1. The Docking Bay

    1. Welcome to Star Wars: Fates

      Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! Inside this forum is the application procedure, guidelines and FAQs you'll need to join our role playing community.

    2. The HoloNet

      Visit this forum for the latest information on the site, and for ongoing Galactic News updates on the galactic schemes unfolding.

  2. Character Creation

    1. Character Creation Location

      This forum is for all new characters, which need to be authorized before use. The Staff Team will make sure your character conforms to established site canon, where they will then be approved for action.

    2. Reference Information

      This forum is dedicated to the listing of information about the Force Powers and Skills available for use in character sheets.

    3. Character Biographies

      This forum is dedicated to storing the biographies and character sheets, along with defining information about the various characters on the forum.

  3. The Galaxy

    1. The Sith Empire

      Ruled by the Emperor on Dromund Kaas, the Sith Empire is an ever increasing threat to the security of the galaxy, with its eyes fixated on the destruction of the Republic and the Jedi. With the Imperial War Machine moving across the galaxy swiftly and with great force and determination, the Cold War of the past, and the fragile peace that followed, are but a distant memory to the intricate schemes that the Sith are unravelling across the galaxy.

    2. The Galactic Republic

      The Galactic Republic is more than just a symbol of peace - it is the embodiment of freedom, resistance and iron clad ideals which protect the galaxy from the onslaught of the Sith. From the glittering towers of Coruscant, the Supreme Chancellor with the full support and cooperation of the Senate and the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, have instructed the Jedi to protect the innocents of the galaxy, and take any and all action required to exterminate the Sith threat. Although so much is unknown in such a tumultuous time, the Jedi have never been so resolute in their resolve.

    3. Mandalorian Space

      A collection of worlds, largely holding allegiance to Mand'alor. This sector of space was carved from the territories of many species and governments over the past 3,500 years, through both conquest and diplomacy, some joining the Mandalorians because they had to, and choosing to remain, others willingly, through forged alliances. Though it currently sits largely within Imperial Space, the Mandalorians' territory is still very much their own. Their alliance with the Sith Empire, and their value in many fields has helped secure this, and any newly conquered is as open to Imperial settlement as the Mandalorians themselves. There are rebellious elements within this sector, but it is likely that Mand'alor will seek them out and crush them before too long.

    4. Hutt Space

      From the criminal capital world of Nal Hutta, the Hutt Cartel has created a monopoly across the entirety of Hutt Space, and in many ways, the entire galaxy. Boasting illegitimate practices, shady dealings and outright illegal business etiquette, the Hutts have maintained control of their own sector by remaining out of the interest of the Sith or the Republic, or by dealing under the table with everyone. Perhaps one of the main neutral forces in the galaxy, the Hutt Cartel has lined pockets of Sith and Republic officials alike, in its ever expanding quest to maintain the lifestyle that the slum worlds they possess have granted them.

    5. The Greater Galaxy

      Unaligned, or out of the reach or thought of the mighty Imperial War Machine, or refusing staunchly to join the Galactic Republic, the worlds of the greater galaxy from a somewhat tenuous bond through their continued independence. Though not untouched by war - and often the unfortunate staging ground for it - the galaxy stands in wait as the great powers of the Sith and the Republic do battle - hoping to remain unaffected and untouched by the scheming and secrecy that surrounds it. In this reach of space, small Empires and collectives of their own are created, with domains large and small hidden in the Unknown Regions and the galaxy at large.

    6. Contested Planets

      Unlike the stories, the galaxy isn't neatly divided into Imperial and Republic planets - many worlds exist on both sides of the conflict, and neither at the same time. Some of these planets are in conflict with themselves or are the staging ground of the war between the Sith and the Jedi. Many of these planets are in contention, as the Republic and Empire struggle to maintain superiority. Here, you will find them.

  4. Out Of Character Discussion

    1. The Cantina

      This is the off-topic forum. Feel free to discuss in this forum anything not related to site.

    2. Feedback and Questions Forum

      Use these various subforums to discuss site related issues with the site staff and members.

    3. Writers Helpdesk

      A forum dedicated to writers who have questions about site issues, or wish to merely discuss future roleplay and plots.