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The Dathomir Academy

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Located on Dathomir, the Sith Academy is safely guarded by the defense jungles of the planet, keeping it from the prying eyes of the Republic and the Jedi, concealing it underneath the shadows to protect future generations from being attacked by those that still seek out the Sith. Built upon a dark side nexus discovered by the former Emperor, the Sith Academy also acts as a way for acolytes to feel the dark side and how to properly immerse themselves in it, much like the Sith Academy on Korriban.


The Sith Academy had been slowly built up after Darth Valyrian's ascension to act as a secondary place of learning and training to Korriban, though only recently has it been fully completed and is now fully functional. While the planet itself is regarded as dangerous in it's own right, the training at the Sith Academy focuses on embracing everything about the Sith culture.


  1. Overseers Offices

    At the top level of the Dathomir Academy, the Academies Overseers reside. Here they send recruits on dangerous missions across Dathomir, and across the galaxy to test them in order to ensure that they are worthy of becoming a true member of the Sith Remnant, and continue the legacy. The Office of the Kaar is located at the very center of the facility, filled with all its normal eccentricities. 

  2. The Sith Library

    Within the halls of the Sith Academy is the Sith Archives that hosts a grandiose library with a number of holo-books and tomes taken from both Korriban and Dromund Kaas, along with a holocron vault that contains a large quantity of holocrons under the Kaars eye. Unlike the library on Dromund Kaas, this vault is open to those that have been deemed worthy enough to attempt to learn from these ancient relics, at their own risk. While the archives supplies knowledge on the lightsaber forms of the Sith and the dark side, it is not the place for training and any conflicts that occur in this facility will be dealt with by the guardians of the library.

  3. Training Pits

    Within the specialized training chambers and the wilderness outside, the acolytes are introduced to two different forms of combat training and combat knowledge, teaching the important skills on how to survive and teaching them how to deal with nemeses. Within the special training chambers are a number of holo-projections that can mask the appearance of combat droids to whatever the overseer wishes, or the trainee wishes, allowing for varying types of enemies to be fought, while also providing the overseer with being able to alter the settings of the room to change the combat situation through subtle tile manipulation. The training pits outside of the Sith Academy are extremely archaic holes dug out from the mud with sharp logs being used to force two or more opponents together, or have them face being impaled onto one of the logs. A number of training courses also litter the wilderness around the Sith Academy, though there are sometimes frequent attacks from the Dathomirian natives.

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