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  2. Character Sheet Rework

    May as well write down all of mine: Homra: | Strength - B |Agility - A | Perception - A | Endurance - C | Willpower - A | Jun: | Strength - A |Agility - S | Perception - S | Endurance - B | Willpower - B | Silas: | Strength - D |Agility - C | Perception - A | Endurance - D | Willpower - A | Ren: | Strength - D |Agility - B | Perception - A | Endurance - A | Willpower - A |
  3. Character Sheet Rework

    Just requires RPing to get stuff, I dig it holmes. To save posting room, I will be posting both of my characters in this post. I will color code when actually added to the signature; Darth Evastus | Str: A | Agi: S | Per: B | End: A | Will: S | Yusan Rasudan | Str: A | Agi: A | Per: C | End: B | Will: C |
  4. Change Log: Character Sheets

    Change Log 2.0.0 - August 15th, 2018 The character sheet system had undergone a complete overhaul. The old character sheet system has not been removed. This is to serve as reference while we test out the new system. Restricted Skills are still included in the new system. Force Alignment remains did not undergo any changes at this time.
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  6. Character Statistics

    Restricted Force Abilities These abilities are typically regarded as too powerful for basic characters to actually utilize and most members will be required to reach said alignment to utilize them. Necromancy: Necromancy allows the user to reanimate the remains of the deceased by using spirits of the dark side (or sanctify the undead to give them eternal peace using the light side). The creatures, typically referred to as zombies or the undead, are loyal to their creator and will follow their orders until either the host body is completely destroyed or until the spirit within is exorcised. The infection from these creations can be transferred through their saliva and continually make more undead. Requires: Corruption II | Purity II Venomancy: Venomancy allows the user to create or enhance toxins - as well as their antidotes - using the Force. Such creations include a powerful paralyzing agent known as catosis; a crippling poison that caused long, drawn-out periods of agonizing pain known as quell; an odorless, tasteless, colorless poison known for its extreme deadliness known as synox; and a specialized venom that caused uncontrollable bouts of rage (and potentially madness) known as sanguine. Requires: Corruption I | Purity I Transmutation: Transmutation allows the user to use the Force and science to genetically alter a living being to be faster, stronger, more brutal, more cunning, and in some cases, more intelligent. The changes cannot be reversed once applied, and affect the living being to such a degree that their offspring would share the same genetic code and inherit the traits. Requires: Corruption II Force Ghost: Force Ghost allows the user to transcend death through intense study, allowing them to continue to live on through the Force to teach. While this is typically taught by the Jedi or gained through personal sacrifice, Sith have their own variant of this ability known as Sith Spectre which allows a powerful Sith Lord to transcend the realm of Chaos by imbuing objects with their own life essence by splitting their soul, allowing them to appear in places where their objects are located or in powerful dark side nexuses. Requires:Corruption I | Purity I Shatterpoint: Shatterpoint is a complex phenomenon in the Force, perceivable only by a user with an innate talent or immense focus and concentration. Shatterpoints are akin to fault lines - similar to different pathways of actions. A user capable of perceiving these faults through the Force can also influence them, "striking" them in such a way as to cause a specific response. When related to a physical object, a user can identify its flaws and weakest points, and shatter objects even thought to otherwise be indestructible; and when related to an event, a user can make circumstances transpire completely differently than they might otherwise have. Shatterpoints typically exist for brief moments only. Requires: Corruption III | Purity III Emerald Fire: Emerald Fire allows the user to utilize a similar technique to Force Lightning, though this phenomenon is extremely difficult to explain. While some believe this ability is only able to be utilized by those that are one with the Force, Emerald Fire has been utilized by those that utilize more positive emotions to draw upon this ability. Unlike it's more destructive twin, Emerald Fire is capable of instantly incapacitating those inflicted with it's currents of energy and inflicting grievous wounds on dark sided individuals. Requires: Purity III Bolt of Hatred: Bolt of Hatred allows the user to utilize a spear of pure dark side energy to be conjured and flung towards an individual or object, piercing through even indestructible materials. Formed from hatred, the strength of the ability and the piercing power would be determined by the user's hatred towards the individual or object. Requires: Corruption III Dark Illusion: Dark Illusion allows the user to utilize their knowledge of Force Illusion and the dark side to create life-like illusions that can actually inflict mental harm and sometimes even physical harm. From conjuring the illusion that an individual's tongue is a snake to sealing their mouth and nostrils shut, the illusions are so powerful and infused with the dark side that they begin to cause insanity against those weak of will. Only through training and experience can one overcome these types illusions with ease, or through the light side of the Force. Requires: Corruption II Dark Side Tendrils: Dark Side Tendrils allows the user to utilize tendrils of pure dark side energy to wrap around and instantly destroy matter as if the tendrils were sharp blades, damaging even indestructible material. Forming from black mist on the ground, the tendrils would seek out the nearest thing and attempt to destroy it before disappearing, though if a tendril missed it's target it would soon dissipate. Due to the amount of concentration required to utilize this ability, once the user's concentration is broken the ability ends immediately. Requires: Corruption III Essence Transfer: Essence Transfer allows the user to transcend death through sacrificing their own body to enter the body of another individual, though entering the body of another individual will leave the user extremely weakened until they can recuperate. While this ability is typically used to escape the decay of the dark side or when one is injured beyond the point of recovery, entering the body of another individual will cause it to show signs of hastened cellular decay due to the amount of dark side energy that has built up within it. Once within another individual's body, both spirits fight it out in a battle of wills, eventually casting the other into the dark void of Chaos where their soul is tormented for an eternity. After the battle of minds, some habits or issues may continue to occur from the previous body, including jitters and other minor issues. Requires: Corruption II Dark Transfer: Dark Transfer allows the user to take the life essence of another being and forcing it into another deceased being. Stripping an individual of their life essence, the user could act as a conduit to either preserve their own dying life or another individual by force, effectively turning the individual into a pile of ash from the sheer pressure of the dark side tearing away their life essence. Utilizing Dark Transfer on another being that is not tainted by the dark side will transfer the dark side directly into their being, corrupting the individual's spirit. This ability is said to be capable of even being used by a Sith spectre to possess their formerly deceased body or another body. Requires: Corruption III Force Phantom: Force Phantom allows the user to create phantoms of pure dark side energy and spread them across the galaxy to interact with the world around them, though one must sacrifice the life of another individual and recite words of power. Once the ingredients were met, the user can begin to meditate and begin to shape the phantoms in their likeness or another's likeness by utilizing the vitality of another individual to strengthen the ritual, killing them in the process. These phantoms are harvested from the very life essence and is mentally taxing on the user, though once the ritual is completed, the phantoms seek out a target designated by the user and attacks them, regardless of their place within the galaxy. Requires: Corruption III Force Walking: Force Walking allows the user to bind spirits to their body and draw power from it to enhance their own, though the process to bind spirits to the body is one that treads the line of life and death. Before being able to utilize the ritual, they must find balance between life and death through either poisoning or overcoming possession. Once a spirit is found, the user must force their will upon it and bind it through a battle of wills - a willing spirit provides less power than an unwilling spirit. A more powerful spirit can inflict mental damage to the user, while binding more than a single spirit can quickly overwhelm the user and effectively destroy their mind and spirit in the process, in addition to releasing unstable amounts of Force energy by accident at random intervals. Requires: Corruption II Alter Environment: Alter Environment allows the user to control the weather around the planet they are located on through extensive meditation and reciting words of power. After sacrificing two individuals and utilizing the blood, the user would enter deep meditation to cause storms, earthquakes and other extreme conditions within areas on the planet through sheer force of will, even creating dark side storms. Any Force nexus on the planet would slowly become tainted from the amount of energy coursing around and through the planet. Requires: Corruption III
  7. Character Statistics

