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    Darth Tanit wrenched lightly again and released the woman's arm from her command, "Remember the pain you feel now, and be gracious that you are able to feel it. You retain both the ownership and use of it, though I could just as easily remove it from your body and remove the temptation to go beyond the parameters of instruction." She continued on. Her tone was still ripe with irritation as she looked at the writhing sobbing figure. This was something that would be conditioned out of the woman if she was going to be able to carry herself forward as a Sith. To show weakness was to invite destruction. At least she was able to answer the question, though she had still disappointed the redhead. She paced for a few moments, letting the training pit calm as she seethed to keep herself from lashing out more aggressively should disappointment be the order for the rest of the day. "You are to learn the basics. Embellishment comes with skill and understanding. As with learning how to harness the Dark Side, attempting too much with the Lightsaber can just as easily destroy you. There have been many students in your position that have maimed themselves pushing too hard. Learn your lessons with measured ambition, Tsintah, or you will see yourself undone." Tanit finished her admonishing lesson. It was an important one to learn, one she learned harshly herself. Pain and the fear of pain were often the best motivators and the keys to success for acolytes and those hopefuls that wished to become acolytes. Darth Tanit now swam deeply in pain on a constant basis, and with it she tapped the Dark Side to try and knit some of the easier internal wounds together. A hard bloody cough followed her anger fueled lecture. The cloth had not been lifted in time, and blood splattered onto the ground. Tanit spat the rest and wiped her mouth with the cloth, "Stand up, stop your sobbing, and show me how much you want to learn. This time I will not be holding back on you. It was a mistake to teach you without consequence. Come at me." She was firm with her direction. Tanit assumed a stance with which Darth Verrin was quite familiar. It was the defensive posture for Teras Kasi, the martial art which Tanit had elected to specialize in during her formative Sith years. The danger of the form was that it had been carefully constructed to keep one's mind as a blank slate to those attuned to the Force. This was to keep the practitioner from telegraphing their attack vectors and defensive maneuvers to those with precognitive abilities. The secondary danger though, was Tanit's bone-crushing physical power. She stood in wait, ready to counter and attack against the simplicities of Form I. Now she was intent on driving home the lesson in the attack zones on the body with anguish rather than a loose leash.
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    Even Verrin winced when Tanit put the pressure into Kai's shoulder. He knew that feeling well, and the pain that went with it. Kai, if she was unfamiliar, might be learning about pain for the first time. Or if she was no stranger to it, then she was likely new to the sensation coming from the Dark Side, itself. But pain was also a right of passage among the Sith - a necessary thing that one accepted, took in, and built up calluses to. Pain was a driving force - something the Dark Side would demand again and again as it offered its power. In Verrin's time at the Academy, when he was new, the place was even broken into three chambers to break in students. The second chamber was simply known as that: Chamber Pain, and he'd learned those lessons quickly and well... and repeatedly. Even entry into Chamber Pain required one to place their hand in a box, and have it impaled by a large, spike-like needle. It assured that any being who wanted to be Sith learned about pain, accepted it, and even desired it. Many Sith became masochists, others developed sadist tendencies. Inflicting, or receiving, pain was a regular theme. Had pain been driven out of the Academy's structure in the past? Had it been eliminated since those early days of his own training? Or had it simply become so commonplace that it didn't require a separate focus, and a devoted 'chamber'? As Kai writhed, and tears formed in her eyes, Verrin wondered whether he needed to re-institute the old ways. But before she passed out from Tanit's ministrations, Kai found her inner fortitude. She gritted her teeth through the tears, through the pain, and answered the instructing Darth coherently and in Verrin's opinion, pretty well for a fledgling Sith. His eyes glanced over to Tanit. She loved inflicting pain, but she was also wise to the current state of the Sith. She wouldn't take it too far. At least, Verrin was fairly sure she wouldn't.
  5. What Stays in the Cantina

