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  2. Set In Stone

    ‘Oh well originally I was from Corelli but I ended up on some rock when I was around..., four I think. I never actually did find out what the planet was called I really should look into it.’ He mentioned as he stated to focus his attention towards one of the crystals closest to him. It didn’t take that long for him to sense it, it was somewhere to his right. It didn’t take much to feel the Force coming from the rock as if another person was just standing there, waiting for the right person to find them. It was incredible for him to feel how the small crystal felt, how it seemed to hold so much life despite it being an object; it all just brought a small smile to his features. Once his senses reached close enough to the crystal, he reached out a sort of hand with the force towards it and lightly touched it. Suddenly within his mind eye, he saw a light the glowed warmly, flowed with the Force as if it was the most natural thing that it can do, just like breathing. Within Magnus’s mind, he lifted out a hand and lightly touched it and was flooded with happy and calm memories. It took him by surprise that these where his memories, as it seemed that the crystal was acting like a mental mirror, all the different times that just made him happy. The time he watched a sunrise for what felt like the first time, meeting his friends for the first time and, something that brought a small sad smile to his face, when his mother was reading him a bedtime story. He never could remember what she was reading to him, he was a child back then after all, but he remembered that he felt safe, like nothing bad could have happened to him as long as she was there. So if you’re here, he thought to himself, then where’s..., No sooner had he thought the thought, he found it. In his mind’s eye, he saw collection of shadow that seemed attached to the light, swirling slightly. He was a little hesitant at first, but he slowly reach out and lightly grazed its dark surface and with no surprise at all, memories of his dark times came flooding into his mind. But even when he knew what was going to happen, he still flinched slightly as he remembered how scared and alone he had felt when he was hurtling towards a planet , how wet his checks were when he saw the fiery inferno engulf the ship with his parents still aboard. He pulled his hand back from the dark patch of his mind and looked at it with his mind’s eye. It still hurt, whenever he thought about them, it still clawed at his heart with its pain. It will never stop hurting he knew, it will still happen but he was getting better at dealing with it so that it couldn’t use him. And it was working, he had in fact used it plenty of times when needed with his Force shock ability and when he did, he made sure that this little dark part of himself was never in control, that it would never change him. He smiled slightly. I will never forget you but you will never define me.
  3. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus gave a strange look towards Mirran. ‘Well that rhyme was definitely different. But in all fairness it does not give a lot of choices with direction so might as well. I mean it’s not like we’ll get lost that easily.’ He spoke as he raised his datapad with its new code before putting back into his pocket and walking down the right corridor of stone. ‘You know,’ He continued as he walked. ‘It’s weird to me that so many people think that there are only two choices with most things although I get why most would think that. Most of the time there’s three, four if you count going backwards but mostly three. There’s one side then the other and no one rarely see’s that there is the middle ground to go to. Same goes with the force as well actually.’ He started to rub his head when he came to a sort of mental block. ‘Ahhh, what was it that Randrow told me once? Umm, there’s freedom in death? Wait no that’s not right.’ But after a moment of thought, Magnus snapped his fingers. ‘Oh now I remember it.’ ‘Flowing through all, there is balance There is no peace without a passion to create There is no passion without peace to guide Knowledge stagnates without the strength to act Power blinds without the serenity to see There is freedom in life There is a purpose in death The Force is all things and I am the Force.’ ‘A nice code don’t you think?’ Magnus asked his friends once he had finished. ‘Apparently there were a few Jedi who followed that and became known as gray Jedi and to me that sounds pretty good.’
  4. The Geomancer's Retreat!

