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  3. Initiates sparring match

    Mirran opened the pack she had and took out a blanket and unfurled it upon the ground. She smiled softly and dug out some juice bulbs and some sandwiches. She lay out the picnic on the ground and took a seat. "I think....I am more tired than hungry actually." She drunk quietly from a juice bulb. The juice tasted good to her and was sweet and she drunk another bulb craving the wetness from the container.
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  6. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    "I have to be honest, I did not expect you to be so understanding. Thank you." Mirran said coldly. "Do not confuse my actions for affirmation. I do not approve. The crystals do not belong to you. They belong to whoever they resonate with but perhaps you will learn that lesson on your own when you attempt to use them. Plus if the Masters or Knights asks me about where you got them. I will not lie. I will not cover for you. Your actions are your own and I will accept the will of the Force such as it may be." She sighed and took a breath. "I've said my piece and we will not speak of this anymore." She turned towards Magnus and smiled at his words. "Yes., since I have no idea where this waterfall is....I....must meditate and open myself and my vision to the Force. She sat down and sat crosslegged and breathed calmly, her focus firmly planted on the Force. The cave lit up and she cocked her head to one side. "It is very bright...." She paused and pointed a slender finger towards a right way path. "The waterfall is likely this way."
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  8. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus had followed Char and watched as he took a crystal from the wall. He sighed to himself. He didn’t enough the prospect of this, taking a crystal that wasn’t yours didn’t feel right for him. It was more or less the same as stealing someone’s personal property that was so precious to them, but he knew that there were cases where an exception was made. Maybe the item was stolen originally and the rightful person was taking it back in their possession or it was needed more by the other. But the problem with exception was that it was a fickle thing, it always changed each and every time it was used and sometimes in the end, it blow up in your face. For this, Magnus decided to trust his friend even though he may not have agreed. ‘Ok so since you’re done with your picking can we get a move on please? Although I would love to find my own but I don’t think it’s in here but I am defiantly going to keep an eye out for it, or sense out since that’s more accurate in how you find it. Oh and Char, if you really need another crystal in the future give me a call alright. I happen to have a spare on me. one of the perks of being given a proper lightsaber before getting here.’ ‘Now onwards men, to glory!’ Magnus spoke with a large amount of humour and started walking in the direction that they were heading towards before they stopped. He then stopped after a few paces and walked back. ‘Actually you should probably lead Mirran since your sight will probably get use their faster.’
  9. Char smiled. "Thanks.", he said as he took in his hands the crystal handed to him by Mirran. "Those two crystals should be enough, I guess. I do not think I will need any more crystals, for now at least." Char paused for a moment. "I have to be honest, I did not expect you to be so understanding. Thank you." Char placed the crystal to his backpack, alongside the other one, and then said, "Now, shall we get going to your waterfall?". Char wasn't very interested in the waterfall; personally, now that he had the crystals, he would prefer to leave before any Kinrath or some other dangerous creature would cause them trouble. But since the others wanted to go to the waterfall, he decided to agree to their request. He did not want to cause more friction between them.
  10. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran cringed slightly. She did not like the dark undertow that Char was exhibiting. His Force Presence suddenly changed colors and seemed quite different from the murky grey she was used to. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. She watched as Char seemed quite adamant about taking Crystals and she followed him and she sighed. She decided to be gentle with him as there really wasn't anything her or Magnus could do because apparently Char just simply was going to do what he wanted anyway. She said softly, "Those Crystals will be useless to you, Char. Any Jedi who has studied how these Crystals work knows that they won't work for you unless....you intend to bend them to your will and besides how many crystals do you honestly need? However, if you must, then you must..." She smiled softly through and carefully touched another crystal that Char had his focus on and Mirrian calmly focused her eyes on the natural fractures within the Crystal and carefully gave a light tap with the Force. The Crystal's lattice came quietly off and the crystal came loose she calmly took it up in her own hand and handed it to Char.