    Stell shrugged, looking through her cards. "Politeness only gets you so far. Nobody's from Nar Shaddaa, either. You just end up here. It's like a bad diner." And that was like... thirty percent nonsense. People were from Nar Shaddaa. But they were either poor as shit, or doing pretty well in the Hutt service industry. Because nobody wanted to stay on Nar Shaddaa without significant monetary incentive. What did this kid even do? His protestations made it very clear that he certainly was not from Nar Shaddaa, and that he probably didn't spend too much time here, or at least not in the rougher parts of the place. Who knew, though? Probably better not to. People's stories on the Smuggler's Moon tended to be a bit weird. Kid might be a serial killer in hiding, or like... a sexual predator or some poodoo like that. Or just some naive young man who saw too many holodramas and decided that an outlaw's life would be a good time. Ultimately, it didn't really matter. None of her business, unless he got weird. But then again, this was Nar Shaddaa, so if he did, she was allowed to just shoot him. Well, kinda allowed. So long as he wasn't under anyone big's protection. Nar Shaddaa was weird. Hutts were odd. That was sorta what it boiled down to. Stell realized she'd spaced out, staring into the middle distance past the kid's head. She had put a lot of alcohol into herself. Blinking rapidly, she refocused, glancing down to her cards again. "Okay, okay. So... twenty points. Negatives are negative. Positives are positive. The kriff you mean by a set?"
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    Maybe it was the Korun's innate ability to learn quickly by mimicking other's movements; maybe it was sheer misreading of what Darth Tanit was actually asking for? Either way, this was clearly NOT going well. Kai had done as instructed, twice now. Over and over, she had demonstrated the footwork and the attack motions that were shown to her before. When asked to attack, the initiate believed that thinking 'outside of the box' would at least gain Darth Tanit's curiosity. Instead, it was met with something akin to anger and disappointment, as if Kai had chosen the worst possible path to attack the venerable warrior - by insulting the woman's vast intelligence and experience. Urrrgh....! So guile clearly would not work to impress the Dark Lady. Nope! And....YEOWWWW!! Now Kai was wincing in pain, her teeth clenching as Darth Tanit's Force Grip bit venomously into her left shoulder and forearm. As hard as she tried to stand, the Korun felt her knees buckle from the strain of the darkside energy seeping deep into her tendons, zapping at the intricate framework of her nervous system. She was on the floor before she knew it, kneeling before her instructor, emitting seething breaths through spasms of anguish. Somewhere in her peripheral vision she registered the dark silhouette of Darth Verrin; motionless and silent in his contemplation of the scene unfolding before him, no doubt. In the back of her mind, she heard a slowed (and slurred) speech as unleashed by her instructor. What was she saying?? Her mind was turning to mush as anger and humiliation swarmed into the center of the young woman; then both suddenly began to ebb away, replaced by a new and much more welcome feeling. Perseverance. In spite of the pain, in spite of the disgrace and confusion that Kai found herself sinking in still, the girl knew that this could not be the point where she would allow herself to drown. In addition to every ounce of stamina being expended toward her willpower, there was also a question stirring in the back of Kai's head, laced with spiteful overtones. I must answer it. Sink or swim. Let's hope I at least float.... "Apologies.... my lady!" Kai breathed out, doing her very best not to moan out loud. Her arm was being twisted now, whilst the Force-induced pain continued. "I was clearly mistaken as to what was expected of me. Form I does not allow or encourage embellishment. It was a fool's errand; but one designed only to challenge myself, rather than offend you. My arm is the extension of the Sith'ari's will.... Aah....!" Kai clenched her teeth again for a moment, abhorrent pools of moisture gathering in her eyes. She batted the unwelcome liquid away with a rapid, furious flutter of the eyelids; then bowed her head, breathing heavily. "There is no wisdom absent your instruction and the path of the Sith."
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    There was a sensory twinge, an irritation that Tanit could feel watching the woman go through the motions. She did not break contact with her, having been given that same feeling before in the Force. It was not difficult to place, and while she was watching her caution and alertness was rewarded. The flash of a metal blade and the swing of the lightsaber. Both of them from different directions but both of them blunted by the precognitive warnings that those attuned to the Force were granted. Now her irritation had elevated to pure anger. She had granted this woman the instructives all students should have with her own time, and chose to attempt to break form. Darth Tanit dashed backwards and glowered like a scorned professor. The student had some nerve, and she was not going to stand by and watch this overly ambitious attempt get someone killed because they felt they could impress someone with creativity. Now was the time to teach another lesson to Kai, and that was to teach that nobody was beyond reproach. Tanit grasped at the Dark Side, drawing its power into her body and channeled its power directly into Tyro Tsintah's shoulder and forearm on the same limb that held the knife. She held her hands out, squeezing firmly to cause maximum pain to her victim, "You are here to learn velocities and proper technique for Form I, not to draw a secondary weapon and make a fool of yourself." She admonished firmly. Tanit began to twist the grip she had on the arm, slowly, not attempting to break it rather trying to instill into her that her arm was in peril, "If you consider yourself so adept that you can draw a second blade, then what use is my instruction? You choose to ignore the basics. Maybe you would be better suited to learning the simple fundamentals of lightsaber combat if you had only one arm. Adversity breeds strength, or culls the weak. Tell me, Miss Tsintah, who does this arm belong to? Do you want to be strong or do you want to be culled from the flock for your ignorance?" She asked, wrenching lightly in order to cause more pain, "Choose your answer wisely." her voice and glare was full of venom as she continued her use of the Force.
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    Mirran tried to keep herself going, she was worn out. She kept her training blade's strikes smooth and even. Yet she knew that slashing at the kinrath with a training blade only served to agitate and make them attack her and Homra with a vengeance. Her training robes had slashes in them from Kinrath claws that managed to slash at her. She just barely managed not to get stung. She had heard stories that kinrath poison was not fun. She said softly to Homra. "You know something Knight Homra. I am beginning to dislike arachnids." The knight said he had a plan and Mirran had no plans to escape this much attention. She simply nodded. She felt Homra push the Kinrath aside and they both made a quick dash away from the kinrath. Mirran's lungs burned, her legs ached, and she was frankly tired. Dejarik. Her mind thought back on the game she had left with Kaybee. Dejarik was the answer to this whole mess. Well, Knight Homra had made his move, he used the sparking of electronics to push the kinrath away. As they retreated from this whole thing, Mirran finally gave out totally. She plopped down her legs sprawled in a haphazard manner and she was breathing heavily. "You didn't drop your crystal, now did ya?" Mirran paused and reached out and touched the crystal with the Force. It lit up like a silvery beacon. Mirran reached with her hands and pulled the crystal from a pouch. "This crystal?" She smiled softly.
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    Magnus could do nothing to stop himself from cringing inside from Kale’s woods. While he understood what he was trying to say to Mirran, it was just that the way that he said it was somewhat blunt, so in a attempt to help him Magnus spoke up. ”I believe what Kale was trying to say was that while it is fine to follow what your parents want for you, it is still important to still do want you chose to do because in the end, it must be you who makes the choice. Otherwise someone else will and you’ll end up doing something that you don’t truelly want to do and it would be to late to change it. I mean if I followed my parents I’d... “ Magnus stopped for a moment, memories of a ship erupting into an inferno briefly flashing through his mind before he quickly stopped them. Not now, I don’t need that right now. He thought to himself before he continued talking. “Well, I’d... probably still be here actually. But anyway weren’t you practicing your moves Kale?” He quickly asked, hoping to move the subject along to something that doesn’t somehow link to his deceased parents. ”So, since battling against droids is not the greatest thing, how about we do something a little different to make things interesting?” He said as he moved to the wide area of the training room while igniting his training lightsaber. “How about we have a bit of a battle royale? I mean when we become proper Jedi’s, we will probably end up fighting against multiple opponents so why not have a little practise? But let’s keep this as a strictly blade work fight, unless you guys want to do something else” He finished with a friendly smile.
  12. Nurture

