowned."I actually have never been outside the city, unless you count the port." She made the observation sound like a confession. "Always been more of the type to lurk in libraries and laboratories than to be out in the wild. If you know a good spot I don't mind visiting it."
  5. Setie blinked in surprise as Vanessa seemed to snap awake and started talking. It was a shock to find someone else who had a tongue that ran on wheels as much as her own. Granted the situation was different, Vanessa wasn't smarting off to people bigger than her after all. Actually she wasn't getting smart mouthed at all. It seemed like she just lacked a filter from brain to mouth. Setie supposed there was worse ways to interrupt something. Violent ones came to mind first. Taking another breathe and reminding herself that honesty was (usually) the best policy with people the red headed girl twisted her fingers together nervously before she spoke. "I'm doing alright, besides having to be a guest when I didn't want to anyway. I was actually trying to find you here. You are doing well I hope?" Another breathe, this one with a stern reminder that no one liked having their time wasted. "You made a comment in the cantina the other night that made it sound like you were good with a lightsaber and I was hoping that you might be able to help me with it. I'm...not doing very well in that area." The rest of her speech came out quickly, as if she was hoping to cut off Vanessa from refusal. The nerves were dancing in her stomach and Setie had to remind herself that she was not likely to suffer from anything but a rejection if Vanessa did not want to be bothered. Though she did not like telling anyone a weakness, it rubbed any Sith the wrong way but Setie felt like it was a death mark for herself since she was far from powerful. "Not that I expect you to help me for nothing! I was thinking we could trade knowledge. I don't have much but I'm certain I can help you learn something! Trading is perfectly acceptable between students or we would never learn much beyond what our masters have time to teach us no? I mean I'm not much of a combatant but I can certainly stitch someone up as well as any doctor and know how to treat most ailments and have a few force powers up my sleeve that might be useful...oh but you'd likely not need that being Verrin's apprentice and with this library but there's gotta be something and dammit I'm babbling..." Well, she supposed as negotiations went that her and Vanessa were off to a good start. At the rate they were going their vocabularies were going to be completely exhausted by them babbling at each other. Or at least Setie's would, Vanessa had not been much of a babbler in the Cantina after all. "Sorry, nervous habit," she said by way of explanation and apology. Hopefully she had not put Vanessa off to much. Setie really did not want to go with option two of trying to find a tutor for lightsaber combat...specially since she did not have one yet.
  6. 10th of Relona Somewhere in the Library Setie was pretty sure it was possible to get lost in Verrin's library. It was just there was so much to look at and read and she had to resist the urge. She was here on a specific mission...and was a bit leery of things. After all Atrox had already jabbed her about being here, and while he might still do that it was a public enough place and she was still needing to learn things. She figured provided she did her best to avoid Verrin himself she'd be alright. At least she hoped so... She also hoped she wasn't going to be bringing trouble down on Vanessa's head. She didn't think there would be an issue. After all she wasn't Atrox's apprentice here...though honestly she wasn't sure she could claim to be specifically anyone's apprentice. It was good because she wasn't beholden to anyone then, but it also meant she had little protection if she angered the wrong people. An apprentice was still an apprentice and lords or even some apprentice likely could cause issues with her with impunity. Setie was on the least she hoped so. If she was going to face her mother someday she was going to need to learn some martial skills. Her mother might not have possessed the greatest command in the force (something that always puzzled Setie) but she had to admit Kelna Andal was a master with a saber. It was just a talent Setie did not possess. However, saber skills could be learned like anything else. She just needed some aid with that though to get her through...whatever affliction she had when she just tried to hold her saber. It had to be the same issue she'd had when building it. Nikura sadly was away on assignment though and the Chiss wasn't likely to know saber forms anyway. Vanessa however had been friendly enough when they met in the cantina and made a comment that made Setie think she was talented with a saber. Granted Setie wondered how the blonde woman came to be under Verrin's teaching if she was more inclined to the physical but Setie figured he needed someone to actually dig and chance dangerous traps for artifacts. The sphere wasn't just about hoarding books after all. The real gamble was if she could convince Vanessa to help her. Setie didn't know much about the other woman beyond the brief meeting in the cantina before the droid and S'irakar had staged their little kidnapping. Orders or not she was still aggravated about that but it was a matter for another day. She wasn't sure how she was going to explain that mess to Vanessa exactly but hoped the Force would guide her tongue. Creation this was a complete mess... Setie wished she could have had a normal teacher like most apprentices. Sadly she was pretty sure that had been removed from her life the minute she was born to her crazy mother. Finally she found Vanessa. She was tucked away reading something and the red headed girl had to immediately tell herself not to run. Some people hated being interrupted when reading but it wasn't a killable was it? Setie had to force herself to wait a moment and breathe while telling herself she wasn't likely to be decapitated for simply talking. This was a negotiation for aid, not a life or death struggle. If Vanessa didn't help Setie was sure to figure out some other option. She uh...couldn't think of any right that moment but she was sure she would figure one out. Trying to will some level of confidence into herself Setie put on her friendliest smile before approaching and immediately kicking herself when her voice came out far to timid. "Uh...Vanessa? Hi, do you remember me? From the cantina?" Of course it was likely hard to forget a girl that put up a fight with a droid and another apprentice before being knocked out and dragged away... one of these days she needed to just trade her tongue in for a protocol droid's voice box. She probably would speak better then.
