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  2. The Folly of Idolatry

    "There is no freedom in death." Holle said in an instructive tone. Someone who had that kind of reckless attitude about living would not do well among the Sith. While it was true that much of Sith thought and philosophy was entirley self-interested, it was simply not feasible for the Sith Remnant to grow out of the ashes of war if all those who sought understanding of the Dark Side were so uncaring about their demise. It was an alien thought process to her, and one that she found positively abhorrent when she considered it even a moment further. She had been a slave, and instead of falling limp as the implication was from Sutem, she killed for her freedom. They were the first murders she had ever claimed, and she would never forget their fear when she sank the knife into their flesh. There were times when she recalled that moment, where the vivid memories made it feel as if the warm blood was still on her hands. It was that rush of power, just the one time, that saw her dropped on Korriban and again picked up as an apprentice to Darth Verrin. Her drive to ensure that she not only obtained power, but secured that power at any cost, was at least valuable to someone other than herself. The Zeltron could not help but be irritated by the woman's almost lackadaisical approach to training among the Sith though. While she considered the gift of power in the Dark Side akin to receiving a spark of divinity, this one seemed to treat it like some kind of weekend holiday. Holle could not abide by that, "Your reasoning to be among the Sith is as insulting as your outlook on life. Only the Dark Side can break the chain that binds you to your fears and doubts. Slavery is by no means worse than death, nor should death ever be considered the easy escape. If you fail me, or you fail my master, we could most certainly ensure that you find no rest among the dead. This is a life of dedication, one that you do not yet possess the attitude for it seems. You tread on dangerous grounds in the Sith Academy if you do not commit your full life to your training and understanding of the Dark Side." There were times when Holle could say she was angry, but nothing made her quite so angry as this. She had struggled for everything she achieved, survived a selection process to even be chosen as an apprentice, and now the student she was guiding only came because they were curious? In her eyes there was no escuse to half-commit to something simply because one had doubts about the Republic or the Jedi. There was but one simple universal truth, and that was power. Everything else was ancillary. Power was what motivated the Sith to achieve. Power was what kept the Sith Order in constant flux, allowing it to avoid the same type of stagnation that made the Jedi truly complacent. It was power that freed her from the fear of enslavement. Holle had dedicated her time, effort, and even her body in the loss of her legs below the knees to the Sith Order. "My master was kind to you to allow you this opportunity, but my kindness ceases when you insult the Sith by treating the Order like a sideshow that you can peruse at your leisure. I will render one warning to you. Dedicate yourself fully to the Sith Order, or you will find a slave's collar around your neck as soon as I drag your carcass back to the Academy. Am I understood acolyte?"
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  4. The Folly of Idolatry

    "Enslavement is no problem for me," Sutem started as she stopped on a large tree branch to catch her breath, her voice was low and quiet as usual. She pulled one of her nutrient capsules from her utility belt and ate it. Inside the capsule was enough nutrients to cover a full meal, so she didn't have to worry about food while on this mission, "Trust me when I say, a life as a slave, while more painful than death, is far preferable than the alternative. As for why I came to the Sith? Morbid curiosity, mixed with skepticism of the other factions. Anyone that seeks peace is running a fool's errand." Sutem wiped her brow as she jumped onto the next branch, putting her hand on the trunk for balance, she started surveying the area looking for signs of hidden ambushes. Now that she was in the designated area, she couldn't be too careful, "I also don't mind death, my life has not been a good one, and death, as I've stated before is far less painful than life. Doesn't mean I'm going to rush towards it though." Sutem was now looking for the dathomiri tribes people. She needed to find clothes to blend in while she was snooping around the tribe, preferably she would take someone's clothes that had some type of hood. She moved from tree to tree quietly, keeping her ears open for the sounds of wildlife. Because of her survival training from her previous owner, she knew that when people were around, the sounds of birds would fade away. For those in tune with wildlife, that wasn't the case obviously. They could probably sit still enough that the bird's wouldn't be bothered by them. Chances are though, that with the tribes at war, being in tune with nature is the last thing on their minds. Sutem came to a stop again, when she landed on a branch that didn't have any safe options for moving forward. She would need to go to the forest floor, which wasn't something that she wanted to do until she was able to spot some of the natives.
  5. Turn the Page

    ‘Then why don’t you?’ Magnus asked before Antur could leave. ‘Teach me about the mental orientated abilities I mean. Like I said before I want to be balanced and at the moment I only know Force powers that have a physical affect, not mental ones. I don’t mean anything big or complicated, just something that I can easily get the hang of and start from there as foundation.’ It made sense to him to learn something like that. If he wanted to be balance and be able to deal with situations then it will be best to learn some mental powers that can easily deal with that situation far quicker than by physical means. The brute force method can only take you so far and if you have nothing to fall back on if that method didn’t work than you either have to retreat and let more bad stuff happen or get take down and more bad stuff happens anyway. If he couldn’t be balanced himself, then he would be nothing but a hypocrite, and Magnus wanted to be a person who would always stand by his word.
  6. There's Nothing You Can Do