    Char greeted Padawan Aine with a slight bow and a smile on his face. "Greetings. I am pleased to meet you." Char then looked briefly around the ship and went to his cabin. He did not have any questions to ask nor he wanted to waste any time talking; his greeting was simply a formality. Instead, he decided to read a datapad he had brought with him. It was a text regarding the history of Telos written by a Jedi master. Char wanted to know more about the planet where they were going. Once he finished reading that datapad, he would read another one, a military strategy text known as 'The Ten Strategies'. Although the text concerned itself with how to successfully conduct a war, many of its lessons and strategies could be adapted to single combat. Char assumed that by the time he had finished reading those texts, they would have reached Telos. Otherwise he would simply relax and allow himself to rest.
  13. Ludus Summus

    Verrin winced as Darth Tanit's fist approached Kai's face. He'd felt that fist a time or two during his training with her, and she hit like a charging bantha when she wanted to. But to his relief - and likely Kai's too - the fist stopped short of impact, merely marking its place so Tanit could make a point about targets. That gesture made Verrin comfortable enough that he didn't wince again when Tanit's other hand caught the saber strike. Kai seemed to be observing, listening, learning. She was certainly an attentive student, and Verrin was glad that she'd found her way to the Academy. If he was actively seeking apprentices, then this one would stand out in his eyes. He smirked to himself. He would take half the Academy as apprentices if he could. But he'd be doing them a disservice as his attention would be so diverted among so many. Even now, that thought left him wondering where Holle was. And for that matter, where Vanessa had gone. Vanessa hadn't left her position as one of his two apprentices - but she'd needed to pursue some matters on her own, and there was no telling when she'd return, or if she'd return. Perhaps he had time for one more apprentice after all? Time would tell. For the moment though, Verrin was left listening to Tanit. The Darth was explaining how combat between Sith was further enhanced by tapping into the Force. That was an more advanced technique in his mind! Was she trying to ascertain Kai's talents, or merely place the bug in her ear that her future as a combatant - like most things - would be affected by the Force? Verrin turned more of his attention back to the dueling pair. They had squared off once m ore, and this time, Kai went through a series of strikes and parries, but without targeting anyone. It was as if she was fighting invisible or imaginary foes as she slashed once twice, again. She then took a knee, and slashed twice more. She rose, pivoting, executing some kind of dance that only she could hear the music to, and her eyes appeared to glaze as she lost focus on the world around her. Suddenly, she drew a dagger from somewhere on her person, and then executed an attack on Tanit - low with the dagger, high with the training saber. Verrin had little doubt that Tanit could stop the attack if she wanted, but the effort was something impressive to him from a student who had never held a lightsaber before. Or supposedly had never held one before.
  14. Say it like you mean it.

