Welcome to Star Wars: Fates

Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! Inside this forum is the application procedure, guidelines and FAQs you'll need to join our role playing community.


Within this Forum, you'll find everything you need to get started here on Star Wars: Fates, either within this forum itself or in the list compiled below.


How To Become A Site Member - A beginners step into Star Wars: Fates, containing the application process in the simplest way we could describe it.

Introductions - Introduce yourself to the community. We love new members, so please make yourself feel welcome.

The Story So Far - Uncertain of where we stand against the established Star Wars canon? Have a read here, and you'll get an idea about whats happening on the site at the moment. We try and keep it updated - but things do move quick around here!

Character Application Requirements and Template - Now that you've read up on how, we've provided a template with more information for you. Make sure you read this quick and handy guide to making a character.

Character Sheets - All the information on the Skills, Force Powers and other abilities available to characters on the forum.

Rank Badges - The whole collection of rank badges available to characters on the site. 

Avatar Assist Corner - Having trouble finding an avatar for your character? Post in this thread, and we'll do our best to find something that works for your character.


From there, its fairly simple. Post, RP and enjoy.

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