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  2. The Butterfly Effect

    Mirran had heard that she had been assigned a Knight to be her master. Mirran had never had a master and apprentice relationship before and wondered what it would be like. Would she be nice? Would she be strict? Would she be okay with Kaybee following her around? Kaybee the protocol droid seemed to be in a programming loop ever since she had gotten finished with her trial and the padawan braid had been tied in her silvery hair. The droid had been going around all over the place saying, my master is a padawan. Mirran tried to tolerate the droid. Yet at times the droid grated on Mirran's nerves. It had been a gift from her parents, a coming of age gift. Mirran had suspected that the droid had hidden programming in it, perhaps the thing spied on her actions and reported back to her parents. Yet, she couldn't blame them if that was the case. Parents were....well parents. Mirran chuckled lightly at the droid. "Kaybee please.... I am only a padawan and a very low ranking one at that." The droid chattered on. "But Mistress, your parents are so proud of you." Mirran if she had eyes would have rolled her eyes at that. "And I have no concept of that....I really wish you hadn't told them that I am no longer an initiate." "But mistress, they are your parents they deserve to know." Mirran sighed. "I suppose so..." She looked around the Enclave trying to sense her new master in the Force. There were several Jedi wandering around and Mirran was still wondering which one was her master.
  3. Operis Tenebris

    "Train the natives - the mothers, you mean?" Verrin pondered, not having considered that aspect. He was thinking of training the children, not the mothers - he assumed they would simply be vessels to bring the new infants into being. It did bring up other questions though. Was tearing the infants from their mothers good for them? One might argue that ninety percent of the young people who came to the Sith in the first place were those who had lost parents... or killed them themselves. Was it wrong to simply remove those deaths from the equation? The easy answer was no, but how would that affect the viability of the mothers? Surely they wouldn't want their children torn from their breasts more than once. Some would become enraged, and need to be put down. Others would likely kill themselves in some form of postpartum depression. The few that remained would what- return to their villages and face being ostracized? At the very least, they'd spread the word about their experience - making acquisition of other mothers difficult. There had to be an easier way. "Wipe their minds?" Verrin pondered aloud. It could be done. Would it be enough to make a vessel reusable? The question of Sith spirits lay upon the table too - Ahashra was already poking holes into his plans, precisely as he asked. "I do know the ritual. A couple, actually. The transference of essences is tricky, I agree, but not as difficult as the experience you had. I walked in another's body once myself, and it was almost easy to take the person's mind, although I admit it was disorienting as anything I've ever done. You may find this amusing, but did you know that men and women are built differently? The very nature of your pelvis, for example... my brain is trained to walk in this form, and doing so in a woman's body was beyond my ability to foresee. Fortunately, taking the mind of the host was less of an issue. They didn't have my willpower. But a trained Sith spirit... well, I would think an infant's mind would be unable to resist the intrusion. But how would the spirit feel about being breast-fed and having their diaper changed? I can't say I know..." Verrin fell off for a moment or three, considering various points Ahashra made. When he finally did break silence again, it was to request from her, "OK... my turn. If this was your idea, how would you proceed, and I'll play advocate against you."
  4. The Butterfly Effect

    Dantooine Enclave Selona, 3629 BBY Thuria walked swiftly through the enclave. The whole time, she thought over to her first meeting with Far-Shan Nadiito. That was before she had a master and she was still a Padawan. At this point, everything was about to change. Questions formed in her mind: who was her Padawan? Would she like her? Would her Padawan do the same? Honestly, Thuria was nervous about this whole arrangement. And yet, she wondered how she would do as a master herself. She momentarily glimpsed up at the high ceiling, This temple was her home for years. She was ready to start a new life, even if it was something grander than herself. She had no choice. She would just have to get used to battles and fighting. She was a guardian, and with that came duty and honor among the Jedi Knights of the Republic. Her silver hair flowed with each step she took. Now more than ever, she hoped she treated her Padawan with the best intentions. At last, she came to the Eye of Zallow monument. It's huge holocron shaped sphere floated above her head. She looked down in angst, wondering when her Padawan might yet arrive, if she was coming at all.
  5. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    Thuria looked up in wonder. The wait was tough. Even then she knew she recalled the lives she had met and the choices she had made that brought her to this point. Would she have a Padawan? What new adventures would take place when the next journey had begun? There was so much she was excited to take on, and yet, even now she wondered how this knighting ceremony would take place. Would Master Kast be the one to knight her? And what of her fate to come? She looked on at the room, wondering what would take place next. She turned to her friends, curious about what would transpire. "What happens now?" She asked, nervously.
  6. What Stays in the Cantina