    Holle had developed the habit of follwing her master about the academy throughout at least a short part of the day. It was not so much to be at his beck and call whenever he could need her, but to watch over him in the event that some ambitious knife in the dark had the audacity to try and unseat him. His power was her power, at least partially, and as his apprentice it was her dedication to her service to him that continued to ensure that she was trained to the best of his ability. She had to appreciate the respect he commanded from the students, but whether or not it was out of fear that he would strike them down or just deference to the title he possessed was a question she preferred left unanswered. Under the circumstances though, uncertainty that the new students would adhere to the rules as they should was still enough to draw her paranoia out and give her a reason to shadow her master on his walks thorugh the halls. It was these walks that had afforded her the time to shore up her ability to conceal herself in the Force. Stealth and guile were certainly the things she needed to rely on in the aftermath of the Empire being crushed by the Republic. The loss of her legs certainly put things in perspective for her, as well as forced a change in her training away from a more overt and physical nature. Her failure on Dromund Kaas was just the beginning though, and that she remained alive meant that the Dark Side had purpose for her that had not been fulfilled yet. She had learned on Dromund Kaas that to conceal herself in the Force it was to manipulate the natural world, to bend the light around her that she might be unseen by casual observers. If she was visible, then her master had not yet told her, nor did the students of the academy address her. The thought that she was just creeping through the halls following Darth Verrin around had occurred to her, but there was no evidence to support that she had failed to remain hidden yet. Of course it had also crossed her mind that her master absolutely knew she was there, but did not breach the subject in their intellectual discussions. Either way, Holle certainly felt pleased with herself. That self-indulgent enjoyment of perceived success also grew while witnessing her master truly lose his temper and admonish a student. She had not been a perfect apprentice, by any means, but the one thing that she understood to enrage the Zabrak was the disrepect of property that belonged to the academy or the library. It was sinful to be enjoying a day as much as she was right now, but there it was before her. An uppity rich child speaking to her master as if he was beyond reproach. These were the kinds of people she delighted in deconstructing. Holle did not wait for the call or opportunity, but rather contacted her master telepathically the moment he offered some kind of punishment, light as it was, "My Lord, if I may interject with the student?" and rendred her sadism available for use in the education of this young man. If she had her way, the work as a towel boy would be secondary to the legendary suffering she could force him to endure. Holle made certain that she remained invisible, if only because of the prospect of sudden fear and anguish of her potential victim.
  7. Turn the Page

    Giran nodded. “Well, you’ll learn what you need to here. However, I can’t teach much aside from critical thinking, and some more mentally-oriented Force abilities. For that you’ll need to speak to someone else.” The Kiffar stood with a smile, pulling his outer robe closer over his shoulders. “So Knight Homra Azner will contact you shortly. In the meantime, take one of those datacubes with you. Do some reading. Meet some other initiates.” He ran gloved fingers through his hair. Was there anything else? “The Enclave is a rather nice place to just be around. If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to comm me- you should be able to find my codes. Other than that, enjoy yourself… well, within reason.” Giran knew what these Initiates could get up to- he’d been one himself, after all. Magnus seemed like he’d do well, moving on. Homra would be able to teach him far more than Giran had, and the Kiffar thought it likely that the Initiate would do better with a more active sort of thing. That, unfortunately, wasn’t something he could provide. Homra, on the other hand, could. Turning to leave the library, he wondered when he’d finally meet an initiate interested in the more ethereal aspects of the Force.
  8. There's Nothing You Can Do

    Verrin went from glowering, to sighing, and then to palming his own have in one hand. He groaned a little bit, and wiped his hand downwards over his face, as if wiping away a clod of mud... or dung... that had been thrown at him. He then corrected the student. "No, Kitsuchi, no. You assume far, far too much. The droid is NOT 'stuck' in the jungle, as you put it. And it didn't find its way home on its own. It was brought back here - luckily for you - by one of the residents of this planet. Also - fortunately for you - that resident is a Sith, and had the common sense to NOT leave such a device out there where it COULD BE FOUND BY SOMEONE ELSE!!" The last few words rose in volume along with Verrin's anger. But he quickly caught himself, and brought it back down a notch. "I'm sure you DO have the funds to replace it, young man. Just as I have the 'funds' to replace YOU. But that is not our lot in life, at the present time. We are not at liberty to simply dispose of droids, or potential Sith, and 'buy new ones'. We have to cherish what we have, and TAKE CARE OF IT." He caught himself again. But just then, the young man was offering possible punishments for himself, and Verirn's anger quickly flooded right back in. In one rapid motion, he withdrew an overlong lightsaber hilt from his robes - the kind that was used as a double-ended staff, and not simply a single blade. He thrust the hilt out towards the boy, stopping just as he touched the redhead's chest. His thumb was on the activation mechanism, and a furious look emanated from his eyes. He said through gritted teeth, "Perhaps you didn't hear me, Kitsuchi. I just explained that destroying property and potential Sith is wasteful and dangerous. So if you're telling me to execute you, then either you aren't listening very well, or you aren't a potential Sith." He then withdrew the weapon, tucking it back from whence it came. His yellow eyes scanned the room, looking for particular people he knew - his apprentices, @Vanessa Sallin, or @Holle. Or maybe @Darth Renatus herself - the one who had brought the droid back from the jungle. Even @Darth Sanguira, or @Meracus would have left an impression on this boy, though Verrin doubted he'd see the likes of the Darth in the Training Pits. He felt any one of them - or all of them - could help teach the boy some respect for the Sith. But even if none of them were around, there were plenty of young women present - aspiring Sith, and even non-Sith who were practicing to pursue more military-focused careers. There were all kinds of possibilities, and longer Verrin looked over them, the more he thought he saw eyes wrinkling, noses twitching, and lips curling in dark smiles. "If you are unable, or unwilling to listen to me... if prior instruction hasn't worked... then I can only hope that somehow, your peers will be able to educate you better on the importance of discretion and responsibility in these difficult times. You will hereby serve as 'towel boy' for the next three weeks," he added a week for good measure, "During that time, I am SURE that your fellow Sith will help you learn the lessons you need. They, being closer to you, surely know best how to get through to you."
  9. To Flow