  7. Nothing like losing an almost done post to power outages. ;(

  8. Setie had to give Vanessa a smile at least. The blonde woman seemed to have a sense of humor about things in spite of claiming not to have as much experience with socializing. Though Setie didn't believe the woman a peep about spilling secrets. Besides, Setie was something of a sneak but she couldn't say she was the best at spying or putting together things. She also highly doubted her master had much interest in Verrin's secrets since he was so busy with whatever book Verrin gave him...or possibly dead she certainly did not know. She shook her head, part of her wanting to stay and just be...well relatively normal for a little longer but that ball of dread was still sitting in her gut. Intuition told her it was time to leave and she had survived this long by listening well to that intuition. Besides it seemed Amari and Holle also took the time to leave so it might cover her own flight just a little. Before Setie could say anything though there was a robotic shout and suddenly people crashed into the bar. She jumped in fear with a startled scream and winced away at the familiar snap of a saber being lit before it sparked and fizzled. She was already moving as the droid spoke to S'icari and the miraluka. Setie was confused for a moment as the droid spoke of taking a companion back to the Ministry of War and then S'icari said it was in her best interests to accompany them. She didn't live at the Ministry, she had a little hole in the wall place of her own, why would she need to go there? Training as a medic had her checking the bodies, long standing habit dictating her checking for pulses and quickly her mind spun. These bodies were not fresh. She couldn't tell exactly how long they had been dead but they were far too cool and their complexions were already far to pale, even for Sith that had a habit of looking like walking corpses. There was a few other bits that stuck out as strange to her but those two were the biggest pieces to her. Why would someone throw already dead bodies off a balcony? ...Unless they wanted to scare someone into the open? It was the only thing that made any sense. Setie was not involved with a particularly powerful master, at least he didn't seem to have to many enemies. She had not crossed anyone that she knew of. There was only the possible issue of Atrox seeking her capture that still hung over her head some. It would explain a number of things really if S'icari was one of Atrox's apprentices. Atrox and Verrin had a feud going after all and while Verrin had accepted that she was not responsible for the attack on him during her execution Atrox she had no idea on. Setie tried to focus on the words flying around her. S'icari and the droid weren't lying. She wasn't even sure droids could lie to be honest but S'icari certainly could. He wasn't but Setie knew quite well that one didn't have to tell the whole truth of something. She herself could not lie to save her life but she could omit things as well as anyone else. That ball of dread was blowing into a full on panic in her stomach. S'icari wanted her specifically to go to the Ministry. Not Vanessa or Vanahok, but her... Setie decided she really did not want to go with S'icari and the droid. There was a very firm hand though on her shoulder and she wasn't sure she should chance arguing at this range when she had no idea what S'icari or the droid might do to her. Desperate times called for desperate measures though. Green eyes snapped up from her kneeling position to Vanahok, the very large warrior that was quite drunk, had been behaving like he was angry, and had seen a battle... She wasn't entirely in the dark of how this might work. Her ability to vanish wasn't actually her vanishing after all. She would slip into the mind and simply convince it that nothing was actually there where she was standing. She didn't think manipulating someone's thoughts would be to much harder. Not when the subject was likely already thinking along those lines and was inebriated. Alcohol dropped inhibitions and defenses alike after all. Setie pulled the Force to her before sending it as hard as she could into Vanahok's with an intent look. "He just broke your lightsaber," she stated to the big man, her words reaching to pull on the violent anger he had shown earlier. "You really want to beat the eyeless runt into the floor for that." She decided not to wait to see if her force laced suggestion would work on Vanahok. She had no idea how strong the man was against mental attacks and while she knew she could slip into and out of minds decently enough her master had shown her it wasn't wise to depend on just Force abilities against the mind. With that thought she reached out again and this time focused on the droid, pushing and pulling with the Force to quickly cause the droid to spin around quickly until it was in the air. Hoping that between Vanahok and the droid spinning she managed to remove immediate threats, she tried to back up and flee. Surely there was a back way out she could escape out of. She just needed to find it and for that she needed some space between her and her potential captors.
