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    Verrin sighed. It seemed there was always some administrative task to attend to, that kept him from his beloved books, his precious coffee, and his experiments. Today was no different, and Maggie cheerfully (the droid was always cheerful when scheduling his time, for some reason he couldn't fathom. Perhaps it gave her a sense of control over him.) informed him that part of his morning included visiting the prison cells. "Prison cells? When did we establish prison cells?" He had asked the overly-feminine-looking assistant upon hearing the news. Maggie similarly, cheerfully, informed him, "As part of Imperial Codex, Section 178.7582, Subsection 43, Paragraph 19 states: A formal, Imperial Academy will include no fewer than twenty detention cells, in order to..." But Verrin cut her off before she could complete her citation, assuming that it was a leftover from some earlier time - perhaps when Darth Atrox ran the Academy, though maybe it predated even him. Or maybe, it was new. It certainly wasn't a priority on Verrin's construction efforts after the remnants of the Sith had taken the place from the native population. It just wasn't all that important why the cells were there. It was more important as to why he'd have to go there. He wound his way through the halls, and eventually arrived at a small guard station that was manned by only two individuals. One was a Sith Acolyte, fairly insignificant by most standards, and the other was a former Imperial officer. Both bowed at his approach, and then he asked about the prisoner he was supposed to deal with. They politely informed him that the 'bird lady' was in cell twelve, and that she was ill-tempered and unruly at best. The Sith guard even started to complain that the cell was starting to smell odd, but based on Verrin's facial expression, he quickly ended his gripe and described the reason for incarceration as "she's a spy". Verrin didn't bother asking how they knew, or why, and proceeded to cell twelve. He reached out with the Force, sensing the individual within. The presence possessed some affinity in the Force, but it was unclear how focused it could be - how powerful. He wasn't overly concerned, having stood toe to toe with some of the most fearsome Force-wielders in the galaxy, and he opened the cell door to step inside. Once there, he turned to face the occupant - a bird-like entity. She didn't appear to be mistreated or abused, but aside from an observation of molting, Verrin wasn't sure how he'd know. So instead, he simply stood with his back to the closed door, and looked at her. He wasn't especially tall or stocky for a Sith, being of average height and seeming build. But that build was masked by a complete blanket of black fabric. He wore a simple, hooded, half-robe that was belted at the waist. His pants were of firmer stuff, probably leather, and his boots were black, simple, and functional - they looked like the boots of any recruit, or regular member of the old Empire. The sleeves of his robe covered his hands, which were clasped behind him, and the only skin one could see was from the cowl of his robe. That skin was a dusky purple color, where it wasn't tattooed in black ink. The tattoos covered a wealth of age, scars, and burns, and seemed to extend beyond the scope of the face. His right ear bore a single, ornate ring, but other than that, his eyes were the only striking feature. They were golden yellow in hue, and lined with red veins, and they looked like they could see through someone as well as to them. Those eyes drank in the prisoner for a moment, and then he spoke. "Well then... who are you, and what's your story? How dd you find yourself stashed in here?"
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    Well, apparently Kale had gotten he attention of the smuggler, or whatever she was. Honestly though, she did look like a smuggler or at least a merchant who didn´t always trade with legal stuff… Maybe he could even make a deal with her to make his life in the enclave more interesting if she was able to bring him some stuff… But that would be for later business. He looked around and smiled, she was right to be cautious, and honestly he didn´t want anyone to know what he was about ot ask her so he shrugged and nodded. “I agree, let´s go inside” he said, and he followed her. Once they were inside the ship he looked around “wow, nice piece of flying junk you got here… No mean offend, it seems nice enough.” He then sighed “So… down to business?”
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    Telona, 3629 BBY Vashlai and all her belongings had been confiscated, of course, that had not been without a lot of squawking, claw scratches and a lot of fuss. She had been accused of being a spy. The Fosh's feathers remained a steel grey color a sign of anger as well as annoyance. There really wasn't much Vashlai could do. Instead, she paced the dimensions of her cell and carefully studied them. There was a holocamera in the cell. Vashlai was able to find it and she saw it on the ceiling. She turned her gaze towards it. No doubt she was being studied as well. Such a thought made Vashlai squawk a light squawk in amusement and caused her feathers to turn green. She had spent most of her life observing the actions of others and now finding herself being observed kind of tickled her. She pondered what would happen to her. She had heard the Sith could be harsh to beings such as her. Death was likely....no... not death. If they wanted her dead they would have killed her right off. Torture...that was pretty likely but Vashlai had a high tolerance towards pain in general, what would make others scream in agony would have the Fosh give squawks of pleasure. She had no idea why she enjoyed pain in such a way. Perhaps her pain receptors were wired differently from others or perhaps she had turned off the segment of her brain that processed pain. Anyway, conventional torture did not work on the Fosh like it would on others. Although the Sith were welcomed to try. She had only wished to progress in the ways of the Sith and their abilities that they called the Force. So far all her being here guaranteed her a prison cell. It was pretty spartan in appearance a bed that was a cold durasteel slab. A couple of buckets of water. Someone would eventually come. Meanwhile... Vashlai closed her eyes and practiced the meditation she had learned from the holocron. She felt the stirrings of the Force...that strange power that both the Jedi and Sith laid possession of. Vashlai knew she had such stirrings of that power within her. Her people had no knowledge of this power. Yet Vashlai as soon as she was aware of this power craved it. She had come here to know more. Hopefully, the Sith... would teach her. It did not look likely at the moment but Vashlai knew that she must be careful as her landing here was proof on how suspicious and cautious these people were.
