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  2. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    Ellina couldn't prevent the grin that spread across her face at the younger woman's enthusiasm. It was a pleasant note to make that some things didn't seem to change. The excitement of growth and accomplishments being one of them. "I'm glad to see you unthwarted by difficulties. It will serve you well in the future as it has until now." At the very least she could still sound like a jedi, that was nice to know. It was also nice to know it would not be just her accompanying Thuria to her knighting ceremony, as another knight approached and made his presence known. She had not made the time to re-introduce herself to the enclave staff yet- being a bit of a hermit and all- and smiled politely in an attempt to hide her awkward lack of knowledge. At least her reputation preceded her. "I apologize we haven't met yet. I'm still recovering and readjusting to being... Well around people. Your... name..?" She trailed off, smiling sheepishly at their new company.
  3. Enantiomorphs

    A mixture of feelings swept through her upon hearing her husband was well enough, was fighting against joining Chaos any time soon; it was strange how she was both relieved yet slightly disappointed, any extra edge of control and power she could have had on the man now no longer a factor - at least her last resort remained in the form of the blood and Force infused armor she created for the man. Keeping her expression neutral, face smooth save for the momentary curl of her lip, the brunette gave a nod to indicate she had heard him as her gaze and attention drifted. The question regarding her well being made her start, then laugh aloud, ignoring a few startled expressions from those in the training pits. He was good, very good at playing his role of obedience, yet the femme knew better than to let her guard down around the Echani. "Oh, my dear, I am quite well if not missing the action Atrox and battle provided. My skills will begin to tarnish if I remain grounded planetside too long. Unless, of course, I find someone willing to have a friendly spar from time to time..." Looking at the Sith Master like a predator examines its prey before executing a death blow, the Hapan reached out and brushed her fingers along the other's cheek and jaw, not caring if her gauntlet scratched his skin. Only her children and husband were receivers of her gentle affections. "You are a good lad, obedient, loyal to our purpose. But do not think your capabilities and strength go unnoticed no matter what mask you wear. Your life belongs to us, and the moment you decide to lift a finger against us, I will see to it your existence is erased completely. Lucky for you, Corvus, I like you. You were entertaining from when we first met on that wretched Balmorra. Continue to perform satisfyingly and you shall be rewarded," she purred out before walking away to wander amongst the Acolytes, to examine them up close.
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  6. Enantiomorphs

    Darth Sanguira was an awfully hard thing to miss. Like the moon blotting out the sun during a solar eclipse, it became terribly hard to focus on anything else but the encroaching darkness that surrounded him within moments. Then followed a sensation of dread that washed over his consciousness as he thought about how hard and draining it had been to deal with her type, and what the encounter would most likely put him through. Not fear for his life, or by any means a fear of what could happen- it was the fear or anxiety you'd get when knowing exactly what kind of trouble you were about to be involved with. On the likes of the noble courts and councils, Corvus was thankful that she wasn't among their head count. Corvus moved neither hide nor hair when the woman reached out for his head, and his eyes did little else than train on her sharply like an animal that was backed into a corner. He was far past the point of lashing out at other people, but the instinct to protect himself was still very much present. The serious reception was quickly shattered when he smiled faintly; however, and bowed slightly to greet her like a proper gentleman should- mindful enough not to butt heads given how close she'd ventured. Much closer than he'd like anyone to be, and the color in his eyes shifted elsewhere as she got to business and asked about the condition of her lover. He knew there had to have been a reason for her to approach him past teasing him, though he thought that topic in particular was one better suited behind closed doors. What he thought was irrelevant when it came to the two of them for the most part, though. His smile bared the whites of his teeth as he made an audible hum for a moment before answering: ".. Not to worry, Lady Sanguira. Lord Atrox hasn't resigned himself, yet." A vague answer, but it was one that held meaning to the Echani. Whether or not Atrox was losing strength or gaining weakness wasn't really relevant to the picture at large. As long as people would reject resignation, they would gain the privilege of making humanity their footpath, and that's what held the most meaning at the current moment in time. No doubt she'd load up any ammunition he gave to her for Atrox, too. When Sanguira turned, Corvus finally felt at peace enough to look back towards the people in and around the pits. She wasn't wrong, she echoed the sentiments he'd been considering before she'd arrived. But as she brought up the subject of his past and partial shame he couldn't help but scowl for a moment as he looked at the back of her head, which reset back into a friendly expression moments after- So very, very difficult. "Demon's have neither friends nor allies, my lady, and the Force spares no salvation to those who would beg for it. Neither does it seem fit to be merciful to those who would ask for it's benevolence, don't you think?" It was very obvious to the hybrid echani - his past wasn't applicable to anything in his present. No longer did he even consider himself the same person, or on the same level as other people that he would've once considered 'allies'. Corvus now belonged to a world where all there was is death, he had no bearing or right to interfere with the land of the living. The Sith Master simply did as he was instructed, and acted on the best interests of the Sith. "What of you, does anything ail you? Is Dathomir to your liking?"
  7. Set In Stone