    Willpower Willpower encompasses the body’s ability to resist mind altering substances or stressful situations, as well as one’s raw potential with the Force. D Rank: Your mental strength is regarded as fragile and in most stressful situations you may not know how to act accordingly. Your raw potential with the Force is moot, having no connection to it at all or a limited one at best. C Rank: Your mental strength is regarded as average and in most situations you can remain reasonably calm, in addition to being able to slightly resist the effects of mind altering drugs. Your raw potential with the Force is average, allowing you to utilize simple Force techniques on impulse. B Rank: Your mental strength is regarded as above average and in most situations you can remain calm, though your mind is still capable of being inflicted by Force techniques. You are capable of dealing with the effects of mind altering drugs, as well as being able to remain somewhat conscious of what you are doing. Your raw potential with the Force is above average, allowing you to utilize some advanced Force techniques on impulse, however the power of the techniques can quickly backfire and inflict injury on you. A Rank: Your mental strength is potent enough to be able to resist the primal urge of fight or flight, as well as being able to handle most types of torture without breaking. Your body has grown accustomed to mind altering drugs and your mind is hardened enough to be able to resist simplistic mind altering Force powers. Your raw potential with the Force is impressive, allowing you to utilize powerful Force techniques on impulse, though these techniques when untrained are regarded as dangerous to you. S Rank: Your mental strength is incredible and you can partially resist potent Force techniques that affect the mind, in addition to being able to deal with almost all mind altering substances without fail. Your raw potential with the Force is omnipotent and even though this allows one to utilize some of the strongest and more dangerous Force techniques on impulse, the power of such techniques when untrained can leave one who is unprepared with life-threatening injuries or worse.
  8. Character Statistics