  11. Quiet Time

    Verrin sighed. It was a loud, long one too, which probably gave off the idea that he was annoyed with his apprentice, but he wasn't - entirely. She said all the right things. She knelt, she used his title, she paid attention around the Academy and apparently had the ear of the Overseers. This was all good. She also thought. By and large, that was also a good thing, as she considered matters like whether the students or Overseers were at fault, that it could be the combination of the two, or any of another variety of factors. She also appeared to be convinced that this could not be allowed to blossom. This was true. And then she offered to investigate more - find the source. She guessed that a group of others weren't on board with the new regime, and that was highly probable. Historically, every regime suffered a faction of individuals or groups that didn't agree with the people in power. So strong was their belief in their own ways, that they worked to undermine those in power, and then to place their people into those positions. Verrin spoke, without removing his hand from his head. "In my own experience, this has happened since my earliest days with the Empire - when Emperor Lydeck took over the Black Empire. It happened again when Emperor Thanos took over Lydeck's empire, and then fragmented again when Thanos pursued the Vitiate's Empire and left behind those on Nogatan. In the Vitiate's realm, Thanos was the segment that didn't agree with those in power, but he failed to usurp the existing empire there. Meanwhile, Emperor Trajan took the void left behind by Thanos, and secured the Empire on Nogatan. Eventually, a Darth rose, Emperor Cideon, and he took the Empire for himself, to run in his own way. Not appreciating two Empires, or because the nanophage grew too large to handle, Cideon brought us up against the Vitiate, as Thanos had tried to do before. Maybe Thanos weakened the existing power there - or perhaps not - but at the end of that struggle, Cideon's empire won the day, and we took over Dromund Kaas. But don't think that the existing regime was entirely happy with our arrival. There were loyalists to the old regime, who were displaced when we arrived. They wanted their old power back - or more power, to be precise. They worked to undermine us from within. Emperor Valyrian managed to hold things together for quite some time, but harnessing all that power... wrangling all the Sith and non-Sith within it, all the planets, the armies, the fleets, the economics, the governing... it can be too much. That's partly why the Councils exist - to keep them from undermining the Emperor, and to take some of the burden of rulership from him. Back in olden times, ruling was easier on smaller scales... lead a gang, or a group... lead a village, or a township... lead a city... lead a country, or even a world... it gets harder and harder the more people are involved, and... The lure of power - of ruling so many, or utilizing all those resources, having all of that economy - is difficult to deny. Every Sith strives for it, but once they acquire it, they usually immolate." He paused. It was highly likely he was speaking for his own benefit. A lot of the time, he got the impression that his knowledge was ignored - seen as the ramblings of an old Sith who never made it to the top. They were mistaken though. Verrin never wanted to be Emperor. He had wants and desires, certainly, and rising in power gave him more access to satisfy those wants. But the responsibilities - the chains - that came with it were terrible to bear. He finally went on. "Part of the Sith... philosophy, as it were... is that the strong rise over the weak... that power is obtained through strength... that we purposefully do not seek peace, because it doesn't not challenge us to be better, stronger, faster, and so on. The students are looking around these halls now, seeing our reduced numbers, and trying to figure out where they fit in. Where ARE they in the power structure? Who do they challenge? Who challenges THEM? They do not have a focus, and they wallow in uncertainty. I am not blind to that fact that these are uncertain times. Our very existence... our legacy... is dependent on our ability to become strong enough to challenge the galaxy once again. We, as the leaders of our 'gang', have to have a vision... a focus for them to get on board with and follow. We have to have a goal." Finally, he dropped his hand and turned his yellowed eyes directly upon his apprentice. "What is your goal, apprentice? What do you want? WHY are you here?"
  12. Char sighed. He wasn't going to give up on the crystals though. "Well, if you wish to remain with me, fine. However, please stay out of my way. Most importantly; do not interfere with my business." Char was going to proceed to finding the crystals; he did not care about some rumored waterfall. Char allowed himself to feel his surroundings and sense the crystals. He walked ahead, following the same route he and Homra had taken when he had first come to these caves. He had memorized that route in case he needed to come back. While his mastery of the Force was only average, his memory was pretty good. Char did not care if Mirran and Magnus were following him or not. Even if they did, he wasn't going to give up on his plans. He was pretty sure that neither of them would want the Masters to know about this expedition, so neither would report him. He soon reached the place where Homra had brought him for his meditation. Crystals were dotting at the walls and ceilings. They emitted a bright glow. Char could feel the powers of the crystals as he approached them. This time, Char was better able to hide his emotions so that they did not affect most of the crystals but one of them did start to bleed, just like the last time he had been here. "Well, here we are. The crystals! Now, if you will all excuse me, I have work to do. It will not take long. And, please, do not cause any trouble. We do not need any infighting in a cave filled with Kinrath, do we?" He approached a crystal; a green one. He then reached to his backpack and grabbed a small hammer he had brought with him. Char then tried slowly but steadily to remove the crystal, making sure that it was not damaged. Once he did, he placed it on his backpack. "Two more and we can then go search for your waterfall.", he remarked with a smile on his face.