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    Verrin smirked at Holle's last request, and glanced over to Kai, who seemed to want to exit the office as quickly as possible. He couldn't sense any fear from her directed towards him, so he guessed that she was either eager to start the interviews, or she was uncomfortable with Holle. Of course, a combination of both was possible, or even none of those, but Verrin thought he'd amuse himself with an answer for both their benefits. "Naturally, those texts are available. I'll have Agatha flag them for ease of access, though you could show Kai how to do that yourself. But... by the by, Apprentice... how do you know that Miss Tsintah cannot speak their native language already?" He let that question sit for a moment, as he looked upon them both. He guessed that given Kai's self-described isolation, that she didn't know the native tongue, and even if she did, she might not know the particular dialect. But she was also surprising in many regards, and for all he knew, before she ever traveled to Dathomir, she took the time to learn the basics of the native language. Or perhaps she knew sign language, pictoform, or telepathy... some other communication method. Interpretive dance? Most likely though, his apprentice was correct, and the pair would have to work together to talk tot he tribeswomen. That would require them to start building trust with one another, as Kai would be relying on Holle to translate what she said without interjecting her own opinions to change the tone of a statement too much. He could already imagine Kai asking where the tribe's water supply was, and having Holle translate it as, "The dullard wants to know if you are capable of drinking water." But similarly, he knew that Holle would need to start building trust with Kai in order to work with her in completing their goals. And in the near future, if Holle was to instruct the new 'student', she would need Kai to trust and believe it what she said. The Sith... building bridges... who would have imagined they'd fall so low? In fairness, Verrin attempted to offer a quip at Kai. "Follow Holle's lead though - she has established a level of trust with the tribe already, and has managed to get me coffee... I cannot stress how invaluable that is to me." It was true. Even though he was as prepared today as he was on day one for Holle to kill him and take his place, she HAD managed to get him coffee by working with this tribe. She had definitely scored some favor points with that effort. "Go on now... both of you. The sooner you start, the sooner we can begin bolstering our ranks."
  9. Down on her Luck...

    Kala took the cred-chip and rolled it in her hand. Kala took another gulp from her flask and contemplated the initiate briefly and looked around. "This is probably not the right place to talk business, kid. Too many nosey types. You poke a big fat lightsaber or even the Force into something you're going have trouble. I had heard rumors that the Peacekeepers always need mercs for some of their affairs with the Jedi. " She then grinned. "If you don't mind stepping into my ship I am pretty sure we can hammer out terms and whether or not I will take you on as a client, per say."
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    Kale laughed once again, for some reason he was starting to like that girl, something about how she talked and acted made him want to know her. It certainly was a nice change compared to all the stuck up Jedis he was used to deal with in the Enclave. Sure, he was the weird one there, the boy raised in the streets who didn´t really had that mysticism around him and just wanted to use the force. Kale was doing his best to take in all those Jedi philosophies but… Not really his thing. The part of helping others though, that one he did get very well. “Well that´s two things for you… Jedi don’t normally have credits. I happen to, and Jedi don´t usually drink… You just saw I do drink, no matter my age… I think I started drinking when I was fifteen… Back on a pub when I was trying to get hired for a thieving job… You gotta show you are tough in front of those guys, am I right?” He then sighed and looked on the pockets of his Jedi outfit to reach his wallet. He didn´t know if it was allowed, actually he never saw a rule against it, but supposedly Jedi didn´t need money because they got free stuff when they were off world on a mission… But he felt weird without money, and he had a good amount of it. He opened his walled to show the girl the money, then took five credits and threw them to her. “That´s for the sip… Now are you interested or not?”
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    Holle took one final drink from her mug and sat the thing back down on the beverage cart with but a simple use of telekinesis. She had been given another task, and for it to be performed with his new project student. The Zeltron noticed that the woman did not rise to the barbs, and so she noted that she was at least a nose above the rest among a fresh crop. Control of one's tongue and temper around their betters was a very fast lesson that was most often learned through pain, so she could appreciate that much about the student. She bowed her head in her seat, "Absolutely my Lord. It would be my pleasure to screen potential students. We needn't use our resources on those who have no chance to yield any progress, correct?" Holle looked upon Kai with the final word. "Acolyte Tsintah, you will ask these women what you believe to be pertinent questions regarding their readiness to learn in the Academy. Of course, I will interject should the line of questioning prove to be irrelevant. I will interpret between you and the tribeswomen, as I speak their language. If you wish to interact more with the tribes in service to the Sith Order then I would recommend you to learn the language as well. When I return to Sector A-7 to meet with their priestess I will discuss this learning opportunity with her. If they agree to teach you their language then of course I expect you to accept the gift of their welcome into their community. Am I understood?" She said, with the true panache of someone who had a taste of being a successful diplomat for her master and the Sith. Holle could get used to serving as an intermediary between neutral parties and the Sith. The Zeltron looked to her master, holding a finger up to pause Miss Tsintah for a moment should she go to answer immediately as she was leaving, "I will compile the list of potential candidates at the conclusion of the interviews with both myself and Miss Tsintah's opinions on each woman in question. May I make a request of you, though, my Lord? Would you kindly set aside some basic archival texts on linguistics and the power of langauge for Miss Tsintah? I feel it would be in her best interest while we are on this world to study up on the idea that words can hold power beyond simple understood meanings."