    Ormala considered it, then stood back up. "I suppose getting to meet some of the others would be helpful. Where do most of the Initiates meet up? Do you know if any other Mirialans will be there?" As Ormala said this, he considered what Homra had told him; archivism and artifacts, for a man of his talents? It seemed tad bit tedious, but he supposed the life of a Jedi could hardly be adventures all the time. He figured he ought to temper his expectations a bit.
  10. The Folly of Idolatry

    Holle did not stay around for questions and answers. She had related to the student what the assignment was and that was enough. The Sith Academy followed a relatively stringent sink or swim policy, and those who were incapable of adapting and reacting properly to external stimuli were likely to fail at any level among the Remnant. Still, she went ahead not to take out any of the potential opposition, but to scout the region herself. Her time learning with her master Darth Verrin had at least afforded her a better grasp of how to remain unseen and unheard, which suited her just fine in the hostile jungles of Dathomir. The more she could avoid unnecessary contact with the tribal groups that called the planet their native ground, the better. The Zeltron was quick on her feet, which was no mean feat considering the massive adjustment required to get used to her prosthetics. It felt good to finally be back on balance, and able to move like she had before. Holle preferred to feel as if she was still whole, even though she knew that was not the case anymore. The Jedi had taken that from her on Dromund Kaas and left her there to wallow in her defeat. It planted a seed of hatred that had only grown over time. She did not know what she could do to the Jedi, but what she did know is that they deserved whatever misfortune could fall upon them. This hard planet only worked to make her just as hard, and in such dire times only hard Sith would survive. Under the circumstances the most important trick was not to blend light with the Force to render herself invisible, but to silence her footfalls. There was no use in being unseen if she could still be heard, so her progress through the jungle was measured rather than rapid. Her focus was entirerly on maintaining her ability to remain hidden though, and not on tracking down the village. Getting lost was not what she was worried about, so much as she was worried that someone would hear her approaching rather than see her. The student would have to worry about the very same things, but without the ability to visually conceal herself. It was a test of how well she could infiltrate using her natural talents though, and to appraise just how useful they would be to the Remnant when more serious missions came along. Heat certainly was the only thing on this planet that Holle hated more than the natives she had thus far encountered. It was humid, miserable, and it always ruined her hair. Her vanity had not been quelled by the loss of her legs, and even now she knew what she wore was not flattering in the slightest. It was a thought for later, and so she pushed it aside and paused at the base of a large tree to open the communication channel between herself and the prospect, "The natives on this planet, at least the ones in my experience, do not take well to strangers entering their territories uninvited. Were this another time many years ago that would be understandable, but it seems they do not know when they are overmatched. Technologically speaking they are so far behind what we are capable of that to bring it all to bear against them would surely grant the Remnant total control of this planet. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to draw that kind of attention to ourselves. While the Jedi and the Republic are not actively searching for us anymore, at least as far as I can tell, something of that scale would certainly draw out unwarranted inspection." She said, quietly, apprising the student of the situation. Holle knew all too well that the weapons were primitive, but they should never be underestimated. An arrow made of stone and wood could just as easily kill as a lightsaber, and hurt just as much. It was something with which she was intimately acquainted, which she did not want to repeat. "Though, I imagine since you have joined us you have been made aware of the circumstances we Sith now find ourselves in. But that raises a question to me, and one that I expect an honest answer to. Why did you come to the Sith, what is it that made you choose to put yourself in this position knowing that failure means enslavement or death?" She asked, getting to the heart of her discomforts. It was not often that someone chose to come to the Sith under the circumstances as they had been related to her. Her master had told her just enough about Sutem that she could guide her on an assignment, but that did not mean that she took what was relayed to her at face value. If her experiences among the Sith had taught her one thing, it was that she could trust very few people to be forthright with their intentions. Even she veiled her intent when she was among her peers, and it had previously been one of the most infrequent things for her to do.
  11. round in circles

    Homra tilted his head to the side, brows furrowed. Some of Gakowa's words were news to him. Then there were the mentions of his family... it wasn't exactly a problem, but it could be if Gakowa doesn't learn how to let go of his attachments. "I am sorry to hear of your loss, and well.. I do know that releasing your emotions to the Force will help you find inner peace and calm." "Al though I am curious about a few more things - I didn't know much about H'Raani M'Kai, it's my first time hearing about it." Homra was all about learning new things, and this was definitely new. Granted, he wasn't quite as overwhelmed as he was like with Ormala, but having another initiate lay out their life story to him was a strange experience. It made him feel like he knew more than he should, and he didn't exactly know what to do with such information. As for Homra himself, he didn't like sharing much of his personal details. Sure, he could tell anyone that he was the son of a diplomat and his Echani bodyguard, and that his parents were doting for as long as he knew them. Ever since they sent him to Tython, they had slowly turned into an abstract concept - people that sired and took care of him until Jedi took custody. If there was anyone that served as a parental figure to Homra, it was his late master. The mention of a human teacher was... curious. If the human was a former pilot of what seemed to be a military organization or group, there should have been a paper trail at the very least. A record, or some files at least. What was most curious, was the mention of a former Jedi. It's entirely possible that Shadows monitored this ex-Jedi, and Homra made a mental note to check with a Council member or something later. "Well, you're looking a little far ahead of your goals, and it's not bad wanting to become a Knight. However, we serve only where the Force deems us best. Not all initiates become Knights, let alone a Padawan, but that doesn't mean that we are not needed." He took a deep breath. "As for your sister... we are Jedi, and attachments are forbidden. Your contact with your family members would be limited, and it will be detrimental to your growth and training as Jedi." "I suppose that's good enough for now. Alrigjt, so have you ever been to the crystal caves?"
  12. To Flow