  9. Open RP

    Setie couldn't deny that Atrox's assessment that she would turn and run was correct. That was after all how she had managed to survive. "My lord, you are the Kaar of Military Defense. I highly doubt you became a leader of Sith by trusting anyone. It would be stupid of me, not to mention deadly, of me to assume you trust me in the slightest," Setie stated in a factual manner. "As for terentateks while yes their claws and tusks are poisonous they feed on the flesh and blood of force users and hibernate for centuries. I doubt they take time with their food to I'd be likely to die on the first bite if a claw didn't cut me in half first. They would likely attack the neck first like most predators and severing the major blood vessels there would lead to death in seconds if not the teeth. I'm not a large bite like yourself. As such my odds of being devoured whole are very slim." She flushed a bit, realizing she was...well...correcting the Kaar. She was batting a thousand today it seemed as he stood up and reminded Setie just how damn big and powerful he was without probably meaning to. "I uh...I had a strong interest in biology my lord. I-It's not useful to most but I found teretateks and other creatures drawn to the dark side to be fascinating. One of the reasons for my medical training." She let out the breath she was holding that he went to a column and didn't attack...yet. Maybe she would manage this but she really needed to watch her mouth. She was pretty sure she was pushing it as it was. "You speak of Verrin and Solomon as if you hold no love for them, did Solomon leave you?" "Should I have love for them my lord?" she asked even as she tried to twist to see into the room he uncovered, though she failed from both Atrox and the column being in the way. She had not been instructed to follow or rise though so she stayed in her seat like a good subordinate. "From my understanding In- er Solomon dragged me into a cell and threw me around, twice. As for Verrin him coming for a harmless little chat almost got me executed, not to mention...other events. Why should I have any love for either of them?" The statements were true. She didn't really have much love for either man. She didn't hate Verrin technically, and she certainly had to respect the old alien's abilities given her last adventure on the rakghoul fill space station. Respect was not the same as love or caring about the zabrak's welfare. You could respect an enemy and still murder them. Solomon she was a bit more mixed on. She wouldn't claim she had any great love for him either though. He might have came and found her, twice, but he'd still beaten her and then ignored her like she was some kind of pet. She knew very well that she was a tool to various Sith, so being particularly attached to any of them would have been moronic. That was how Sith worked, you were useful or not to them. Besides, she certainly was not about to claim love for either of them when just talking of them had such an effect on Atrox. His hate was a powerful thing and she dearly hoped never to be on the receiving end of it. It had her hands curling hard into the chair's arms until her fingers hurt and a few loose things rattled quietly as she struggled against the urge to hurl things everywhere and run. She had to stay and deal with this, running would not help her. She tried to argue that in her mind as she tried to remember how to breathe. Panic making her feel like a tuk'ata was sitting on her chest. Atrox's words of how she lacked a savior did not help matters nor when he called her to weak to be his own apprentice (which she believed he had plenty of already) but the rest of his words were confusing so she opted to focus on battling down her reaction to his displeasure until she felt a bit more steady. "How much do you know about the Sith? Obviously your mother taught you barely anything, or else you would've stayed put on Korriban. Everyone has their own interpretation, but to learn of what the Sith truly are.. that requires time and dedication, something very few desire to waste time on - that is why I want to know yours." The mention of her mother made Setie twitch, a spurt of anger making things rattle dueling inside her with the knee jerk reaction to defend her mother, like any normal person would. Thankfully she had a decent distraction in his question though she didn't know how to respond to it. No one wanted to know what she thought. That was something her mother had drilled into her quickly and early. She did not matter. No one had ever challenged that concept, even her Master had tossed her around and told her she didn't matter either way when he convinced her to be his apprentice. The Kaar couldn't actually want to know what a lowly peon actually thought about Sith. It had to be a test, he was trying to see something. Maybe she needed to answer closest to what he thought Sith were? Force take her but how in the void was she suppose to know that?! "I doubt what my mother would have taught would have had any baring now. She is of the old Empire before Emperor Cideon after all," Setie pointed out in an attempt to buy time and think. "Korriban now is different from Korriban then. As for Sith..." She went quiet a moment, trying to organize a good answer in her head. Force guide her tongue because she had no idea what to say. Hoping the Force might help her in this as she tried to think of everything she ever read in history, mysticism, philosophy, biology, psychology, and even that her mother might have told her to aid in this. "Sith are complex. One doesn't just define them as power or cause or monsters or men. They are...different things to different people as you have stated. To you I assume...perfection?" She looked around the room again. Yes that made some sense to her. Some Sith would have been happy to have a gloomy dungeon for a home. This one though did not. He wanted to be the ruler, everything in a place that made sense and complimented him. She was likely sitting in the room of the next one to challenge the Emperor. She was not a seer though that might tell if he would manage that or not. It made this game all the deadlier for her and she knew damn well that her life was in the man's hands right now. "Perfection. That seems right to me a correct term to apply. No matter if someone wants power, a cause, survival, or a title; they must seek to strengthen themselves against weakness. Hone themselves into what they see as perfect. To me...," her voice changed a bit without her knowing. Hardening from the anger and frustration at her life that boiled under the surface waiting to be let out, though fear kept it in. "To me it is to be without chains. Without being a slave in the mind even when I have no collar. To have the power to stand for myself and what I choose and make those who have stood against me quake even just a little. To a terentatek in a way. Wild, mighty, and alive instead of always a shadow cast by a tree." She frowned then, cringing as she realized that she was rambling. "Apologizes my lord I'm sure you don't want to hear some weakling girl rattling on," she said, the fear coming back and her mind telling her that he did not want to hear such drivel. "You asked how much I know. I know history, philosophy, I've tried to follow the Sith Code to the best of my ability without a...proper guide. I'm sure you can attest that one can only get so far without direction. I might have been given it but that doesn't mean it was ever within my abilities. My mother herself seemed to delight in giving me tasks I could not complete to her exact wishes." That was of course an understatement. Her mother had been very picky on what Setie could and could not do. Case in point the night she found Setie had made a lightsaber without her expressed permission. A hand reached up and rubbed at Setie's cheek as she memory twisted in her mind. The memories as clear as the day they happened. "And you my lord know In-er Solomon much better than I do. You have said yourself what a teacher he is."