    Endurance Endurance encompasses the body’s ability to sustain damage and one’s stamina. D Rank: Your body can hardly function on its own, making even the most average hit hurt and making most activity extremely difficult. Even light hits cause extreme bruising to your body, and powerful hits can shatter your bones. You are incapable of fighting for prolonged periods of time. C Rank: Your body is average, being able to take hits and function in some capacity, while most strenuous activity is tiring. Light hits and scrapes aren’t very painful, however getting hit by someone that is physically stronger than you can easily knock you down and wind you. Your bone density is average and can break under only regular circumstances. B Rank: Your body is above average, being able to take hits and function without issue, while strenuous activity is tiring after a short period of time. Light hits and scrapes can be ignored and even regulars hits are just painful, but when hit by someone who is physically stronger it is capable of winding you as well as inflicting bruising. A Rank: Your body is hardened to punishment, being able to take hits and brush them off, while being able to handle strenuous activity pretty handily. Most hits can be ignored and broken bones can be dealt with, however you are incapable of ignoring the pain of limb loss. S Rank: Your body is at its peak, being able to brush off hits and broken limbs with ease, while being able to handle most activity without issue. Most hits that connect with you are dull, though the pain of limb loss can temporarily be disabled to continue to fight.
  9. Character Statistics

    Perception Perception encompasses one’s senses, such as the ability to pick up details, as well as one’s ability to utilize ranged weapons at a distance. D Rank: Your senses are weak, requiring spectacles, hearing aids, or poor quality cybernetics to see or hear. Due to being impaired either with your eyes or ears, you are incapable of utilizing ranged weapons effectively such as rifles and pistols, and are easily ambushed. C Rank: Your senses are average, being able to see most things normally either just on your own or with cybernetic replacements. You are capable of picking up some small movements that may not be noticed by some, as well as being able to hear less stealthy individuals. You are capable of utilizing ranged weapons such as rifles and pistols to some effectiveness. B Rank: Your senses is above average, meaning you do not need any assistance at all, unless you are utilizing cybernetic replacements. You are observant of your surroundings, making most ambushes moot against you. You are capable of being able to utilize pistols, and other small arms, as long ranged weapons to some effectiveness. A Rank: Your senses are advanced, being able to pick up changes in the environment such as toxins or camouflaged individuals. You are capable of utilizing most ranged weapons without the assistance of scopes, unless on distant enemies, effectively. S Rank: Your senses are at their pinnacle, being able to determine changes in the environment immediately such as the introduction of toxins, camouflaged individuals, and Force-camouflaged beings with ease. Ambushes can be caught prior to them happening, as well as allowing you to reverse an ambush onto those performing it. Through sheer luck or skill, you are capable of utilizing most ranged weapons effectively at a long distance without much issue, including without a scope.
  10. Character Statistics

    Agility Agility encompasses the body’s overall physique, balance and speed, as well as one’s skill in melee and ranged combat. D Rank: Your level of fitness is below average, making most strenuous activity difficult or impossible. You are incapable of performing simple melee techniques and are ineffective at utilizing thrown weapons. C Rank: Your level of fitness is average, making most strenuous activity difficult. You can perform simple combat maneuvers such as rolling or jumping in to some effect. You are capable of performing basic melee techniques, as well as being able to utilize thrown weapons effectively, in addition to being able to utilize two weapons with only slight drawbacks. B Rank: Your level of fitness is above average, making most strenuous activity comfortable such as long distance running or gymnastics. You can perform more advanced combat maneuvers such as utilizing an opponent’s body weight against themselves, as well as martial art techniques. You are capable of performing advanced melee techniques, as well as being able to utilize two weapons without being clumsy. A Rank: Your level of fitness is advance, making most strenuous activity simplistic to you. You are capable of performing countless combat maneuvers without issue, as well as being able to perform them quickly to limit an opponent’s reaction to them. Utilizing two weapons has become second nature to you, and you are capable of utilizing both ranged and melee weapons in both hands. S Rank: Your level of fitness has peaked, making strenuous activity barely an issue to you. You are capable of applying multiple different maneuvers and techniques together to create your own style of advanced combat, as well as being able to perform maneuvers that were thought only possible by Force practitioners.
  11. Character Statistics

    Strength Strength encompasses the upper body’s muscles and deals with one’s physical attributes, as well as one’s skill in melee combat. D Rank: Your body frail and weak, falling below the human average. Someone with this level of strength can not lift their own weight, as well as being incapable of utilizing most melee weapons outside of lightsabers and daggers. C Rank: Your physical strength is average for human standards through simple muscle growth or low quality cybernetics. Someone with this level of strength can lift their own weight, as well as being able to utilize most melee weapons that are not extremely heavy. B Rank: Your physical strength is above average through being physically fit or through utilizing cybernetics, meaning one’s body has light definition or extensive cybernetic enhancement. Someone with this level of strength can lift their own weight and slightly more, as well as being able to utilize all types of melee weapons effectively. A Rank: Your physical strength is on-par with a body builder’s through constantly training or through extreme levels of cybernetic enhancement, causing the body to show much more defined muscle or complete cybernetic replacements. Someone with level of strength can lift double their own weight, as well as being effective with weapons utilized by Wookiees and other gargantuan creatures. S Rank: Your physical strength is regarded as Herculean through dedication and hard work or through high quality cybernetics, your body mass is rippling with muscles or completely replaced by cybernetic limbs. Someone with this level of strength can lift three times their own weight, as well as utilize heavy weapons and regular weapons with ease, making each of their blows have a resounding impact to them should one be foolish enough to block them.
  12. Character Sheet Rework