    "Sweet goddess, you better have that checked out just to be sure." Homra checked the initiate over. It didn't look that bad, but it's best to be sure. Or not. Looked like the Miriailian could heal himself. Then again, he may need some stitches or something to really close that wound. Kinrath stingers were long and Ormala could have missed something. Hemorrhaging could still be a problem, and the Enclave healers can make sure the Mirialian was absolutely okay. "Well, I'm sure this must be parcel and package for you, being a Sentinel. Kinrath must be simple next to pirates and Sith lords. I myself am not one much for adventures. If I am needed somewhere, I will go, but I'd prefer to keep my nerves from fraying until I'm about 60 or so." "Nah, I uh... my work as a Sentinel is more on retrieving artifacts, recording current events... archive-related stuff." That and Homra spent the last two years prior to knighting in probation, and he had to display exemplary behavior before the Council approached him to rank up. The years he spent prior to it was a lot less adventurous than he expected. Following paper trails, staking out facilities, stalking various individuals - it was a lot boring than expected, and it involved a lot of bored waiting. If there was any excitement, it was after the Knighting. Although the excitement could be subjective. Since Homra got excited over a different translation of certain texts. "The Council of Reconciliation is political, and the most excitement you'd probably get would be assassination attempts during political proceedings." "So. I found a lightsaber crystal. What do I do now? Am I to be assigned a master, or do I have more tests to face? Or are we going to meet some more Jedi here at the Enclave?" "Not quite yet," Homra rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, you'll have two or three more assignments before you graduate the Enclave and become a Padawan. The crystal would have to wait for now, but once you have a Master... then the two of you could retrieve the crystal." "Looks like we're mostly done here and-" Homra glanced at his chrono, the trip was just an hour. "-you have plenty of time to spare. Do you have any other questions? You could also take this chance to interact with your fellow initiates. Spar and get to know them, it's highly encouraged and it will help your interactions in future missions."
  13. There's Nothing You Can Do

    Silas jumped and let out a high-pitched yelp, holobooks and datapads clattered on the floor in loud thuds. He had gone pale, his freckles contrasting even more against his skin. He whipped behind and paled even further. Right behind him was Darth Verrin. Silas had yet to really interact with the Sith Lord, and the redhead had somehow managed not to end up meeting him whenever he was in the library. Granted, he often borrowed and returned materials for study, but he had yet to go out of his way to actually meet up with notable Sith Lords. Not since Korriban, in any case. "It's stuck in the forest, milord," Silas explained with a nervous twitch. "The savages are more likely to find it rather than the Republic." Besides, his father sent missives about the status of the Republic every now and then. As far as anyone was concerned, it's rebuilding and doesn't seem to keen to chase after leads that the Sith were still around. Then again, who knew? They could be bidding their time, waiting for an opportune moment to strike.... Still, that training droid would probably be covered in moss and fauna before anyone could find it. That and as much as it pained Silas, he could ask his father to be a little more generous with the donations to cover for it. Is there ANYthing you have to say for yourself that will keep me from killing you outright - or at the very least, reducing you to towel boy in the women's lockers?! Choose your words carefully, Kitsuchi... WELL?!" Silas swallowed audibly at the threat, gaze darting around the training pits. Plenty of his fellow acolytes looked rather eager at the promise of his punishment, while plenty of the Overseers present waited with interest. The redhead scowled at them and turned back to the Darth. "I could easily have the droid replaced. I have enough funds." That and his father would most likely tip the Republic or try to screw the Remnant over in retaliation. Maybe? Hopefully? That was, if he ever found out that Silas died. Losing a training droid hardly seemed something to get killed over, and they were low on numbers. Killing off an acolyte seemed counterproductive on keeping the Sith alive. "If you must punish me, I suppose getting a lightsaber to the chest is better than working as a towel boy," Silas deadpanned.
  14. Friends and Allies

    Mirrian heard the shock in Gakowa's voice. "The H'Raani M'Kai are the royal guard, elite warriors who are charged with defending the Royal Family of Shili. I was rejected due to my height." Gakowa paused a bit. "Have you ever heard of the Kiros Massacre?" Mirran said softly. "I....I don't really know a whole lot about your people or your planet, Gakowa. But...." She then smiled softly. "I doubt you know a lot about my people or my home planet of Alpheridies. And to answer your question....I have never heard of the Kiros Massacre?"
  15. Just a scratch.

    "No, Thuria, I'm the one who should be sorry. I should have known you were not ready for that. That one is on me. All on me," Brison said. "The master must ultimately bear the responsibility if the student is not ready. Though I do wish to make sure you can survive at least a skirmish, that will not come about by being careless. You were right to leave. One hundred percent." Brison handed her a bowl of stew. "Careful, its hot," she warned, making note of the chirping birds and flowers. While you are eating that, lets go into a bit of physics, my young Padawan. What is the most basic form of energy you encounter everyday? Its so ubiquitous, you don't even think about it..." Brison held out her hand slightly, concentrated, and with considerable effort, lifted a waft of flame from the campfire and made it spin into a tiny, twisting jet just above her open palm. "Heat of course. We generate it all the time. It transfers. It can be absorbed. Like the heat from, say, that bowl of hot stew. It transfers to your hands, warming them, sometimes unpleasantly. That's essentially the same principle Absorb applies. It has an odd, strange almost-ever-so-close-to-pain-yet-not-quite sort of sensation when it works. You feel it transfer from your hands to your gut. Absorb can save your life, but its got limits. You can only absorb so much before your body burns itself from overload. It will be a painful demise if this happens. Use it only when overwhemed, when you have little other options. When you understand energy, how it functions, how it transfers," Brison continued, disappating the tiny flame funnel above her palm. "Then you understand a little bit better just how far the extent of the Force's reach is. Its much like healing, which, circumstances permitting, we'll get into as well. If you understand energy, you become more adept at describing to the Force how it needs to be handled. Many teachings come back to Tutaminis. Most branches of Force study is in the end the redirecting and channeling of energy, albeit in different ways. Study the warmth of the bowl in your hand. Feel its warmth go through your fingers."
  16. HPOR--SF