  10. Open RP

    Setie was getting very tired of being a damn pawn in a game she got nothing out of but an ulcer... She had hoped she was done with cells too but apparently she was not. Though she wasn't sure if she could call it such. Sure it was rather plain, and she wasn't allowed out. At the same time though no one bothered her, there was no interrogations, she was fed, there was even a bed. In comparison to other accommodations she'd resided in this one wasn't too bad. That probably said something terrible about her life... She was left for a day, which frankly just annoyed her. The boredom was the worst. It had her wanting to climb the walls but there was nothing for it. She was left in her room with no datapads, books, entertainment, or even her lightsaber. Though that last one would have surprised her anyway to be fair. With little else she settled as best she could and spent much of the day meditating on things. She was a pawn, somewhere in a game. She knew Sith that enjoyed their games and some that preferred being straightforward. There was also some that just liked to be both. The people playing the game were the ones that dictated the rules and players. Somewhere along the line she got included in this. That was a dangerous thing and she was likely to end up dead if she did not pay attention. She was a pawn...but she was not without a will of her own. She meditated on that fact as she did her best to connect the dots on matters. Setie had been pulled into this game. As far as she could tell it was something of a contest between Atrox and Verrin but it seemed...shallow. No there was likely more than just the surface facts and she did not know enough. Such facts also likely were not going to be brought to light to her either. She might have been a peon in matters but she doubted anyone in this game was stupid enough to just tell her everything going on. Besides, they could only tell her what they knew from their perspectives much like the conversation in the cantina with the others. Her mother was the one to have her pulled in, that much was clear. Though Setie doubted her mother even knew what she had been doing. Kelna Andal did not think long term enough usually. She was direly short sighted in some cases but both women were born survivors. Setie was set on surviving this game. Sometimes that was all one had to do in order to win a particular game. On the plus side, if she was considered a piece in the game, it meant she was less likely to be killed. As it was she could only assume that she was going to live. If Atrox had been set on her death then she doubted she would have been taken alive in the first place. She wasn't important enough to warrant an actual public execution. Korriban (at least she was pretty sure) was a fluke because of Verrin's presence. Atrox would the piece be broken and removed from play than to be given to the enemy. She couldn't say the same with Verrin, though she couldn't say how he operated at all. She didn't know either Kaar well enough to make particularly firm judgements. Finally her cell opened and she was told to follow. The two guards were covered in durasteel and while it was tempting to try and escape she behaved herself. She had not been privy to seeing where she might be and while she was pretty sure she was still on Dromund Kaas and probably in the Sith Sanctum somewhere she wasn't likely to get far if she tried to escape. Who knew how much worse that would make things too. She would have to take the evil she somewhat knew and hopefully could survive. Setie barely look in the grandiosity of...well she supposed it was something of a throne room? That was what it made her think of as she was escorted into it. No need to wonder what Atrox wanted out of life, the short answer was everything. Though she did have to say she felt sorry for the droid or slave that likely had to clean up that blood. She'd been required to do it enough that she knew it was likely to leave stains. She sat carefully after giving a proper bow. After all, no matter what else he was Atrox was a Kaar and a leader of Sith. She might have been many things but Setie had manners drilled into her as a young child before she grew into her force sensitivity. The only thing she technically did not do right was lower her eyes, that was simply because Atrox was a big threat to her existance. She didn't see a point in not regarding him as such, even if she showed proper respect to his station. It took her a moment to realize who he meant when he stated the name Solomon and another to connect the dots on who S'irakar was. At least it was validating to know she had been right to be suspicious of the eyeless bugger...ugh! To think she actually thought he might have been a nice guy. She had to remind herself that there was no such thing as a nice Sith. Case in point with Atrox here even apologizing. She was pretty sure he didn't mean a word of it, he probably thought such a thing hilarious. After all, there wasn't any particular reason for that tactic. He could have just had her tracked down to her home or followed. She might have called it cruel, which considering who she was talking to and the fact that just being around him made her skin crawl and self preservation tell her that fleeing was a really good idea...made that almost expected. Still, she couldn't help the scowl that crossed her face at the run down. Even if she had been suspicious of the ploy, it had not mattered overly much and in the end she had sat there like a good little lamb to the slaughter. She didn't bother wasting her breathe trying to defend herself or accuse anything. She had gone with her master to visit Verrin, even if the place was a public