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OOC Discussions


  1. The Forge

    A forum dedicated to the creation of items to be used by members on the site. In this forum you will find multiple applications for weapons, armor, droids, cybernetics, starships, and vehicles that are immediately accessible by other members of the site and are fairly easy to understand.

  2. Plotters

    A forum dedicated to allowing members to connect their characters together through certain means. It is encouraged that if you are posting in this forum to make a list of things you wish to pursue so current and future members can read it and potentially fill in certain story positions that work together for each other. Things you may be able to find in this forum are potential adversaries, potential familial connections, and even a potential master or apprentice.

  3. Writers' Help Desk

    A forum dedicated to help writers develop items and new characters, along with getting feedback from other site members and the staff team. In addition to these two tools, this is the forum where character prompts are posted to get the writer to think about certain things some normally wouldn't.

  4. The Cantina

    This is the off-topic forum. Feel free to discuss in this forum anything not related to site.

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