    The absolute last corporation anyone would let have such things would be BlasTech- well, them and Merr-Sonn, because they don't care at all who's buying their stuff. They sell to whoever. The Republic isn't just going to let them have it. If you're thinking Paperclip or the Soviet equivalents, notice how they didn't just hand all that shit to an independent party, and how corporate espionage in those areas was handled. Also, the Sith Empire was not Nazi Germany, obsessed with wunderwaffe. Actually, you'll find that if you look at the Empire we had, they did almost the opposite of that, simply overwhelming with numbers. The only thing that could be construed as something like that would be the Limitless. There's not just a ton of experimental war winning technology sitting around. The Empire didn't have to deal with the same sort of looming threat the Third Reich did. They weren't beset on all sides by superior industrial power, forced to make small numbers count. They didn't need rocket-powered interceptors, gigantic super-heavy tanks, superguns, Amerika Bombers, none of that. Perhaps the core issue here is just... Why? You want a weapon capable of messing with lightsaber wielders OOC, I get that. But what's the IC reasoning? It just seems to be "I want a gun that can cause problems for Jedi", and for some reason sonic weapons, slugthrowers, repeaters, and heavy blasters don't fit the bill.
  17. HPOR--SF

    Well, as to why Blastech would use imperial designs, I was trying to draw on real life in how governments and companies sometimes reverse engineer captured enemy tech to improve their one, like how the soviets captured motor cycle and rocket factories. Or Operation Paperclip. I can drop the whole black market manufacturing thing, say its just a newly released though very expensive Blastech product based of captured Imperial Blueprints from whatever planet or section of the empire handled that sort of thing but I still would like it to retain a heavy kinetic effect on lightsabers.
  18. Friends and Allies

    To say Gakowa was surprised by her questions was an understatement. "The H'Raani M'Kai are the royal guard, eilte warriors who are charged with defending the Royal Family of Shili. I was rejected due to my height." Gakowa paused a bit. "Have you ever heard of the Kiros Massacre?"
  19. Friends and Allies

    "Ah. No, my father was a hunter, and my mother a tribe healer. My parents and most of my siblings were killed when I was very young. I barely knew them. Sakowa runs a clothing store, which I used to help at until I turned 18, and tried to join the H'Raani M'Kai." "I see..." Mirran was pondering over this. "So your family are of a warrior/hunter background. It must have been a hard life. But like you, I barely know my parents. You see, they gave me up as a young child to the Order. I just barely reconnected with them about a year or so ago and...well it was like meeting strangers for the first time. If you don't mind me asking who are the H'ranni M'kai? And I can understand your brother's position, It is partially a position I am in as well. My parents giving me up to the Order because they saw something in the Force and I was just a small child when they made that decision. I am....well I know no other life but the one that the Order has given me. And what's an Akul? I am not familiar with such an animal,"
  20. Friends and Allies

    "Ah. No, my father was a hunter, and my mother a tribe healer. My parents and most of my siblings were killed when I was very young. I barely knew them. Sakowa runs a clothing store, which I used to help at until I turned 18, and tried to join the H'Raani M'Kai." Gakowa paused. He glanced at his scarred pinkie. I still can't believe I did that. "I'm not jealous of his life at all. He hits on girls WAY too much. Although, as the eldest, it is his responsibility to continue the family line, it's not a responsibility he takes seriously. Sakowa was the one who raised me after our parents died, although we survived in the wild until I was 17, when I killed an akul in a long and very painful battle. I still have a scar on my back lekku from that." He glanced towards the Enclave. "I hope to make the level of Jedi Knight."
  21. Friends and Allies

    "I also have a brother, who I am NOT close to, unfortunately. Sakowa runs a shop in Corvala, my homeworld's capital city, while Nogati is a hunter in the wild. I haven't seen him in over a year, or heard from him, for that matter. I wonder if he's secretly jealous of me." "Your family are merchants? Your sister? Did she raise you? And your brother a hunter? What's that like? I think it might be a bit exciting to hunt for wild animals. Course, I don't particularly have the stomach or the mentality for such things. But I would think one might be Jealous of the life he leads." "What Jedi level do you hope to attain?" "I...my parents were diplomats. Perhaps I hope to follow in their footsteps. It was their desire that I become a link between the Jedi, the Republic, and my people. Although the link between the Order and the Republic is broken. I hope to at least keep a link between the Order and my people."
  22. Strong Stance