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    Well, Kai may not have had the answers Darth Verrin sought, but she did sense the Zabrak seemingly 'entertained' by something she said. Either way, she did her best to offer her 'counsel' and once she was done with that, the acolyte expected to be dismissed. Before that would happen, however, the Sith Lord spoke at length with respect to the points she brought up earlier. Force-sensitives? It was by far, the most interesting news when it came to the tribal population. Well, it would certainly explain a few things. Like riding those awful beasts, to start with! In the end, Darth Verrin had made his decision. It may not have been what Kai expected, but then again, when did Sith go forth and do the 'conventional'? They were ordered to gather more intelligence and start integrating the tribeswomen into the Sith 'herd'. To that end, they would have to determine which ones would be the most suitable.... Not a task to be envied, Kai thought. Then again, she was not going into the unknown alone; the Zeltron was going to be in charge of this task as they went to interview their 'guests' waiting outside. "As you will it," Kai answered simply. She bowed to Darth Verrin, then to Apprentice Holle, then removed herself from Verrin's office content to wait outside. Hopefully, they would take some time to confer as to what Holle expected of her, and how the Sith Apprentice wanted to proceed. With the door closing behind her, Kai's dual-colored gaze befell the gathered women and a staring contest ensued. Might as well observe them here, while waiting for the Zeltron to emerge; it would give Kai and the Dathomirians a little time to get 'silently' acquainted.
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    Magnus smiled excitedly, he knew that if he messed up one this on this little mission then he would likely end up in quite a bit of trouble considering how he ended on this mission to begin with. But he just couldn’t help his excitement from leaking out, this was his first proper assignment off world, it may have been something a little boring but who cared? It was timed to show how he would be like on a mission and he would be damned if he didn’t do his best to make it helpful as well as laying to rest a few issues that others may have about him. “Right so, shall we get going? Cause I am ready to rock and roll! And practice a little something on the side of course.” He spoke as he sat down on a available seat close to him, taking his backpack off and retrieving a small rock that he had packed to help with furthering his abilities. side note: sorry about the late reply but I had recently had my uni exams and my laptop had desired to be a d**k and stop working on me so again, sorry but yeah, let’s get this story rolling finally
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    Magnus gave a roguish smile towards the two. “Well, if we are all good to go, then let us commence with this little royale. So, who wants the first shot?” Magnus immediately settled into his form III stance and waited for one of his opponents to initiate an attack towards him. His plan for the match was to simply relay on his current form as his means to defend himself, he knew that it was good to know how to throw a good attack at an opponent, but he knew that a great defence can help just as much. If he wanted his skills to improve then he would need to work at them. side note: sorry for the late reply. I recently had my uni exams and my laptop had decided to be a d**k and stop working on me 😠 so again, sorry about my updates
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    "That's too bad," Verrin commented idly on Kai's self-stated qualifications. But if he appeared disappointed, he didn't sound that way. He was mildly amused with the repeated term 'sensei', but attributed it to a cultural quirk that would stick or not as Kai heard more, different people address him. Of course, there was always the possibility that the moniker would stick as others heard her speak it. But the conversation required his input, so he leaned on his elbows on the desktop, and spoke to some of the questions Kai brought up. "It's my understanding - and mind you, this is skewed, as the male point of view is somewhat dampened on this world - that the various tribes number between forty and a couple hundred women per group. The nature of their culture, level of civilization and technology, and this planet's geography dictate that larger groups become unwieldy, and smaller ones get absorbed or snuffed out completely. I also understand that there are some tribes of menfolk here - those tribes tend to be few but long-established. The various amazon tribe leaders know that in order to perpetuate their species, they require menfolk for reproduction. My reading tells me that they have 'coming of age' rituals where mating is a mixture of the women defeating their desired mates, and rites of passage for the menfolk - as they strive to be the best specimen, so their tribe or family is chosen for mating. The various amazon tribes have a mutual understanding that the male tribes are to be preserved at all costs, but not allowed to prosper enough to be a threat. We are in a similar situation, where we do not want the amazon tribes to become strong enough to be a threat to us. We want to take their best Force-sensitive people and make them part of our tribe, so to speak." Verrin steepled his fingers in front of him. "So to address your points... if we don't make ourselves too strong a target, then the tribes will not unite against us. We are more than strong enough to handle any single tribe, and likely even several. We are NOT numerous enough to withstand a large number of tribes banding together against us. We aren't in our home territory... we are in theirs. They can win any kind of 'siege', so to speak. As for their technological state, they have little. Electric power is absent, as are traditional 'firearms'. They don't possess blasters, or a desire to that I'm aware of. But they are skilled with their bows, their spears, their knives. They have smiths, and can create simple martial weapons - I know of at least one tribe near the hills that wields metal sabers. But they mostly