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Corellia was the first planet from the star Corell in the Corellian system, which was itself part of the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. One of the Core Founders of the Republic, Corellia's populace has always been fiercely independent and self-reliant, willing to take on any challenge opposing them and their freedom, including the Republic itself. Due to their technological advancements and driveyards that have helped the Republic for countless millennia, Corellia has finally been struck down after disagreeing with the Supreme Chancellor's methods, and their driveyards have been occupied by the Republic to create new vessels to assist in the war against the Galactic Coalition.


One of the few unwilling to stay down, Corellia has provided multiple safe havens within their system for the coalition to utilize in their adventures deep into the Core Worlds. Revolutionary fighters of Corellia utilize guerrilla warfare to slowly take back what is theirs, but many realize how futile it is and are depending on the coalition to provide assistance.

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