    Kal looked up. He hadn't expected another drink. Maybe the bartender was right. Maybe he was too drunk and didn't need anymore. Still, he'd accept the offer. Anything to get him off this planet and away from the gangsters. To trust the Jedi was something new. He didn't think he'd be back to the royalty and what not. Maybe smuggling for the Jedi Peacekeepers was a good idea... "I'd like to take that job." Kal suggested, intrigued. "If it gets me off this backwater planet, then I've done my job. So yeah, I'll take you up on that offer." He said, smiling at her kindly. Yup, he was too drunk to think otherwise. Hopefully, he remembered this in the morning. If not, then he could find work elsewhere. "I suppose I am a smuggler then." He said, calmly.
  7. Sparkling Stars are Calling You

    Pshh. Like Daj was going to let her get on a different vessel to help him out. To have her stuck near him on a long, uneventful space journey- that was the only reason he'd let her along. If he was honest with himself, they really didn't need her help. She was more of a liability than anything else. Other beings generally were. But like those spy holos, had to get close, very close, to beautiful females who popped out of nowhere and offered to help. Daj fancied himself at least a bit more attractive than most of the humans in those holos, so he probably had a good chance. Also, with Strake around, it tended to go pretty well with that sort of thing. He realized that he'd just sorta stopped talking, eyes fixed slightly below her throat. Blinking rapidly, he snapped his long fingers forcefully. "Yeah, yeah, escorts are a good time, but like too expensive most of that good time." No, that was the wrong type of escort. He searched for the words, conscious of the Falleen hand on his shoulder, and the fact that it seemed to want to crush his shoulder into powder. "So why don't you just come with us? Don't need help hauling cargo- got it all loaded up, right?" The Twi'lek directed his gaze towards the two humans returning from their journey to the Fortune's cargo lift. They didn't reply- verbally, at least. The short, square-faced barve Daj had almost blown away a bit earlier threw up a rather rude gesture without even looking. Still, that was rather better than most of Drogga's people reacted to him after meeting him for the first time. He chalked that up as a win. Strake let go of his shoulder, slapping his back with the back of his hand. "Come on, then. Let's get going." Man, he was pissed. Could tell from that tone of voice. And from the fact that when Daj turned around, the Falleen's skin had turned a livid purple. That wasn't good. If he got too angry, it'd start coming out in the pheromones, and then everybody would be angry, and sometimes with beautiful females around some anger was good but that sort wouldn't help at all and Daj wanted to keep all the parts of his perfect body in their current place. What to do? Daj settled on putting a gigantic, toothy smile on his face, and taking a little vial from his belt. "Hey, buddy! Yeah, let's get going! Here, have this- you know I really appreciate you, right?" He held out the vial in an open palm. Strake snatched, it, examining it with a critical eye. "Gannarian spice. Because you appreciate me?" The Falleen quirked an eyebrow skeptically. "The same stuff Rikki sold you?" Grin still on his face, the Twi'lek nodded. "Yup! It'll do the job." Strake shrugged. "Fair enough." Closing his hand over the vial, he turned to walk up the Fortune's boarding ramp. Daj spun around back towards... whatever her name was. "Shall we?" he asked, spreading his arms wide theatrically. Wouldn't be the first time he'd brought a woman whose name he didn't know aboard, after all.
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  11. Lustrous