building that apprentices and acolytes and even lords could walk into without being harassed. She should have realized that something was probably amiss for Solomon to be talking to Verrin of all people. As for S' S'irakar, she would have been sitting there anyway chattering away without the man showing up. These were failings on her part, not on anyone else's. She was the idiot that just went strolling along without considering past if something would end up with her as a corpse. "Now, I understand you have skills in the medical field and some understanding of the light side of the Force, but what do you know of torture?" The question confused Setie and she knew it was evident on her face, as if she could have hidden her reactions in the first place. Her medical skills were likely a matter of public record but the light side part was not something she knew of. She couldn't think of any light sided people she had been around, at least that she had heard of. Void she never met a Jedi or another force sensitive that wasn't an acolyte on Korriban. Then again maybe she had and did not realize it? It would be just her luck...abysmal as usual. She opened her mouth to answer the question and ask about that but Atrox was already plowing onto things. As such she opted to shut up and wait her turn to speak. "I suppose torture is a loose term in this case, what do you know of vengeance? Perhaps nothing, after all your mother is still alive and I am still here, seated before you." The mocking clicking of his tongue set Setie's teeth on edge, making her remember strongly how patronizing her mother would get when she mocked Setie in public. Usually before the private beatings. Atrox continued and Setie made it a point to breathe against the panic attack that was trying to claw it's way out of her throat. Atrox might indeed beat her like Kelna had but Setie had to remember that Atrox was a lot more powerful and trying to fight back with words, physically, or with the Force was likely to have dire consequences. It was a struggle, but she managed not to roll her eyes at Atrox when he commented that he used to be like her. She didn't know anything about the man to be fair but somehow she strongly doubted he had been anything like her. It was mildly amusing that he assumed she didn't make the weak suffer because of some kind of morals. Honestly it had been more because she was certain she was the weakest link. Culling, bullying, or whatever one wanted to call it required a set amount of confidence in self that the other person would not be stronger than you. Setie had opted not to gamble that. In hindsight perhaps she could have done such things, she had not had the confidence though in the training her mother had given her, didn't believe she had enough potential. Then the struggle against her face too a critical hit. At Atrox's comment about Solomon apparently lusting after her, Setie to looked at the man like he had lost his mind, then slowly her face started turning red and she squirmed. She wasn't completely in the dark about er...things of that nature but she also wasn't an idiot. She had a few flings before and they all ended...well pathetically and frankly the odds of trouble from such entanglements made it simply not worth it. There certainly was not a line of boys mourning her decision of celibacy out there. Since the only occasion she had thought about that decision again had been when someone was actually employing a tactic to hold her up, she considered it evidence that she was correct in her beliefs on the subject. She would not be attending any Sith orgies anytime between now and her demise. Just the topic though was enough of a shock to get a reaction from her though. "Guess Verrin and Inoruti will have to be happy handling their own sabers," she muttered under her breath as she crossed her arms a moment. Then she realized what she said and the color leaked out of her face as one hand darted to her mouth as if hoping to silence herself. Ugh, just great...she really could not resist stupid comments could she? "I have something for you, that lets your anger take form outside of failing to lash at me - I do not need to sense your emotional state to understand how someone like you works. Women are fickle and emotional creatures, but much like my former apprentice I offer you freedom, and maybe once you are cooperative.. revenge against who ever you would like, maybe even the person before you." The confusion over everything returned, leaving Setie mentally scrambling to try and figure out what was going on. A multitude of questions buzzed in her head demanding to be said. Thoughts ran amok and panic had it's claws in deep as she tried to breathe. Instead though her brain settled on what was likely to be the worst damn comment. "Wait, you were expecting me to lash out at you? Did someone tell you I have a death wish? Who in their right mind is going to pick a fight with the bloody Kaar of Military Defense? I think I'd rather punch a terentatek because it would be over faster!" She bit her tongue, easily visible even as she closed her eyes tight. Her already icy hands clenched into fists in her lap as if she wanted to hit something. No amount of mind reading was needed to tell she was mentally shredding herself for her stupidity. Apparently she did have a death wish if she was going to be getting sassy at a frigging Kaar! Sweet Force...maybe he would just rip out her tongue instead of beheading her...she couldn't say she liked the idea of either really. How in the Force had she ended up here? "I-I'm my lord. I'm a little- uh I mean..." Force she hoped the man had a sense of humor about things. She might survive with her sanity intact then.