    Magnus took the information in from the Jedi knight and looked at the hand, seeing it twitch slightly proving that he had indeed hurt himself, albeit a small amount. Huh. Guess I’ve just never managed to notice before. But in all honesty I’ve never used too much in the past and even when I did it was only because it was a last resort to use it. He thought to himself while he stood up and followed Homra. He took a moment before speaking to the knight again. ‘I know that this will probably sound stupid, but I’m sorry that this will causes you unwanted problems that you had no desire to sit through, so in an effort to make it somewhat easier I will explain more on how and why I use the ability. First off, I’d like to point out that I have only ever used the ability if it was absolutely needed, like a last resort backup if any and all means that I have at my disposal has been rendered useless. Secondly, when I do use the ability I make sure that I keep the balance to remain in control rather than let the anger that is use control me instead. This balance is, to put simply, place an equal amount of light with the darkness, so if and when I do use anger, I make sure that I use and equal amount of happiness or calm to act as a counter to create the needed balance, this being taught to him by my last master Randrow.’
  8. Hoiya lads and ladies of the Sith Remnant, even others that want to interact with them. Here is a thread where you can vote where the Sith Remnant heads first.



    And while I love Verrin's more IC take on it - you don't need to be in-character for it :P Let's have fun ladies and gents!

  9. Nurture

    Magnus was finally making his way to the docking bay after several incidents involving his sense of direction being more then off, but rather completely and utterly lost. Something which still both frustrates and mystifies him on how he manages to do so. At one moment he receives a message informing him that he has been placed on an assignment to do relief work on Telos with Jun Lee, peacekeeper commander from what he heard, the next moment he finds that he had managed to pass the docking bay at least 5 times before finally entering. While he made his way inside, he thought over why he was placed within the assignment and while he would have happily done the somewhat boring but helpful work with a grin, he did have an idea why he was doing it in the first place. Ever since his little trip into the crystal caves with Homra, he had been expecting something that would place him in some sort of situation where he would be observed and then reported on back to the Jedi Council. This was of course a reasonable action to take when he had demonstrated ability considered a dark sided ability but he was willing to do whatever test they thought was needed until they were satisfied. It may have sounded somewhat egotistical to say, but they didn’t have to worry too much when it came to him. While yes he can use Force Shock, he never used it unless it was absolutely needed, using it as a last resort and even then he made sure to keep control of the ability with an iron will and maintaining balance. The balance being something he old master had drilled in to his being, that when the darkness was used, always bring about the same amount of light so that Magnus would stay safe from a darker side of himself from taking control. He had, before coming, thought about what he should bring and wear. He would have of course wear his normal Jedi robes of dark and light brown with the light amour underneath just in case, but he wondered if he had to bring anything else with him such as some food, water, other bits and pieces and his training lightsaber and blaster. Since it was just relief work then he thought that he wouldn't have needed them but he decided to bring them both just in case so he had something to defend himself if the situation ever arrived, leaving the training blade on his belt and the blaster hidden in his belt behind his back. he also brought a small amounts of supplies in his pockets and bag some small amounts of food, water and a basic med-kit with bandages if needed. Now that Magnus was in the docking bay, he looked around for the peacekeeper commander, quickly sighting her along with someone else he know, and walked quickly towards them with his usual warm grin. ‘Hello. You alright Char?’ he quickly asked his friend before turning his attention to the woman in front of him. ‘And hello to you too, Jun Lee right. Sorry if I’m late but my sense of direction if appalling to say the least, anyway my name is Magnus Koaldor and I’m here for the relief work on Telos, its very nice to meet you.’ He finished saying while he extended his hand for a hand shake.
  10. Incipit

