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The Galaxy


  1. The Galactic Coalition

    An alliance formed between the Jedi Order, the Sith Order, the Imperials, the Mandalorians and the Republic Resistance has created the Galactic Coalition, a singular force attempting to take back the galaxy from the Republic after they enforced their laws on all of their claimed planets. Formed out of necessity after the newly elected Supreme Chancellor started his crusade against the galaxy, this uneasy alliance is situated on Nirauan with it's fleet stationed above, ready to protect those seeking safe haven from the Republic and the Hutt Cartel. United under the War Council, the coalition turn their focus on reclaiming what is theirs and to stop the Republic from destroying everything in pursuit of 'peace.'

  2. Republic Space

    Within these regions lie the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim, with slowly branching arms reaching out towards the Mid Rim in hopes of creating a galaxy that is unified under one banner. The Supreme Chancellor, Iohannis Metac, has declared the Republic's intent to reclaim the galaxy from those wishing to seek it har,m through any means necessary, quickly quelling rebellions and protests within the Core Worlds. While the space that the Republic occupies is considered dangerous for those that are part of the Galactic Coalition, ventures into this section of the galaxy is not unknown.

  3. The Greater Galaxy

    The galaxy at large that encompasses the Mid Rim, the Outer Rim, Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. Littered throughout are planets still recovering from the past war, though with the new presence of the Republic across the galaxy, more worlds fear their own oppression more than previously. While the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim fight for their independence through diplomatic means or through fighting, the Hutts openly oppose the Supreme Chancellor, creating safe havens across the galaxy for those fighting against the Supreme Chancellor and his Republic. Unaffected by the Republic, the Unknown Regions and Wild Space are being explored by adventurers and explorers in hopes of finding new secrets that have remained hidden from the rest of the galaxy.

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