    Cambul charged past the firing of the sonic blasts, aided by the fact the ceiling turrets were already half rusted, and was soon falling back from the firing blaster bolts of the Mustafar devils, who had come charging throught the icy tunnels armed with scattedguns and sonic blasters to force them back as well. The cyborg dived behind a collapsed arch and pulled out his rifle, noting his cyborg hands were not shaking. He wasn't human enough to shake like that anymore. He was terribly scared, of course. But he didn't want to die in a dead stronghold of a dead kill he barely remembered, and he certainly didn't want Kev coming to harm. It was times like this that he was glad he was nearly senile. Wasn't like he could look forward to quality of life. He had been surviving just to survive, he suspected, for a long time. Karma seemed to have tossed him a bone with the cybernetics getting repaired. Half the original stuff that took the place of his organs was on the verge of failure. So he could look forward to a few more years of painful existence, and THEN he would expire as a pile of junk. That was, provided he escaped. He squeezed off a shot, watched his bullet hit one of the devils in the leg, and ducked at the barrage of return fire. He fired once there was a lull. To his surprise he hit two more and injured a third before he crawled to his feet and ran, dodging sonic bolts and metal bullets and blasterfire as he caught up with Morgana on the other end, watching Kev fiddle with the sabercane. He finally got it on and began cutting through the door while Morgana explained the next step. "Oh, joy. You both get to play nightclub bouncer," Kev uttered dryly as he cut. The cyborg turned and stared at the dark Jedi wryly. "Funny enough, I think I WAS a bouncer at one point, because this whole thing is creepily familiar," he said, getting out his rifle. "I'll drill 'em at a distance, you wade through these sinners as you please, just watch out for the sonics and slugthrowers because they brought alot." "Yeah, those guys are jerks like that," Kev growled. The mercenaries arrived and opened fire on all of them, Cambul returned fire, ducking behind a collapsed stone pillar and his head was forced down from the whine of sonic bolts. He force pulled the boy away from the door so he wouldn't get hit and then resumed firing.
  5. "So, we shall be going down the right corridor?", Char asked. "I say that we get going. You first, of course." Char was cautious as ever. He knew pretty well that the path ahead could be dangerous, so he didn't want to be the one going first. But Char also smiled all this time. He had managed to get the crystals and so this trip could be classified as a success from his point of view. He was already thinking of how he was going to use the crystals. He could barely conceal his excitement. He hoped to construct two lightsabers.
  6. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    "I read them as well, Two." To let him go and make a run on them? Might chew the Seppies up good, but then again, Aureks were valuable and so were recruits- especially pirates. "Negative, Two, don't get within range. Gain altitude, we'll observe the situation from afar." Much more sensible. Sure, Stell always enjoyed shooting fish in a barrel, but this one probably wasn't a good idea. He'd done some fighter training before, but she highly doubted he'd had ground-attack schooling. Aaaaaand her console went crazy. They were targeting her, and from Paam's exclamation, her as well. Evasive maneuvers- basic stuff, no need for anything fancy at this range. "Do not engage, Two. Garnik is sending a party out, they'll handle it." She gained altitude quickly, seeking cover in a light cloud bank. "Garnik, we've picked up separatists inbound, they've tried to target us. Can't tell how many from this range." "Understood, Outrigger Lead. Get out of there, we know where they're going, and we got a gunship on the way." Stell nodded, though nobody could see it. "Roger that. Two, form up- we'll refuel at the fort and get on our way home. Not our fight." It's an important lesson for all of us to learn. Can't get all of 'em. And I'd feel pretty bad if Paam miscalculated and flattened himself on the ground. And Commander Jun wouldn't appreciate the loss of one of her pilots- or one of her Aureks. Can't disappoint the commander... again. She pulled the snubfighter around, towards Fort Garnik. And from there, homewards to Dantooine, and to monotony. Ahh, well. Couldn't all be action, could it?
  7. Name: Varia Octarian Gender: Female Species: Human (Mother Corellian, Father Mando) Rank: Jedi Initiate Date of Birth: Nelona 6, 3644 BBY Appearance: A young girl starting to come into her potential, muscle just starting to form from years of following her father on his hunting expeditions. Black hair with rich red undertones and blue hazy eyes. Her skin is pale and easy to flush under exertion. There is a small nick of a scar on her lower lip, an accident of falling down on a rock when she was eleven. Possessions: The clothes on her back, a silver necklace with a small opalescent gem (formerly her mother's.), and a blaster pistol that she is not quite ready to use, but keeps in memorial of her father. Personality: Naturally quiet and observant, Varia's family raised her to be a hunter and survivalist for their lifestyle. She is shy and nervous at first when meeting someone, as any young person might be, but grows attached once she likes them. She is a very practical girl, not wanting for much and not wanting to give much either. Her parents raised her to be respectful of the nature of prey and predator. Eat what you kill, use what you must, take no more than that. Her mother was against unnecessary violence, where as her father believed that to fight was to live. Though her father eventually caved to her mother's beliefs, you love who you love, and you make exceptions for them. Skills, Abilities and Talents: She is an excellent tracker and capable in cooking for herself. The actual action of hunt and killing though, she has not taken part of. She can be stealthy and quiet, but is weak and small for her age, a result of malnutrition during the hard times when the hunting was not good. She also has a very strong voice and is a wonderful singer. Biography: Born to Tove Segyrn and Nalia Octarian, Varia Octarian lived hopping from planet to planet following her fathers hunts and lifestyle.Her father often traveled from planet to planet hunting all sorts of game large and small to keep them on their feet. Each new hunt was a new adventure and new learning experience. Her mother was not so keen on the constant travelling, often asking Varia's father to 'settle down' for her and their child. It was only after a fairly loud and aggressive argument, when her mother was very angry, her father having left on a hunt, that Varia asked why they always seemed to be at each other's throats. According to her mother, what they shared was mutual respect. What was supposed to be a short fling while Tove was on Corellia, ended up being a life time of companionship. When Tove realized Nalia was pregnant, he refused to abandon her as it would be 'dishonorable'. While not quite willing to raise a child on her own, and not willing to give her up, Nalia conceded to traveling with Tove. What started as a peaceful arrangement grew tense over the years, providing for a family and housing them was more expensive than Tove expected, his hunt and game growing scarce with competition, especially since he worked alone. Nalia attempted to sway him to other ways of getting credits but he would not budge, only grew frustrated with her inexperience and unwillingness to get a job of her own. Nalia grew just as frustrated when Tove began taking Varia on his hunts, teaching her techniques and skills that Nalia believed not to be for girls. Skills that Tove argued should be taught to everyone. This begrudging companionship went on for years, through thick and thin their love for Varia kept them going and complying with eachother until Toves unlawful techniques caught up to him. On the swampy planet of Borga, Tove, Nalia, and Varia had made a semi permanent camp after a hunting expedition on Tatooine gone exceptionally wrong (according to Tove). Tove had most likely resorted to unfair and illegal tactics to get the credits needed to feed his family. He would never say what he had done or how he had gone about angering the gang that tracked them. Most likely hoping they would leave Nalia and Varia alone if they knew nothing should they be caught. It was a vain hope, after jumping planets for so long and constantly running, the luck was bound to end. On Borga they came in the evening, catching Tove as he was taking out the remains of the lastest kill while Varia and Nalia sat comfortably inside by the fire. The shouts and blaster fire startled them, but Nalia was no coward. Not even knowing how to use it, she took a blaster rifle outside to the noise, unknowingly followed by Riley on her heels. It was quick at least. The deed done and with nothing to pillage from their small encampment, the assistants left not realizing that Varia had collapsed in shock, covered in her own mother’s blood. The next morning Varia was sure she would waste away and die in the swamp, knowing how to trap but not to kill. How to cook but not to skin and prep. She was alone and doomed. Fate and the force however disagreed, a lost injured Jedi approaching the carnage and finding the young girl in desperate need. Between the two of them, what supplies the Jedi had and the remains of Varia’s parents possessions, they were able to escape the swamp planet and head for civilization. Where Varia assumed she would be dumped some where more accommodating, or left in an orphanage. Instead the Jedi kept her with her, traveling to her soon to be new home Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Stealth Novice Survival Novice Beast Tamer Novice Biosurge Novice Biochem Force Sense Final Notes: Last section of Bio will be applied IC with the lost Jedi rescue and return to Jedi territory.
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  9. Just a scratch.

