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The Galaxy


  1. The Sith Remnant

    According to the Republic, the Sith were extinguished from the galaxy at the end of the Great Galactic War, destroyed by a massive and unilateral campaign on the Empire at a moment of weakness. Yet, the Sith continued - returning the shadows, smaller, wounded and hurting from the great losses they experienced at the hands of the Republic. No longer controlling star systems, the Sith Remnant works quietly on a few coordinated planets, growing in silence, waiting for the moment that they can seek their revenge. 

  2. The Unified Jedi Order

    Independent from the Republic, the Jedi Order was forced to divorce itself from the galactic governance in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War. Foreseeing decades of trials and tribunals, the Jedi Order became an independent and unified Order, it was granted Dantooine as an independent within the newly established Jedi Reaches territory. Independent from any government, the Unified Jedi Order has the potential to act quickly and without the ease of government bureaucracy. 

  3. The Greater Galaxy

    Unaligned, or out of the reach or thought of the mighty Imperial War Machine, or refusing staunchly to join the Galactic Republic, the worlds of the greater galaxy from a somewhat tenuous bond through their continued independence. Though not untouched by war - and often the unfortunate staging ground for it - the galaxy stands in wait as the great powers of the Sith and the Republic do battle - hoping to remain unaffected and untouched by the scheming and secrecy that surrounds it. In this reach of space, small Empires and collectives of their own are created, with domains large and small hidden in the Unknown Regions and the galaxy at large.

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