    Breathe in, breathe out... in again, out again... Meditation came easily to Verrin now, and he was able to enter the state effortlessly. In contrast, when he'd first started in the Force, it had sometimes taken hours to reach the meditative state. After his first year, he had that time down to less than an hour, depending on how stressed-out he was. But now, he merely knelt in a quiet place, and took a few breaths - and he was there, at one with the Force, sensing it, even as it sensed him. Practice did make perfect. He was reaching out with his senses, feeling the ebb and flow of the Force within the temple, and even out to the very planet itself. The Dark Side was strong here in the facility, mostly due to the location, but also because of the concentration of Sith. It felt like looking up at the night sky - the vastness of space was the Force, and most of that space was the Dark Side. There were the zillions of points of light too, the yin and yang of the galaxy. But as he breathed and stared at space, one of those stars flickered in his vision, drawing his mind's eye. His senses turned to focus. Someone was practicing Light Side powers within the Academy. Such a thing wasn't unheard of. There were Sith who dabbled in Light Side powers, and some who pursued them further than perhaps they should. The Light Side was all about protection, healing, bolstering, supporting. Most of the Sith who did it though, seldom maintained their efforts. Not so long ago, on Dromund Kaas and Korriban, the Empire employed the services of the Inquisition - head-hunters who saw Light Side practitioners as criminals, and sought them out for punishment, reprogramming, or death. The concern for Verrin wasn't those errant Sith, but the Jedi. Had the obscure hideout for the Remnant been discovered? Had a Jedi spy found his or her way into the place, engaged a Sith, and now worked to heal themselves in order to continue their spywork? Were they then going to alert other Jedi, bringing the whole Enclave down on all of their heads, and eradicating the Sith once and for all? Not on his watch. Verrin's eyes snapped open, aglow with power and focus. He rose to his feet effortlessly, and strode with purpose and confidence towards the source of Light Side activity.
  15. Ludus Summus

    Seeing Darth Tanit's fist coming toward her face was as alarming as it was frightening. The Sith Lady may have not looked like much, especially in the light of her current debilitating state, but Kai would not put anything past her. Instead of delivering a blow, Tanit merely held it there as a sort of 'marker' as she went on to explain the most vital of attack zones, the head. Her other hand wasted little time, moving to intercept her training saber and holding onto it with surprising physical stamina. Not reacting to the move, Kai simply listened, appreciative of being given a glimpse into history alongside a lesson in Shii-Cho technique. In her mind, Kai attempted to envision the first lightsabers as Tanit briefly hinted at their appearance. External power packs. They must have connected to the lightsaber hilt by some type of cable so that the weapon could emit blade. How far the Force users had come, since then! Or had they? Perhaps the improvements were simple; superficial, even. Little things added here and there to improve upon the practical use of the weapon. She would have to read up on the origins and the development of the lightsaber whenever the opportunity next presented itself. The thought filled the Korun with renewed excitement. Oh, Kai.... How much you have yet to learn! In the meantime, Darth Tanit continued to speak; this time, pointing out the weaknesses in the initiate's earlier 'attack'. It was true, the girl gave too much away. Her momentum and agility were not nearly enough to fool a seasoned warrior. Darth Tanit expected the move; it was bold, big, and aggressive. It was also one of Shii-Cho's most basic and often used attacks. The Sith Lady was reading Kai like a book; the Korun did indeed execute all her movements as if practicing with an invisible mirror. They were all textbook, typical, common and ordinary. Everything that a Sith should NOT be. Inwardly, Kai frowned. She was giving the victory away before the combat had the chance to get off the ground. But how did one attack without using their eyes? Tanit's last words resounded deep in her mind as she readied herself to give the challenge another try. .... Your eyes will betray you, but the Force will not. .... Focus your mind on the goal and not the process. .... Center your mind on the lightsaber. .... Feel the blade. Returning to the base stance with her feet shoulder width apart, Kai held her training weapon in both hands as Tanit first showed her in the beginning of their session. Taking a few paces back to give them both some room to maneuver, she ignited the lightsaber blade and began to execute a series of basic velocities: blade overhead, up at a diagonal angle, slash across, then down, taking a knee before swinging up and down in a rapid slash. Rising, then pivoting on her heel away from the Sith Lady, she continued to repeat the movements, her gaze focused on the blade and seemingly having lost focus on either Tanit or Verrin for the time being. As she came nearer her instructor, Kai drew her vibroknife in a blurring flash of speed; she stabbed low at Tanit's left thigh and exposed hip with her dagger, then high at the woman's upper torso with a powerful thrust of the training saber.
  16. Say it like you mean it.