fashion weapons and tools from their environment, which is jungle. Their real strength comes from the Force. This planet is steeped in it - the Force - and they, by osmosis or attrition, or what-have-you not only have some innate ability, but those who have really connected to it and can tap into it have become their shaman. These women are able, through rituals as old as the Sith's own ancestors, to create the same effects as we can. If you've read up on Battle Meditation, for instance, they can do it. If you look into Force healing techniques, or telekinetic binding, they can affect them too. They just require a focus - a ritual, or fetish - like our ancestors did. And most importantly, some of them can connect in some way to the rancors... I wouldn't say they tame them, because they are hardly 'tame' themselves. But they manage to come to some agreement with them on a telepathic level, and can get them to work together for mutual benefit." Verrin paused. He had some first-hand experience with the tribes, both as an emissary and as a captive. While he was no expert on Dathomir, he wasn't oblivious to the ecosystem either. "I'm pleased you're not concerned about the competition, Acolyte Tsintah. You'll do well, I think." He looked first to her, then to his Apprentice. "You both make good points that we not only need more information, but we need to start integrating those tribeswomen who will be loyal to us. Because you both share the genetics that make these women trust you - over me - I want you to initiate interviews with the eight subjects my Apprentice has waiting outside. Question them... assess them. You are aware of my concerns, so I trust those will influence your decisions. Apprentice - take the Acolyte with you, and go interview your candidates in any way you see fit. Find out which can be loyal to us, and have the rest escorted out of the facility. Feel free to question or test them as you will - but keep in mind that if they are not selected, they will take whatever information they learn back to their tribes. In essence, you two will be picking your peers in the near future. I think it'll be a good lesson in how a Sith Lord looks at budding Sith... they have to be good enough to be competition, but the concern is always that they will be too good. I eagerly await your conclusions, and will discuss how you find the process at length. It's not often that such an opportunity presents itself to Sith at your stage of development." His eyes roved over them both, and a sense of pride could be read in his gaze, or felt in the Force.
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    Preoccupied with thoughts of why she was being summoned to give 'counsel' to a Sith Lord, Kai did not even notice the tribeswomen at first. Barely had given them a passing glance, in fact - assuming they were there at the command of the Sith Lord - at which point it was none of her business. Stepping into Darth Verrin's office after being bid to enter, the Korun noticed they were not alone. There was another present, a female Kai did not recognize. The Zabrak moved to remedy her curious gaze, offering a brief introduction of Holle, one of his Sith apprentices. He would then speak at length, addressing the presence of native strangers outside his office door. Dathomir's nomadic tribeswomen to be trained as Sith? Interesting. Did they have enough instructors going around for this type of venture to achieve any degree of success? Harboring these and other reservations, Kai resolved to give this some thought before responding at length. Kai responded by bowing deep at the waist, first to the Sith Lord, and then offering a somewhat more 'shallow' bow to the apprentice. Wow.... that skin! So startling.... and so pink. A Zeltron? She had ran into Holle's kind before, back on Nar Shaddaa, when frequenting various casino and nightclub venues. This was the first time, however, that she would be faced with a Zeltron of the Sith.... variety. Kai wondered if the Sith Apprentice would unleash a string of biting comments her way, and she was not sure, why. Something about the woman just struck her as contemptuous and territorial. She did not have to wait long for the verbal vitriol to commence and mentally prepared for it, would not succumb to its obvious design. "Ah, a fresh whelp desperate to claw themselves above the deluge of filth that birthed them." Dark face retained its usual deadpan expression; dual-colored eyes flickered as she nodded. Due to Kai's lowly station, the Apprentice would not even turn when speaking to her. That too, did not bother the Korun; respect worked both ways, she reminded herself silently. On that platform, we are on even ground. Flicking her surreptitious glance away from the Zeltron, she settled a calm gaze upon Darth Verrin. Breathe. Just.... breathe. "Ah, sensei - forgive me - I did see the visitors outside but did not realize their purpose here until just now. It is true, I have spent some time here, living mostly in isolation to preserve my anonymity and hone survival skills. Therefore, I am not qualified to give adequate advice when it comes to having experience interacting with these people. Yet I feel compelled to point out that the ancient saying of 'united we stand - divided we fall' has much wisdom to lend in this situation. Wisdom that perhaps, we should build upon. First, I would investigate their numbers. When loyalties do.... get torn asunder, what quantity of natives would we be up against? Second, I would gather intelligence on their technology. If there is anything I have learned from frequenting your Library, sensei, is that one should never judge a book by its cover. Just because they appear primordial, does not mean that they lack quality in their warfare strategy, weapons, or ancient knowledge we may know little about. That which we do know, may only be the tip of the iceberg. But if we fully get to know a thing, we can control.... that thing. Third, I am not threatened by competition. It is but one means to hone the skills an individual needs, to strive for perfection. One of many." Silence befell her at that point, as Kai realized she had been going on for longer than originally intended. She deferred from speaking further until her betters bid her to do so.