    Verrin nodded when prodded about his offspring. There were no more. He'd had three, and all were gone. Two were slain by Sith - or Mandalorians, he wasn't sure - and his daughter by Jedi, because the was training as a Sith. Fortunately, time had passed since those events happened, and he'd developed scars instead of open wounds regarding his losses. Kai went on to state her goals and ambitions - to become a Sith apprentice. It was a short-term goal, and an achievable one. Her other goal, of course, was her vengeance. What would she do after all of that though? One could suppose that she'd pursue higher and higher ranks among the Sith, but if hatred wasn't driving her, then she might fall short. Perhaps she needed ways to stay angry... or perhaps those ways would reveal themselves over time. It was something to keep an eye on, that was certain. She suddenly bowed her head, as if feeling guilty about something she said. The gesture was cute, in its innocence. One seldom saw older Sith performing such a thing. Verrin couldn't imagine Darth Sanguira doing it - that was certain - though perhaps she'd pull it off as part of an elaborate lie to someone else. "Darth Verrin, would you teach me the language of the Sith?" Kai asked of him, and he smiled a little. She was smarter than she let on. The ancient language of the Sith was a key to significant power, and most budding Acolytes didn't pick up on that as quickly as this woman had. Then again, he'd just met her - maybe she had a past of information gathering that led her to this place at this time. Before he could answer her, she was answering his own question, describing her view of the Force. He agreed, "I usually use water as a metaphor when trying to explain advanced ideas to my students. I think I did that for you once already? That idea that we don't try to dam up water, but flow with it. When we master that idea... when we truly understand the Force and how to apply it... we can flow with it as easily as if we were swimming." While he explained that last part, he let go of her hands with a gentle squeeze and release, and then stood up. By the time he got to his last sentence, he had stepped forward, into the table. But he didn't stop there - he kept walking straight through the table, like a ghost, as if the table wasn't even there. He kept going until he was through it and standing beside her, looking over her shoulder at her reading materials. "Ahhh - lightsaber construction. A good topic for you. We should probably start teaching you how to wield one. But your question... of course, I will teach you the language. Some of the most powerful techniques of the Sith lay hidden in ancient texts penned in their hand. It'll take time, of course... there is not Toretta Stone software to teach it to you while you sleep. But we'll get there. For now, Tyro, let's head to the pits and begin your lessons in the saber. Hmm?" The way he said Tyro, sounded harsh on the tongue, but the Sith word for a Sith trainee who had yet to find a master was merely that - not an invocation of power. If asked, he'd explain the specific meaning on the way to the Pits.
  11. Birthright