    Mirran was quiet and she took a few sips of water from a canteen. She said nothing to Homra choosing rather the option to quiet her own spirit and to gather her thoughts. This was it...the step from one part of her life to the next. She would no longer be Initiate Mirran Kai but Padawan Mirran Kai. The Mirraluka quietly dug around in her pack and found another band she quietly folded it up and placed it over the indentations of where eyes would be. She calmly tied the band in the back. She looked at the items around her that she needed to build her lightsaber. She set her crystal alongside them. She fingered the crystal at first and touched it with her own Force aura. It responded in its own quiet tranquil manner and glowed with a pure inner light. Mirran gave a long deep sigh and shifted the pieces together with the Force: The power cell, the emitter matrix, and the lens, along with the crystal slowly came together. Four essential components but altogether as one, no that wasn't correct. There were five essential components. She was the fifth one. Lightsaber and Jedi were both one. A training saber was not as complex as a full lightsaber. Training sabers did not have as deep of a connection as one constructed by a Jedi. Well, that was an obvious thing because an initiate was simply given a training saber, they did not construct them. Slowly the pieces came together and slowly the Force flooded into all of them including her. The lightsaber slowly came to her hand and she ignited it. It's glowing silvery light filled the cave. She took a few passes in the air with the blade to test its own balance and her focus with the blade. She then extinguished the blade and carefully hooked it onto the belt of her robes.
  12. Operis Tenebris

    Verrin's words hung heavily in the air, so profound was the matter at hand. As such, it took a moment of deep consideration and thought before Ahashra even offered a glimpse into what she was thinking. 'Do you truly feel they need to be trained?' She questioned, making reference to the birth mothers. 'Surely it would be more ideal to capture them, and then keep them segregated. Training them may make them into potentially devastating weapons, weapons that could misfire, say, when their children are taken away from them. Whilst it would be ethical to keep the family unit together and keep the deception small, I'm unconvinced if that would be the most profitable direction. If something were to go wrong, we would have no fail safe. They could potentially end us. Whereas, if we looked after them, but didn't train them, then all we would need to be concerned about would be "harvesting the crop", so to speak. Perhaps some deception here would neutralise the need to be forceful. The only thing I see an issue with is taking the child... the mother will know regardless of how it is done, and you couldn't tell them that all are being lost, so I don't see how you could conceal the fact that we were taking them all away.' 'The Sith spirits are a different thing entirely' She continued, taking a deep sigh as she changed subject. It was all very complicated and convoluted to put into words. 'There are plenty out there, certainly, but it may be difficult to know exactly which ones we want to bring back. I don't see how you could filter it... so it would have to be a case of vetting the result of each possession. If the result was not as desired, for whatever reason, then we simply find a way to shatter the mind before it become a problem, or a threat. That being said, the possession itself wouldn't be that simple. Without the required rituals it can end badly. For example, I had no intelligent function over this body after possessing it, not until Rae summoned forth my conscious thought with a ritual. I'm guessing we wouldn't be having this conversation if you didn't have the knowledge of how to do such a ritual...' 'After that it took months, if not years, to fracture and subdue all the other mental constructs that opposed my will. It was a frustrating process. The only way I can describe it is akin to breathing life into a corpse, where the old bones are unresponsive until you give them new life, suffering from something akin to the shadow of a multiple personality disorder, and being haunted by your own past. All in all it is a toxic cocktail, the likes of which could break the host or the body.' That was all she was willing to say for now. The entire process of possession was somewhat personal, she thought - and Ahashra felt that she had put that across in a way. What she wanted to stop short of however was how she felt this had impacted on her, what quirks she had developed, and what she had gone through. Why she didn't want to say, she wasn't sure... but part of her felt somewhat comfortable with her body, and the prospect of breaking a new one in didn't appeal to her. Then again...
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  14. Sparkling Stars are Calling You

    Mira smiled, a bit of a coy smile, like she was toying with prey. Or excited. One of those. "Alright, it's settled then. I've got a light freighter, so I could act as a decoy, or an actual combat escort, whatever you'd prefer." She hopped onto the crate nearby, swinging her legs a bit. "Ooorrrrr I could help haul cargo. Though I think you've got enough room. And probably don't want to entrust a cute little Twi'lek like me with part of your shipment." Mira winked, grinning wide as she leaned back a bit, staring at the other Twi'lek.
  15. Lustrous

