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Character Biographies

This forum is dedicated to storing the biographies and character sheets, along with defining information about the various characters on the forum.


  1. Sith Remnant Characters

    From the mighty Sith Emperor, to the lowliest of Sith Acolytes, all information on characters from their biographies to their character sheets is stored in this forum for easy reference and light reading.

  2. Unified Jedi Characters

    This forum is dedicated to storing the information of all of the Republic characters, including members of the Jedi Order, the Republic Army and the Senate, from their biographies to character sheets.

  3. Mandalorian Characters

    The Mandalorian's are a proud culture, with their conquests and deeds written down in this forum for future generations to admire. The information on Mandalorian characters includes their conquests and biographies, right through to their skills and prowess.

  4. Other Characters

    The galaxy is large, and some people just don't fit into the neatly defined lines. The sheets and information of these people, are stored here.

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