    To make things easier for everyone on the site, members and staff, as well as new members. We are removing the necessary requirement of having a full-fledged character sheet. With this new rework we have made, it allows characters to grow quicker, as well as without the need to have character sheets to determine what skills and Force Powers they have. We still ask you to be realistic in what they can do, but the idea is to just have some frame of reference. There will still be a select few Force Powers that are restricted that will require administrative approval, however everything else will be free game. While there will not be alignment requirements for Force abilities, alignments are staying just so characters can have a frame of reference on how corrupt or pure their character's Force-energy is, and if a Force-sensitive character should commit atrocities or otherwise, they can gain alignment to reflect their potential power increase in one type of Force abilities. In it's current iteration to accommodate current characters, most characters will be grandfathered and 'underpowered' if the character has more than 500 posts - at least in terms of statistics, though statistics do not matter as much as rank itself. While this is solely to allow certain characters to achieve a more reasonable growth, at the start, you can continue to grow your character afterwards if you wish. Newly created characters will only require 50 Posts to gain 1 statistic point, and in the future should activity rise once more the Post requirement will raise by 100. You can find the new 'system' here, as well as the full explanation of it. You do not need to follow the simple definitions to a T, they are just there for a frame of reference and if someone wants to role-play them as such. The statistics can be added on the signature portion of the account for easy reference. I hope we could all work together and hopefully this will give everyone in all the factions the chance to foster stronger relationship and pave way for interesting stories and more interactions! Please post below with what you desire your character to have for statistics, and to keep it within reason. A Jedi Padawan or Sith Acolyte wouldn't have B's in every single statistic, but they could have higher statistics in certain areas to accommodate the type of character it is.
  13. Character Statistics

    Statistics are necessary to determine a character's strength against other characters, as well as NPCs during events. While stats are not win-all-be-all in terms of character strength, as that also ties into character rank and a character growing through role-play, people can role-play them as weaker than they actually are if they desire. When a character is created they are provided 14 points to distribute among the follow statistics; Strength, Agility, Perception, Endurance and Willpower - each one encompassing the physical body and it's limits. While the descriptions of each below are vague, they are meant solely to gauge one's ability and to provide character's with customization to make them more unique. To gain 1 Stat Point (or SP), a member only needs to post 100 times, however there is a catch for the final rank. While every point below Rank S costs 1 stat point, to reach Rank S of any stat you must at least spend two points. As it is broken down into 50 posts per a stat point (unless grandfathered), it allows the staff team to monitor the stats and pick up any potential errors or on-demand changes to prepare for a player-versus-player fight. While there will not be alignment requirements for Force abilities, alignments are staying just so characters can have a frame of reference on how corrupt or pure their character's Force-energy is, and if a Force-sensitive character should commit atrocities or otherwise, they can gain alignment to reflect their potential power increase in one type of Force abilities. While there will not be alignment requirements for Force abilities, alignments are staying just so characters can have a frame of reference on how corrupt or pure their character's Force-energy is, and if a Force-sensitive character should commit atrocities or otherwise, they can gain alignment to reflect a growth in power towards darkside aligned Force-abilities or lightside aligned Force-abilities. This allows us to get rid of the lists, while also giving people more freedom and ways to gauge how strong their character actually is - should they make spar threads, or fighting threads. Keeps it loose and simple, while also giving them the chance of being stronger earlier on. Rank Costs D Rank = 1 Attribute PointC Rank = 1 Attribute PointB Rank = 1 Attribute PointA Rank = 1 Attribute PointS Rank = 2 Attribute Points
  14. Beyond Good and Evil