    "Alright, this should be good." Homra gave Mirran a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before slumping back in relief. He wasn't injured really - just exhausted, but using a stim shot seemed wasteful at the moment. He could meditate or stand guard. Either way, they can't leave just yet until Mirran was finished with her task. The caves was the perfect place to build one and it was quite the opportunity. Once Mirran found herself a master, she'd most likely be busy most of the time on missions or training. The crystal she found was as silvery as her hair - and rather large. A quick brush on the Force let the Echani know how drawn it was to Mirran, that there was definitely a great compatibility between the two. Homra could hazard a guess that the end product would probably reflect the initiate's shy and withdrawn nature, despite the enormous crystal in her hands. "Rest up a bit - I have some rations and other things for survival here." Homra crossed his legs and assumed a meditative pose. "You can start on building your lightsaber at anytime you want."
  16. Ludus Summus

    Kai's eyes were closing as she expected one final, 'end game' blow. It would not take much, given her current state, to knock her unconscious for a good several hours or more. She could feel the last shreds of energy ebbing away from her, with none left to brace for whatever Darth Tanit was about to unleash. But to her great astonishment, the Dark Lady was not in her immediate vicinity any longer. The Force push had worked, albeit marginally, but her opponent did not fight it. Not that Darth Tanit could not overcome such a feeble attempt all too easily; she simply chose to acknowledge the initiate's attempt and 'go with the flow'. Her breath stilled, as Kai listened to the Sith Lord impart words of judgment her fellow peer. Dual-colored gaze lifted to regard Darth Tanit with muted gratitude. She had not given into her fear. This was a success, she realized - and the heart of the lesson that the Dark Lady was attempting to show her. The combat encounter was merely a vehicle for it, a journey onto a no longer cryptic destination. Still, Kai had only shown signs of it. It was a decent first step, but she had a long way to go yet. Concluding her remarks to Darth Verrin, the Dark Lady now looked straight at Kai, who began slowly gathering herself from the floor. Nodding in acknowledgment at the elder woman's words she could only beam with pride, but found that did not have the ability to voice it properly. Just as well, the Korun thought. Best not to risk inserting foot in the mouth right after words of praise. An even greater sense of bewilderment swept over her when the girl saw Darth Tanit's outstretched hand reach out to hep her up. She accepted it without question, bowing in gratitude as she drew to her feet. "My Lady, your words honor me. I will heed them with all due diligence. From this day forward, I shall focus on all that I have learned here today - from both you, and Darth Verrin." Turning slightly, she offered the male Sith Lord a bow as well. In his typical effortless fashion which Kai had managed to observe since the day she had first encountered the Darth Verrin, he beckoned her lost weapon to his hand and then offered it back to her. His mention of Kai acquiring a real lightsaber one day, made her heart skip a beat. With such a weapon at her side, no thug on Nar Shadda would be able to stand against her.... Banishing distracting thoughts, she dipped her chin in acknowledgment of Darth Verrin's words and clipped the training weapon to her belt. Yet it was his final comment that caught her off-guard. These last few minutes were nothing but surprises, and most welcome ones, for a change. Looking down to her boots for a moment, Kai appeared to study the dust that had freshly settled upon them while pondering a reply to the Zabrak's suggestion. "My Lord, I am as ever, resolved to pursue the path of the Sith. If this Academy finds me worthy of consideration, then I will do whatever it takes, to succeed in this endeavor."
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  18. Operis Tenebris

