Hutt Space

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From the criminal capital world of Nal Hutta, the Hutt Cartel has created a monopoly across the entirety of Hutt Space, and in many ways, the entire galaxy. Boasting illegitimate practices, shady dealings and outright illegal business etiquette, the Hutts have maintained control of their own sector by remaining out of the interest of the Sith or the Republic, or by dealing under the table with everyone. Perhaps one of the main neutral forces in the galaxy, the Hutt Cartel has lined pockets of Sith and Republic officials alike, in its ever expanding quest to maintain the lifestyle that the slum worlds they possess have granted them.


  1. Nar Shaddaa


    The largest moon of Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa was often simply called the Smugglers Moon, known for its various illegal activities. It was filthy, polluted, but considered by many a safe haven for those that skirted the edges of Imperial and Republic law.


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