    Silas swallowed, throat parched and feeling even more light headed than he was when he brained that alien woman. Darth Sanguira was a sight enough for one lifetime, and Silas had seen her one too many. Wasn't it enough that he kept their secret already? The redhead knew that the slightest slip of the tongue, and he would have been dead and the thought of using that knowledge as blackmail never crossed his mind. It was difficult for him to form connections, let alone allies somewhere higher up, that could use the secret of the Sith'ari's spawn. On one hand, he didn't want to come with her. On the other, he didn't want to stay in this mosquito-infested pit either. It wasn't that hard to make a decision. He was getting tired of the mosquito-infested pits anyway. "Thank you, my lord." Silas smiled, pushing the queasiness in his stomach down, knew that his expression looked more like a grimace. Then there was the mention of her children. Well, kriff. It wasn't that the redhead hated children, but he couldn't quite get himself to like them either. However, any attention from them didn't seem good in his books. "I am... glad that they seem to be in good spirits." She seemed too cheery for Silas, and cheery Sith women had his hackles rising every time. So, he was rightfully wary, because one of the Dark Lord's entourage appeared not too long after, The man was tall and Silas' gaze lingered on the hand on the chest, before looking up. There was something about this man that seemed familiar, but this wasn't the time to reminiscence. The man extended his left hand, and Silas narrowed his eyes as he shook it. His hands were a little clammy, but he made sure to make his grip as firm as possible. If there was a little help from the Force, it was a tiny smidgen that was barely noticeable. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Kitsuchi." Silas couldn't stop the grimace at the smile that was all teeth. "The sentiment is the same, milord. However, I do wish that we could have met at a time I had less viscera on my robes." The redhead actually froze when the Dark Lord's... assistant? Manservant? Got far too close for comfort and whispered in his ear. He already had one Sith Lord in his personal bubble, Silas had no need for two. "Come see me sometime soon, I have a proposition for you and Magus." The smile afterwards just made Silas a lot more uncomfortable, feeling a lot more like a specimen under a microscope instead of a Sith Acolyte. The fact that the man had to tell Darth Sanguira to play nice had Silas growing twice as weary. As much as he wanted to push the woman off, he had no idea how she would react and he didn't want to set her temper off either. Which also meant risking the Sith'ari's temper. 'I am trapped in this hellhole.' Silas tried and nearly failed as he kept his expression neutral when he caught the Dark Lord's gaze, before the man turned and moved out with his manservant following afterwards. Summoning as much bravery as he could muster, he turned to Darth Sanguira. "Where to next, then?"
  12. Lustrous

    Homra observed Mirran as she meditated, watching as she let the Force ebb and flow within her. Her presence within the Force glowed with an inner light, and if Homra were to look at it with his mind's eye - the best he could describe it would be the leaves blowing in the wind from Tython's forest. Gentle and peaceful, seemed like the wind would easily shake it away, but somehow held on strong. Her connection had deepened, further than when the first began. The fact that the Knight wasn't pelting Mirran with rocks did wonders for her concentration. Homra smothered an amused snort at that thought. He didn't try and keep track of time. They'd take as much time as they need, and there was no rush at all. Well, maybe they might need some time. "I have found it, Knight Homra. It is further in. it grows on a primary crystal and water flows down the crystals. I..." The Echani's ears perked up in attention, focusing on the soon to be Padawan. Good thing Homra came prepared, fished out a commlink and a torch that the Kinrath avoided, and held both items it towards Mirran. "I read about the spot actually in the archives, from the journal of a Knight who explored the caves long ago." "... really?" Homra asked after letting a moment or two pass after Mirran spoke. There was something about what she said that seemed highly suspect, but if no one was hurt, well... It didn't seem to be anything serious. It should be fine then. "I have a torch here that's almost as strong as natural sunlight. Kinrath tend to dislike bright stuff, so this should do you good for now. However, in case you encounter something...." He pressed a green button bigger than the rest of the set on the comm unit. "This automatically pings me in case you're in danger and need help right away. I'll try to respond as soon as I can. However, I would prefer that you avoid conflict as much as possible, or if necessary - fight with your training saber. You don't necessarily need to kill a Kinrath, but it should buy you enough time to run or get help." Beaming, Homra continued. "For your next part of this assignment: you'll need to go deeper physically, retrieve the crystal, return here, and then we can begin with the final part of your trials."
  13. Verrin reported in to the Council meeting in person, enjoying the proximity of the rest of the Council in this time of recovery. Besides, he despised those holo-projections. They always seemed to make one appear older, and fatter than they were. They say 'the camera adds ten pounds', but he was not amused. The discussion of planets to settle was an interesting one, and since so many were in the Outer Rim, near his place of origin, he had a vested interest in the selections. Umbara was fine and all, but resembled Dathomir in its ecology. That wasn't to say it was without redeeming value - the lack of 'daylight' meant the temperatures shouldn't be as brutal as the jungle world. But some of the other options sounded nicer. Thule's more civilized setting would prove appealing to those who desired creature comforts. And Verrin had gone far too long without his favorite beverages. At one point, he'd even considered retiring the infamous 'beverage cart' in his office due to restocking issues. But he was also a fairly simple person in terms of luxury items - his clothes, his accessories, and his living arrangements were never extravagant. He'd never found a need for them. Ashas Ree, on the other hand, offered a fairly clean palate. The idea of discovering old temples and relics appealed to Verrin, and the opportunities were fairly wide-open. The only concern was that intelligence of the planet was limited - it was difficult to ascertain whether the Jedi had any presence there at all. And Jedi, on a good day, could be quite... annoying. Then there was Krayiss II. The promise of a Sith Library had Verrin up on the edge of his seat, almost drooling in anticipation. The information contained in his own Library was substantial, but combining it with that of the 'promised land' was almost more than he could bear. He grinned unabashed. He liked that one the most.
  14. Palliative Care & Convalescence