    Thuria pondered over what was happening. The situation was dire, but to see these fires organized in such a manner was unthinkable. Who was causing these fires? Who were the instigators? Something wasn't right. "I think someone is out to get these people." She stated, turning to her Master. "These fires didn't start by accident. Someone organized this. It's clear that someone wants these people dead, but for what point? There has to be a motive involved. Maybe these people know someone that's starting these fires." It was a good guess, but it was the only logical reason she had thought of. Maybe it was Czerka's doing, but why would they go after civilians? That was the big question. Or maybe it wasn't Czerka, but a gang. Either way, her training was taking her to places unknown. Maybe she would be prepared for battle one day. Right now, one thing at a time.
  10. Application of Sidara Eldin

    Yeah, Miraluka are awesome. Best near-human species.
  11. Application of Sidara Eldin

    Not staff but yippie another Miraluka. *squee* lol
  12. Quiet Time

    "Apprentice," Verrin greeted his pupil in return. He remained quiet for a moment or two though, trying to think of what to say, or what to ask. He'd tasked her with the job that he eventually had to do himself, but then, he was a trained Darth, and she an apprentice. Had he expected too much, too soon? He'd asked himself that very question, in the hours since he'd left the tribes-people of Sector A-7. Were his expectations of her realistic, or was he pushing too hard? He couldn't see her legs from this angle, but he knew they had been replaced with prosthetic. Her show of kneeling to him when she arrived was nothing short of impressive. Even if it pained her to do so, she did it. Was her pain fueling her power, or was he not teaching her how to utilize it? He'd had minor success with berating her, in her early days. Her initial efforts in telekinesis had all but failed until he'd stressed her to the point of breaking. He could pursue that path again, but would he achieve the same results? Or would she break this time, becoming useless... or dead? He finally spoke, hands clasped before him on the desk. "I have concerns, Apprentice," he began. "Tell me, did your replacement legs strengthen your resolve in your pursuit of power, or did they weaken your connection to the Force?" It was an oblique question, but it did hold some weight. Verrin had work done in his earlier career - enhancements done to his knee that enabled him to leave his cane behind and rejoin the ranks of the healthy two-legged sentients. He hadn't felt weakened by that surgery, but then he only had a knee replaced - not entire limbs, and certainly not the lower half of his body. He had heard rumors of those who lost flesh, and lost their strength in the Force. But he'd also witnessed Darths with many cybernetic replacements... so the loss of power was an interesting issue. More importantly though, was how it affected his pupil personally.
  13. Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom? I was recommended by Cassius Troy. Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general? I'm 25, Irish, and currently residing in the Eastern United States. I have had considerable prior experience in roleplaying, though nothing within the last year. I've written fanfiction in the past, but I'm not hesitant to say it was crap. I stopped for about ten years and stuck to roleplaying intermittently throughout, before finally going back to the fanfiction scene to practice writing. I started writing a silly Star Wars SI project that soon blossomed into over 200 thousand words. How, I'm not entirely sure, but apparently Cassius Troy thought it good enough to warrant a recommendation. Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones? No real communities or guilds, I've jumped in and out of small forums and the like, but nothing like this forum. What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging? All three? All of these things are certainly desirable, but most important for me is continued writing practice. There's no way I'm going to be better if I don't practice. Do you know what a Mary/Gary Stu is? Metagaming? God Modding? Provide a quick definition of each, because all of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or you character have trouble conforming to this? Yes, I am aware of these terms. A Mary/Gary Stu is a character who is perfect, that's not to say that they are 'masters of everything' though they can be. Rather, they face no challenges, suffer no real losses or face no problems. The plot of a story bends to accommodate them. Metagaming is when one uses out of character knowledge to determine in character actions in order to gain some advantage. God Modding is when one participant in a roleplaying interaction refuses to allow their character to suffer any injuries or setbacks, and overrides the autonomy of the other player to injure, kill, or otherwise defeat their character. How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things? My schedule can change evenly enough, but I am confident that while I will not be present 24/7, nor even 24/6, I will be active enough to keep up. Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order. I would like to play a Jedi character, ideally an initiate seeking to further her knowledge and training with the Jedi Order. Sidara Eldin is a relatively young woman, one of the more nomadic Miraluka with passion for learning and seeing new things. Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind. Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You! Name: Sidara Eldin Gender: Female Species: Miraluka Rank: Jedi Initiate. Date of Birth: 3614 Appearance: Sidara Eldin is a Miraluka woman of slightly above average height, having hit her growth spurt early in life, standing at 1.9 meters and weighing 165 pounds. Her body is thin, though not unhealthily so, with hints of forming muscle on her arms and chest. Sidara's hair is brown and style in a short, simple style, just barely reaching her neck. As a Miraluka she has no eyes, and wears a simple blue blindfold to cover the vestigial eye sockets. Possessions: Sidara Eldin possesses very little to her name, beyond what was passed down by her parents. A few changes of clothes, mostly a variety of tunics and pants, a simple vest alongside a a coat for the winter months. Her typical attire is a pair of black paints with a white tunic shirt, with a brown pocketed vest over that. Though now that she has joined the Jedi Academy, she has been given the simple tan tunic of the Jedi Initiate. She possesses only four hundred credits to her name, and a simple blaster pistol. However, her most valued possession is her mother's lightsaber. The lightsaber itself a simple, unadorned device with a green blade. Personality: Sidara is a calm woman, preferring quiet where she can find it and tending towards a sort of contemplative diligence. Sidara speaks when she feels a need but otherwise allows others to dominate conversation, not out of any shyness, but rather a lack of interest in extended conversation unless something is being taught. When she does speak though, her voice is soft and perhaps a little ragged from lack of use. She speaks formally, having a disdain for informal speech. Beyond that, she wants to be a good Jedi like her mother, even