    The woman's own struggle brought more questions to the man than anything, though he let out a hollowed chuckle as he seized the front of his robes, staring at her as his eyes narrowed to notice the the blood that was streaming from her nostrils. The spirits swam in his mind, wanting to strike her down - the mental resolve to hold back such things strained the man, but he restrained himself. Eyes closing as the woman cupped his cheek, he raised a hand weakly to it before squeezing it, glaring at her momentarily before pushing himself upwards. Scleras displaying the faint remains of their blood-red coloring, the man placed his free hand atop her head and pulled her in. "You must remain stronger than any of us," speaking in a low growl, the man closed his eyes before placing his other around her shoulder, holding her against his chest, "I have one duty remaining, but then I will disappear without a trace. The Sith need to understand independence.. and if Verrin is going to lead the Sith from this place, he will need to adapt. He is very much my equal at the end of the day, his experience trumps most, but he needs a challenge." Pulling away from the woman before she could react, Darth Atrox bent down and seized his weapon in his grip, throwing his hood back over top of his head. Stepping back up the stairs towards the throne he was formerly on, he sat back down and held his lightsaber out and used the sleeve of his robe to wipe the blood from his face. To describe the man would be to describe the most damaged being - sunken eyes, blood spilling from almost every orifice on his face, skin tightly held over flesh and dark black veins sitting on his flesh. "Your beauty isn't your most powerful weapon, let the dark side flow through your veins. I did not choose you because of your attitude or looks, I chose you because of your potential - lust played zero factor, you were never just a plaything. Expand your power beyond the normal bounds of your mortal coil. Your youth will not drain like mine, you lack my flaw of seeking more power like I have," speaking calmly as he rested his head against the throne, he closed his eyes and withdrew the tome and set it before him, "I will leave this, my abattar, and my lightsaber with you, when I return I desire them back. I have no use for either where I am going, so you will be free to study the resurrection of corpses and suffer the consequences of delving into our ancient language." Slipping the abattar from his neck, he dropped it atop the tome and continued to keep his eyes closed. Breathing labored, it was obvious he was in incredible pain, but he held the pain as a weapon - fighting it with every ounce to shape it for the future.
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  16. Sight without sight

    "I am distracting?" Mirran chuckled. "First off you can't blame me for your own faults and failings even though...you look..." She suddenly broke out in laughter. "Utterly ridiculous that you're in a heap of grass." She sighed and looked at the blindfold in his hand. "You know...if you wanted to be a Miraluka you could have just told me. It would have probably saved you from that rather embarrassing exchange." Mirran straightened herself up and said calmly. "I am a Jedi padawan now. I have had my trials and I passed them. Now I suppose I am just waiting for my master."
  17. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai merely shrugged and said nothing. She was quiet to Maggie but pondered over the beverages. She debated whether or not to have one or not. The thought briefly went through her mind. You may have need of liquid after all this. So Vashlai took a beverage. It was a sweet drink that had a few seeds floating around in it. Vashlai managed to drain the liquid down her gullet and then crunched the seeds down through rows of very, very fine teeth. Vashlai kept standing and said nothing to Verrin for a moment and then said. "I have come. Nothing more nothing less. You wish to converse with me, Lord?"
  18. Talons and Claws

    The wait for Vashlai to arrive probably wasn't all that long, but Verrin grumbled and groused with each passing minute. He felt it was important to be ready for her arrival, but at the same time he despised not doing SOMEthing while he waited. He argued with himself, that he was being too nice - that he should do whatever he wanted to do, and she could wait on HIM when she arrived. But that meant extending the time to confrontation, which rankled him more. He eyes the piles on his desk, thinking that he could clean up a few things before the inevitable. He finally reached for a datapad, and discovered a task he'd forgotten about, so he grumbled again and dug into it. SO when Vashlai finally showed up, and was ushered into the office by a cloaked Guardian, she found the occupant focused on the electronic device before him. He waved offhandedly at one of the two guest chairs that sat in front of his desk, and the Guardian shrugged at her. Whether she took a seat or not, Maggie - the Darth's assistant - wheeled over a small conveyance, a beverage cart. Politely, she offered, "Miss Vashlai - would you care for a beverage?" Maggie, diligent as always, had read what ecology of Vashlai's species she could find, and prepared the cart accordingly. It should contain whatever the guest desired. Finally, Verrin seat aside the datapad by unceremoniously tossing it back onto the top of the pile he'd extracted it from. He sat back in his office chair, steppled his fingers before him, and asked quietly, "Well, well. Vashlai the Vosh. What brings you to my office today, hrmm? A quest for knowledge... you seek an opportunity to impress me... you found your way here by accident... you came because you were summoned?" Verrin rattled off a few possible scenarios, even though both of them knew why she was here. "What seems to be going on today?"
  19. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai was still glaring at the other acolytes they all looked ready to kill her but one of them chuckled at the Overseer's words. "She's dead meat anyway...or at the end of it, she'll wish she was dead. Good luck, birdy. Wouldn't be surprised if you don't end up drooling into a cup after the Head Overseer is done with you." Vashlai said nothing. She kept her features cold and impassive, betraying nothing and giving nothing to anyone. She just quietly walked away to the Head Overseer's office.
  20. Kure's Picture Shtuff