    "Excellent, Darth Tanit - that is the mindset we require going forward. The differences of before matter not, if we are to fight over what little resources we still hold, then it would spell our doom," speaking almost cheerfully as he slid his hands together, continuing to listen to her. The feudal lords of Carnifex's planet were under her thumb, apparently - this was pleasant news to say the least, though the idea of what could be translated into force slavery could end horribly wrong. Walking as he listened to the military training facility to be built upon the planet, he approached one of the unused council chairs. Brushing the dust off it, he took a seat as he let his thoughts slowly form on the words the woman said, it was true the Outer Rim wasn't entirely within the Republic's jurisdiction - but the Jedi still patrolled it, or the ones that vehemently believed the Sith were still alive. Raising his hand to the stubble that covered his face before finally wiping his gloved hand across his mouth as he yawned. "I would lessen your grip on the planet, let them feel more free. The Sith Empire has ruled through giving them the idea of being free, but at the end of the day it is merely an illusion - the illusion of choice is greater than giving them absolute freedom. There surely are some of those with the same potential as Carnifex within these halls, no?" The question was asked as he eyed the woman up and down, almost feeling apathy - if it was a true emotion he could still feel - for the woman before he spoke up once more, "I think the best solution is to grab one as an apprentice, bring them to the Dark Council chambers and we'll simply complete the ritual above their heads. I would generally recommend recording something to address those that wish to speak with you though - then when the time is right, have the new body 'ascend' to your position of power." The idea of taking the body of a random savage from Carnifex's native world was possible, but unfortunately there were a few issues there. Most notably the vacuum of power, if Tanit chose to choose a proper successor however, then potentially she could find a way to properly send off the life of Chen Karnok to her new 'apprentice'. Otherwise, it was detrimental to the reins she supposedly held with the tribes on the planet - it would either cause a revolt by stealing the body of one of their own, or they would revolt and reveal that the Sith had a presence there. "If we go this path, who needs to know of your current body's.. disappearance? You can act as an aspiring Sith Apprentice, blending in with the rest and regaining your power, none would be wiser. Slowly, but surely your presence will manifest once more, but anyone who knew you prior wouldn't realize who you are during this time," speaking to the woman as he brought his hand to the glove that covered it, pulling it off to reveal the damaged flesh, he continued on with what he said, "I would not fear your weakened state if we are to proceed as such. As much as I am sure you will be weak, you will still have your knowledge at the end of the day. Simply do not do what would make you have a massive target on your back." Clenching his hand into fist as he let the dark side dance along his flesh, utilizing his own suffering and discomfort to heal his wounded hand temporarily, he looked at the woman before sitting up straight and turning his head to the side as his spine popped. Sighing as he returned the glove to his hand, he already could feel the heat of the Sith Academy course through the chamber they sat, ruining what comfort he had just gained from sitting down. "Those that remember your failures will not realize the apprentice leading them is the one who has worked to correct her wrongs. Except this time, you will be in a body capable of leading, no wounds of the past forever haunting you like your slit throat and scorched lungs - and in time, perhaps your apprentice can inherit your title once you let your past die." Post Information
  15. Plot Ideas?

