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Community Rules

Star Wars: Fates


Guidelines and Requirements


Respect your fellow members.


We are a community of people who enjoy roleplaying in the Star Wars universe, and as such it is always important to respect other members regardless of rank or personal prejudice. The Staff do not tolerate personal attacks, bullying, disparaging remarks or threats against any of our members or staff under any circumstances. It is important to adhere to the directions of those of a higher rank (in character and from the staff) at all times. This adheres to all forms of communication, from personal messages to any form of instant messaging service currently used, or yet utilized. While we regard ourselves as a site tolerant of one another, and of good humour, it is important to know when a subject may have crossed a personal line or has begun to insult or belittle another member. It is important in these circumstances to cease all forms of jesting on the subject, in order to maintain a peaceful and friendly environment for all.


Don't use the forums to air grievances, incite conflict or discuss offensive material.


Public conflict, whether on the forum, or in any form of communication (private messages, or any form of instant messaging platform) is not tolerated on this site. Complaining about the community or members within creates a hostile environment with poor morale - along with discouraging new members from joining. It looks trashy, is often said in the heat of the moment, and creates larger problems that can often linger for a long time. We don't expect every member to agree with every decision that gets made, but we expect any complaints or concerns to use the proper channels to voice them. Arguments happen, and while we can't prevent it happening on our public forums, we always request that you take the disagreement to a private venue. If you cannot come to any understanding privately, you should include a staff member in the conversation, who will always be ready and willing to help defuse a tense situation. We never approve of the publication of pornography or graphic images, or adult writing. Friendly and political discussion is allowed, but when in doubt, don't post - or at least, run it by a member of the staff beforehand.


Do not insert yourself into lore


While roleplaying, your character should never be inserted into existing Star Wars lore. This includes being the apprentice of Darth Malgus, inventing the Vibroblade, being the son of Revan, etc. Names also apply to this rule, but also extend to cover other fictional universes other than Star Wars. A character is not to be named after a major character in or out of the Star Wars universe. Only exception to this rule is the use of clan names (Mandalorian or Chiss, etc.) or extremely common names in the Star Wars galaxy. Images of well known Star Wars characters are not generally allowed, but well manipulated version can be considered assuming that they have been altered enough that they bear only slight resemblance to the original, and that the staff are happy with the image.


Do not god mod, metagame, or create characters that could be considered to be "Mary Sue/ Gary Stu".


Within all roleplay communities, there is an expectation that everyone will play fairly. This means that no person should try and take advantage of another person, by exploiting the systems created to produce characters that are perfect in every way, nor should anyone manipulate a character other than their own without permission, or know information about other characters or events that they could not possibly know on that character.


God modding (which is the act of controlling another person's character, actions, or having techniques or attacks succeed without giving their opponents a chance to respond) is considered to be one of the biggest sins of roleplay, and one that we will not consider under almost any circumstance. The only exception to this rule is that Staff may god mod anyone or grant such permissions to others (within reason), and any person can grant permission for their own character to be god modded to expedite a storyline.


Metagaming then, is the act of using out-of-character information or resources to affect ones in-character decisions. While you may be aware of something that your opponent is doing, your character may not be - so exploiting this knowledge for a characters benefit (such as surviving attacks that should have been hidden, or using the knowledge that your character can not be killed without your express permission (within reason)) in-character is an explicit abuse of this rule. So then, is creating a character that is infallible - perfect at everything that they do, and create an unrealistic and unbelievable character which can not be disputed for any reason. This sort of character is not enjoyable to roleplay in the long term, since flaws are what make a character interesting, and are dull to roleplay against, so we disapprove of such techniques.


Do not abuse liquid time or metagame to abuse the character sheet system.


While much of this site revolves on the use of liquid time, and catching up with the timeline as specified on the front page, we do not approve of using liquid time to write up your character learning a powerful skill or power in the past, for the entire purpose of besting another character with a convenient new skill or power at the exact moment it is required. This is essentially metagaming (see above). We do not approve of a character suddenly learning every power on the list, simply because they are eligible to do so. This is both untrue to the spirit of roleplay - the eventual cycle of learning powers and training new skills - and unfair to the other members of the site who learn and roleplay their characters gradual growth in strength. While our systems of maintaining character sheets has changed over time, we expect all members to maintain the highest standard in this regard.


Roleplaying Conduct


Always read over your posts and make sure they have some semblance of grammar. L33T speak and text speech (i.e: "u" , "omfg" and "h4x0r") are unacceptable in roleplay posts. If you are taking part in a group roleplay, be mindful of the work being put forth by your fellow members. Read all posts as they are made, and make every effort to remain realistic to, and aware of, what is happening around your character. There is no adult roleplaying forum, if you must produce something like this, please use fade to black to skip the entire process.


Do not attempt to change the direction or subject matter of another thread without its creator's permission. This is a form of disrespect to the author of the thread, and will be treated as such. Hijacking a thread is typically frowned upon and if you wish to add your own flavor, discuss it with the members in the thread. Check with the members of the group before skipping their posts so that people don't get left behind, and that a minority of members don't end up posting an overwhelming amount for those who are unable to post as quickly. Group threads often have discussion PMs, and any member can create one for this purpose.


Always maintain the canon of the universe where applicable in roleplay (exceptions allowed in the Non-Canon Forum). Where something is not addressed in canon, or otherwise not detailed or explained on Star Wars resources like Wookieepedia, you are allowed freedom to create or flesh out existing material in a logical way that remains consistent with the universe and its established content.


Members are also expected maintain a sense of realism in their character sheets and general roleplay. No character that we have read or loved ever magically gained the ability to use all the powers of the Force instantly, so neither should our characters here. Learning skills and powers takes time, and though the systems created here allow members to take powers in their own tier at will, it is expected characters will at all times explain how they learned such abilities.



Breaking The Rules


While as a community, we are fairly tolerant of mistakes and always try and guide members and potential members in a non-threatening and constructive manner, we will not tolerate people who break these guidelines repeatedly, or after explicit warnings to cease. If the requests and constructive criticism of the staff are not obeyed, the staff will give an official written warning to the offending party. All members and staff are given three strikes - on the third written warning, you will be suspended from the site for a non-negotiable period of 30 days.


If you decide to return after your absence, you will only have one opportunity left to maintain your standing in the community. Any further rule-breaking will come with a ban. All bans are considered permanent and are not given out without deep consideration from the staff team. After twelve months the offending party may petition the staff member for return, but that return is not guaranteed nor to be expected unless a truly compelling reason can be given.


While we strive to be lenient and open to reason, we always have the community at heart when making our decisions. Hopefully, we will never need to use this particular system, but it is in place to ensure that all members are treated fairly and with all due consideration.


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