    Relieved to hear that Aiden Rohl found her understanding of the Sith Code acceptable, Kai bowed in acknowledgment of his approval. At his displeasure of having been called 'lord', she nodded and said, "Apologies, Master Rohl. It will not happen again." Adding the title to the name in her mind, she repeated it several times in her head, believing it was now fully committed to memory. Aiden moved on, describing the particulars of a healing technique called 'Force Mend'. It seemed fascinating, almost like magic, she thought, as her imagination took flight. She envisioned skin cells in an open wound, replenishing themselves, revitalized by the power of the Force. She saw the tissue regenerate slowly, over time, but when it was done it seemed as if the abrasion had never occured in the first place. What was even more amazing was that the ability could be used on another individual and not just oneself. Kai could tell she would relish learning this ability, very very much. What use was attempting to exact revenge when you couldn't keep yourself alive long enough to finish the job? When Aiden made the sudden offer that she could choose between learning Force Mend and basic techniques of first aid, Kai shook her head. "I know some basics in that already, Master Rohl," she spoke, her voice resolute. "Had my fair share of scrapes and cuts living on Nar Shaddaa, and even had to stitch up my father's arm and shoulder, once or twice." To her astonishment, Aiden did not reply and instead went back to his desk, taking out some small instrument with which he then proceeded to cut his palm. The Korun winced inwardly, canting her head as the man addressed her again. It seemed that he was suggesting that the initiate help heal the newly formed gash. Kai was not certain if this technique involved direct physical contact - nor what else it entailed, for that matter - but her previous experience with Darth Verrin taught her that tactile contact was often comforting to the other person. Not that Aiden Rohl appeared to be in any need of it, but one never knew? She blew out a short breath and tried to center herself, then took up his wounded palm in her left hand and held it steady. Falling into the calm of the Force, she reached out, drawing on its power. Time slowed. Kai felt as if she stepped outside of her body, watching.... temporarily mesmerised by seeing a vast matrix of lines that connected all things, one to another. This room. The air particles in it. AIden Rohl. His bleeding hand. Kai Tsintah. The millions of cells making up each and every thing. Drifting back to the task at hand, the young woman focused on the cut in Aiden's hand, first on stimulating the body's own regenerative properties, starting with the closing of the skin and then a scab forming.... then the dead layers of protective skin falling away, revealing healed tissue beneath. Everything felt like a blur of motion, as if all these processes worked in perfect concert. Kai's concentration intensified. The effort taxed her, and she knew she could not maintain it for long. Worse yet, she was not entirely sure her attempt was actually succeeding. It felt like it was? But the initiate was not yet ready to stir from the Force trance, continuing on with the exertion until her mind could no longer sustain the focus her undertaking demanded of her.
  17. Beyond Good and Evil

    Heat pressed against her skin, his blade barely blocked by her own a hair's width from her face. Dark hair shadowed her expression as her tresses fell forward past her shoulders, every movement of the woman's body having ceased; Atrox had not just verbally tossed a thermal detonator around - he had let it explode, something she would make sure he regretted. Even with his inexperience with the new weapon used, his skill kept her wary, kept her pressed and using what physical capabilities she had in order to parry and dodge what would have been devastating blows from the shaky-powered saberstaff. Trying to control her emotions meant time spent reading her opponent, thinking more than acting. It was a double edged sword just as her enraged state was. As the man withdrew from her, the other lightsaber slid from her hip, igniting to cast a typical red glow caused by their synthetic crystals. Both blades shifted to easily block oncoming attacks as the woman raked her fingers through her hair, eyes ablaze with hatred, loathing, their typically molten depths glowing like the embers of fire. "You dare compare me to her?!" The air between them grew thick with pressure, the showing of their powers practically causing lightning to spark between their bodies. While his energies were visible in a purple hue, her own draped from her body like a wispy shadowy mist. "I will kill you as you so desire, but your soul will never join with Chaos. I will summon you, keep you as my servant bound to this wretched place!" With a wave of energy, both weapons thrust forward, one aimed for his chest, the other his hip. While it took great concentration to fight in such a way, it felt natural to her. Moving her body, she closed in on the man, lightsabers following the motion of her form as though they were an extention of her limbs, movement fluid yet strong (for her) as she threw in kicks here and there. She was a master of her skills in her own right, and while her cooperation was seen as weakness, it had been anything but. Cursing when her newer weapon was almost too easily cast aside by the man, her attention refocused on her current and favored lightsaber, her practice while secluded on Hapes paying off in that she could both be attacking physically and through the Force, constantly increasing her attacks. Strike after strike, a kick or jab from her elbow, a small strike of lightning. While her skills were improved since their last spar, the strain of manipulating so much energy at once and in a complex way was beginning yo show in the form of a small globule of blood gathering at Sanguira's left nostril.
  18. Ludus Summus

    Tanit sidestepped the attack with, for how she had been in the past, rather startling speed. In doing so, she pushed herself beneath the blade and the arms swinging downward and instead of hitting with her full strength she left the back of her fist against the woman's face in a gesture of attack but not an actual attack. Her other hand went up and intercepted the clutched weapon, holding it with frightening strength for a woman of her stature and apparent health. "Body zone one, the head, and by extension the neck. Clearly, this is the most vitally protected zone of attack. To lose your head is obviously the end of your life. While the fundamental tenets of Shii-Cho are meant to be used non-lethally, as it was created by the Jedi, it still teaches each area of the body as a position to attack. The reason behind this was that the very first form was created at a time when the Jedi were transitioning from traditional swords to the earliest protosabers which had their powerpacks strapped to belts." Tanit was educating not only in the manner of Shii-Cho's use, but in the basic history of the form. To understand one's self as a warrior was to understand their methods. Should this woman pursue the path of the warrior, then it was up to Tanit to offer her a head start to make sure that she carried the Sith on strong independent shoulders. "When you raised your weapon to attack you telegraphed your motions with your eyes. While I do not expect perfection from a new student, one of your best allies will be your mind. Battles can be won by simply outmaneuvering your opponents rather than overpowering them. Try to focus your mind on the goal and not the process. You raise your weapon, but you raise it and it seems as though you are not fully confident in your ability to learn it. Feel the blade. Your eyes will betray you, but the Force will not. Center your mind on the lightsaber. If you attack without using your eyes, then you will be that much harder to read. Now, return to the base stance and try again." She said, putting herself back in a neutral stance in order to resume the lesson in the hands-on approach she had started with.
  19. Nurture