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  14. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran stood firmly. "I will not go. I am still responsible for all our actions, despite what you say. I made the plan to come here, not you. If it was your plan, I would respect your decision to do as you wish. However, you did not plan this journey into the caves. I did. In the end, age is no guarantee of wisdom or maturity, Staying in this part of the cave on your own is folly and shows a lack of foresight and maturity on your part." Mirran knew she was young but..she had made this plan to enter these caves and she felt very strongly that regardless she was responsible for her friends. If something happened to Char or Magnus she would never be able to forgive herself for making this choice to come here. "A Jedi is not just responsible for oneself but for those around them. We are comrades in arms or we are supposed to be. A comrade in arms does not leave another on their own. We are supposed to support each other. Perhaps you think so little of those around you. But I cannot." Mirran found a seat on a rock and sat down. "I can wait....and if you cannot wait I suggest we all leave."
  15. Char wasn't pleased with Mirran and Magnus. He needed to be alone if he was going to snatch some crystals. He couldn't have the others bother him or, worse, notify any Jedi Master about his activities. "You can go ahead.", Char said. "I will follow you shortly. No need to worry about me; I can handle myself. It is not the first time I have been in these caves and, quite frankly, I do not believe that if Kinrath do appear you will be of any help. Also, Mirran, you are not responsible for me. I am responsible for my actions. Need I remind you that I am older than you? I am older than Magnus too. As the oldest one here, I know how to handle myself." Char paused for a moment. "After all, I will be here for only a few minutes. I will join you shortly. I insist strongly about it." Char made sure that he left no room for misinterpretations. "Now, please, go ahead. In a moment or two, I will be with you. Hopefully you will have found the waterfall by the time I join you." Char softened his expression a bit. "Be careful though. If you do see a Kinrath, do not try to be heroes. Fleeing is the best option."
  16. Character Prompt: Fear

    ~Mirran~ Her father said sternly, "You have failed us, Mirran....you are a disgrace to our vision and to our people." Mirran felt like she had been kicked hard in her stomach. The things she dreaded the most was to be told by her own parents was to be told she had failed them. She had only been three when she had been basically torn away from her parents but her memory was crisp and she remembered her parents very vividly. The Jedi claimed they took children at a very young age to prevent such attachments. However, Mirran had an eidetic memory. This meant she remembered things that others would normally not remember. While most children's feelings and memories of parents would have faded over time, Mirran's had not. While the distance of time had distanced her from her parents, she still had very distinct feelings and thoughts for her parents. "But....I respect the ways of the Jedi...." "Who refused to see our vision of the Jedi and the Republic interconnected." Mirran stood defiantly or tried to, "But this is more than the Jedi or the Republic. You should know that, father. I follow the will of the Force." "Then you should trust our vision. We are following the will of the Force." Mirran cocked her head. "But who is to say that my vision and my will of the Force isn't different than yours." "Is that what the Jedi have taught you? To deny the vision of others and follow theirs instead?" She shook her head. "Father please....you don't understand." "Apparently so. You are not my daughter, Mirran....you shame us. You shame the Mirraluka, you shame your mother and me. Go belong to the Jedi....you are no longer my daughter." Mirran woke up suddenly in a cold sweat. Thank the Force it was only a dream. However, what if such dreams were visions, visions of the future? She began to pace back and forth? I don't want to fail my family. I don't want to fail the Jedi either. What if I fail both? What if I am doomed to fail my parents, my people, and the Jedi? I don't want to fail them. She began to cry. Please, I don't want to fail anyone. I don't want to fail. I don't want to fail!!
  17. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus couldn’t really argue with what Mirran was saying since it was pretty much true, it wasn’t the best idea to split up even if we weren’t that far from the entrance, he had heard that unless you knew what you were doing you can easily get lost in here. ‘I’m with Mirran on this one mate. I mean we came out here to hang out and we can’t do that if you split away from the group, I mean what’s the point if everyone’s not together if they all said that they would? It’s pointless. Also its really easy to get lost in here and from what I’ve hear the bugs in here have a real bad bite to them.’ ‘I mean,’ Magnus continued, looking slightly annoyed. ‘this waterfall sounds amazing. Think about it, a waterfall untouched for an untellable amount of time along with crystals that are however old they are, untouched as well. This really should be ticking all the right boxes here.’ Magnus then turned around to face towards the tunnel in front of them. ‘But if we are going to move forward as a group then I suggest that we try and sense either the oldest or strongest crystals that we can find. Since they would be untouched for such a long time then they should be sensed more easily, so with that in mind Mirran it’s probably the best if you take the lead sice your Force sight is stronger then what I can come up with. Unless Char has anything that’ll work better.’ ‘We should also leave a trail that we can easily follow back so we don’t get lost. Our lightsaber’s should leave a mark even if they don’t actually cut through anything, but if that doesn’t work then I can always use one of my tricks instead.’ Magnus took a moment thinking over what he just said. ‘Sorry, I went full tactician there didn’t I? Sorry, but it does sound like a good idea though.’
