Mandalorian Space

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A collection of worlds, largely holding allegiance to Mand'alor. This sector of space was carved from the territories of many species and governments over the past 3,500 years, through both conquest and diplomacy, some joining the Mandalorians because they had to, and choosing to remain, others willingly, through forged alliances. Though it currently sits largely within Imperial Space, the Mandalorians' territory is still very much their own. Their alliance with the Sith Empire, and their value in many fields has helped secure this, and any newly conquered is as open to Imperial settlement as the Mandalorians themselves. There are rebellious elements within this sector, but it is likely that Mand'alor will seek them out and crush them before too long.


  1. Mandalore


    Located in the the Mandalore Sector of the Outer Rim, Mandalore is home to the species diverse warrior culture known as the Mandalorians, prized throughout the galaxy as Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries and Warriors, at their home you can see evidence of a complete culture, one that does not solely revolve around violence and credits.

  2. Onderon

    A former Republic-aligned world that was attacked by the Sith Empire in 3635 BBY, the assault on the world was met with the presumed death of Darth Ga'al and a wounded victory for the Republic, though with the intervening forces of the Mandalorians appearing at the last moment, the Mandalorians openly opposed Republic rule. After a thread from the Mand'alor, then known as A'den, the Republic were forced to accept the terms that the Mandalorians would allow their vessels to retreat and no harm would come to the occupants of the planet, unless they refused to give up the planet. After claiming the world, the world has been marked as a potential trade post for both Republic and Mandalorian personnel.

  3. Dxun

    Reclaimed alongside Onderon in 3635 BBY by the Mandalorians, Dxun is a jungle moon also known as the 'Demon Moon'. Scattered along the surface of the moon are small Mandalorian outposts that are used as refuge for those partaking in their Mandalorian Trials, or those seeking medical assistance. Certain laws are put in place to ensure the moon is a proper hunting ground for Mandalorians, and those that come to the moon must abide by them. 


    Also known for being a dark side nexus, many Sith seek to venture to the Demon Moon in hopes of understanding the dark side of the Force, though many have a tendency to break Mandalorian laws, which lead to issues among both factions. Alongside the nexus, there are Sith tombs that are few and far between that are under Mandalorian watch to ensure no one enters, though like those wishing to understand the dark side, certain Sith disregard the laws.

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