  21. Beyond Good and Evil

    Not expecting him to reach out and grasp her throat in a vice, her amber eyes widened a moment before narrowing into a glare that could kill. Nails dug at his hand before her arms dropped to her sides, her wispy mantle of energy being drawn to her hands, her digits. If she could ignore the pain, the lack of breath, if she could keep herself from physically fighting it, perhaps her hold on telekinetically maneuvering her weapon wouldn't lessen and a blow could be struck upon him. She was, after all this time, quite used to him trying to strangle her in a fit of rage, a tantrum thrown like a child. His body seemed to begin breaking down before them as he fought her for control over her weapon, the small amount of blood that sat at her nostril now streaming down to her chin as her teeth grit, a vein bulging along her forehead. It could all end now with a final blow to him, the temptation to release her hold on her weapon in exchange for siphoning his energy through the armor she helped create, armor that was mixed with both her blood and energy, a fine ensemble that could be manipulated by her if the woman truly released all her power. But no, that card would be played another time. Instead, she was refusing to let go of her mental and Force-filled hold on the lightsaber, and by the time her lover had torn the weapon from her mind's grasp, they both caved - exhausted, the dark side poisoning his body suffered weakening him, her emotions both strengthening and weakening her, they each had skills they were masters of, yet many hurdles to jump over. It was a neverending journey for power, and even to maintain their life essence in the process. "Please. We both know that had you been in your prime, you would have never found me a match. Soon, my love. I swear you will bow to me not because of a title, but out of respect for my besting you!" Pausing, the woman approached the aged young male, cupping his cheek. "You best come back in one piece, Sidoor. I don't fancy becoming ugly from dark energies only to pluck your soul from Chaos so that I may kill you myself for dying in the first place."
  22. Ready, aim, FIRE!

    Magnus decided to reply to her joke with a smile of his own. "Yes, I'm an old wrinkly man with grey hair and a big bushy beard, constantly yelling at those darn kids who wont get off my property!" He joked in a fake old mans voice while hutching over and shaking his fists in the air. "And for the life of me I can never trust my sense of direction, I always get lost..., I'm not joking right, I really have a terrible sense of direction. I get lost so easily, first time I got here it took me an hour and a half to find the damn archives. AND I WALKED PAST IT 7 TIMES!!! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!" The coppered haired Padawan rubbed the bridge of his nose with his hands, hating his own biological compass, yet again. "Ok so, rants over now. back on to your offer of trading skills, yeah, I don't see why not. you don't seem to be a bad person so ok but I will only be able to teach either Soresu, which is all about defence and dragging out a fight, or Ataru, which is all about speed and acrobatics so its your call to chose which one you want to do. As for myself, I think I'm halfway there, I'm already a Corellian so how hard is it right?" When he finished, he had a sudden thought that made him grow a wide, warm grin. "So, are you ready to train under me my young Padawan?..., Who is also older than me but who keeps track right? Anyway, my name is Magnus, Jedi Padawan without a master as of yet and future Jedi Master, maybe even Grand Master though I have heard its a little on the boring side. But I'm getting a head of myself, so what's your name? Unless..." He continued until his smile grew cheeky and placed his hands at his waist. "you want me to call you big sis instead? I mean your old enough." Before Magnus could joke around any longer, he hear Char come over and asked if he wanted to watch them train or not. "Oh, hey Char, how's it hanging? Been up to anything good lately? And sure you can watch, you can participate if you want, that is if its alright with her." He spoke happily while pointing towards the women he was near.
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  24. Ready, aim, FIRE!

    "Well, well, it looks like there is a gathering going on," Char said with a smirk on his face. He had taken a walk in the fields to relax. 'Nothing like a good stroll!' he had thought as he walked out of the enclave. He had mostly been thinking about his last mission when he stumbled upon Magnus talking to a woman. He waited for a moment, hearing them talking, before making his presence known. "I don't believe we've met before," Char said to the woman, most likely a smuggler based on the way she was clothed. He put on a charming smile. Char made sure to exude an air of confidence; he was quite skilled at that, having gotten a nobleman's training on etiquette when he was still young back on Onderon and being naturally confident. He made a slight bow as a gesture of respect, all part of his theatrical. "Name is Char. What might be yours?" He paused for a brief moment. Char was interested in refining his blaster skills. He had used blaster before but he did not have much training in it. If he could watch Magnus and that woman and carefully observe and study them, he could catch up a thing or two, which could prove useful in the future. "I hope you don't mind me watching you training? I haven't handled a gun in quite a while..."
  25. With a Quiet Sigh, Not a Bang