    Verrin responded first to his cohort's point about the infants, but the longer he talked, the more animated he became. "No... I don't need to wait until birth. Through genetics, we can determine the potential power of the unborn person. We can determine it within the first couple of weeks, nevermind months. The catch I run into is needing fertile mothers to inseminate. So yes... I suspect I would need to capture some viable 'mothers' for that... unless they WANT to be the moms of the future generation of Sith. I mean... you realize, as well as anyone, that we would be breeding Force users - they'd still need to be trained, and developed. By working with them from their youngest days, we can fill their minds with all of the Code and information we deem fit. But if done wrong... we could breed potential Jedi by accident. I'm thinking some kind of maternity ward, some kind of education for children. Otherwise, all of that potential could wind up back in some tribe's village, learning from their local Shaman. What this would do is weed out those who don't have potential to be part of us. Instead of waiting for the galaxy's Force Sensitives to make their way to us... instead of having them lose parents, kill slavers, get raped, beaten, and otherwise abused before they even FIND us, we KNOW where they will be, and we give them lives without the random tragedies. We would have some control over their entire lives... their futures. As for Sith spirits... I'll wager we can find those aplenty on Dromund Kaas and Bastion. Heck... you remember the Dark Temple on Kaas - how many screaming souls filled that place? How many dead Sith lords would want a chance to run free in the galaxy again... in an engineered body? You took hold of the one you're in... what if you had more choices available to you at the time? What if they had innate Force potential that your spirit could harvest, mold, or devour?" Verrin became quiet for a moment, and then spoke more calmly, "Getting ahead of myself, I suppose... too much conjecture and not enough practicality. Be a devil's advocate for a moment... what pitfalls do you see in my plans?"
  19. Ludus Summus

    Verrin watched the match with moderate interest. The contest's outcome was never in question - Darth Tanit had far too much experience and training to be bested by a novice. But how they arrived at the inevitable conclusion was what focused his attention. The back and fort, Kai's refusal to roll over and give up, Tanit's measured advance. There came a moment when Kai tried in vain to call her lost weapon to her hand, but that failed. Verrin could sense the Force trying to reach out, but apparently, the young woman couldn't focus it enough to grab the object she desired. At least, not while under the duress of combat. Perhaps in a less violent setting, she would be able to perform such a feat. But then she did the opposite, pushing outwards with the Force. Here, control was less of a factor, and the Force burst out from her and caught Tanit in its wake. It was actually enough to push the diminutive Darth back a few feet, and while Verrin suspected she could have pushed back and past the wave of energy, she did not. Instead, she concluded the battle, and spoke to him, weighing in on her opinion of the student's promise. Notably, she commented on Kai's ability to overcome fear - something he'd struggled with for a very long time as an Acolyte. Then she offered Kai a hand up - a gesture that not many Sith would duplicate. The event caused Verrin to smile a little. His former apprentice was lifting a hand to a potentially future one, and the lessons he tried to teach Tanit were being showcased to Kai in person. Nothing in the Sith code ever said Sith had to be mean, or impolite. That was something that power-hungry stereotypes did, and cited the Code to back them. Tanit explained the matter plainly, explaining how through power, ones chains would be broken. Without any real effort or focus, Verrin called Kai's lost training saber to his own hand, and then presented it to her. "Hold onto this until you acquire a real one. It won't save you in a life and death struggle, but it will grant you some protection if an overambitious peer tries something. I think we need to consider accepting you fully into the fold, and naming you... Acolyte Tsintah. That is... assuming you really want to pursue the path of the Sith."
  20. Ludus Summus

    Darth Tanit allowed the moment to pass, standing amidst the kicked up dust and debris from the sudden push that slid her back several feet. The stumble it caused was due in part to the fact that she had not expected the young woman to do such a thing. She stood upright, out of her attack stance and looked at the woman from where she stood, then to her former master and current peer, Darth Verrin. "My friend, it is my judgment that this young woman has potential among the flock. She stood against me without backing down, and gave me her best. To me it means she has some ability to manage her fear. If she can do that now, I imagine that she may yet become a great Sith." Tanit said, praising the woman's efforts and clearly ending her assault. She had seen quite enough and had been satisfied with what she had witnessed. Even with the flaws and mistakes in her stance and approach she chose to press on and do her very best. That in and of itself was enough to the ailing redhead to give her a good mark in her favor. Tanit looked at Miss Tsintah after speaking with Verrin, "You should be proud of how you stood against a superior opponent. One of the most important lessons any aspiring Sith must learn is to control and manage their fear. Fear is the one thing among the Sith that truly causes the most self-imposed chains. Through the power you seek, and with a dauntless approach, those chains will not bind you. Learn that lesson and hold onto it, and you will have a bright future." She offered her hand to the prone figure to help her rise to her feet, "Do not expect the same charity that I have shown you from others though. Be cautious, but remember to work on being in control of your fears and doubts."
  21. Operis Tenebris