    Sutem watched Verrin as he stepped back, listening intently to what he said. This was the first time that Sutem felt invested in learning anything, and the more the dark lord spoke, the more she wanted to pursue this life. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but it was definitely something she felt she could do. When Verrin mentioned the library, Sutem realized that the best place for her to learn the simple theories of the force were there. While reading wasn't her favorite subject, due to not learning how to read until she was sixteen standard years old. It was still difficult for her to do when there were words she didn't completely understand. Verrin mentioned a place where the force could come more naturally, and then mentioned meditation, "If meditation could've helped me with the force, I probably would have found it some time ago," She said offhandedly after he was done with his explanation. One of the exercises she practiced was meditation, in order to stay in a different form for long periods of time, she would often change, and then meditate on the form. Maybe you needed to focus on the force specifically, to gain understanding, but it didn't seem as likely as other reasons. Sutem thought about what had happened when she used the force during her sparring session with Verrin, and tried to remember the feeling. She could feel her last owner, furious, and that scared her. It reminded her of when he would back her into corners during their sparring sessions. Sutem lashed out back then, with uncontrolled emotion. As far as she could remember, this was the first time she recognized using the force. After Verrin was gone, she turned towards the practice droid, and held her hand out. This felt like an exercise in futility, as she tried to move the droid with a force push. She stood in relative silence as she tried to remember the exact feeling of energy being pushed through her body. She closed her eyes to concentrate on her emotions. She took her Gravik-nez stance, and brought her arms to their usual spots. "I am not a slave to you anymore," She whispered to herself as she focused her emotions into her palms, "You are not my master," her hands felt like they were about to explode as she opened her eyes. She threw out her upper arm, and shouted hoping to let out her emotions. She watched as the droid remained unmoving from the spot on the wall. She took a deep breath and shouted, "Damn it!" her hand still outstretched. She felt a wave of energy pass out of her palm as the droid dented the wall even more. "This is ridiculous..." Sutem continued to practice honing this technique, and as she kept getting more and more frustrated, it felt like the more she tried to control it, the less it wanted to be controlled. Surely that wasn't how it worked. Before Sutem could attempt to do anything practical with her newly discovered abilities, she would have to learn the theory. She took a deep breath as she went to the practice droid, and began trying to pry it from the wall it was indented in.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Strong Stance

    The Recruit's skin shifted beneath his fingertips, like a chameleon, as it tried to imitate his skin tone. His was a dusky purplish-gray, but it was so covered in black tattoo work, the instinctual reaction was working hard to match him. The reaction to his touch was interesting, but didn't remove Verrin's focus on the young woman's eyes. Even her lips were tertiary, as she uttered her question, "Where do I begin?" Verrin smiled at her, and answered, "You're already here." He finally removed his hands, meaning for the touch to be punctuating, not creepy. And he took a step back and nodded, "I think you're a person who has come to the right place, at the right time in her life. You have so much to learn, it is difficult to say exactly where to start. But definitely keep up your physical training, here in the Pits. The Overseers will aid you in that regard, and help you find training in the traditional sense, as well as training in other weapons skills you may or may not possess. Then, there is always the Library - if you're a Recruit, then you're already registered with permission to be there. Seek knowledge, Recruit Wry - for Knowledge is power. Start with the Code, as I told it to you - learn it, memorize it, make it your own. And then, perhaps the trickiest part, will be getting you to find that sweet spot - that place where you can tap into the Force more confidently, more consistently. Meditation is the technique that most Sith use, for that, but not everyone 'assumes the lotus position' in a quiet place to do so. I've seen some Sith meditate during physical exercise - running, or repetitive tasks that help their minds refocus. Others use saunas, or massage therapy - though I'd argue, that a good masseuse will put me to sleep before I ever find mental focus on their table. Still others use sensory deprivation tanks, or more traditional incense and candles. I even know one Sith who found their focus through acts of lovemaking. You will have to determine which one works best for you. I, myself, am more of a traditionalist in the sense that I find a relatively quiet place, and simply sit. If you have trouble finding that focus, seek me out in the Library, and I'll do what I can to assist you. There is a protocol droid there, named Maggie, who manages my appointments. Simply speak to her and request time - she'll find a way to fit you in. Or if you encounter one of my apprentices - Holle, or Vanessa - they can assist you too." Verrin turned then, looking like he was about to go. But he paused long enough to speak once more. "You show great promise, Recruit - even at this early stage. I won't lie - you've a long road ahead of you, and the training is not 'easy'. But I promise that if you can get through it, if you can keep at it, and continue to make progress, then you will become all that you imagine you can be - and more. You will be a goddess among sentients, and perhaps more importantly, your people - whoever they are. Make me proud, Sutem Wry."
  25. There's Nothing You Can Do

    One of the problems with being a Sith - more specifically, a Darth - was that one had a certain aura in the Force that was difficult for those attuned to such things to miss. Add to that the rank of Kaar within the now-defunct Empire, and Head Librarian, and anonymity was almost entirely wiped away. Add to THAT, the face of the head of the Academy, and it was nigh impossible for Verrin to go anywhere without SOMEone noticing him. Today was a perfect example of that difficulty. He could have walked up to the redhead who practiced his Niman in the Pits, and maybe - maybe - not have been recognized. But would all the others trainees also fail to recognize him? The Overseers certainly wouldn't miss his presence. And anyone of the rank of Master would have either crossed paths or sought assistance from him at one point or another. So simply walking somewhere in the Academy wasn't always the best option. Fortunately, Darth Verrin was a long-time practitioner of the Force. He simply moved into the Pits without being seen, cloaked completely from the eyes and ears of those around. His stealth didn't hide his aura in the Force, and one Overseer who was more aware - or more bored with the proceedings - flinched when Verrin passed invisibly by. It was as if he'd been touched by a warm breeze, or perhaps the buzzing of a mosquito disturbed him. The Overseer dismissed the former, and decided on the latter because, frankly, mosquitoes in the jungle were far easier to explain away than odd feelings in the Force. Verrin's silent, unseen steps led him to stand directly behind the bench where the redheaded student sat. To his credit, he'd won the sparring match he'd just had. but Verrin wasn't concerned with that at the moment. He finally let the cloaking energy of the Force fall away from him, leaving him standing like a dark shadow, looming over the teenager. And only then did he speak. "You." One nearby sparring match came to an abrupt halt, as the Acolyte facing towards Silas saw Verrin appear. He nearly dropped his training saber in surprise, and the other student took advantage, getting in two quick hits and forcing the distracted Acolyte to fall back in pain. Verrin continued. "You're the one who let the training droid get out of the facility, and then failed to return it. Haven't your instructors beat into your head that we cannot afford such mistakes - that if news of our whereabouts gets out to the public, that the Jedi and Republic will descend upon this planet to finish the job they failed to complete at Dromund Kaas?! Are you in need of further instruction, boy? Do you feel some kind of punishment would be out-of-hand? A week or two in the sanitation department, for example? Do you not realize just how much danger you put the entire SITH organization in with your callous carelessness?!?! Is there ANYthing you have to say for yourself that will keep me from killing you outright - or at the very least, reducing you to towel boy in the women's lockers?! Choose your words carefully, Kitsuchi... WELL?!" There was a look on Verrin's face, even half-concealed by the cowl of his robe, that suggested this was no joke. By this point, the other sparring sessions had come to a halt, as every person in attendance turned to stare at the irate Master of the place. They were probably wondering if they had one less competitor in their midst - and every one of them hung, waiting on the next words that Silas would speak.
  26. The Geomancer's Retreat!