    Ziost's Citadel is already kind of in use, though we kind of detracted from before SW:TOR did it's all-consuming plot on it, so it's still like all other Legends sources - a wasteland of frigidness and temples, with a few cities. I also believe Verrin stripped the area of it's relics under one of the previous Emperor's - though he could correct me if I'm wrong there, since I vaguely remember there was talk of Ziost with him before.
  16. Here are the four planets that are slightly 'loose' enough to accompany potential resistance from the other faction, as well as a suitable place to set up a new area of reclamation. Below I will give a loose summary of each, as well as the wookieepedia link in case anyone really wants to go that in-depth. Obviously the final destination is retaking Korriban, since it is the ancestral world - but baby steps at a time. Discussion is encouraged below this post. Umbara A planet within the Expansion Region that is under Umbaran control, it is also the most deadly in terms of fauna and the fact the entire area is difficult to traverse (It's permanently night also). Since most Umbarans are neutral and are only allied with the Republic out of necessity, it could be a long con to have the Umbarans assist in the re-emergence of the Sith Empire. This also can provide the Sith Hopefuls/Remnant Recruits with tasks to complete by surviving the dangers of Umbara. Thule A planet within the Outer Rim that was formerly occupied by the Sith, Thule is more civilized than the rest of the planets listed - mostly due to the planet having Hurom as it's capital, which is fortunately a former Sith Temple that occupied most of it's residents. There is also Kessiak that is regarded as it's 'true capital', allowing the Sith to have another 'safe haven' when they want to act as simple civilians. In addition to it's more civilized appearance, it also can provide survival training for Sith Hopefuls and Remnant Recruits. Ashas Ree An ancient Sith planet within the Outer Rim that was occupied by one of the former Dark Lords of the Sith, as well as a complete clean slate. This provides us the ability to get creative on what remains on the planet, if there are still Sith temples, or if there is now a city erected on it to be occupied. Krayiss II A planet within the Outer Rim that was previously occupied by the Ancient Sith and Vitiate's Empire, the only real thing of note mentioned is the temple-library that only gave those of Sith blood access, as well as it being buried underneath the surface. With the occupation of Vitiate's Empire, I imagine there would be a city erected to actually supply individuals with homes, as well as Sith Lords with places to erect their own spires of influence. This planet can also provide an interest place to go during one's tenure as a Sith Hopeful/Remnant Recruit in the Sith Academy like most others.
  17. Enantiomorphs