  11. Setie jerked a bit when S'icari touched her arm. She wasn't use to being touched, at least not in a polite way. She cringed a bit before containing herself, fear jumping a moment before she shoved it down...or tried to. She still was left blinking at the man in confusion. What did he mean there she was? What was she suppose to hold onto? She was even more surprised when he stated he congratulated her and stated he agreed with her. No one ever agreed with her and she never did anything to warrant praise. Was he making fun of her? She felt like she was missing something suddenly and she started trying to figure out what she did with a paranoid terror even as she flushed from the mild praise of a peer. She wasn't managing it well though as her fear kept growing. Her senses that she had left open for fear of deadly reprisals told her trouble was brewing, she could not figure out where though and that was worrisome. There was simply to many potential issue causes in a cantina for her to pin things down. Was it S'icari? Was it Holle? Maybe Vanahok was going to just backhand her for no other reason than being big and drunk? Maybe a ceiling tile was loose and about to fall on her head? "A closed mind will lead to a great amount of boredom," Setie commented when Holle said things had become dull. She said it without thought, eyes darting here and there as she tried to control herself. Her hands had already gone ice cold and she started trying to watch her breathing while also searching for what was the problem. When she had her senses opened earlier she was ok, there hadn't been an issue. Something had shifted and she didn't know what. Vanessa made a comment about saber length comparing and Setie had to return her smile, if a little uneasy. "Little crowded for sabers here sadly. Besides I'm sure you are far from the worst with a saber in this group." She didn't mention that she was likely the worst with a saber in the group. She still had trouble holding the damn thing, her hands shaking terribly when she tried. It made training with it very difficult and so far she had only success in the making. She knew which end not to point at herself but that didn't mean much. As Vanessa continued to speak Setie tried to remain calm. That ugly feeling of trouble was still there but she didn't know what to do. The urge to run boiled inside her but if she just got up and bolted for the door that was a sign of weakness and highly likely someone would be on her for that. "No, not old friends but I should hope new friends," Setie stated. "Pretty sure we all just landed here for some time to unwind while our masters are off handling the ruling of the Empire." She gestured to the holo that had a woman speaking of the decisions the Dark Council was likely making. Politics and journalism (or propaganda if one preferred) ever going hand in hand with their timeless dance. Setie did however had to laugh from Vanessa's comment about black clothes. "I think I will just be thankful they choose black and not red," she commented as she ran a hand through her hair self consciously. "Black is easier to clean anyway I'm sure. Though I can't claim to have much of a voice on fashion, it's far beyond my skills." As if to illustrate she extended her arms and looked down at herself, her hair dropping in front of her and giving her a minute to survey the room from behind a curtain. Her clothes were certainly not the nicest, in fact they had some obvious wear and tear and had faded from the wash. Although technically Setie could get herself some nicer ones she opted to horde the money she had, just in case things went bad and she had to run again...or well that was part of it. The other part was simply that Setie still did not think herself worthy of things. It was hard to treat herself to finery when she felt it would be a waste, like putting lipstick on a rancor. As she let the others survey her, she did her best to quarter the room without seeming obvious. She didn't see anything out of place. Most were involved in their own drinks and discussions, a few were alone and seeming alright with their solitude. She saw what she thought was one of Atrox's Inquisition but with the Darth off in the Dark Council they were more likely just there for a drink like the rest of them. There was no reason for her to think the man even knew she was still alive or cared, after all she'd walked past his people more than once with no problem just going about her day. The feeling was still there however and it made the hairs on the back of her neck want to stand up. Dropping her arms for a moment she raised her hands again to push her hair back, throwing her head back to help even as she pondered things. And then she saw the droid. It was a funny looking things she had to say. She didn't recognize the make of it at all. In her confused head it made her think of a protocol droid but it didn't look right. She didn't have nearly enough experience with such machines to truly identify it. It sat on a balcony above and she couldn't help but wonder about that. If it was here it was someone's and probably a serving droid of some why was it sitting on the balcony looking out over the common room. The feeling of being hunted increased sharply. Setie could feel her breathing speed up and her heart hammering hard enough that it was going to burst surely. She fished into her pouch for credits, not remembering that she had already paid and dropped them on the counter with a shaking hand as she forced herself to put on a pleasant smile for everyone. "Here you can have my spot Vanessa," she stated, appearing to be nothing but helpful before she lied through her teeth. "I should be going anyway. My master is a real crank if I am not on time in the morning. It was wonderful to meet everyone and I really hope we can have such discussions again." Outside, she needed to get outside. The fear in her burned as she tried to swallow against the stone in her throat and sweat broke out on her brow. She had places to hide and the ability to run outside but in a cantina her options were far more limited.