    Renatus listened acutely, her ears pricking up at the mention of their being possibly other Sith. She berated herself on the thought. Of all the places she had to end up, she ended up here, on Dathomir. The planet was exquisite, and mysterious, hence why she had stayed so long, but to be stuck here now with the pomp and pox of the Sith that remained... it was boring, and distasteful. Whilst there may be more Sith out there in the Galaxy, some of those on Dromund Kaas would likely cut their nose off to spite their face. Maybe they all deserved to be here, or maybe it was all part of the bigger picture... truly, who knew other than the Force? ‘A cunning plan doesn’t need to be sinister,’ Ahashra noted wistfully, mulling over her words as she spoke. ‘It just needs to be smart – without that kind of thinking we’re going to be stuck on this space rock for a very long time... well, hiding here, at least. It would be nice to have some sort of goal, so that at least we felt a bit more in control of things, and not just cast to the wind.’ A wave of relief washed over here when Verrin reassured that no machines would be involved... in part she had been making light of his request, but then the Sith were a strange culture, and desperate times called for desperate measures. From some of the things that Sith had attempted in the past, Ahashra wouldn’t put regenerating an entire race of people through any means necessary past their desires, or their capabilities. Although, the mere consideration of machines being involved in the process at all was enough to send a chill down her spine... ‘I've heard of this kind of thing before’ said Renatus, drawing the knowledge forth from where it lay dormant in her gray matter. ‘I’m sure I heard the Rakatta had such a technology’ she elaborated, before explaining ‘where one’s mind was able to be stored in a host as such. Like you say, similar to essence transfer, but based in technology. I’m not even sure how such a thing would work, let alone if it is true that it exists. If it is theoretically possible then one mind could potentially jump from host to host as they see fit, or we, the Sith, could control them being implanted into a host body’ On that note Ahashra paused, the little cogs in her brain starting to turn as the cobwebs got dusted away. ‘If this did work, the amount of control one could have over the offsprings potential would be God like... think about it; you could decide at birth the innate potential for a being to tap into the Force. After mastering the production process you’d just need to create an illusion to hide the fact, and you would have the greatest cannon fodder since the Legion!’ The former Temple Lord smirked, unable to hold the wise crack back. Old habits died hard, especially when one had endured death itself. ‘Even if you made a few, and used them as templates to create new Sith bloodlines, it would change the structure of our society as we know it. It could change everything, even potentially be disastrous if they found out the mundane truth. How do you plan to get started? Surely the only way is to kidnap natives? And won’t you need a supply Sith spirits?’
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  23. Say it like you mean it.

    The sensation of the Light Side in the Academy was like a plume of baking deserts. It was a sweet, tempting odor that led Verrin through the halls and onward towards Aiden's quarters. The 'smell' grew stronger as Verrin drew closer to the source, but even as he did, it was fading - evidence that the culprit had either ceased the activity or gone into hiding. Verrin snapped his fingers and two Guardians emerged, seemingly from nowhere. They'd been tailing him silently and invisibly, as was their job, moving like his shadow. One reached out and handed Verrin gauntlets, and a skull-shaped mask. Verrin took the former, donning them, but waved off the latter. He was home, and didn't need the affectation for this particular mission. He might regret the mask, if he ran into a small horde or Jedi, but he dind't expect to. This was a lone operator - maybe two - or a Sith practicing the art of the Light Side without oversight. On a scale of one to ten with ten being the most dangerous situation, Verrin saw this as a two... at best. He arrived outside Aiden Rohl's room, and waved at the Guardians. One opened the portal, and then they both flanked Verrin as he entered the room uninvited. All of them had their light-weapons in hand, though not yet ignited. If Jedi were present, he'd deal with them. If the only occupant was Aiden, Verrin would gather him to assist in the hunt. If nobody was present, they would continue their search elsewhere... Verrin's eyes fell on a relatively unkempt room, and its two occupants. He recognized them both immediately. "Master Rohl... Miss Tsintah..." he began, but then paused, sniffing the air like a bloodhound, even though the Light Side didn't actually emit an odor. "Did either of you sense that? That... there may be a Jedi spy in our midst. There was a burst of Light Side power... but... it's gone now..." There was no sign of the energy anymore - not within this space, and certainly not from the two Sith. Kai looked somewhat troubled, but given that Verrin didn't know what the pair had been talking about, he couldn't tell if it was a pre-existing situation, or the sudden presence of himself and his Guardians that caused her unease.
  24. What Stays in the Cantina