if she is not sure what that entails, and is determined to do her best. Skills, Abilities and Talents: As a Miraluka, and a former student of the Luka Sene, Sidara has a strong ability to sense the world around her, using it to see and guide her. Sidara's knowledge of Jedi techniques are limited to the basic skills she learned from her mother, from the basics of telekinesis, jumping, and pushing with the Force, though she has proven capable enough with them. Her lightsaber skills are lackluster comparably, her mother having only begun to teach her Shii-Cho before her death. Biography: Sidara Eldin was born on Alpheridies to Celessa and Rathe Eldin, her father being a Sene Seeker, and her mother a retired Jedi Padawan. As a Miraluka she was born naturally sensitive to the Force, using it to compensate for the Miraluka's lack of eyes. Growing up, Sidara did not gain many friends her age, her natural quietness proving off putting to many other children. Despite this, and her parent's fears, she did not seem to take this fact too negatively, preferring to do things on her own. Her strong sensitivity to the Force didn't become obvious until her seventh year, when in a fit of childish anger, she unconsciously pushed, and hurt a fellow student. This action resulted in her eventual suspension from her school. Her parents made the decision to withdraw her from the school and teach her at home. Her Father would take her with him to the university in the morning, letting her sit in on his classes to do her schoolwork. During these classes, she would often pause to listen to her father instruct new students in the ways of the Luka Sene, practicing when she could to try and emulate them. And while she could not match the skill of the older students, she could match their diligence and eagerness to learn, her father teaching her the basics after class. In the afternoon, she would help her mother around the house. Celessa Elegin would instruct Sidara in the basics of telekinesis, and allow her to practice lifting and moving objects to clean up the home. Other times she would teach her other basic skills as well. When she hit eleven, her mother first introduced her to the lightsaber, more at Sidara's insistence than desire. Celessa would run through Shii-Cho drills and Sidara would emulate her as best she could, seeking to match her movements. It was around this time that she met Merrick Solman. The son of one of her father's fellow teachers and similarly strong in the Force. More importantly, Merrick understood her solemn nature. Together they would practice their sense abilities, or simply walk through the city. Merrick would deal with much of the conversation, having a talent for interpreting Sidara's silences and translating them for others unfamiliar with her. However, at 14, Merrick's father Alon fell to the Dark Side. Whatever the reasons, Rathe Eldin was sent with a team of security personnel to apprehend him and bring him back to Alpheridies for rehabilitation. However, Alon proved talented enough to fight back and slew Rathe and the security team before fleeing. This caused Sidara to retreat inwards, eschewing all contact with anyone but her mother. Merrick attempted to see her several times, but each time she refused to acknowledge him, throwing herself into her studying and training with her mother. Celessa, after Rathe's death, agreed to teach her more of what Jedi techniques she knew. A year later, Celessa became ill and fell into debt, forcing Sidara to take up whatever work she could to support her family as much of what her father had left went into her mother's treatment. However, after a year Celessa succumbed to her illness, leaving Sidara alone with only a small amount of credits to her name and a considerable debt to pay. In response, Sidara sold off the house and most of her possessions to pay off the debt, taking what was left alongside her mother's lightsaber, before taking the first shuttle to Dantooine, not having any desire to stay on Alpheridies anymore and unsure of what else to do. Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Single Saber: A basic understanding of how a lightsaber works, including the skills necessary for building, maintaining, repairing and safely wielding one in comba Form I - Novice Shii-Cho: A basic understanding of lightsaber combat, teaching rudimentary skills such as footwork, striking, blocking, parrying, blaster deflection, the body's target zones and instinctive Force application. Force Dash: Regarded as one of the core abilities taught to any Force-sensitive, Force Dash allows the user to enhance their own speed for a short period of time, allowing them to move at a superhuman speed, or in most cases, dash forward a short distance to dodge an attack or close the distance between an adversary. Force Jump: Regarded as one of the core abilities taught to any Force-sensitive, Force Jump allows the user to enhance their capabilities of jumping, allowing them to jump a longer distance vertically. Most practitioners learn to utilize this skill to cushion their landings to reduce the risk of injury. Force Sight: An advanced version of Force Sense, Force Sight allows the user to see the world around them with the Force, even if one's eyes become useless. Focusing on utilizing the ability allows one Advanced uses of Force Sight teach users of more insight into danger sense, expanding on how one can perceive a battlefield and to allow the Force to act as a three-hundred-and-sixty degree defense mechanism, providing more information for the user. (Since she's a Miraluka and has spent time with the Luka Sene, I think it makes some sense that she has some more advanced sensory skills, but I'll defer to moderator judgment.) Force Listen: A basic augmented sensory ability, Force Listen allows the user to enhance their auditory ability to hear from longer distances. An advanced user could potentially separate specific voices to correctly eavesdrop on a conversation. Force Push: A basic telekinetic ability, Force Push allows the user to release a burst of pressurized air outwards from their palm towards an object or individual to throw it away with excessive force. Due to the nature of this ability, the further the distance between both individuals reduces the effectiveness of the power, resulting in a weaker push. The user can reverse the polarity to pull an object or individual towards them, or in another direction. Novice Telekinesis - Allows the user to manipulate small-sized objects such as a lightsaber and a datapad with minimal concentration, while allowing them to turn their entire focus on moving average-sized objects such as a humanoid or a bed. Final Notes: The Luka Sene have an ability called Field Detection, which allow them to sense energy fields, generators, devices and such. They can sense shields and at the more advanced stages can even detect temporary fluctuations to find weaknesses in the shield . I'm not sure if any of the Force powers currently listed cover that, and I'm also not necessarily asking for Sidara to have that skill, rather it would be a skill she knows about and perhaps has an understanding of 'this is how it's supposed to work'. Is it possibly something to potentially learn later at moderator discretion.
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  15. Application: [[Galia Regine Stormer]]