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    There was nothing that Holle saw from the woman that entered her master's office that led her one way or another. She was a student in the Academy, and she could not begrudge her that considering it was another body that had come to them willingly. On the other hand, more students meant more competition among the Order. While there was a moratorium on the student body killing one another to gain standing, her lack of knowledge on Acolyte Tsintah did not give her enough to consider her anything more than an annoyance at worst. "Ah, a fresh whelp desperate to claw themselves above the deluge of filth that birthed them." Holle said, sipping her fourth liquor infused coffee. It was a biting comment, but that was what the Zeltron did best. Provoking others into anger and poor decision-making was an excuse for her to defend herself. Of course, if this young woman was valuable enough that her master called her in for a second opinion then she must have something to her. Perhaps she had self-control that the average neophyte learner possessed. She did not turn to the woman that her master addressed and continued, "Let me add to my master's request. Provided, of course, you interacted with the tribes in any capacity. That information could prove crucial in my efforts to bring the women of this planet to the truest path."
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    Verrin and Holle bantered back and forth for the time it took Kai to arrive. At one point, Verrin thought about the many people gathered outside his office, but then became distracted by the current conversation. And if the gaggle of native tribewomen posed any obstacle or distraction to Kai, it didn't show when she finally knocked gently on Verrin's office door. He called out for her to enter, and then made general introductions. "Acolyte Tsintah, I hope your meditation was going well. Meet one of my apprentices, Holle. Apprentice, this is the new Acolyte I was talking about." Verrin vacated his spot to take his usual seat behind his desk, and gestured for Kai to sit in the second visitor chair, next to Holle. He watched carefully. In meetings like this one, it was possible that the introduction was being assessed by both women. On the one hand, Kai might be sizing up Holle, trying to determine what made her qualified to be his apprentice, and whether she could oust her from that role to take it for herself. On the other, Holle might be taking in Kai, wondering what made her special enough to attend this meeting, and wonder if her position was at all threatened. Knowing Holle as he did, Verrin doubted she was too concerned over her own standing, but if a threat was perceived, things could become volatile between the two. Verrin decided not to let them think on it too long, if they considered it at all. "Acolyte Tsintah... you may have noticed the troupe of characters outside my door. My apprentice has recently been on a... diplomatic mission to the local amazon tribe. Those women out there want to be trained as Sith, and Holle was kind enough to bring them back here for consideration. But I have concerns. Their loyalties seem to lay with their tribe, of course, and their lives are based on leadership by matriarchy. As YOU know, things are a little different here among the Sith, especially the higher up the chain of command you go. One of my issues is that should we train them, and accept them, what will they do should a situation dictate that we need to... disperse their fellow tribeswomen? Another is how they will respond to a chain of command not driven by gender. If we deny them training, or force them to obey commands contradictory to their loyalties, would they band together with other tribes to attack us? When you first came here, I understood you had spent quite some time on the planet. Have you interacted with these amazons? Are you familiar with their culture, desires, and needs? Even if not, do you have an opinion on the matter? How would you feel about competing with them for positions in our organization?"
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    It took a while for this meditation to achieve any tangible results, Kai realized. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes like hours. If there was anything she had gotten down pat by now, it was breathing. Could not go wrong with that one! Her chest rose and fell with deep, rhythmic breaths that made her feel in control of things, in command of herself both physically and mentally. Her psyche was crystal clear, making it easy for Kai to attain crisp focus of whatever she put her mind to. Even Verrin's prolonged absence did not seem to tarnish her efforts. Initial anxiety at his ongoing disappearance made the acolyte curious, but Kai never let it get the best of her to the point where she would suddenly yank herself off the floor and leave the chamber in search of the Sith Lord. There could have been a small element of fear playing a part in that? He never gave her permission to leave the room, after all. Several more minutes passed. Given the bland setup of the room, Kai did not have much to play with but she did have the equipment she came in here with. Gloved hand moved to tap the edge of the sheathed vibro-blade on her belt before removing the weapon and balancing it on the fingertips of both hands, lifting it to the level of her eyes which then studied the object briefly before beginning to close. Within seconds, the vibro-blade began to tremble slightly, before finally lifting a few centimeters off Kai's gloved fingertips. The Korun's eyes remained closed as the weapon began to shift higher, assuming a slow clockwise spin. One, two.... feet up, one, two.... feet down. Repeat. Control the angle of the blade and the velocity of the rotations, and then-- --CLANG!! Spinning out of control, the blade smacked down upon the floor, its tip embedding itself dangerously close to Kai's left foot. The acolyte's eyes flew open as an echoes of a message she had heard in her mind only seconds ago replayed themselves again, and again. "Come to my office, Acolyte Kai Tsintah - I seek your counsel.... " A grimace of confusion set itself in the girl's dark features. Her counsel? The venerable Zabrak's age must have been catching up with him, dulling his wits. What could a lowly academy initiate possibly have to offer a Sith Lord, in terms of advice?! Sighing, Kai leaned down to yank the blade out of the floor tile and slipped it back into its protective sheath before getting to her feet and straightening her tunic. However strange the message, there was nothing for it but to follow its beckon call. Heading to Darth Verrin's office, Kai dismissed her thoughts altogether and focused on her breathing, slow and deep and even - pausing only to emit a light knock at the door while waiting to be admitted inside.