    When had she become so hard to satisfy? Once upon a time ago, the woman saw potential in those beneathe her status, yet looking out upon the acolytes now only brought the grim realization that all beings before her were pawns in a game of dejarik. All were expendable, her care in their well-being a well executed facade that few individuals knew of. Still, the brunette desired to rule, for her empire to prosper, and for that she needed subjects- and an army. Eyeing her pet, the man she and her lover created together, Sanguira smirked; she enjoyed playing with him, playing with any of her favored subjects. Making a mental note to pull a few of the acolytes aside that had a slight potential to be of use in her working within the shadows, the Darth made her way to the former Jedi, her presence anything but hidden despite her power being held back. Heels clicked on stone, fingers reaching out to grasp dark locks that had once been white. Giving a playful tug, she began to circle him, looking his outfit over with raised brows. "Hn, I suppose you do clean up nicely. Pretending to be harmless and approachable, eh? If only they knew what you were, what you could do..." Giggling at the thought of his monstrous side being released, the woman let the moment turn serious, her voice audible only to his ears, her proximity close enough while facing him that her boots nearly touched his. "Corvus, tell me. How is my husband's condition? You are always with him, so surely you know if his strength is increasing or waning from the weight of the power he holds..." Atrox. He was her greatest ally, her greatest enemy, and her greatest weakness. Corvus knew of their relationship that was kept as hidden from view as possible. He knew of their children, and even knew long ago their intentions to take the throne prior to the Republic practically clearing the seat for them. His knowledge was why they kept him close, why they worked their "magic" on him. Clearing her throat, facing the training puts once more, the Darth sighed. "These Acolytes lack the extent of thirst and drive we had when in their position. They aren't out of shape, haven't fully wasted away to nothing. But they understand nothing of true bloodshed, battle, survival. They have been scraping by here. Soon, Corvus, we will face your former allies and wipe the galaxy with their corpses. I believe I questioned your readiness to destroy them once before, but what of now? Have you fully fallen, my pet, or is there still a glimmer of light I need to black out?"
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  19. Birthright

    Kai was numb. She wanted to say something, step forward, interrupt the proceedings. It would have been pointless, ending in her own demise. Such reaction would never get the Korun the retribution she yearned for. Although she did not know the fellow initiate's name, the young woman felt a slight pang of regret. What Jax did, was foolish but did she deserve to die for it? Stifling a soft murmur all too eager to leave her mouth, the Korun's gaze fell to the ground. This could have been me. This could have been anyone. She felt no hatred or disdain toward the acolyte who took the green skin's life. How could she? He was commanded to do so, by his superiors. One day, I may have to do this, Kai thought with a heavy heart. Her focus remained steady on the ground beneath her feet, hoping that the Mirialan's body would be removed soon. See me after this, soothed a familiar voice. Really?! What could he possibly say? What could he possibly offer her, after this?! Everyone, including Darth Verrin was so accepting of everything that took place. Truth be told, so was Kai. Outside, she was a mask of calm before the storm. Inside, she was screaming. Father... is that all, that we are? Living to die, and nothing more? There had to be more. Her heart cringed, tightening so hard that Kai nearly drew forth an audible breath to feel she was still alive. A lone island she was, floating upon stormy seas of uncertainty and darkness. When one could not see, all you could do, was sit back. Wait. Hope for the weather to clear. Father.... Kai wanted this more than anything, to be one of them: the Sith. The power they promised would have assured her of everything she ever needed to exact her revenge against those who killed her father. But there was so much more to be had, than the latter. There was a future. Something she never considered even when she was growing up under her father's watchful eye, on Nar Shaddaa. Kai never considered much at all. Now, she was thinking of everything. And yet, there was the corpse of Jasinda Jax, laying beneath some Sith acolyte's feet. It would soon be taken away, forgotten. Never to be mentioned again, except in passing as some outrageous jest that failed to please. Kai Tsintah would not be one of those, not if she could help it. She closed her eyes, hands clasping in front of her, and the memory of the pain she felt when Jasinda jax had died made her wince. Fear. Uncertainty. Regret. All those things were Kai's secret bane. She wanted none of them, not here and not now. In her mind, the Korun imagined the gentle, comforting touch of a Zabrak's hand upon her shoulder. See me after this, a faint echo reminded her. Was it really that easy? Kai stiffened, building a wall of her will to hold back tears of anger and frustration. Chewing on the corner of her lip, she felt a bit nauseated. Hopefully, this event would be over soon, and then the Sith initiate could seek her refuge in the spartan walls of her quarters, focusing back on the ultimate goal that mattered to her: revenge.
  20. Plot Ideas?