  12. Setie was just not having a good night. She couldn't help but think she should have stayed home in her little apartment. Everything that happened next though pushed at her temper in quick succession. First was Vanahok's look. Maybe Setie was just overly sensitive since she'd been dismissed and judged all her life but she knew that look. She was willing to bet the big man had just dubbed her stupid or weak or pathetic or any of the other two thousand things her mother dubbed her. It had her brows dropping and her mouth opening to probably say something very stupid that would result in a decapitation...probably hers. She never did take being judged well. Instead though another cantina patron ran into her and she felt something icy slap onto her shoulder. She barely contained a yelp but still jumped up, startled from things, her teeth nipping her tongue painfully from matters. 'I am so sorry, I don't know what came over me! I am new to this...' the lady in the black dress stated though her smile didn't say that at all. Apparently she knew Holle, the zeltron that kept her name to herself. Setie twitched as reassurances were given to the black dressed girl. Ok sure it was nothing but dammit the woman could have at least apologized sincerely! Setie didn't even know the girl but apparently dumping things on other was something that did not warrant manners to her. She tried taking a breath to control her temper, tried to calm down because she highly doubted that Vanessa, as Holle identified her as, had anything against Setie personally. It was likely a tactic for something. The thought did not help much though because Setie couldn't help but think the tactic worked only because she seemed the least dangerous. She wasn't big like Vanahok, didn't have two sabers on her hip like A'mari, wasn't as vocal as Holle, and S'icari...well he just had this air of not to mess with him. The anger seethed and boiled in the chest, she suddenly didn't fear violence but wanted to start it herself. Instead though she swallowed it, shoving it down even as S'icari floated a towel to Vanessa. Setie was tempted to snatch it out of the air and force the fancy lady to get her own but restrained herself. The pretty ones were always helped first, Setie knew this. She'd been watching people for a long enough time to know that help was given to those deemed worthy. The pretty, the powerful, the special...Setie was never any of those. So instead Setie simply moved over and bent over the counter to grab a towel for herself. Pride demanding that she didn't need attention for something so small, as she wasn't some helpless and clumsy peon with more air in her lungs than brains in her head. She straightened as Holle spoke, drying her shoulder as the pink skinned girl asked for a show of hands for who fought Jedi. Temper flared a bit at that, causing Setie to glare at the zeltron. "Let me ask a question," she said, in a mocking tone that mirrored Holle's. "How many of us have met a horde of rakghouls and slain them? Don't be shy, show of hands?" Purposely Setie stuck hers up and waved it like she was waving to a parade crowd before dropping it. "Should we start pulling out sabers to compare their lengths next? It's stupid to assume that just because someone has not faced and killed a Jedi that they are somehow the lesser. That kind of mentality is what leads to being a corpse. If you insist on that though go ahead, the rest of us won't mourn you. There is always something or someone bigger and better than you waiting to squash you like a bug." Setie looked at Vanessa then, giving an amused smile before looking back to Holle. "Off hand I would say it's her," she said, jerking her head towards the lady in the black dress before turning her attention back to drying herself off. Even though she seemed to not be paying attention as Vanahok spoke about the fight on Alderaan she opted to keep her senses open, just to be on the safe side. The glass in front of her though was rattling as if someone had it in a tight grip when no one did.
  13. Setie blinked in surprise as A'mari quoted the whole Jedi Code at her...or well what she thought was the Jedi Code. She had to admit it did sound akin to the Sith Code if going in the opposing direction of intent. She wondered if A'mari was a Jedi that became enlightened, or fell depending on one's perspective she supposed as Sicari had stated earlier. She couldn't help but think they all brought up good points. Book learning was good but experience was needed to provide a better context and perspective was something to be considered. No Sith thought of themselves as a monster to her knowledge but they were often painted as such by traitors or the Republic from her understanding. It would have been ideal for the lot to sit and discuss things and educate like the zeltron seemed to wish for. Reality however was different. Setie considered herself decently read but not everyone had an education and no one had one without bias. That did not however stop people from forming their own beliefs and opinions which were shaped by education, experience, and perspective. When Setie was scrambling to survive both Korriban and on Nar Shaddaa she had seen many things, but one common matter was that no one liked being pushed out of their comfort zones, no one liked to be challenged on how they thought the world worked. People fought to the death often rather than reevaluate a situation and bend their thinking. That rigid thinking lead to stale beliefs and wars with zealots like the Jedi. Deaths were just as quick to happen for beliefs as they were for credits. That was what the wars with the Republic were after all were they not? She opened her mouth to comment but Vanahok commented first shooting Setie back into trying to breathe to keep panic down. Her eyes snapped to the zeltron and then back to Vanahok nervously as he called for another drink. So far it seemed most of the conversationalists were looking for a fight instead of an exchange of ideas and thoughts that might grant wisdom. "Um...I don't think you should drink something strong..." she said, the nervousness making her tone tremble in spite of her attempts to keep her voice neutral. "I mean...Dromund Kaas isnt' the best place to be impaired. Acolytes and Apprentices looking to impress can take advantage." The last was added quickly in hopes of placating the big man away from violence in general and at Setie for gainsaying him specifically. After all Setie certainly did not want a fight on her hands and even less was inclined for Masters to be brought into the mess. Her own might not show up and then where would she be? Or worse what if he did and was displeased? Just the thought of being a fugative again with not protection from her mother was enough to have her heart pounding harder and her hands going icy. She did her best to keep in mind her breathing like Nikura had shown her before. If she had a panic attack she was likely to touch off the aforementioned brawl with her habit of throwing everything around her into chaos. A repeat from her time in the cells before being sentenced or from that damn Rakghoul Station where she almost killed everyone would not be good here. There wasn't anyone that was likely to defend or distract from her weakness. "An opinion really isn't worth blood shed is it?" she asked looking to the others as if hoping they would help calm things down. Although...given how the zeltron was with the other two it was likely not going to help. "Save the anger for training or the Republic yes?"