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  23. Bereft of a Master....

    "Hiding in the archives is something I know very well..." Mirran saw the change of color in the Knight's aura. Something had shifted his presence. Mirran struggled to understand the meanings in what she saw in the Force and she knew better to pry. A person's aura and presence in the Force was their own and made up their own personality. It would be best not to ask Giran what had caused his mood and presence to shift. "You still remember that? Hmm... Do you wish they'd done something different?" Mirran sighed. "I suppose it is due to the fact that I do not see things like others that I compensate for a lack of visual not just with the Force but with my memory as well. I remember scents, people,....my last breakfast that day. It was a porridge with my favorite fruit, meilooruns mixed in. " Mirran then chuckled. "And thinking of meilooruns....kind of makes me hungry actually." She then sighed. "Do I wish my parents had done something different?" She paused in thought. "I am not really sure...perhaps...I am still slightly attached to them. But...that attachment is a bit....awkward. You see my memory is of my parents as a child and I am an adult now and I think my parents still see me as a child. I had thought at one time to follow in their footsteps and become a diplomat but now...." Mirran paused. "I am beginning to realize that maybe...just maybe I don't want to follow in my parent's footsteps. I am my own person. Although...I think I am more geared towards that way of life."
  24. Bereft of a Master....

    A scholar, not a fighter or warrior. Yeah, pretty much what he'd figured. Giran liked to consider himself the perceptive sort. "Hiding in the archives is something I know very well..." he muttered under his breath, thinking back to the time after Shandre had been killed, when he'd nearly fallen. When he had finally returned to Tython, the Council hadn't censured him, hadn't taken any significant action relating to what he'd done. They'd been kind. And he hadn't expected it. The Kiffar had been worse on himself than anyone else, and recognizing that, the Council had put him to work in the archives, a low-pressure position using his psychometric talents to authenticate texts. He'd held that position until the bombardment of Tython. After that, they'd been short on the peaceful sort of Jedi, so he'd had to step up a bit more. "You still remember that? Hmm..." A prodigious memory- Giran was very glad he didn't have to deal with such a thing. "Do you wish they'd done something different?" He knew that often, in less-educated parts of the galaxy, Jedi were reviled as baby stealers. A myth propagated in part by the Sith... but also, unfortunately, one borne out by the actions of a few rather radical members of the Order. With the galaxy as large as it was, those so inclined could sometimes escape the notice of the Council, especially in the midst of a decades-long war where "shades of grey" was the standard philosophy. "I don't know a lot of the knights here...perhaps...I should meditate and like the crystal I found for my lightsaber pehaps the Force will direct me towards the right master." the young Miraluka finished. Giran nodded slowly. "Perhaps it will. You'll never find me telling you not to meditate, if you've got the time."
  25. Kala had heard rumors that there was an unsanctioned pazaak game that went on occasionally in the ranks of the Peacekeepers. That was way too tempting to the Corellian not to get involved and a way to make a quick credit. So she twirled a cred coin between her fingers and went on a mission to find out where this game was being held. Sure enough, she found the game in one of the bunk rooms of the Peacekeepers. She grinned and smiled. "Hey, guys...mind if I join in?" The players, mostly guys shrugged. A clean-shaven guy responded, "If you're gullible enough to want to play....you can join in all you want. Just to warn you, Gav Nestlin is pretty hot tonight." Kala chuckled. "Hot huh? Hmm...keep it under your hats but I like hot guys." The Peacekeepers laughed at Kala's double-entendre. She plopped down her credit coin and took out her lucky pazaak deck. Gav took the deck from her hands and inspected it. " I want to make sure you're not cheating, babe." Kala rolled her eyes. "Me...cheating....don't be absurd. My deck is legit. And don't call me babe, last guy that called me babe ended up losing his reason for manhood." More laughter erupted from the Peacekeepers. Gav grinned and he stated. "Where do you hail from.....Ms..." "Ming. Kala Ming. The whole galaxy is my home, but I was born on Corellia." Gav chuckled. "Corellia, huh? Even more of a reason to suspect you of cheating." Kala glared and pulled out her blaster. "I don't take kindly to insults, Gav. Are we going to play? Or are you going to insult my birthplace." He chuckled and laid a hand on her blaster. "Look Miss...you got me pegged wrong. It's just that Corellia isn't exactly known for...." Kala snorted. "Keep opening your mouth and you're going to find yourself digging yourself into an even deeper hole you can't climb out of." Gav sighed and held up his hands. "I've got some Corellian brandy I've stashed away. Most of us have something stashed around that command don't know we have. You see...last time we had a party...the Jedi kind of ruined it for us. I am sure most of them are fine and all but...ever since that night our parties and gambling have had to be lowkey. I figure a lady like yourself might like a drink. Let me go crack my bottle open and give you a drink to apologize." Kala chuckled. "Apology accepted, Gav. There are few things I like in this life and one of them is pazzak, the other is a good shot of Corellian brandy. "
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  27. Mind Over Matter