    Fair enough. Alderaan seemed like it'd suck. But expectations and pressure to get things right? Sounded like exactly what Stell had signed up for in the military, even if the Peacekeepers were a little lax on discipline compared to the Republic Navy. Sounded like life in general, unless one was living in a basement expecting one's mother to handle all the real-life stuff. The poor kid. How old was he? Definitely, as she'd thought, too damn young for Nar Shaddaa. Well, he was up the wrong turbolift if he was asking her for advice. Stell wasn't necessarily very good at handling things like that. Her idea of getting away from a bad life situation was enlisting in the Republic Navy, spending several years in academies, and pretty much just giving up all independent choice aside from maybe a week at a time. Force. I'm not on Nar Shaddaa to get depressed... Stell looked around for a server droid. There was one trundling right by them; she snapped her fingers at it. "Hey. Hey! Get me a Gizer ale. And a Corellian rum." Clearly, if she was thinking these things, she wasn't drunk enough. The droid wheedled in the affirmative and continued on its way. The pilot returned her attention to the young smuggler across from her, tapping the cards in her hand on the table. "I don't know, kid. Stang, not like it's hard to find stuff to do. Big kriffin' galaxy out there." Yeah, she was no good at advice stuff. Couldn't exactly lecture him about the dangers of smuggling, and how he ran a good chance of getting shot at by someone like her, plus had a damn sight better chance at getting shot at by angrier people with bigger, more illegal cannons. Well, she could probably help. But he didn't look too much like Peacekeeper material. Didn't pay well, after all. And if he had outstanding warrants and all, it'd be annoying to have to clear all that up. But they needed people. She could say something... "I mean, Jedi Peacekeepers are always recruiting... if you're a smuggler, bet you can fly a starship, and we're short on pilots." Since when was she helpful? "But like... it don't pay well. And you gotta work with Jedi. There's a lot of poodoo out there, too. Sure if you want something else legit, you could find it. Or something else not so legit. But that's a bit dangerous." Look at her, the fighter pilot, cautioning someone against danger. Luckily, the droid came back with her drinks; she snatched up the rum and threw it back, grateful for the opportunity to burn all that poodoo out of her mind with alcohol.
  25. Say it like you mean it.