    Alright. Thank you for your help.
  16. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal didn't know what to say. Karter accepted what he did. Injuring those Barabel... how could he do that? What did he do it? How was he able to unleash that power? His thoughts returned to the present. Karter needed his help. Kal said it himself that he wouldn't kill anyone. He would resolve to do just that. Could he succeed? What was the cost? He didn't like this, but he was a smuggler. Smugglers needed to do their job. But was it right? He followed Karter, minding his steps and only looking at the Barabel one last time. It was unbearable to witness, but here they were about ready to finish the job. Kal just hoped they chose the right path, even if that path led to far graver circumstances. He didn't like this. He didn't like this at all. What was he doing? What did he know about being a smuggler to begin with? There wasn't any turning back, and yet there had to be a way to undo his wrongs. He had no choice. He would see this job to the end, and make sure the Barabel leader was alive, enough for an interrogation. Yes, it was a sound plan, one he hoped would work out well in the end.
  17. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran took a deep breath. "Blast....I should have had Kaybee come with us. I am sure he'd make a big fuss but I could have sent him down one of these passageways to scout out for us. But he's more of a protocol droid and would be a very poor scout. A Kinrath would come along and he'd be scrap." She sighed. She picked up a rock with the Force and threw it down the left-sided tunnel. She let go of the rock and she heard the rock crash into the rock wall. She took another rock and threw it with the Force and let it go to the right-side tunnel. She heard nothing. That meant nothing though, it could be there was no rock wall or it ran out of momentum. She looked reflective and started a simple rhyme. "Two ways of the Force, simple to see. One is Dark the other is Light. Which way to go, which way to find. Light, Dark. A flip of a cred coin. My Master says to be careful now in both ways sure. Choose...the right path and choose your way...." She pointed her finger down both ways and alternated between the rhyme. "Light, Light....Dark, and Dark as you please, but one way for Jedi and one way for Sith. Choose a side and stay." Her finger pointed down the right corridor and she shook her head. "To be honest. I have no idea. And as simplistic as that was, I've heard that sometimes worse decisions have been made with even lesser rhymes or lesser ways. A flip of a credit coin, even. So let's hope fate is with us and this doesn't turn out bad." She paused a moment. "Oh and don't ask me where I learned that rhyme...it's been floating around for awhile."
  18. Application of Kale Sarkan

    Lol it's fine Rank should be: Jedi Initiate
  19. Where To Begin

    Home... Verrin's eyes grew distant for a moment, as he was transported somewhere else - to a far-off place, and a simpler time. A wife... children... the Outer Rim. Home was long gone. That life had been over for decades. Despite his best efforts, there had been no going back. He hadn't been able to either return to that place, nor the people of that time. And he hadn't been able to bring them all to him. It was his life's longest struggle, and his biggest failure. Of course he knew what Honoghr was. It had just been so long since he'd heard of it, that it completely slipped his mind. He almost, but not quite, smiled. He came back to the present as quickly as he'd left it, and offhandedly replied that Vakar and Drackonis had struggled with one another for power over the Temple. The Sith always struggled, they'd said. When they stopped, they were essentially dead. Verrin even added, "The sorceress, Hesina Valenti. I don't believe it was a long-term thing, but a brief romance, like the burn of flash paper." And then of being 'cut in two' - Verrin described the encounter as he remembered it, and then added his own conclusions. "I'm not sure how he survived it either - just that he'd lost to the Emperor's wife in a violent duel, in an arena designed to test one's mettle, and make Emperor Trajan a lot of betting cash. Maybe he was a clone... or maybe there had been a sorcerous pact. Drackonis was most definitely a sorceror of no small water. Or maybe... just maybe... he was so strong of will that he simply refused to be slain. One might wonder." Verrin glanced over to see the man showing his datapad, and nodded his agreement. "They are quite something. But be mindful to look up from it now and again, or you might miss the passage of an event... or an unscrupulous peer's blade as it descends towards you." Once Sel became more 'aware' as a Force user, that warning wouldn't hold weight. The Force would warn him of danger. But for now, it was sound advice. Verrin cocked his head though. His life was full at the moment, but not overly so. "Very well - let's go down to the Pits and you can show me what you've learned. Perhaps there will be an instructor handy to show you more - but if not, I can teach a few things. The basics of the saber forms are so fundamental... you really need to have a firm grasp of them before branching out into the more specific Forms. My instructors didn't believe in that, all the years ago, but I went back and picked up those fundamentals myself. It made for some difficulties though, as I had to unlearn a few things in order to learn them properly once more. Fortunately, in those early days, one could do a fair amount of damage using stealth and a plasma blade alone. It was only later, when I had to stave off more skilled individuals, that I discovered my shortcomings. And now, with the advancement of age and wear-and-tear on the body, I'm glad I relearned those things. Come. Let's go stretch the limbs."
  20. Application of Kale Sarkan