  18. Initiates sparring match

    Magnus laughed likely. ‘Trust me; you don’t have to worry about me being an enemy. I can safely say that I am a friend to you, just give me a call if you’re in a jam and I’ll help in any way I can. Or if you just want to hang out, that’s always a great option in my opinion.’ He turned off his training lightsaber as he made his way towards the book that he had placed a few on the ground at the start at the match and picked it up in a firm grip. ‘Its a good idea to take a little break though Mirran, after those matches I could use a little rest.’ He placed himself down on the green grass around him and opened the book to where it was previously. ‘I hope you guys don’t mind if we stick around here to rest, but we can move if you want.’
  19. Set In Stone

    As Magnus entered deeper into the cave with the Jedi knight, he started to notice the clusters of gems around them and it was probably one of the most impressive sights he has seen, although the sun sets he saw back on the planet with his master Randrow was still his favourite, the crystals did not disappoint. They seemed to give off their own light slightly, shinning off a spectrum of colours off of the rough, dark walls of the cave. Curiously, he reached out with his Force sense to be greeted with a feeling like he was surrounded by a group of people, each one different in one way or another, never the same. This made sense to Magnus since he knew that each of these crystals belongs or will belong to some future Force sensitive at some point. He tried to feel around to see if he could find his own crystal, or crystals if he was extremely lucky, but ended up feeling nothing that felt familiar to him amongst the crystals around him. It wouldn’t be that easy. If it was then where’s the fun. He thought to himself with a slight chuckle. When they entered the clearing Magnus immediately gave some of the tunnels around them a knowing glance. ‘Guessing the critters in here like to explore around a bit huh? They must be tough to be able to tunnel through the rock here.’ He commentated and gestured to some of the scratches around some of the tunnels that he could see. ‘Reminds me of the Krykna back in my old stomping grounds. Have you ever seen one before?’ "Alright, so this is pretty straightforward. Just meditate right at the center, I'll be observing and see how things go from there." Magnus walked straight towards the middle of the clearing and sat down and tried and failing to find a comfy spot on the hard floor. ‘So what exactly do I do? Do I meditate towards a certain area or spread my awareness or just become a statue that becomes the backgrounds of peoples pictures? If they come in here that is and don’t mind the creepy crawlies of course.’ Never the less, he closed he eyes and began to relax.
  20. Quiet Time

    Holle could tell he was in a bad mood, that much was obvious. Her late reports were likely the case, as they reported little to no success regarding her recent assignments. Under the circumstances she felt fairly justified in her nervousness, but did not hang her head when she offered her master the knee. The Zeltron waited for a moment, before rising, "My Lord, there is talk among the Overseers that some of the recruits from the current batch are performing adequately or ahead of schedule. With all things hearsay should be taken with a grain of salt, but I myself have witnesses several of the students and have found their dedication wanting. It would be remiss of me to lie to you and say the Overseers are correct in their assessment, but they are being quite generous with at least half of the students, and the other half seems to be getting by on bare minimum. Whether or not this is the fault of the students or the Overseers is unknown at this time, but I suspect it to be a combination of both issues compounding into a greater one that we cannot allow to blossom." She said, her voice more concerned than it normally would have been. The students were in some way her responsibility if only because her master was the head of th Academy, but she was not responsible for the behavior of the Overseers. "Should you wish it, I will investigate the matter more thoroughly and find the source of the problem. I have my suspicions that there is someone or a group of someones that are not entirely on board with the new agendas and are trying to undermine it. There is an uneasiness in the Force, in the halls, and I know that I cannot be the only one to have noticed it. Something is wrong, something feels wrong and I cannot put my finger on it." Holle continued, offering her opinion on the matter. It was not asked for, but it seldom was in the span of her apprenticeship. She simply offered it, as if it was some great gift to be granted to someone with whom she discussed matters. There was no mirth in her voice, just a subtle unsettled feeling that surfaced only briefly. She was worried though, that much was obvious in her uneasy body language. It was as if the air in the acadmey had been stifled, and the walls had been adjusted ever so slightly that the building felt just that little bit smaller.
