The Sith Empire

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Ruled by the Emperor on Dromund Kaas, the Sith Empire is an ever increasing threat to the security of the galaxy, with its eyes fixated on the destruction of the Republic and the Jedi. With the Imperial War Machine moving across the galaxy swiftly and with great force and determination, the Cold War of the past, and the fragile peace that followed, are but a distant memory to the intricate schemes that the Sith are unravelling across the galaxy.


  1. Dromund Kaas


    The planetary capital of the illustrious Sith Empire, taken from Vitiate and his Council in 3,636 BBY. From its capital of Kaas City, the Sith Emperor rules the Empire with an iron fist. The Spheres of Influence, and the various Ministries are governed from the Imperial Citadel on the planet.

  2. Korriban


    The spiritual home of the Sith, Korriban is the home of the Sith Academy and the tombs of the Ancient Sith Lords within the Valley of the Dark Lords. A nexus of the Dark Side itself, it is considered one of the most influential planets of the entire Sith Empire.

  3. Bastion


    Sartinaynian, called Bastion, was acquired by the True Empire and began an era of construction with the intention of it becoming the next Capital Planet of the Empire. Once, Dromund Kaas was taken and the Capital moved there, the importance of Bastion changed to become the heavily fortified military planet for the Empire.

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  4. Nogatan


    The former planetary capital of the True Empire, abandoned after the Nanophage virus which had taken root in its outer settlements threatened to over the only surviving bastion of Novus Vires. In a constant state of quarantine, it is advised that denizens steer clear of the planet, which is considered completely uninhabitable.

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