    Magnus quickly looked around the ship that he had stepped into and gained a slight sense of nostalgia, reminding him vaguely of all the glimpses that he saw of his parents working on similar ships when he was still a kid. He had remembered thinking that what they were doing at the time seemed somewhat pointless from his young perspective and, wondering what was so interesting, he picked up a small hammer and tried to smack it against a part of the ship they were working on. The key word being tried as when he brought his hand down, the hammer he had picked up was missing from his hand while he was pick up by his parents to be told off sternly for almost damaging the ship. Magnus shook his head lightly to stop his memories from going deeper down memory lane as he walked up to Jun Lee and the padawan with her with his question. "So just a couple of questions, well two really. First being what's it like being a padawan Aine? Hopefully I can be a padawan soon but I just have to wait and see don't I. And secondly, Jun Lee, will I be needed for something during our journey because there is something that I have wanted to try and learn on the way there, or at least start learning." The ability that he wanted to start trying was the more powerful version of his Force Phase ability where he would be able to phase other objects and willing beings through solid objects. Of course he would only use small objects to begin with but he will build up to the other stuff in time.
  20. Nurture

    Yakko sat down behind the pilot's console and had Quarky do a pre-flight check of all the ship's systems and especially the main computer while he did the same for the readouts of sensors and the like. As far as he could see, all the systems of the Starlit Queen seemed to be working just fine. He had expected as much, as she was old but obviously well cared for, but he had learned the hard way that you didn't depend on anyone's work but your own. Quarky beeped and told him that on his end everything seemed to be working just fine. With a satisfied grunt, he turned everything on standby and went to look for Jun Lee. If he was going to set foot on that planet again, he needed more information, because the briefing documents had been a bit vague in some areas. Since the Queen wasn't that large, Lee proved to be easy to find. "Commander, I have a few questions, if you don't mind, Ma'am."
  21. Set In Stone

    "Even so," Homra began, smiling in a way that didn't reach his eyes. "Right now, something dire like rescuing hostages or taking down an enemy is enough to use an ability associated with Dark siders. Even then, it's not quite a matter of the Dark Side turning you evil... sure it does corrupt, but it warps and changes you in ways you don't even want to know." Homra had his fair share of horror stories of Jedi that started off with using the Dark Side for small things. Useful as it may seem, toeing the line always put Jedi on risk, and those that fell - fell hard. The road to hell was paved with good intentions, and it was always those good intentions that make the Dark Side seem like a good option for hard decisions. Why bother with negotiating in a hostage situation if you could hold someone by their throat? Crushing someone's will through the Force was a lot easier than convincing someone, after all. "The Dark Side amplifies emotions in a way that even if you do counterbalance that anger with joy - you do know that there is joy to be gained in expressing anger?" He took a deep breath. "Destroying objects, beating someone into a pulp, causing pain, humiliating someone... there's a lot of things that could go wrong here." At the mention of the initiate's late master, Homra couldn't help but wince a little in sympathy. "I'm sorry for your loss, but sometimes... masters aren't the sort of people you've always imagined them to be." If his tone had a hint of bitterness to it, Homra didn't let it show.
  22. Lustrous

    "True, that," Homra answered blithely. "I think they might be a little offended offended by the bi-monthly fumigation, or they really - really - like those crystals." Mirran managed to fend off this many on her own - while impressive - neither would have much time to appreciate it as the Echani could hear more coming. That wasn't good. Homra already had a plan in mind, but it wasn't exactly foolproof. Then again, not all plans were. "I'm going to push a lot of them back - we attack what we can, then escape. If we stay too long, we'd be overrun for sure." Taking a deep breath, the Knight gathered the Force, brows furrowing in concentration as he let it build up. With a mental push, the Echani let it burst out - pushing half the Kinrath away. It only displaced them for a few feet, but that was enough of an opening for him and Mirran to escape. "Come on, before they regroup." One of the Kinrath managed to regain its balance, and was starting to crawl back. Before it could, the Knight used the Force and pushed it down on its spot. It struggled to get free, and Homra wasn't really putting much effort into keeping it there so it should be able to break through the hold in less than a minute. The Echani kept his body low and his blades extended. He only cut through the Kinrath only when it was necessary, but he tried to dodge them as much as he could as he maneuvered them through the Force to make sure none of their claws touched Mirran. It wasn't easy moving around and using the Force at the same time, and Homra was starting to feel light-headed the longer he did this. Concentration faltering, Homra barely had enough time to react when the Force shrieked in warning. The Echani yelped as a claw struck him hard in the chest, scoring and damaging the chest plate of his armor. The Kinrath hissed as it backed away, keeping at a distance as Homra scrambled back until he hit the damp cavern walls. Fortunately, it didn't reach his skin. Unfortunately, there was some tech integrated with the chest plate, and the circuits underneath the metal were now sparking and smoking. All his hold on the Kinrath faded as he used all his concentration to remove the clasps of the chest piece through the Force. It fell with a loud clank, along with the back piece and the battery packs they hid. Still smoking, Homra kicked the chest piece by instinct towards a large group of Kinrath. Not bothering to use the Force to augment his perception, the Echani took hold of the armor and used the Force to overload everything - while making sure Mirran was out of the blast range. The explosion was bigger than the three datapads produced, and Homra's head spun as the bright flash and burning heat almost suffused his entire being. Thankfully, that was enough to have the Kinrath scrabbling away back to their burrows. None of them died, but the bright light and heat was enough to spook them away. Now alone, Homra could only heave out a sigh of relief as his legs gave out under him. He thankfully had enough awareness not to sit on his ass since he's standing in a shallow puddle. The battery packs were on the ground, and he picked them up dutifully because he certainly didn't want it leaking in the Crystal Caves. "Well, we better leave before they get back, then." He couldn't remember if he had set the lamps up in the meditation space, but hopefully Mirran would have enough time to construct her lightsaber before the Kinrath dare to venture out again. "You didn't drop your crystal, now did ya?"
  23. Nurture