    It was difficult to tell how much of Lucian's spirit was in his holocron and how much was automated. Arguably, every 'cron was run by some semblance of spirit - some piece of the creator. Verrin had long studied the nuances and intricacies of holocron crafting, but had only ever made one himself - a vessel to capture Eris. It was at times like these that he wished he had more time to pursue those studies. Perhaps one day, he would leave his own body, and take on another host, so he could continue that research. But that time hadn't yet come. He answered the holocron - or spirit, he still wasn't sure how much of either he was talking to. "So you gambled the fate of the Empire in an all-in affair? Big risks, big rewards, I suppose. But also the potential for big losses. I understand completely." Verrin had gambled everything too, in his attempts to raise his daughter from the dead. Every plan, every preparation had been made. It could have worked - it should have worked. But something had happened that he didn't foresee, and the years of planning and preparation went to the Dark Side. He smiled wanly, and added, "We may have regrets in our execution of our plans, but at least we don't have the regret of never having tried." But the more he spoke to this holocron, and the more he realized he wans't going completely mad and talking to himself, the more Verrin had concerns and questions. "So... your situation... how much of your spirit is in there? How much of it is 'out there'? Salvageable? Should I be preparing a host for you to occupy? I have the means, and the knowledge to bring about your return, if that is your will." He hadn't tried to forcefully bring a spirit back against its will before, but Verrin didn't feel that this was the time or situation to try. "Do you miss living? Your daughter?" He asked questions, partly of the holocron before him, and partly of himself. And then another concern rose to the surface. "The Grand Master is still out there. Do you want... revenge?" The question was simply put, but almost unnecessary. Verrin often said that if he had five credits for every student who came to him with desires for revenge on someone who wronged them, then he'd have a new capitol ship by now. But perhaps in death, the former Emperor saw things differently.
  26. Beyond Good and Evil

    Darth Atrox's withered form could evenly match Sanguira's, their focus and power almost on-par and while Sanguira had more speed and flexibility, Atrox could augment his strength through the dark side. Her focus, on the other hand, appeared to waver at his taunting and much like before that solidified his own reasoning for why she was weak. The fact she didn't immediately move caused the man to overthink her reasoning, though her threat made him slide one foot backwards and extend his lightsaber forward, both blades activated as he watched the secondary blade cautiously - something he hadn't anticipated. Watching the blades come at him with killer intent, the man struck to the side, utilizing both blades to project a barrier to send off one, though the other found purchase at the side of his thigh. The sizzling of flesh and cloth was secondary to the pain that now wracked his body, his energies permeating before dissipating in an instant. Blood spilled from his lips as the spirits fought back against him, though as he looked up he felt a flurry of blows, the Sith'ari raised his left arm to block the first strike of her kick, her elbow soon finding purchase in his shoulder as his weapon fell from his grasp, clattering to the floor and deactivating. The lightning that soon fell upon the man revealed his injuries, the inner wounds of the spirits manifesting as the man threw out his hand and attempted to seize her throat - desperate in an attempt to slow her strikes. Eyes flaring as the sclera of his eyes turned blood red, the man's realized her was actually outmatched - not because of skill, but because of the dark side eating away at his body. Not stopping with just attempting to throttle her, the man also extended out his arm towards her lightsaber to tear it from her telekinetic hold, the dark side pumping through every bit of muscle that pulsated and thickened with his own rage. The rage and hatred wasn't focused outwards, instead it was coiled within and sprung forth with devastating grace. "Enough, Ereneda. It is clear I am weaker, it is clear the galaxy needs their villain and unfortunately that will never be you." Speaking in a gruff tone, he recoiled as he felt himself spew up more blood. Spittle and blood fell to the floor as what grip he could have had soon faltered and his form fell to the floor as he cursed the pains of the spirits. He had to find the solution, but he had to leave it to Verrin to deal with the Sith in their current situation - not even Sanguira could deal with their current plight. Verrin was always better with leading smaller congregations than most, and rightfully so - he bled a foreign charisma that made most sick, but showed he cared for the Sith. "I need to find a solution to my problems," speaking in a solemn tone as he bowed his head in defeat, the man before her not appearing to be as strong willed as before, though as he looked up, the determination burned through his eyes, "I am delving back into the galaxy to find a cure for my disease, you would be wise to do the same. Find answers, secure your loyalty in Hapes, and do not forget you will one day be crowned Empress.. if you can survive." The solution in itself did not rely with the Sith on the galaxy-forsakened planet of Dathomir, it was on worlds who held no sanctuary for the man - and only through struggle could he find the cure. Finger nails pressing into the durasteel and stonework, the man looked up as his nails snapped and flesh was rent apart - a shimmering barrier placing itself around the man as he grinned. He always had a secondary plan, even if he exposed his neck to someone again, he would never allow them to take his head. Post Information
  27. Truth in Power