  21. Character Prompt: Fear

    It's the month of spoopy spooky stuff, and this is the perfect time to talk about fears and whatnot. Could be rational, could be not, could be something as small as cynophobia (fear of dogs) to panic-attack inducing fear of death. Of course, this ain't just any other character prompt where "Ok, [Insert Name Here] is afraid of [xyz]" nah. Gonna spice it up a bit. Write a short passage showing the character and that fear and have fun! Could be one character, or all if you have more than one. Not necessarily just for a single character. Homra 'Fear is the path to the dark side since it leads to anger... or so a far as anyone's concerned. Shit, I forgot how it goes.' Homra's knuckles were white, mails trying to dig through the durasteel table. His teeth were trying to leave a vivid bruise on his lips, and he could feel goosebumps crawling across his exposed skin. The recycled air felt colder as it crawled up and down his back, but beads of sweat still formed across his forehead despite the near frigid temperature. Beady black eyes stared back at purple irises, fathomless and seemingly curious. Homra was once plagued by nightmares thanks to this creature, that it took a year of meditation and pretending the fear doesn't exist before he can sleep peacefully. Fate seemed to have thought it funny to have it confront him when he was a full-grown adult, and was just getting used to life in Dantooine. Technically, the archivist often encountered such creatures when he was travelling around prior to his Knighting, but it did bother him a lot. That was why he spent most of the days before returning to the Order exhausting himself to the point of having little to no dreams once he dropped unconscious on wherever he was going to spend the night. It wasn't that easy, and it seemed so trivial and irrational. A high-pitched squeal pierced through the air, and the Echani leapt over the table as the creature rushed towards his direction. The table toppled over, datacrons and datacubes crashing over the floor, and a hundred-twenty pound near-human fell into a graceless heap of limbs on the carpeting. Homra groaned, his right elbow slammed on the cold floor, and painful pinpricks ran across his arm. It felt like the air was knocked right out of his lungs, and his chest felt like a herd of nerfs just stampeded all over it. He lied face-down on the floor, and it felt like forever before he turned over on his back, the front of his thighs felt sore and his knees wobbly. Another high pitched squeal, and the Echani found himself staring at the little monster that was halfway across the room, staring back at him. There was nothing good in its eyes, only pure evil in those endlessly black depths. It tilted its head and took a step forward towards Homra's direction. "Oh no - don't you dare!" The Echani warned, trying to scramble into a sitting position. His whole body felt like a bantha decided he'd make a good footstool. "I'm warning you!" As if it truly understood Homra, the rat skittered towards the prone Jedi with its disgusting humanoid-looking paws and probably dirt-infested fur. On the office right next, Jun wondered when did Knight Azner began terrorizing eight-year old girls. She pictured pigtails and adorable sun dresses. Ren Ren's eyes were large and bright, nearly luminous, as he stared back at his reflection. Bruises seemed to bloom beneath his eyes, and he was starting to lose what little weight he gained for the past year. Sleep was becoming more and more of a luxury for the past few days. There were weeks like these, where sleeping was something to be avoided - something to be dreaded. Ren would find himself waking up with phantom sensations across his skin, fleeting snatches of a nightmare fading away as he tried to catch his breath. Other times, it followed him well into the day. He could feel scalpels gliding across his skin, the pain sharp and lingering. Some days, he could feel the shock of electricity across his neck, pain lancing across his body from his head down to his toes. Then there were the times where he dreamt of some faceless Sith - sometimes Meracus, sometimes Corvus, sometimes a nameless or faceless Sith - holding him by his neck with invisible hands, Ren floating and his toes barely brushing against the floor. Those were the worst. Because Ren forgot. Ren forgot that he was no longer among enemies, but rather - tentative comrades. On these days, he'd spend the day seeing enemies everywhere, perceptions skewed by something that did not happen. So on these days, he kept to himself and threw himself into training. His progress in saber forms were basic at best and abysmal at worst, which frustrated him to no end. That often pushed him to just tinkering with whatever droid or computer terminal he could get his hands on, even if watching paint dry was twice as exciting. Ren shook his head, can still feel the lingering traces of a nightmare heavy and deep in his bones. It was one of those rare nights where his dreams were a horrifying mix of half-remembered memories and surreal nonsense. Either way, he still needed to sleep, even if nightmares greeted him once he closed his eyes. Jun Everything turned white, her whole world a discordant ringing and muffled shouting. For a minute, she thought that she lost all sensation and that she died. Except, when the light faded out into indistinct shapes, the ringing turning into screaming and burning and gods I can't breathe I can't breathe it hurts I - Jun blinked, brows furrowing together as she stared at the enormous piece of durasteel before her eyes. Its edges glowed a faint orange from the heat, and it was jagged and curved and warped from its original shape. Shards of plating surrounded the durasteel piece, red seemingly blooming from the sides as her gaze traveled down. It was about two inches deep right below her chest and right above her navel. Oh. She can only stare at it in disbelief, not quite believing that it was sinking little by little, blood dripping out in tiny rivulets. Should Jun get it out? Ammunition from slugthrowers shouldn't be removed unless they're still making their descent since that would just reopen a cauterized wound and cause more bleeding. She could feel