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    Announcements (September 16th)

    • If you haven't already, please read this and post here to get your character up-to-date, the new fat-trimmed system allows for more creativity!
    • New site update and announcement on revitalizing the site, as well as making everything easier on every member!
    • If you also haven't gone to the new Discord to chat with current and old members, the link is here.
    • Join the Galactic Coalition, the new faction that is a combination of all factions going against the Republic. Your threads have been moved to the Greater Galaxy, if you are looking for them. The galaxy is now open to everyone, so enjoy your freedom and create plots with members from other factions! :)
    • The timeline has moved forward 2 months to accommodate the two months we missed in preparing for these changes, and to remove tedious RP.
    • There will be a Forge-based event in October, get ready to participate and get rewarded accordingly! :)
  1. The Docking Bay

    1. Welcome to Star Wars: Fates

      Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! Inside this forum is the application procedure, guidelines and FAQs you'll need to join our role playing community.

    2. Character Applications!

      This forum is for all new members and character applications into Star Wars: Fates. A member of the staff will look over your character, where they will then be approved for action into the Academy or Enclave or for general use.

    3. The HoloNet

      Visit this forum for the latest information on the site, and for ongoing Galactic News updates on the galactic schemes unfolding.

  2. The Galaxy

    1. The Galactic Coalition

      An alliance formed between the Jedi Order, the Sith Order, the Imperials, the Mandalorians and the Republic Resistance has created the Galactic Coalition, a singular force attempting to take back the galaxy from the Republic after they enforced their laws on all of their claimed planets. Formed out of necessity after the newly elected Supreme Chancellor started his crusade against the galaxy, this uneasy alliance is situated on Nirauan with it's fleet stationed above, ready to protect those seeking safe haven from the Republic and the Hutt Cartel. United under the War Council, the coalition turn their focus on reclaiming what is theirs and to stop the Republic from destroying everything in pursuit of 'peace.'

    2. Republic Space

      Within these regions lie the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim, with slowly branching arms reaching out towards the Mid Rim in hopes of creating a galaxy that is unified under one banner. The Supreme Chancellor, Iohannis Metac, has declared the Republic's intent to reclaim the galaxy from those wishing to seek it har,m through any means necessary, quickly quelling rebellions and protests within the Core Worlds. While the space that the Republic occupies is considered dangerous for those that are part of the Galactic Coalition, ventures into this section of the galaxy is not unknown.

    3. The Greater Galaxy

      The galaxy at large that encompasses the Mid Rim, the Outer Rim, Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. Littered throughout are planets still recovering from the past war, though with the new presence of the Republic across the galaxy, more worlds fear their own oppression more than previously. While the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim fight for their independence through diplomatic means or through fighting, the Hutts openly oppose the Supreme Chancellor, creating safe havens across the galaxy for those fighting against the Supreme Chancellor and his Republic. Unaffected by the Republic, the Unknown Regions and Wild Space are being explored by adventurers and explorers in hopes of finding new secrets that have remained hidden from the rest of the galaxy.

  3. Character Reference

    1. Reference Information

      This forum is dedicated to the listing of information about the Force Powers and Skills available for characters to use in individual or PvP, as well as a list of martial arts. It also includes information on the Sith and Republic that beginners or veterans alike can use to enhance their roleplay experience.

    2. Character Biographies

      This forum is dedicated to storing the biographies and character sheets, along with defining information about the various characters on the forum.

  4. OOC Discussions

    1. The Forge

      A forum dedicated to the creation of items to be used by members on the site. In this forum you will find multiple applications for weapons, armor, droids, cybernetics, starships, and vehicles that are immediately accessible by other members of the site and are fairly easy to understand.

    2. Plotters

      A forum dedicated to allowing members to connect their characters together through certain means. It is encouraged that if you are posting in this forum to make a list of things you wish to pursue so current and future members can read it and potentially fill in certain story positions that work together for each other. Things you may be able to find in this forum are potential adversaries, potential familial connections, and even a potential master or apprentice.

    3. Writers' Help Desk

      A forum dedicated to help writers develop items and new characters, along with getting feedback from other site members and the staff team. In addition to these two tools, this is the forum where character prompts are posted to get the writer to think about certain things some normally wouldn't.

    4. The Cantina

      This is the off-topic forum. Feel free to discuss in this forum anything not related to site.

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