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The Dantooine Enclave

The Jedi Enclave was a secret academy administered by the Jedi Order located on the planet Dantooine. As on Coruscant, Force-sensitive children were trained in the ways of the Force; however, the selection process was more rigorous and only the candidates with the highest potential were admitted. The Enclave trained many influential Jedi during its centuries of operation, only closing during the Jedi Civil War when the attack on Dantooine by the forces of Darth Malak destroyed the structure.


Rebuilt from the remaining plans, the Unified Jedi Order reopened the Enclave on Dantooine, utilizing the natural resources from the surrounding area to recreate the ancient architecture. Built atop the Crystal Caves, the Dantooine Enclave was the perfect site for a re-energized Order, seeking to rediscover its roots, and re-evaluate its path on the journey towards the Force. Under the careful tutelage of its Instructors, the Caretaker of First Knowledge guides the new and old on the path to spiritual and emotional enlightenment in the Force. 


  1. Chambers of Grand Master Eidolon

    Within the confines of the Jedi Enclave, the Council of First Knowledge holds a small circular room reminiscent of the Jedi High Council chambers within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Instead though, sitting only four seats in a semi-circle, the Instructors sit here to discuss the progress of its Initiates and provide the Caretaker with status reports. Set aside from this, a private room for the Caretaker of First Knowledge, fitted with few luxuries, is designed for the Caretaker to oversee the goings on of the Enclave. It is from here, that Initiates and Enlistee's alike are given their final assignment before they can graduate from the Enclave.

  2. Chambers of Instructors Azner and Lee

    Nestled close to the Archives is an enormous space overlooking Dantooine’s grasslands. A divider separates two areas, one belonging to Jedi Instructor Homra Azner and the other to Peacekeeper Commander Jun Lee. Instructor Azner’s space is ideal for meditation - mats and throw pillows scattered on the floor, various flora growing in decorative pots, glass shelves full of data crystals and tomes line the walls, and a low glass table for entertaining guests. Commander Lee’s office is perfect mix of open and professional - she has a table that also doubles as her computer terminal with a swivel chair behind it, and a pair of chairs on either side for guests.

  3. The Training Fields

    Utilizing the natural space around the Enclave, many of the open areas around the temple are designed for use in training initiates in the use of the various lightsaber forms, along with giving them a safe space to practice in the techniques of the Force. Beneath the large open areas, a more specialized and protected training facility was created during the Enclaves reconstruction, utilizing holo-projectors and droids, these facilities are designed to teach initiates and Knights alike the value of teamwork, formwork, and concentration. While hardly a seamless holographic simulator, it is enough to train. Nearby however, the Crystal Cave deep underground proved a valuable asset for Jedi seeking to create their lightsabers, as well as test their endurance against the creatures of the mines. Considered a spiritual place, it was a test of endurance of both the Force and the forces of nature. 

  4. The Jedi Archives

    The Jedi Archives located within the Enclave on Dantooine contained the long history of the Jedi Order, with tomes and holo-books dating back thousands of years, with careful cataloguing of studious Caretakers and Librarians. Hidden within the millions of recorded texts, is forgotten information on the Force, the Sith and the Jedi heritage. Sith Artifacts are carefully maintained by the Archive Librarians, who study these artefacts, going into the field to locate and discover new artefacts and lost information.

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