it going in deeper, and she felt rather... ambivalent about the whole ordeal. She must still be in shock, then. There was someone talking to her, but Jun thought she'd gone deaf. Something roared against her ears, and she could feel someone pushing her down and shouting. Her breath hitched and the shrapnel seemed to groan and shake, gloved hands pulling and tugging her armor and Jun was going to bleed out if they took it out and - Pain exploded across her body, and she wanted to scream but all the breath from her lungs had gone. Her whole body was on fire, her armor too constricting and tight and burning. She needed to get it off, needed to get out. She can't breathe and it's pressing down on her and she's going to die and - Dark spots danced across her vision, and Jun doesn't know if it's okay or not but she can't fall asleep. Not here and now, she needed to get up, needed to get somewhere safe, needed to live. Her eyes felt too hot and the sudden blurriness had her heart racing because she can't see and -
  22. Quiet Time

    "Enter," Verrin called when the knock came upon his door. If it had been an obvious threat, the Guardians outside would have stopped it - or tried to. If it had been a rival Sith, or person of great importance, they would have been announced. Instead, it was a person of import, but not a Darth, and not a threat. It was simply his apprentice, Holle. She found him there, seated at his desk with a broken datapad against one wall, and his head cradled between the thumb and forefinger of one hand. His voice called out to her once she proceeded into the room. "What news, apprentice?" Already, he was steeling himself for the next bad report. It wasn't that any such report would be earth-shattering to him, or that any information Holle would share would be unwanted. On the contrary, he needed to know every good, bad, or indifferent thing about the Academy he could learn. The reason he steeled himself, was to prevent his temper from lashing out at the nearest thing - in this case, her. Perhaps she wasn't here to report on anything, anyway. Maybe she had questions... concerns... Maybe something good had happened to her, and she was here to share? Maybe she had finally found power in her life - some gift from the likes of Atrox or another rival - that would allow her to end him once and for all. Perhaps, despite Maggie's lack of understanding, and the Guardian's lack of concern, his apprentice was here to rise to the seat of power among the Sith. In a sense, that was good news. He waited for the response, focusing on his breathing.
  23. Carry On Wayward Son

    "Just maps, as far as I'm concerned." Homra shrugged. "Might be some council things, I can get a copy of the data - but it'd be encrypted and would have tons of security measures that'd give seasoned slicers migraines for years." The hangar bay was mostly empty. There was about a shuttle or two left since the attack, but neither looked they're still capable of flight. Vines managed to crawl across the gap, slowly making their way across the doors and into the cracked duracrete walls. Dust and molds clung to the walls and nearly every surface, rainwater dripped down from the many holes on the roof, and there were barely any evidence left in the hangar that it once faced an attack. Some of the terminals looked intact, while the rest still sported holes thanks to blaster fire and the stray lightsaber. It was hard to tell if there was still power running through the temple, but Homra would be finding out soon enough. "I need to access the terminals first, need to know if there's still power." The Echani headed over one that looked intact. He pushed the power button on, and nothing happened. Not exactly unexpected, nature could have cut the power permanently. He was about to step away when the screen flickered, the near-silent hum of a computer terminal booting up had Homra's ears twitching. It took three minutes before the screen finally displayed the main interface. Homra nearly entered his current username and password before remembering that Tython had long been disconnected from the HoloNet or from any other network for the past year. It was a little hard to remember his old account details, but Horma had the foresight to save it on his datapad despite the risk. When he was the assistant archivist, he could access most of the cameras within the archives. However, access was limited outside it. That was why he had his tech armor with him though, and it already had a program that could try and access the Temple's security system. It wouldn't be able to bypass everything, but he should be able to access the holocams. It took less then a minute to do so, and that had the Echani frowning. About half a dozen still provided some manner of feed, while the rest were damaged or disconnected. It didn't do much good, since the working cameras were in the areas few people frequented, where no one probably thought to run and hide when Tython was attacked. Currently, these areas were empty. With that out, they'd have to rely on the Force for Sight, then. Homra's eyes fluttered shut, and he let himself see the world through the Force. Two pairs of Flesh Raiders were already padding up the stairs, probably to patrol or scavenge. Not that there would be anyone trying to steal anything or sneak in. His lips ended up twitching in amusement at the thought. "We have four Flesh Raiders heading up, the hangar bay doors still look functional, and I have no idea if they know how to operate it." He gestured vaguely at the enormous double doors. "Looks like they're just circling around the hall, one would stop at like a fourth of the way for a minute, take a peek at whatever room if they could, and then circle back again." "We to sneak and move as fast as possible to get to the map room." The hangar didn't lead directly to the main circular hall, and he really wished that there was at least a hole directly to the map room. "We need a distraction, but not something that'd have the whole tribe storming in and eating us. I could sneak off on my own and get there, but I can't really bring all the data cubes and crystals from the second floor to outside. If anyone has ideas though, now would be a good time to share them."