    Verrin's eyebrow rose skeptically. The Adept's answer to his question on training sounded a little rehearsed, or perhaps just too vague. It was unlikely that she simply taught herself to get to the level she just displayed, but among the Sith, it was also possible that she was not proud of her former instructor. Or perhaps he (or she) had died on Dromund Kaas, or Bastion. Though it had been over a year since those events, she might still feel the loss acutely. He resumed his demeanor, and replied, "I agree. Overseer Tomash is skilled, experience, and can still teach even you quite a bit. During my discussion with him, I'll suggest private lessons as well as a sharing of the responsibilities in training the Acolytes." Verrin noted the height on this particular individual, now that she was standing. She stood a couple of inches taller than he, though that wasn't unusual - he wasn't statuesque himself. She was young though, and now that he was close enough to see her more clearly, he could see that while she was mature, she wasn't far into adulthood. He reached out casually to touch her head, and brush aside her hair. There were no obvious injuries, and while she didn't have overly pronounced horns - not uncommon among the females of his species - she did have the bumps and ridges that all Zabrak were born with. He reminded her casually, "Don't forget your natural weapons, your orat, i'kep," referring to her thick skull, and calling her his child. He patted the side of her head, and then tapped his own noggin with his finger. His horns were mostly obscured by his dark cowl, but a few of them showed in the front - larger and in some cases, broken. "We aren't just Sith. We are Zabraki." He nodded affirmatively, and then turned to go. As he did, he spoke without turning back, "I'll be watching you, Adept. I expect great things from you."
  28. With a Quiet Sigh, Not a Bang

    The Gatekeeper nodded, 'Vanessa is enacting my will, seeking out the larger part of my holocron. In this form, I can communicate for only short periods after long periods of syphoning off the lightsabers crystal to recharge my own focusing crystal - a failsafe I designed in the event of my unfortunate and unpredictable demise. The girl is retracing the steps of my early life, in order to learn my origin and where I came from. She will return when I summon her, through an Emissary of my will.' For a moment, the Gatekeeper sounded like the Emperor, acting the part of power and influence. It was easy in that moment to see the true spirit of Valyrian there, not exactly hidden through the layers. He acted almost as though he was still living, still an acting member of the Imperial Court who could summon and dismiss his denizens with a single click of his fingers, 'Perhaps she will live on to be a legacy of sorts, if by chance she has survived this long. Perhaps if she doesn't aspire for the grandeur of power as I did, she might survive, as you have. Never having made a play for the throne - playing the game only when you knew you could win, rising only when it suited you. Many Emperors have forced you to bend the knee, and many Emperors have treated you by differing terms and spheres of influence, but you have survived them all. If Vanessa learns only half of that, then perhaps my legacy as you see it, will live on.' The Gatekeeper crossed his arms, thinking deeply, 'The last few months before my demise... truly, I lost sight. Where I once saw the Will of the Force, where I once acted as its Emissary, I only saw darkness. Dark visions began to cloud my judgement, as I grew more and more restless and uncertain. Like a madness that overcame me, I became overconfident in my abilities, and saw only a single end to the suffering. I acted without the support of my Council, and in turn, they disintegrated. I became overconfident of my abilities; I attacked Coruscant because I saw a window of opportunity, the Dark Side provided me with no resources, so I took my change. I was certain of my chances - even if the Grand Master killed me during my attempt on his life, I could transfer my essence to my clone facility on Bastion. It took me a week to recover from the transfer, for my faculties to be intact, but in that time it was too late. 'I did not anticipate the Jedi's response,' the Gatekeeper's voice grew angry, 'He acted out of protocol and in a manner the Jedi would never have taken. Swift, violent retribution for the attack. Before I could coordinate a response, it was over, and Dromund Kaas was a wasteland. Before I could even begin to consider how to act next, Darth Atrox discovered my facility, and destroyed it. I was weak, the Dark Side had abandoned me, he was the true Emissary of the Dark then. Whether he is now... whether he even lives now... the Force is a mystery to me within this prison. 'My own overconfidence destroyed the Empire, but it could have happened the other way around,' Lucian mused, 'if I had succeeded, the Jedi and the Republic would have been forced to bow to our will. The sudden and brutal murder of the Grand Master and Supreme Chancellor within their Capitol would have forced the Republic to surrended to me. Coruscant would have been ours, properly. The war would have been won, with a swift attack, simple and clean. But, it was never to be.'
  29. Talons and Claws

    Overseer Galladon did approach Vashlai, shooing away the other Acolytes, who appeared to be gathering to attack the bird-like being en masse. The Overseer looked at the cooling body on the ground with a mixture of emotions - half a smile, remembering 'the good old days' when such events weren't even blinked at, let alone punished, and half a frown, because he was all too aware of the fragility of the Sith organization in the current day and age. He then looked back to Vashlai. "Go to the Library, to the offices of the Head Overseer. He wishes to speak with you directly." His tone was simple and stern, suggesting that staying was not an option, and refusing the Head Overseer, a grave error. He then shot one more look over his shoulder to make sure no vengeful Acolytes were encroaching, or would attempt to follow Vashlai if she chose to go. Frankly, he was surprised they hadn't already cooked her with 'practice' Force lightning.
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