  14. "Wait... You guys are getting paid?" Setie couldn't help the snorting laugh that popped out of her at the comment before she covered her mouth and did her best to retain her dignity. She couldn't help but appreciate the attempt at humor to break the tension. Sicari's face did not help matters on that front either. Beyond that though Setie went silent simply listening to the conversation now and nursing her water. It wasn't that she didn't have an opinion about the whole Light vs. Dark part of things, it was that she did not feel qualified to offer any words on the matter. Setie was a Imperial, born and bred. The most exposure she had with other cultures and races had been when she lived on the streets of Nar Shaddaa. That was Hutt Space though not the Republic. Even that had been...quite a bit of culture shock. When it came to the Republic, Setie usually looked at what she was told. She knew the Empire ran some propaganda about matters but even ignoring that and just looking at how they behaved had Setie loathe to ever deal with the other side of the galaxy. Remembering her most recent adventure dealing with the Republic had her shuddering. She didn't know what happened to the bits of materials and information brought back from that space station but she was fairly certain that the Republic had not just been working on a simple cure for Rakghouls. Not with everything that was running about there. Why play with a disease though? There was nothing that would come out of that except biological weapons if you weren't solely working on a cure, which would have canceled said weapon anyway. Jedi were no different. Her understanding was that they liked to preach peace and tolerance, which was nice and dandy except they were awfully selective of who was allowed into said peace. Any Pureblood would be happy to inform on that matter. Not to mention things like the hunts for things like the terentateks. Obviously they felt only certain things were allowed to live, and took upon themselves to decide who and what. She did not however know enough about the philosophies and politics of the Jedi and Republic. It did make sense though as Vanahok said that the Jedi was a political entity not unlike the Sith. When you started dealing with people though you started dealing with emotions, something Jedi supposedly were not inclined to having. That was how people worked though. When dealing with people you dealt more with creatures of emotion than creatures of logic. Still, Sicari's comment of matters being about perspective also rang true to Setie. She only had one perspective on matters, so she listened to get other perspectives and see if maybe they would teach her something. The Force, as Sicari had said, was the only truth that mattered. There was however, one thing sticking out in her head as she blinked at the zeltron (who still had no introduced herself) in complete confusion. "I thought you said you were a slave? Where did you learn the Jedi Code well enough that you know the second line? I didn't even know they had a code."
  15. The sudden violence between the two alien women had Setie tensing like everyone else. She didn't reach for her weapons though like the two men did. Instead she squirmed in her seat just enough that a quick exit would be possible. Her concentration dropped and she was ready to try and hide while escaping. Thankfully it seemed that a brawl was not as much in the works as she thought, though her eyes were still wide with her hands feeling icy and her heart pounding far to hard in her ears. She opted to try breathing like Nikura had taught her to help ward off the panic that was trying to claw it's way into her gut. This fight was not about her and neither of the women were likely to turn on her just because she was there. She was also not helpless. Though that was a little harder to drill into her own head. The zeltron hissed over the obvious situation, displeased over being reprimanded Setie didn't know the Togruta's rank. She wanted to say she was an apprentice but the eyes did not seem right. Most apprentices did not have the yellow eyes so...maybe a master? Sicari opted to try and ease matters through correction and introducing himself. Setie actually had a hard time believing he was an apprentice. Maybe it was how he was trying to corral the tension between the women or how he spoke of the inner workings like he was already there. Still, if he was connected to an important master he would have been in the Citadel wouldn't he? Deciding she was likely safer not knowing, Setie just gave a smile and a nod. "Introductions are likely a good idea," she said after the zeltron all but demanded to know the details about Sicari. "I'm not sure on why masters matter though? He hasn't done anything wrong." she said, trying to understand the alien woman's anger and support Sicari while not having the pink skinned woman turn on her. For all her work and training she was not so good with personal conflicts. She was however, a little miffed at the zeltron's mocking of Sicari for apparently just talking about who he was. Setie had to bite her tongue to keep from snapping at the pink woman how they all had painful pasts, all of them had turmoil that caused the dark side to call to them. If they were peaceful and idyllic in their backgrounds then they would have been a bunch of jedi. The server returned with Sicari's drinks and Setie started to stop her from departing to ask for water but blinked in surprise as the sightless man gave her his water and ordered another. She blinked down at the glass as if he had somehow conjured it out of thin air before looking back at him. "Too much?" Setie felt her face turn red as she squirmed in her seat. She wasn't sure how to respond to the act of kindness. Not because she was foreign to them, but because Sicari was a Sith. Not just a Sith but a Sith in front of his peers. He should not have been being kind, that was a dangerous thing to do after all. At least she thought it was? Had he drugged the water somehow? Was he trying to lull her into some kind of security? Those thoughts required him to have a motive in the first place. What could he have possibly wanted from her though when he didn't know anything about her? Unless he did know something... Now fear was rolling in her stomach. She had to focus on breathing again to keep from flying into a panic as she cleared a throat that felt like it had a rock stuck in it. "No, I'm just far too small," she stated, still red faced in embarrassment. In comparison to the others she was shorter after all, and slimmer. "Th-Thank you. I'm Setie by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you all." Even as the words fell from her lips Setie kicked herself. Why did she go telling them her name? She could have made one up instead of letting Sicari know who she was. Maybe this wasn't a bad thing though? If he thought she was in the dark about things then he might completely underestimate her abilities. She might have been paranoid. Then again just because one was paranoid didn't mean that Sith were plotting to drag you off and force you into submission...or something. Doing her best to ignore her fear she smiled to Vanahok. "It does seem to work doesn't it? Would that the Republic learn it's lesson and submit instead of constantly trying to beat us back. I mean they claim to want peace but they happily go to war. At least the Empire is more honest in that regard."