    Holle's answers to the questions gave Verrin the impression that she hadn't considered the many possibilities of her intentions. Fortunately, she didn't take the matter as a crushing defeat, but tried to work her mind around how they could have their cake and eat it too. She spoke of enemy tribes, and battle captives, which weren't out of the realm of possibility. Verrin hrmm'd. "Hrmm..." Then he went back to pacing and talking, partially to answer her question and partially to work the matter out for himself. "The battle captive idea isn't terrible. I just wonder if we keep recruiting from a pool of people who are constantly beset by lost family members, are we getting better Sith, or are we getting more of the same? I have said - many times - if I had five credits for every Sith hopeful who came to us and had lost parents, been raped as a child, or had outright killed those parents, that I'd be able to buy my own capitol ship. To date, I can't think of a single Sith who joined up and had a still-living family on the outside who supported them and their decision. If we - the Sith - kill the relatives of these 'enemy' tribespeople, why would they JOIN our cause? Wouldn't they simply seek revenge? Wouldn't they band together, with other tribes against a 'common enemy'? Gather their rancor allies, storm this facility, and end us all? Would they join up with the Jedi? I'm not sure it's the best way... ... not that your initial idea was terrible. The tribeswomen you brought back... maybe all of them wouldn't agree to our terms, but if one of them did, that's one more hopeful we'd have than before. Maybe it's possible to pick some fruit from each tree, so to speak... I wonder..." Verrin paused and sent a message, telepathically, to the new student - Kai - whom he presumed was still trying to meditate. His message was simple and clear, "Come to my office, Acolyte @Kai Tsintah - I seek your counsel." Verrin then went on to talk more with Holle, "I have a new student who is showing some promise. She came to us from the jungle. She isn't a tribeswoman, I don't think, but she has spent some time here and may know some things about the thoughts or influences of the nearby villagers. Plus... she should meet you - and you her. I suspect your paths would meet eventually, and perhaps there's a way you can work together to overcome this... unusual challenge."
  28. Bereft of a Master....

    "Yes, gossip becomes no-one. Especially a Jedi." Mirran merely nodded. "Perhaps having that master wasn't meant to be. But a master? I'm sure you can find one. It's simply a question of finding a good fit. Someone who specializes in what you want to do as a Jedi. Maybe that's where you need to start- figure out what you want to do. What your talents are, where you envision yourself in the future..." Mirran bowed her head in contemplation. "I am a scholar, Knight Giran. I....I am not much of a fighter or a warrior" She paused. "I hid away most of my time in the archives here so I would not have to meet others, My parents...decided that I was too shy for their liking when they visited me on my nineteen year and gave me a protocol droid in hopes that the droid would make me talk more either to it or to others. Then I met Char and Magnus and I guess...meeting them helped me open up more. There are really not that many Miralukas here and my parents are not in favor with the Miralukan government. They saw something within the Force and it was not popular with most of our people. They said they saw a future where our people would be united with the Republic and the Jedi. They actively decided to work towards that future...." Mirran sighed. "Part of that was giving me up to the Order. I was only three years of age. But...I still remember it...my memory is very keen towards remembering such things. Even though I was only three years of age. " She then stated. "I don't know a lot of the knights here...perhaps...I should meditate and like the crystal I found for my lightsaber pehaps the Force will direct me towards the right master."
  29. Mind Over Matter

    The problems listed off by her master were truly pertinent questions. These were things that, in her inexperience and youth, she did not consider. Holle looked back at the door where the warriors waited and back to Darth Verrin, "Forgive me master, these are edge questions that I did not consider in my ambition to provide the Academy more students. The gift of foresight does not answer that which is not asked. You are absolutely correct in asking those questions as well. So far they have shown that they are willing to follow me, but it may not extend to the Sith Order. I have lived in their presence for quite some time, they are accustomed to me, my manner, my abilities, but this entire place is a wholly new environment that may yet bring the worst out in them. Perhaps instead of making my case, I admit defeat on this move and simply allow our relationship with them to remain as it is, civil and coopertive but nothing more." She paused, considering the possible consequences of disallowing their warriors to return to their home to protect their kin. Holle sat, cross-legged in silence for a moment and thought on the matter of how to expand the student populace and grow the Order. Her master was the head of the Academy sure, but she as his apprentice had to keep his interests close to her own as a matter of convenience. "What if..." she stopped for a moment to try and gather the proper wording for the idea, "What if, instead of drawing from our allies, we draw from the enemies of our allies? It would cement their position more firmly if their rivals were weakened, but we could also take the warriors from their enemies by force and enslave them in the Academy to try and create from nothing. We have nothing to lose by offending the tribes with whom we are not aligned, though it would be best to take them without a trace. If they do not cooperate we simply extract their knowledge by force." Holle sipped her own drink after her offering. She had not fully considered how to do what she suggested, but she did offer another idea that could bolster their numbers. The Academy was meant to cut the chaff and weed out the weak, so no matter what happened to those weak and infirm students, the strong they bring in would be sure to grow on the backs of their weaker comrades. The weak had their place in the Order just as the strong did. "It would be more beneficial with that in mind, to focus on the students we have to ensure that they do not disappoint in the first place, right?"