  24. Quiet Time

    Since the beginning of her apprenticeship, Holle had done her level best to survive and perform her duties to the best of her abilities. That had not been the case on Dathomir. She had been given responsiblities, work that her master needed done that she promised to succeed in, only to in turn find a way to snatch failure from the jaws of success. Something had taken root on this planet, something had foiled her at every turn and she could not figure out just what it had been. Had she lost favor in the Force? Had she just gotten too lax and forgotten the struggle that it took to even begin to walk again? Whatever it was that had seen to her endeavors ending in misery it was driving her to the brink of madness. Her recent trips through the Academy were often filled with public chastisement of other acolytes, and for reasons only known to her. They could simply have worn the wrong color, or they could looked at her the wrong way, but her open hostility was a definitive change that likely had not gone unnoticed in her master's neverending watch over the Academy. She feared him, though. Holle feared Darth Verrin's power and her own failures were haunting her no matter what she attempted to do. Things began to compound on one another, and slowly her performance in things she used to be the most competent at began to slip. It was self-doubt creeping in where confidence had once been. She had been given challenges on Dromund Kaas and succeeded in them, though with the proper stimuli. Here on Dathomir she felt as if she was still the student and knew it, but had lost some of her edge given the long recovery time it took for her to literally get back on her feet. While she had certainly focused on her abilities in the Force, she was given to second-thought which often saw her efforts to push the boundary further falter. It was much like the stone slab and her attempts at learning more advanced telekinetic power; the challenges kept mounting and her weakness kept haunting her like a curse. Holle knew she should have spoken with her master sooner, but there were certain things her pride held her back on. There was no room to show weakness among peers, but that spread to showing any weakness at all. Her hindsight was the only thing that granted her the clarity to see that her failures were only making her look worse, and by extension her master. If she was to receive forgiveness, if that was possible at this point, she had to prostrate herself and beg for his mercy. While she knew he was by no means as harsh or brutal as other Sith, he was still Sith and still prone to the same things other Sith felt or wanted. He wanted power just as much as any other among the Academy's halls, for her to fail him so much of late had to have made him look terrible. That did not mean it would be easy for her, nor did it mean that even now before his office door that she had the courage to admit her defeats. Even with all the reluctance and fear, she wordlessly requested entry rather than barging in as she was prone to doing. She wanted to prolong her life as long as she could if today's unscheduled meeting meant she was to lose it.