    Morgana was more than a little surprised to bump into Kev, so soon after making her own escape from her cell, having seduced her captor into a moment of weakness she exploited. Still, she was glad that he had managed to find his way out, as she had as it was one less thing that she needed to worry about doing. She also sensed his uncertainty that he was pleased to see her or angry, for which she couldn't blame him, but she didn't let this show as she spoke to him. "You're such a clever one to have cut the power: they'll have plenty of trouble for long enough for us to do what we have to. Hm... you said this place reminded you of Ryleya who I'm guessing was a Dark Side wielder like me. Huh, that explains the strong presence of the Force I detected when I awoke in my cell," she began. Looking around, she even used Force Sight to see if she could find anything of immediate interest and at once, she found someone or something that seemed alive but not quite. It was male by look but was... mechanical, barely living, cybernetic. However, its power was also ancient and it was not impossible to assume that the cyborg (if it was a cyborg) had some knowledge of this place and whatever valuables might be contained at the heart of it. "Tell you what, Kev, before we free the Mute we need to take whatever valuables we can from this place then activate its self-destruct mechanism (assuming it has one). In addition to Dark Side knowledge that could be useful to us, we'll need a way we can cause this place to come down on their heads: there might even be a way you and your mother can permanently beat down Mr. Prosper contained within the heart of this temple if you agree to aid me. Your blaster is a slugthrower, by its appearance, which means you have a better chance of destroying more of our enemies than I do with my lightsabers until the slugthrowers are somehow decommissioned. "On the other side of a cell further down from here is a cyborg, from the look of it, but I can't get to him alone. I'll use the Force to get you into the ventilation shaft that will guide you to him and will even point you in the direction of his cell once I start levitating you but you will need to act quickly. I can kill the guards at the front of his cell but I will need the door opened from the inside once I have done so, in order to speak with him promptly. Besides, if we don't try this, Mr. Prosper will keep coming after us but by bringing us here, he's given us a chance to do him in permanently or at least cut down his resources forevermore. Wouldn't you like to find out if you can break him beyond ability to pursue your mother? I know I would in your position and don't worry, we will rescue the Mute on our way out of here but he''ll need his lightsaber back or at least a lightsaber," Morgana offered. She didn't expect that Kev would like the idea of trying to bring the temple down on Mr. Prosper's head, point of fact, she didn't really expect him to agree to it. Why would he when it would've been suicidal for him to try anything other than escape if it weren't for her? Besides that, she found herself caring for the Mute a little more than she thought she would be, making it a sincere proclamation when she said that they would rescue him on the way back out of the temple. Was she being tempted from the Dark Side by some sort of superficial crush or even infatuation with the Mute? How would it even be possible since she didn't know that much about him to begin with nor, for that matter, really cared for the platitudes of the Jedi which he probably held sacred when circumstances permitted? For the moment, it was something she'd have to push aside for a later time and when she had a chance to thoroughly examine her feelings about him, her apprentice, even her need for revenge against Hyperion. Did she really want to continue her revenge against him and if she did, what she do when she finally did face him and finally did kill him? Suppose she succeeded and was in need of a new goal, what would she do when her revenge was all she'd ever known? She pushed even these thoughts to the side as she prepared to levitate Kev in the event he went along with her offer: people were so much easier to raise to greater heights when they either didn't expect it or were willing. It was her hope it would be the latter in Kev's case, given the logic of her argument.
  27. There's Nothing You Can Do