  30. Vashlai

    Name: Vashlai (but often goes by the name Vash or Lai which is pronounced Lay rather than Lie. her full name is pronounced Vash-Lay) Gender: Female Species: Fosh Rank: Sith initate, Student, Diplomat from the Fosh, explorer, historian and seeker of knowledge Date of Birth: 3596 BBY (33 years of age) Appearance: Purple flesh tones, a curved oblong beak, and deep piercing eyes that are red in color. Her hands have sharp talon like claws that she can also use as weapons. She also has feathers of purple, blue and green. A They often change color based on her emotional state. Orange = Happy, content etc. Grey = Annoyed or angry Green= Inquisitiveness or amusedness Other colors may exist due to Vashlai's mood or feelings She wears the robes of an explorer and diplomat of her people. Possessions: A loth cat which she simply calls: Pet. A Sith Lightsaber crystal she found on Dromund Kaas which she wears around her neck as a necklace. a Sith Holocron, and a personal transport ship of unknown design and origin called Firebird, it has nominal fighting capabilities and only serves mainly as a transport for the Fosh as well as a way Vashlai can travel and study the galaxy around her. A simple vibroblade, and a hold-out blaster. Personality: Vashlai is manipulative and deceptive on principle. She believes that unless you are worthy of her attention and skill that it is okay to not be completely truthful or honest. She has a greedy sort of nature when it comes to knowledge and power and won't readily accept giving out what she knows or what she doesn't know. She will instead attempt to ferret out what she can from people to determine if they are hiding things from her or not or whether or not she can glean and learn from others without their awareness they have given her knowledge in the process. She often loves to laugh and giggle if things amuse her and her laughter and giggling comes out in very bird-like squawks. Skills, Abilities and Talents: Vashlai considers herself a cautious and yet very good at speaking and getting her way by being slow, deliberate, and manipulative. She has a very high tolerance towards pain and that that would normally cause many sentients to cry out in agony she finds herself actually enjoying in a strange perverse manner. She hasability of controlling various forms of substances from her tears. Normally these tears are often used to create a phermonal secretions that are used for mating between her and males of her species. However, Vashlai has slowly become aware of the fact that her tears can also be used to create various forms of poisons, healing agents etc. This is probably due to her Force sensitivity. At present, Vashlai has no idea why her tears can do this. Biography: Vashlai comes from an unknown planet in the unknown regions. Her people are secretive by nature choosing mostly to be observers of others and often have a high opinion of themselves. As a young Fosh, Vashlai was raised with a brood of her nursery/egg mates with a matron Fosh. Vashlai like most Fosh was not raised by her biological parents and was raised by her community unlike a lot of species of the galaxy. Vashlai grew up with an impersonal sense when it came to others of her race or towards how she felt towards biological family members which she eventually met when she was older. Vashlai had no feelings of love or attachment towards them and was only appreciative that they gave her life. She only knows her mother by her name Ezmai and her father whose name was Varka. Vashlai has spent most of her life studying the races of the known regions. She seeks to know more about the others around her. As an observer, she has spent years observing the races and factions around her and came to the conclusion that the Jedi and the Republic are weak and ineffective groups. They lack the resolve to do what needs to be done to be a strong dominate force in the galaxy. In her studies, she came to learn of the Jedi, the Sith, and the power of the Force. Vashlai has little to no concept of the Force or its power as her people were from a region that is unfamiliar with the Jedi or the Sith. She seeks knowledge and power to further improve herself. She had heard of the Sith and their Empire and hoped to meet them and their Emperor on Dromund Kass but found out much to her disappointment that the planet was a graveyard filled with bones of the dead. She felt disheartened looking among the dead of a wiped out planet for traces of anything. In her quiet search of the planet for anything that remained, she found a Sith holocron that held some techniques in the Force. She managed to master some basic skills of the Dark Side but because she was unfamiliar with the Force, she suspected that she only scratched the surface of the device and that she could learn more. She also found a red lightsaber crystal which she took on as her own as well. Demanding more and more knowledge from the holocron she found on Dromund Kass the holocron gave her a final instruction to turn her eyes towards Dathomir. So she set her course towards Dathomir and her future. Character Skills and Abilities: (A list of skills and abilities the character has to keep track of. The skills are located here and the Force Powers are located here.) Novice Blade Weapon Martial Arts: Intermediate Stava Novice Blaster Pistol Novice Single Saber Form I - Novice Shii-Cho Form VII - Novice Juyo Personal Starship Proficiency Intermediate Biochem Intermediate Interrogation Expert Stealth Expert Survival Force Dash Force Jump Force Temperance Force Invigorate Force Armor Force Confusion Force Cloak Telekinesis Novice Force Push Force Stun Comprehend Speech Venomancy False Aura
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