    Alright, thanks. And sorry, I meant Rank LoL
  21. Application of Kale Sarkan

    Intermediate blaster pistol and intermediate stealth should be good, since your character back story addresses why he has them. Also, I'm not sure I understood what range means?
  22. Application: [[Galia Regine Stormer]]

    There used to be OOC accounts, but all of those had been merged with the members' "main character' account. After the admin takes a look at your application, they'll post if the membership and character is approved and will provide instructions on what to do next. Once approved, you'd be given a signature and your profile name color will change to reflect it. As for roleplaying, there are tags on threads if other members are welcome to join (Open). Only ones that need invites are semi-open, invite only, or closed threads.
  23. Application: [[Galia Regine Stormer]]

    I do actually have two more questions. 1. My profile says to add an OOC account or some such. What is that? 2. When an admin does look at it will they tell me if I am good to go or do I wait for an invite to one of the groups to roleplay such as the academy?
  24. Application of Kale Sarkan

    Name: Kale Sarkan Gender: Male Species: Human Rank: Jedi initiate Date of Birth: 3609 BBY (21 Years Old) Appearance: Kale is a tall guy (1,93 meters tall) and muscular, not really bulked up though. He gained a great physical form during his time living in the streets but that doesn´t mean he was able to go to gym to actually make his muscles bigger, we could say he is fighting fit. He´s got brown hair and usually has at mid length, not touching his shoulders but pretty close. He has a beard as well but he doesn´t allow it to grow much, only being a shadow of brown ion his face most of the time. His eyes are brown as well. He has gained a few scars in his life before being a Jedi, specially in his back and torso, he doesn´t like the Jedi robes much so he really doesn´t wear the brown hooded cape much, but he does wear the clothes the Jedi usually wear underneath, in a sand color. He doesn´t own a lot of outfits apart from that one. Possessions: He doesn´t really own much. He can only consider his blaster and his short vibroblade as his possessions. He doesn´t own an apartment or anything like that, he lives in the enclave and only has the clothes they gave him when eh got there, since the ones he was using before were in a very lamentable state, so that leads him to usually wearing Jedi robes, without the hooded cape though, he doesn´t like it and finds it annoying to move. Personality: Even though everything he has been through, we could say Kale is a good person, in his own way. He is loyal to his friends and knows how to return favors done to him, and always does it, though it is hard to be friends with him since he doesn´t really trust anyone quickly, he can be kind of nice to you and work with you but from that to earn his trust there is a long way to go, he learned that the hard way during his time in Correllia´s streets. He has some troubles with authority and following orders sometimes, he is not the type to question everything just to be rebellious, in fact, he doesn´t usually question but basically he just doesn´t follow commands when he considers those commands are stupid or unfair. He does discuss when he thinks there is a better option; he is not an anarchist but has his own moral code. He is quite a fun guy to hang out with when he is in good terms, he knows how to party and can resist alcohol pretty good. He uses sarcasm and doesn´t lie often, he uses to tell what he thinks regardless feelings, and that can get him and the people around him in some trouble. He can also happen to tend to flirt often, something he got used to while living in the streets. He believes in the Jedi order and he is very grateful of everything they have given him, so he would follow them to death… Even though he doesn’t really follow all of the rules established. Skills, Abilities and Talents: He has been in the Jedi order for a few years now, so he has pretty much the abilities of a Jedi beginner like basic force knowledge and powers, lightsaber combat and physical training and elasticity. His time in Corellia also gave him some abilities that come in handy in his life. He is a good shooter with his blaster pistol, can handle himself with a vibroblade and he is a proficient starfighter pilot, even though he doesn´t really fly a lot in the temple he likes to do it anytime he can get his hand on a fighter. He knows how to move on the streets, disappear, hide his presence and steal things without people noticing he is there. He can also handle himself in bars and other places where not so good people use to hang out and can defend himself with his fists; he had to learn how to do that since he didn´t always have a weapon at hand. Biography: Kale´s parents were members of a mob on Corellia, which basically consisted in high standard robberies and sometimes drug dealing. That being said, either Kale or his parents had a lot to do with the drug part of the cartel, but with the robbery one. While Kale was growing up he learned how to sneak in highly guarded places, he started working at a very young age because, as a kid he was able to enter little conducts and places where the adults couldn´t fit, so his parents occasionally used him to get the object at hand. That was, until he was 9 years old and he met this twi´lek girl, named Henna, of his own age. They met one day that Kale was walking on the streets; his parents let him do that because he knew how to take care of himself, not by fighting but running and disappearing if it was necessary. Kale and Henna made good friends with each other rather quickly, and they started to hang out usually the next year. Kale learned a lot from the girl, and actually became a good hearted boy thanks to her. Nto that he was bad before, but the education in crime his parents had given him could have leaded to him to become a rather nasty person. That was until the cartel decided to expand his operations and started getting into slavery. One of the first subjects to sell was a twy´lek family. They slaughtered the father, since male twi´leks weren´t a good business and kept the mother and daughter waiting for a buyer. One day Kale discovered that the daughter of the family was none other than Henna and, using his sneaking abilities, managed to steal the key of their prison from one of the guards and set them free. But during their scape they were spotted and chased by one of he mob members, Kale got his hands on a blaster and killed him in reflex. He couldn´t scape after that, though the two twi´leks did. He was brought to the mob´s head and he was going to be executed, his parents stepped in and they were killed instead, so Kale took advantage of the confusion and mange dot scape. The mob placed a bounty on his head, which is still active, but he managed to survive. He lived in Corellia´s streets for a while, using his robber ability to pick on pockets, wallets and other stuff that could pay him for meals. But that not always worked and he was beaten up, shot and cut pretty often until he managed to sharpen his skills in the art of robbery, and he decided that he needed a way to defend himself. He became quite good in street fight the next years but that wasn´t often enough (specially when the people trying to hurt him wield weapons) so he managed to buy a blaster pistol and a vibroblade to a smuggler one day that he stole some jewels from a house, he became a pretty good shooter, and kind of knew how to use the blade, though he hardly ever used it. He didn´t like to kill people except extreme situations and often aimed for the legs with his blaster, and he highly reduced the times he got beaten by that. One day, when he was fifteen, he came across a group of men who were robbing a young girl on an alley, he didn´t mind people being robbed, it would be pretty hypocritical of him, but he never used violence, and the intentions of those seven guys were clearly nasty judging by they way they had the girl cornered. He, of course, stepped in, and even though eh managed to knock two out the other five were too much, and he most likely got beaten up and was actually going to be killed until a jedi casually walked over. He had been watching from the moment Kale stepped in and was impressed by the boy´s ability and by how he didn´t kill anyone in the process… And also by Kale´s will of risking himself to save that girl. Once the Jedi had taken care of those seven he asked Kale about his story and used a weird force stuff (at least weird for Kale) to heal him. After they talked about Kale´s story he offered the boy to join him in the Jedi enclave, and he accepted. So Kale has been on Coruscant and in Dantooine after that for five years now, training to become a Jedi. Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Blade weapon Novice Blaster pistol (Is it possible this one to be intermediate?) Novice lightsaber Form I – Novice Shii-Cho Starfighter proficiency Novice Stealth (again, can this one be intermediate?) Novice counterfeiting Force Dahs Force Jump Force sense Force camouflage Force Push Force Stun Lightsaber throw Telekinesys (novice) Final Notes: Yeah two questions. I requested my character´s blaster pistol and Stealh abilities to be intermediate due to his past robbing for the cartel and his time in the streets learning how to use a pistol. Also, I am not sure what to write on the “Range” section, but I hope it is right.
  25. Application: [[Galia Regine Stormer]]

