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The second satellite of a weak red star, Nirauan is located within the Nirauan system and is a planet filled with a variety of different climates and geographical areas. After being occupied by the Chiss and the former Imperials fleeing the previous war, multiple settlements have popped up, along with a single city built around the High Tower, home to the Galactic Coalition. After the destruction of Kaas City, countless Chiss and Imperials returned after the looting of the city was complete and began to excavate machinery to assist in the building the city that surrounds the High Tower, which was named Praetorium after an archaeological team discovered ancient Rakatan ruins deep within the core of the High Tower itself.


Within this city, the Galactic Coalition works frantically to normalize the life of refugees, building and expanding to assist in the efforts of the coalition itself. Each faction has it's own district within the city and segregated faction has it's own laws, in addition to the general laws of the coalition. Two docking bays are located on the planet, one within the walls of the city and one that belongs to the Chiss settlement located in the northern hemisphere. Beneath the surface of the planet are countless tunnels that are utilized by the wildlife of the planet, though some have been utilized as a means to transport goods between settlements and the main city.


  1. The High Tower

    A fortress built from black, energy-absorbing stone and durasteel, the tower bares the banners of the factions within the Galactic Coalition, as well as their own symbol. Upon entry to the High Tower after ascending stairs the stairs to the front entrance, one is welcomed to a grandiose chamber that is lively. Countless workers, civilians and soldiers frequent the main chamber assisting newcomers and providing them with gear from their armory. Protocol droids are at the ready to escort those that are new to the coalition, as well as serving as messengers for those on the War Council should one see an audience with them.


    New arrivals are often given residence within the High Tower until they are cleared to live in one of the districts within the city limits of Praetorium.

  2. Praetorium

    The walled city of Praetorium is populated by multiple cultures and species, as well as beliefs. Originally a simple backwater city, the introduction of Chiss and Imperial forces post-war allowed the city to prosper and build different architectural structures.


    Multiple districts litter the surrounding area of the High Tower, each with their own specific laws and regulations. While most are segregated due to beliefs and potential uprisings, the Sith and Imperial districts have been forced to live in close proximity to one another, while the Jedi and the Republic districts have been forced to live in close proximity to one another also. The Mandalorian district is located between both the Republic and Imperial districts to keep some sense of civility, while those that are serving in the Coalition to fight for their freedom are provided a neutral district with the docking bay within in. 


    It is not rare to see individuals wander these districts in search of goods their own district may not supply, and no district is considered off-bounds to those of another faction

  3. The Settlements

    Countless settlements litter the surface of Nirauan that are often led by a single individual, though some have formed cults in worship of deities and beings of power. The most populated settlement, Outpost Csaplar, is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet that is occupied by Chiss, many who have decided to ally themselves with the Coalition temporarily, mostly for supplies and protection. Linking these settlements together are roads and tunnels that are monitored frequently to ensure the safety of the settlers coming too and from Praetorium.


    It is often considered the duty of the Galactic Coalition to monitor settlements and assist in the construction of them, as well as to deal with any settler duress. Due to certain fanatical beliefs, settlement wars do happen and it is up to the coalition to deal with them accordingly.

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