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Alderaan was the second planet in the Alderaan system, which was itself part of the Core Worlds. One of the Core Founders of the Republic, Alderaan has always believed in peace and the natural order of the galaxy, with separate noble houses holding allegiance to other factions within the galaxy. After the newly elected Supreme Chancellor started to police Alderaan and taking noblemen and women captive for previous interactions with the Sith Empire, many noble houses rose up to oppose the Supreme Chancellor for believing most Houses had betrayed the Republic during the war. While House Ulgo continues to ally with the Republic, many others have decided to fight the Republic in the only way they can, through politics.


While not strong enough to provide up any true resistance to the Republic's might, the noble houses of House Rist and House Organa actively try and collaborate with the Galactic Coalition in an attempt to bring peace back to Alderaan, providing them with vessels to traverse the galaxy unnoticed and with information gathered from political discussions.

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