    Welcome to Star Wars Fates! Hi there and thank you so much for filling up the member and character application! The member application looks good so far, and there should be admin checking it out soon to process it. I do see that you have a bunch of questions, and I'd be glad to help answer them. We do have one on one threads and group threads, anything pretty much goes in how many participates in a thread. As for topics, Jedi Initiates can only post in the Enclave, Sith Recruits in the Academy, etc. After the character graduates, it is then possible for them to post in other locations.... It depends on where your character wants to go. There are planets here that may need the presence of a character ranked higher than an apprentice to access. That's fine. As long as your character isn't connected with canon ones like Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, etc. On another note, you'll also need to change your username to your character name, because this will be the same account used for roleplaying. If you still have any other questions or need help, don't hesitate to ask and staff would be more than happy to assist~ Good luck!
  26. Set In Stone

    "Ah no, I don't think I've ever seen such." Well if it was the sort that liked dark and damp places, Homra wasn't enthusiastic with meeting one at all. Still, he was interested to learn more about the initiate. "What was your home like though? I don't know much about your home planet." "As for the meditation... We could start by spreading your awareness within the general area." The Echani gestured around themselves. He shifted a little on his foot, and double checked his datapad another time. "Interact with the crystal here and if you could reach farther, that works too." If Magnus managed to interact with the crystals, that meant Homra could proceed with the next order of business on what he could do with the initiate. Hopefully, they won't attract the kinrath. A Knight and an initiate couldn't really fight off plenty of them, and it was better being safe than sorry. Besides, training sabers couldn't really do much against giant spiders that laid eggs with red crystals. Homra observed the initiate who already had his eyes shut, and shifted on his feet again. "I'll be here and will keep an eye out for giant cave insects, and I'll let you know when to stop."
  27. Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom? I was recommended by CassiusTroy on fanfiction.net Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general? I am from North America. I am 19 years old. I have been roleplaying for nine years on a minor website called quotev, and personal messages in places such as text, and tumblr. Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones? I have but they were small groups on Quotev that were not very active. I have been a part of over thirty roleplay groups on there. Some had people on everyday most only once or twice a week. What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging? To me the most important thing is to increase my capacity and skills of writing alongside others who enjoy the world of star wars and exploring it. Do you know what a Mary/Gary Stu is? Metagaming? God Modding? Provide a quick definition of each, because all of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or you character have trouble conforming to this? A Gary/Mary stu is a character who is overpowered, or nearly invincible. They always have an answer or solution for everything and even when bad things happen they come out find and do not really suffer or grow. Metagaming is when one goes outside a game or roleplay to bypass the rules inside of either the aforementioned. Often to their own advantage. God Modding is when you take control of another person’s character. It often happens without permission and the character is often portrayed incorrectly. How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things? Since I am a college student I can spend a rough estimate of 1 to 2 hours on this website daily unless something comes up then every other day. Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order. My character is a young human girl who carries the hopes of her parents on her shoulders. When it was found she was force sensitive and would be trained they gave her few things to take with that they thought the jedi would not provide. One a small note she keeps hidden so it is not taken away. An apartment they are paying for her. A set of re-purposed armor her parents left at the apartment for her. The enormous comfort knowing her family loved her, and the knowledge that her ancestor use to be a jedi before the empire ever rose up (not a canon character) that gave her pride and confidence in her skills. Even though she has no idea how to use him and there has never been another force sensitive in their family until her. A pride she has difficulty overcoming, and a need to prove she can be a good jedi even when she knows failure is greater. She would try to join the Unified Jedi Order. Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind. My only concern is actually just a question. Is this a 1 on 1 rp group or a massive overall everyone rps on the same topics group? Are we all separated into smaller groups to minimize confusion or is it a free for all until your character graduates? Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You! As for any closing notes I am looking forward to participating within this group if I am allowed. I have fun whenever I roleplay and can flesh out new characters of all sorts. It is so much fun seeing what kind of characters other people create too. It is always an experience I enjoy and I do hope you accept my application. Once you've completed this section, please post a topic in this forum with the title "Application: [[Name of your character]]" Character Application Now we've gotten to know you, help us get to know your character! If you are already a member of this site, you can ignore the first half, and simply apply with this character information. Name: Galia Regine Stormer Gender: Female Species: Human Rank: (The rank of your character, and/or Force rank based on their strength in the Force and availability of teachings) Padawan I suppose. Date of Birth: 3614, 16 years old Appearance: Galia has tanned skin, dark purple eyes, auburn, wild, messy hair. She often ties about half of it behind her head but allows the other half to lay straight. Her hair falls a little below her shoulders. Sometimes she braids her ponytail. Most the time she just leaves it alone. Galia is of lithe build but tall compared to many other human females. Her height is 6'2". Her weight is 170lbs. She has a scar that goes along the back of her neck. It was from an alien attack when her neighborhood had been attack and they dragged with a rope cutting open the back of her neck slightly. It became infected and the skin never really healed right. She has a birth mark on her right shoulder that many describe as an arrow head where some say it is a directional marker. She only sees a slightly dis-formed triangle. Possessions: She owns a set of typical padawan robes. Her robes often that are light or dark brown but she does have an armor set her father gave her that is pure white and has been remodel for a woman's body. She never wears the armor and it stays in her apartment collecting dust. Her parents are paying for the apartment she is living in while she trains to be a jedi. She carries around a note her parents gave her the day she left everywhere she goes and always has it hidden within her clothes so she never loses it. She also has her lightsaber that glows a bright green. Personality: Galia is a confident, prideful person. She is always the first to act and that often gets her in trouble. She believes in doing not waiting. A line of thought that has gotten her into many troubling situations before. If she thinks something isn't right she is very vocal with her opinion and never scared to ask why anything is the way it is. Or that is what she portrays herself as to many. In truth she uses her pride to hide her fears for she is deeply worried by her parents expectations to see her past. Galia never bends under it and often pushes past her fears in order to prove she has none. Which causes her extra strife. She never quits, and is very determined, because if she fails she will be letting down the only two people who have ever mattered to her. However despite all of Galia's pride and brash actions she is willing to offer a helping hand to those who can not help themselves. It distracts her from her worries. She can sit still and study, but she learns better through doing then reading. Skills, Abilities and Talents: (A summary of the character's strengths, or just a summary of what the character is average at. This will allow members and the staff to gauge how well balanced, or specialized the character is. Updating this section is not required, though it is encouraged to show your character's growth by expanding on their more simpler feats.) Biography: Galia Stormer is the ancestor of Adriana Stormer. A jedi who fell in love with a clone during the clone wars who bore his child before order 66 was carried out. That was the story of Galia's family. The first story she ever remembers being told as a child. Her father was proud of this and so is her mother. When her powers began to show at the young age of three they knew it was important for her to know it was normal despite all the hate she may receive in the future for her abilities. She grew up knowing she would always apply for the academy and attempt her best to be a jedi. When Galia was eight years old her town was attacked on Corellia. They were hunters and slavers. Claiming to be looking for big game and thought the biggest of all would be a force sensitive child who they had seen practicing her skills. They dragged her through town by a rope on her neck she fought against. It cut open the back of her neck slightly before her father and some of the other men came out of their homes and chased the hunters off. Her wound became infected and never healed correctly. After that Galia became even more determined to master her skills and become a jedi so they could never do that to anyone again. For the next seven years she has been training her martial art Echani skills by taking lessons in one of the many large cities on Corellia. Traveling back and forth for three hours twice a week just for the lessons. When she was home she helped her parents with their crafts so they could sell them on their down times at their jobs. Then when they would rest she would go out to the forest and practicing her force abilities by herself. Always feeling as if she was messing up somehow. This isn't how one should train, she always thought. Still she forced herself to train four hours every night and live everyday with only four hours of sleep. More often or not animals would come by and watch her train until she learned to also reach out to them using the force. Character Skills and Abilities: Skills: Novice blade abilities, martial arts basic knowledge of the Echani technique, novice saber staff, novice Shii-Cho, Novice Soresu, novice beast tamer. Abilities: Force Sphere, Force Sense, force listen, beast control, force camouflage, force stun, Final Notes: The person who recruited me did so through fanfiction.net so I do not know their real alias on here. However their name on ff was CassiusTroy. Also is it a problem if my character is related to an OC of mine that would have been alive during the times of the clones war? She would not be in this of course just an ancestor for my character to take pride in and use as a role model.
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