    The Sith Citadel may still house many buried and forgotten relics. I do not see Jedi raiding it any time soon, due to the overwhelming presence of the Dark side. There is also the possibility of finding scattered remnants of Rakata technology, if anyone was interested. It is not a friendly world, encased by ice and rough, rugged terrain. Most Sith would find it 'welcoming', I daresay - and coming to Ziost could definitely yield a 'fun' adventure, or two. The vine cat is probably a much easier mount to master than a rancor, so there is also the possibility of capturing some of these beasts to be mastered by willing Sith Lords or Apprentices. Finally, there is always technology that could be adapted for use within the Sith Remnant. The planet's surface might be dead, but its artificial elements could still be in good shape, and thriving.
  21. Plot Ideas?

    I'd imagine there'd still be some on Ziost, since the entire planet is a wasteland of ice and death - so a lot of the less explored places definitely could. Korriban is also fairly possible, they were used as guardians for ancient Sith tombs. Dromund Kaas is doubtful, since when it was utilized as an actual planet by the Sith, the Massassi were thought to be completely extinct (or too diluted due to breeding between humans and the Purebloods.) Overall if people want to make that a thread I'm all for it, the more RP the better. Rediscovering ancient stuff, potential solutions, etc. are all encouraged IC. Gives people more stuff to do in the long run!
  22. Plot Ideas?

    If we were to consider information in the Legends article of the Wookiepedia, then the original home of the Massassi was Korriban. Some Massassi were inhabiting Ziost as well, by 27,700 BBY. It was not until 5,000 BBY that some Massassi established their home on Yavin 4, under the leadership of Naga Sadow. Hence, would it be fair to assume that there are still leftover Massassi on both Korriban and Ziost, and perhaps even Dromund Kaas (if we are taking the major Sith-governed planets into account)?
  23. Plot Ideas?

    • Arrived on Hapes • Updated self on current political situation • Famliarized herself with cerain fmilies of power and wealth • Found her mother still clinging to high status • Used her name, past position, and current skills to take out (slowly and silently) those that would oppose her power plays • Managed to slip pawns (normal Hapans that vowed loyalty) into the planet's defense and political structures • Now recieves regular reports, and plans to send a few acolytes (NPC for now) to maintain the Remnant's hold • Is working on subtly spreading her influence to the other locations that make up the Hapes Cluster, using their negativity towards the Jedi to her advantage It was a slow process, but one she had begun even before taking refuge there. Being physically there sped certain processes up thankfully, but as she had no agents to utilise, it took longer than norm to "conquer" Hapes. And she shockingly didn't act upon her desires for revenge - too small of a matter to care about for now. And that, ladies and gents, is what went down post Empire Massacre.
  24. Plot Ideas?

    Well once the site is updated the polls will be posted, turns out that is a requirement. Anyways, as for role-playing everything, generally that isn't required - especially when Hapes still is bitter about the Jedi pretty much giving them a wound that is almost permanently sour. However, if we get characters that want to be agents, diplomats, etc. that is completely possible. I know with Vansic coming back into the picture, there will generally be more 'Imperial Diplomacy' (outside of BDZ a goddamn planet @Je'ka Cuyot >:( ), so those spots can be filled accordingly.
  25. Plot Ideas?

    Just so everyone is aware, i will do a breakdown of the control over Hapes, and how Sanguira's agents are gradually spreading through the cluster to bring it all under her control. I'm at work right now tho, so when I'm home and settled I will get to it. Let me know if I need to do a roleplay post/thread to explain it all.
  26. A good example of an Exquisite Artifact that is very powerful- and reasonably so. Detail and content are well thought out. Approved.
  27. Plot Ideas?

    It's possible, I think the only planet with a small population of Massassi remaining would be Yavin IV - unless someone else knows where there are other Massassi. So we could potentially have some Sith Recruits/Sith Acolytes and others try and find a tribe of them that still exists, then do all that fun stuff.
  28. Plot Ideas?

    On the subject of slaves, perhaps the Sith Remnant could coerce the Massassi? They would make for great warriors, too. I do not know who occupies Yavin 4 at present, but it was the first idea that came to mind when I saw the suggestion for acquiring more slaves.
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