  25. Quiet Time

    Report after failed report went across Verrin's desk. In the first one, he read that his apprentice, @Holle, had failed to subjugate the natives in Sector A-7. That was where the Empire was supposed to begin the subjugation of the planet, nevermind the tribes people who lived there. More importantly, his precious coffee beans could be grown in that region of this forsaken jungle world - and that lack of coffee probably wasn't helping Verrin's overall mood. His apprentice reportedly took young, aspiring Sith with her, but they too had failed to report any successes. Verrin growled in his desk chair. The next report was no better. The Sith hopeful, @Sutem Wry had gone missing. Something sparked in Verrin's mind - a memory - and he cross-referenced it with the report on Sector A-7. Sure enough, he found her mentioned there, having accompanied his apprentice. Verrin's apprentice, Holle, again... still the same problem though, that damnable sector. Maybe the pair had been killed by the natives. Or maybe, they'd fallen prey to something in the jungle. He might have to send a recovery team in to find out - assuming there were any parts of them left to find. He grimaced and moved on to the next report. It referenced the Sith Acolyte, @Silas Kitsuchi. He was supposed to be serving his 'punishment', providing services to his feminine peers and masters. There was nothing about him going missing, or failing in his duties, but neither was there any evidence that he hadn't fled the Academy instead of putting himself through a few weeks of pain and suffering. Verrin rolled his eyes. If handing out towels to sweaty Sith was so demeaning, the boy would never rise to power among the Sith. Kissing the arses of men and women above one's station was part of the process. One ingratiated themselves to a master in order to earn that master's protection from peers, and then eventually, one either killed their protector or moved out from under them to another higher up the 'food chain'. Come to think of it, Verrin recalled that Holle had stepped in to see to the boy's punishment, personally. That memory caused Verrin to grimace even more. There seemed to be a common theme going on in all of these reports, and it was directly related to one of his apprentices. If THAT was true, then he had to consider that she might purposefully be failing him - her poor performance was certainly doing nothing to make him look good in the eyes of the Sith'ari, @Darth Atrox, or his peers, @Darth Tanit, or @Darth Sanguira. He growled even deeper in his throat. "Apprentice..." For that matter, his other active apprentice, @Vanessa Sallin, was also largely missing-in-action. The last he knew, she was going to study her father's holocron. She might still be doing that - sometimes it took a while to process that much information, though part of the problem might be that she didn't want to know certain things about her heritage. He thought he sensed her now and again - one of the 'faceless', masked Guardians who roamed the Library, or saw to his personal protection. But even if he did, she didn't break character long enough to interact directly with him. @Darth Renatus was absent too. She had gone missing shortly after arriving back at the Academy. He'd hoped to work more with her, but perhaps she had her own matters to attend to. While there was technically no 'Sphere of Mysteries' left for her to oversee, she might still have had ongoing projects that were occupying her time. Verrin grimaced again - none of the reports showed anything good, nothing of promise. He was fairly sure that Darth Atrox was going to have him cast out as the Academy's Overseer based on poor performance. The question was whether he would be cast out solely as Overseer, or also as Librarian... or eliminated altogether. In a sudden fit of annoyance, Verrin hurled his datapad against the wall of his office. It was fairly resilient, as if it too was somehow denying him satisfaction by not breaking in to a thousand pieces. "It's the lack of coffee..." Verrin was sure, and voiced as much to the room. Normally, his droid assistant, Maggie, would offer some logical reason why that wasn't so, but she was not in the room, seeing to some mundane task within the Library's main room. Verrin pinched his own temples between thumb and forefinger, trying to ease the growing headache there, and also trying to decide if he needed to subjugate Sector A-7 himself, just to find some vanilla-bean-related relief. "And the Jedi wonder why the Sith can be so angry..." he commented to nobody in particular.
  26. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    First one is still Crucitorn. Doesn't necessarily need an injury to increase the pain someone feels. The Inflict Pain already falls under the Crucitorn umbrella, as intent can define if it's dark or light, so there's no need to make another one that's basically the same. Crucitorn can also be used on multiple people just as well. The Force Armor tree is used against Force and energy-based attacks, but the skill you're proposing doesn't necessarily need to be a specific ability. Characters can still use telekinesis in place of a Force Barrier - combined with Force Sense/Sight, it should help deflect oncoming attacks instead. Edit: Telekinetic combat covers deflection/defending against projectiles and the like.
  27. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    Here's two. This first one is a rebellion-era power as listed on Wookieepedia, but given its nature, I really don't see why something like it couldn't exist earlier, so I wanted to propose this power be added. Inflict Pain: Used to inflict the nerves with a moment of debilitating agony, Inflict Pain is different from Crucitorn, which merely increases the pain of an injury already inflicted. Inflict Pain is solely a Dark Side Power. As the nature of the Dark Side causes pain in everything around it and what it inhabits, many novice Dark Siders learn this by instinct. While requiring great concentration, Inflict Pain can be so incompacitating the first time it is experienced that it often drives healthy targets to their knees momentarily, and weaker enemies may be simply knocked unconscious. As it does not actually injure the victim, it is incapable of killing, but many Dark Siders use the technique as a Torture method, one of many. Requires: Corruption 1 I see it as something akin to a Dark Side version of Force Stun. If so, maybe it could be a tiered ability, like use it on a group? Also, this one is confusing me, because I have only seen it mentioned in Kotor 2, and I'm not sure whether or not Force armor can do the same thing. If it can't, I propose it be added under a different name. The name here is the one it had in the game but the Wookieepedia page was confusing also. Force Barrier: Absorbs bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing attacks by forming a small telekinetic barrier around the user that cushions and deflects impacts. While no replacement for true Force deflection it is more discrete and many a Force adept has been saved from an unexpected knife thrust or slugthrower by employing this ability.
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