    "I'm a little confused myself - and well, orders are orders." Jun shrugged, eyes trained on the datapad in her hands as she led the way. "It's more or less a need to know basis, but I trust that none of us would be in any more danger than the usual." Jun knew that there were plenty of information and details missing, but she understood that it was for a good reason. Besides, they had backup with them in case things went south. The crew milled about - it wasn't exactly a mission pressed for time, and there were no indications on how long they would be staying in Telos. A couple of Peacekeepers saluted Jun, and she returned them all with a slight nod. "Well much like Ensign Paam said - no lightsaber, male, and pretty good with a slugthrower. We're not really expecting combat, and in case we do end up in a confrontation - calling for backup is our main priority." She turned next to Yakko with a contemplative expression. "There are a couple more settlements established around the main restoration area's perimeter. Without the Empire to harass the Republic, it's a lot faster and easier to cover ground. But now that there are more areas to protect, security's... pretty uneven. Sure, the main grounds are airtight, not so much on the surrounding encampments." Upon reaching the cabin, a woman (just a few inches shorter than Jun) in light tunics was waiting for them there. She had long dark hair, dark slanted eyes, and young features highlighted with makeup. A padawan brain hung over her shoulder and she gave Jun a light nod with a slight curve on her glossy lips. Her voice was rather small and very high-pitched. "Commander Lee, right on time. I'll be the Jedi accompanying you for this mission. I'm Padawan Aine Lazuli." "Get acquainted, interact, and exchange plans if need be, or stay in the cabin. Just be considerate of the crew and anything pretty much goes." Jun punched the passcode to the cabin and stepped inside. "If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Just let me - or well, Ensign Paam - know when you're all ready to go."
  24. Beyond Good and Evil

    "The desire to kill me made you stronger, it gave you something to focus on - something to hate - but if that is gone, then your killer instinct is probably gone as well," speaking clearly as he slid his hand down the purple blades of his lightsaber staff, his eyes focused on her weapon, "Annihilation should have given you more reason to seek to overthrow me, sought to find the blade that would find it's way between my ribs and skewer my heart." Lightning dancing along his hands as he overcharged the plasma and crystal with his own Force-energy, gathering the energy along the blade as he drew on the rage that sat within his emotional furnace. His training with Niman allowed him to contain his emotions, to simply let them fester inwards until they were necessary to be unleashed - a double-edged sword when fighting, but an effective strategy in being completely rational. Drawing on the Force as he placed his weapon behind him, the crackling of energies striking outwards as the weapon failed to contain it's power, he dashed forward towards the woman, his eyes gazing at her lithe frame before he slid across the durasteel, his leatheris boots providing enough friction to not simply slide behind her. "I thought you kept your threats on killing her, though I suppose you are too weak to do anything of relevance - that's why you haven't killed her." Taunting and trying to edge her towards being more her former self - her emotions being tied down and hidden behind her more regal nature - the man wanted to also draw out the fact her emotions were a weapon and a weakness. The first strike was aimed upwards as the staff was repositioned in his grip to be more of a punch-like motion than the typical flare of spinning it around to strike multiple times why wasting energy, the strike meant to be blocked to expose her stomach, though he knew she was quick enough to dodge a typical follow up. Though soon his other hand found the durasteel hilt and another blow followed, the durasteel casing aimed towards her forearm to damage her wrist and perhaps disarm her. Following up with another strike towards her lightsaber, he attempted to use the three kinetic strikes to knock her weapon out of her hand and force her to rely on her true abilities. Kicking back from the woman as he went on the defensive, his blade sizzling with the energies that slowly died down and his lightsaber's blade returning to normal. Until he could properly build his lightsaber and strengthen his bond with the crystals within the weapon, it was only a temporary solution to the lack of strength he could provide in the strikes. He was still a novice with such a weapon, and the sooner she would cast aside her weapon he would cast aside his - then the true contest of strength and power would begin. He craved the raw emotions he knew would bleed from her, the reason he had chosen her as his lover had been the fact she was feisty and filled with the emotions to be his equal in the Force, and though the dark side had favored him over her she was still powerful enough to make the man not actively seek her to expose herself in a much more emotional manner. "By now I would have had hoped you killed her, or even let our daughter kill her. Julith shows more promise than you did when you were a mere slave, perhaps she takes after her father rather than her mother," taunting her as his bearded face tightened into a grin, he felt the spirits within him slowly expose their power as they ran down his arm, "I suppose you would rather shelter the children than let them be exposed to the truth of what we do - your family sheltered you from the cruelties of the galaxy, it's only fitting you copy their sloppy parenting." Post Information
  25. Palliative Care & Convalescence