    Melona 3, 3630BBY Training Pits, Dathomir Academy The training saber flew from Silas' hand before he knew it, and the teen was frozen as he stared down at the pointy end of another one. His opponent was sneering at him, and the most disgusted expression the redhead could manage was to sniff snootily before stepping away. "Again," the Overseer crowed out, and Silas ended up glaring at her. "Pick up your weapon and fight, Kitsuchi. You're not done yet." "This is pointless," he called back. "I can't really go back to the pits. I haven't been fully trained properly. Can't you ask someone else?" "Can't you suck it up like a good Sith instead of whining like a spoilt child? Or do you want me to drop you off in the forest to get you proper survival training?" The teen's cheeks and ears turned nearly as red as his hair. His fellow acolytes standing around the pits laughed uproariously at the reprimand. His opponent didn't laugh, but Silas could see the unimpressed look sent his way. It's been weeks since Silas got lost in the thick jungles of Dathomir. An Overseer bringing her class out for some survival training found him delirious, in pain, practically raving, and just on the brink of dying from shock. He had a lightsaber burn at the back of his neck that he didn't feel out of adrenaline, and the lightning that hit him had scarred all over his arms and legs. It took him two weeks just to recover, and he spent those two weeks as a jittery mess to scared to get out of bed. He so hated Sith women, then. "I hope you all die choking on hutt spit," Silas muttered, but he was already bending down to pick his training saber. He faced his opponent - another teen, rather thin, tattoos - and slipped into a basic Niman stance. The other acolyte charged forward, aggressive and quick, aiming for Silas' head. Using the Force, the redhead grabbed his opponent's leg, trying to make him trip. He rolled rather haphazardly on the ground and managed to crouch into a defensive position. Silas sidestepped an oncoming swipe at his midsection, and let out a sharp breath when the barb nearly grazed his side. A little annoyed that he lost to this little barve, Silas used the Force to push him away. His opponent was easily pushed back, and Silas smiled smugly at that. He couldn't enjoy his victory long enough, as the apprentice charged forward with an angry snarl. Instinctively, the redhead froze, and he would have probably have an injured arm if not for the Force making warning bells ring inside his head. He managed to dodge a strike aimed at his neck at the last minute, and used the other acolyte's momentum to pull him close. Silas swiped his saber at his opponent's leg. The acolyte fell down into a graceless heap, hissing and spitting, and looked like he was about to retaliate. So Silas swiped his weapon at the acolyte's right arm, earning him a glare. "Good job taking down a mediocre one, Kitsuchi. Thought you'd be a goner." The Overseer waved him over, and Silas was glad that this exercise in torture was over. "Right, you're both finished. Next!" Slaves dragged the injured acolyte off, and Silas had decided that that was not worth his time. So he took off and headed for one of the benches. He was just glad that this stupid exercise in self-flagellation was over, and he could now then concentrate on his interests. Which was learning Force-Based techniques and the Sith language. He just started on the Sith language, and trying to learn its grammar and vocabulary as he went. It's been interesting so far, if not a little rough on the throat and the head.
  28. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down

    "No need to thank me, Lieutenant." Jun brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "My paperwork actually tripled in size thanks to that Knight - well, that party in general - I had to rework a lot kinks in the system. Recruitment's going to be stricter, and we are going to need a lot trainers to provide specialized skills since we're rather short on manpower. Majority of the Peacekeepers would have to be cross-trained to fill in other posts when we're really short on people. Ground troops specializing in long-ranged combat would need to learn short-ranged, pilots that handle anything larger than a shuttle would need to learn how to drive a starfighter and vice versa. I would have preferred trying to recruit more experienced ensigns, but entry is going to be harder now. So, we have to work with what we got for now." Things were easier in the Republic. Jun had to worry about ground forces, and that was it. Here, she handled all of the Peacekeeper forces. At first, she thought it was going to be simple, that it was just allocating some budget for just Navy and Army. Turned out there were also Public Relations and Resources subdivisions, and then there were the Health and Scientific Research. Large organizations tend to communicate poorly, especially when there were hundreds and thousands of middlemen. However, all of the heads answered directly to her, and it took a lot of effort to make that nothing was stagnating in the back burner. “How long until we’ll have enough, ma’am? And do you think it would be possible to get a sanisteam anytime soon?” "We still have 90 days or so to file the case, and we have two weeks before we get a platoon and their CO back. He's pretty good with legal stuff, he presided a few cases back in the Republic. I still need a panel though, but not quite enough people that'd do good." She needed at least three more, but starting with the procedure should give them enough time to gather enough people for the karking thing. "I think there were two more here that weren't in the house party or the raiding party, but neither have any sort of experience with military justice. They were just promoted in the Republic before deserting, but they should be competent enough." Then the field generator turned off with a loud hiss, the crackle of electricity dying out. Jun let out a relieved sigh and nodded towards Stell. "Your room wasn't touched, your new schedule should be on your comm unit, and you have a day's worth off-duty to acclimate with your new post." Things went off without a hitch so far, but Jun wasn't putting her hopes up too much. This was supposed to be what their meeting was about, and she would have preferred that it took place on their scheduled slot. On the upside, that was free now. Except, the commander wouldn't probably be able to enjoy it because the amount of paperwork that accumulated from just last night was enough to have Jun dreaming about it once her shift's over. According to recruitment, the new pilot they got was already deployed before he went through basics. They were that short on manpower then, but at least he could get proper training this time around. There should be enough pilots to cover for a few more missions, and a lot of their troops were going to be recalled after their missions. There should be ample time to train the current forces present in Dantooine and then deploy them after their offshore troops return. "I recommend a shower and relaxation after the whole thing," Jun beamed. "You're a free woman now, lieutenant. Free to do anything, as long as it isn't breaking the law. Meet me at my office tomorrow, though. We need to sort out the whole thing and I'll also need you to write up an incident report. There's no rush, just send it to my holo." Her first objective done, the commander turned to her next one. The court martial. She could try contacting Knight You for the statements - his word will hold a lot in court, and he did offer to help... She was a little doubtful since he only had a single arm, but help was still help. Maybe he was planning on getting some Jedi-sanctioned cybernetic then? Either way, she needed help with paperwork, and Azner was too busy with whatever it was to be of help. She just had no idea how to contact Shui, however. "I think I might need to get in touch with one of the Knights...," she muttered to herself. "I need to draft everything and have it all looked over... stang, I won't be sleeping tonight, will i?"
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