    Expelling a soft breath, Kai withdrew her hand from Aiden's and opened her eyes. Her face would have been ashen if it was not for the dark coloring of her skin, although dual-colored eyes held the tell tale signs of unspeakable fatigue, having glossed over as if she were about to faint. Taking an unsteady step back, the initiate bowed her head and murmured quietly. "Apologies, Master Rohl. It seems I have overreached myself." Now, she thought she had tapped into something; certainly, it felt as if the Force was working through her - but it had too calming an effect for it to be what she expected - a power borne of the dark side of the Force. No, this felt too ~ peaceful to be meant for the use of a Sith. Still and confused, unwilling to lift her eyes to meet Aiden's, Kai wondered if the Instructor had meant this exercise to be a cruel trick. It would make perfect sense if it was, but why pick on a nobody that knew nothing? And then he spoke, causing the young Korun to listen with all reverence, her head still bowed. She was uncertain what he meant by 'brilliant', for all she knew his hand was still bleeding (perhaps even profusely), and he enjoyed the gory sight. She tried to pick out undertones of sarcasm in the word but found none. And then, to her surprise, he commended Kai for her efforts. Her chin lifted slowly, only to freeze at the point where he uttered a subtle warning and confirmed her earlier doubts. A Light side Force technique, here of all places... And someone felt it keenly, perhaps more than one someone. Her heart fell. Aiden did not seem in the mood to discipline Kai for this 'transgression', even if he did willingly participate in the lesson and cut his own flesh to encourage her attempt to heal him. Kai simply did what came naturally. Her actions were dictated by simple logic and what little experience she had in the field of first aid. She did not know what to say to Aiden's commentary on the situation, so her words reflected only muted regret and willingness to accept whatever consequences to come. If there was a way to correct what she had brought about, Kai would do so. She only needed some proper guidance in the matter, even if it involved further discipline. The young Korun was not afraid of pain (be it physical or emotional), especially when warranted. "My ignorance has caused this. How may I make amends?" The initiate would stand and wait in silence, uneasy for the near future and hopeful that whoever felt the disturbance would prove as understanding as he (or she) was wise.
  26. Say it like you mean it.

    Though he was skeptical of course of letting someone touch him, he allowed it for the sake of pure curiosity. Like most things he fiddled with and learned from, he wished to peel away the layers and start from the source to the surface. The basic concept of something was only the surface. To fully understand something you must understand the workings. It was facinating for sure, to see the edges of his cut mildly raise, to see the blood clotting faster and stop dripping to the floor. But no more than that occurred, though he still felt the power in his hand like a warm cloth dabbing his palm. 'Disgusting.' The workings of force mend was something he would probably never attempt on his own. It was too light, too pure. But he would indulge with the uneasy feeling for the sake of learning. "Interesting." He murmured to himself, looking at her skeptically once more. Again, he wondered if she would be cut out for this life, the life of a sith. She had adapted so easily to the power and at her first attempt. Perhaps... Though he was still new, his ideas were probably not perfect... But the thought did cross his mind for a moment, that breaking the girl would be in her benefit. Bring out what the sith needed most to see in her. Almost immediately he felt the power spike, and his gut clenched in reaction. Basking in the tingling of dark energy warning him, he felt the sensation of the light flickering away from his palm. So someone had noticed that brief exchange. His eyes flashed a bit darker shade of yellow as he reached out to the force, pulling as much as possible into him to continue 'washing' himself of the momentary light power. "Brilliant." He grumbled mostly to himself, wondering if he would get a tongue lashing for this. Would not be the first he received, but probably one he would spite. He met Kai's eyes and nodded once. "You are an impressive learner." He admitted, then sighed almost wistfully. "But I think someone does not appreciate our little study session. Understandable, though. Light side powers as I said, are not the first thing a Sith chooses to learn. But it does have potential.... Hm...." HE furrowed his brow, and idly scratched at his bearded scarred cheek. "There was something I once read about...." He started muttering to himself, trying to remember alternatives to self healing. Not being one for self heal, it was difficult to think.
  27. What Stays in the Cantina

    Kal looked up, wondering if his emotions had shown across his face. He must have looked silly, but then it didn't help everyone's expectations of him. A smuggler, yes, but at what cost? What did it take for him to realize this wasn't the right career choice? He couldn't have been the first person to back out of the smuggler's joint. But then, would anyone understand what he went through to get here? Kal looked at Stell, keeping his composure for the first time. "Oh!" He huffed, frustrated. "All I wanted to do, to be, was to get away from Alderaan. Too many expectations, too much hassle to get everything right." He admitted, "Then I wished to become a smuggler and learned the hard way... or so I thought." He slumped in his chair. "This isn't the right job for me. Oh, what am I going to do?!" He clasped his hand against his forehead. He wouldn't normally talk like this, would he? He wondered that. Hopefully, he sobered up a little to remember what went on here. He looked up, smiling. "I guess that's too much to ask, isn't it?"
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