    Sitting there as he listened, his eyes closing as he nodded that she understood that her previous methods were more heavy handed, he was more amused at the idea of her becoming a war chieftain to the clans of Kelliadu. A united force of barbaric and primitive men and women could create a powerful frontline, though like any beast they required discipline, some form of guidance - and if there was an actual military outpost that had been built, then they could be whipped into shape easily. Hearing her make mention that it was a mistake to harvest brought his head slightly to the side - harvesting them was obviously the mistake, but taking a native could have been beneficial, making it easier to persuade the populace into accepting as a new leader. Yet he would not intervene in her decision, he was merely an instrument to give her the desire to be able to properly fight once more and she would simply be a weapon to be used against the Republic and the Jedi afterwards. "Missing or not, you know your choices and you are hopefully wise enough to understand the consequences for your decisions," speaking calmly as he smoothed the wrinkles in his clothes, his eyes turning up towards her as he practically stared through her, "The process isn't for the lighthearted, I recommend strengthening your own resolve before attacking such a task. Once you leave your body, your body is gone forever - there is no way to reverse such a circumstance and should regret set in, then you use your regret to stoke your rage and master your new body." Standing up as he clenched his hand tightly into a fist, cracking each and every joint in his hand in a swift motion, he walked by the woman as he nodded. There was no point ridiculing one's decision to find a replacement, and he found no reason to disagree with her choices openly - it was her choice at the end of the day. The warning was present in his previous words, but as he made it towards the entryway of the chamber, he turned to look over his shoulder and closed his eyes. "The safety of continually attempting such an ability may damage your soul beyond repair, I don't imagine it would survive Chaos should you attempt this more than two times in your lifetime. It could even damage your soul after one attempt, but I do advise not fearing death - it is not fitting for a Sith Lord," speaking of his understanding of the idea that the soul was consistently stressed during such incredible rituals, he chuckled slightly as he ran his hand through his hair, "Death comes for us all in time, no one can become truly immortal - those are merely the ambitions of Sith that cling to their mortal coil. The closer we draw towards death, the more powerful we become."
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  27. Say it like you mean it.

    To be short, Aiden was taken aback. This young woman was wise beyond his own years, and by far more well spoken than himself as well. He stood impassive as he listened and learned her thought process, growing more and more impressed with her by the minute. Though uncommon in beliefs, there was no doubt that this woman was going to be a huge asset to the Sith. If only for her brilliance. "The only understanding of the sith code that would be 'correct' would be your own. It would be the one that drives you in your path to futher your goals and serve in the Remnant. What you hold to your mind to grow your strengths, what keeps you dedicated is your understanding of the code. And I must say, You have a damn good understanding." He rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck, not having expected such an extensive one sided conversation from her. "But don't ever call me lord. Master Rohl would do just fine." Offering her his datapad, he had already brought up a segment on 'Force mend' to be described for them, and to give them a basis to begin with. "As an alternative, we can always study the proper basics of medical attention, given that is more textbook style learning in comparison. However I did wish to go about learning something force related however. The choice is yours." As he spoke, he returned to his desk to find one of his tools that he normally used for small work and details to small gaps. It was small, and had a fairly sharp edge which was all he needed. Having already been fairly clean with his utensils, he quickly jammed the item into his palm and harshly dragged it down to carve a gash into his palm. There was a small wince of pain, barely a flex of a muscle in his temple, and he hissed out a breath. "More importantly, I prefer the hands on approach. So we shall start with this." He hoped they would both be a fast learner, he didn't need another scar to match the one on his face.
  28. Home

    Her moment of comfort was swept right out from under her feet. From words of comfort to reassurances of her fate, to... C'erian leaving? She disticntly felt her stomach drop to the floor and her face fall marginally. Part of this return was to find her friends and company that she had so longed for and missed. She had so many other questions- Where were Xaja and the twins? Who would take position of grand master now? Who and what was this speaker of the jedi? How would this all work? HEr mind reeled as she attempted to take it all in and keep herself grounded at the same time. A part of her- a small part- was logical and said this was what he needed to do, this was his path and his future he would have to take. All the same, she couldn't help but feel the panic and unsettling feeling in her stomach at the thought of essentially being left alone again. She almost considered begging him to stay. Had she not been gone for as long as she had she would have. Blinking herself free from her entrapping thoughts, Ellina looked at him once more. "I... What will I do while you're gone Grandmaster?" Ellina smiled ruefully, meaning the question to come out rhetorical, but there was no tone behind it to make it seem so. She sighed and rolled her shoulders "I will stay and meditate on my demons, maybe find a new calling within the jedi. I can't imagine myself going anywhere else, nor would I want to. I can't imagine you anywhere else either." Ellina leaned back on her heels and looked over C'erian "I hope things go well for you."
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