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The Holy City of Jedha

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In the wake of the war, the Jedi Order realised it needed to return to its roots, and rediscover its entire reason for being. As the Republic recovered from the long-standing war, the Jedi decided to allow the Republic time to rebuild itself, and left only a small contingent on Coruscant, taking the entire Order on a self-imposed sabbatical to the Holy City of Jedha, and the secrets that laid within.


  1. The Temple of Kyber

    The Temple of the Kyber, also known as the Temple of the Whills was a great temple located in the Holy City, a large, walled city on the cold, desert moon of Jedha. The temple, rising high above the city wall, was held sacred by those who followed the teachings of the Force. The Unified Jedi Order, who had long held a small group of Jedi here, established the Temple as their central governance. Here the Speaker of the Jedi, along with his Grand Council would begin their contemplation on the Force, and the direction of the Jedi in the years to come. The Jedi Service Corps also operate from the Temple of Kyber, as they once did from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. 

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  2. The Dome of Deliverance

    The Military Stronghold on Jedham, it was the headquarters for the Jedi Peacekeepers, the miltary arm of the Unified Jedi Order. Originally created from a platoon of Republic Soldiers, it contained mercenaries who were converted to the Jedi cause and protection, along with volunteers on Jedha and other Jedi aligned worlds. The Peacekeepers use what limited resources they have to protect the Jedi from harm, and when possible, protect the galaxy from the scourge of hate and discord. From here, the Jedi Intelligence Network operates, under the supervision of Caretaker of Reconcilliation and the Supreme Commander of the Peacekeepers. 

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