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  1. The Docking Bay

    1. Welcome to Star Wars: Fates

      Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! Inside this forum is the application procedure, guidelines and FAQs you'll need to join our role playing community.

    2. Character Applications!

      This forum is for all new members and character applications into Star Wars: Fates. A member of the staff will look over your character, where they will then be approved for action into the Academy or Enclave or for general use.

    3. The HoloNet

      Visit this forum for the latest information on the site, and for ongoing Galactic News updates on the galactic schemes unfolding.

  2. The Galaxy

    1. The Sith Remnant

      According to the Republic, the Sith were extinguished from the galaxy at the end of the Great Galactic War, destroyed by a massive and unilateral campaign on the Empire at a moment of weakness. Yet, the Sith continued - returning the shadows, smaller, wounded and hurting from the great losses they experienced at the hands of the Republic. No longer controlling star systems, the Sith Remnant works quietly on a few coordinated planets, growing in silence, waiting for the moment that they can seek their revenge. 

    2. The Unified Jedi Order

      Independent from the Republic, the Jedi Order was forced to divorce itself from the galactic governance in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War. Foreseeing decades of trials and tribunals, the Jedi Order became an independent and unified Order, it was granted Dantooine as an independent within the newly established Jedi Reaches territory. Independent from any government, the Unified Jedi Order has the potential to act quickly and without the ease of government bureaucracy. 

    3. The Greater Galaxy

      With the Empire gone and the Republic splintered, the worlds of the greater galaxy stand together in independence. They remain mostly untouched by the war, striving to move on and remain stable as a status quo established itself in the aftermath. However, despite all that, the Greater Galaxy's independence remains fragile -  the Unified Jedi Order try to ensure peace and provide aid to those in need, while the Hutt Cartel continues to expand its borders and the Sith Remnant grows more ambitious as they try to re-establish their hold in the greater galaxy through subterfuge - wherein the many domains large and small in the Unknown Regions wait for those that could uncover their secrets.

  3. Character Reference

    1. Reference Information

      This forum is dedicated to the listing of information about the Force Powers and Skills available for characters to use in individual or PvP, as well as a list of martial arts. It also includes information on the Sith and Republic that beginners or veterans alike can use to enhance their roleplay experience.

    2. Character Biographies

      This forum is dedicated to storing the biographies and character sheets, along with defining information about the various characters on the forum.

  4. OOC Discussions

    1. The Forge

      A forum dedicated to the creation of items to be used by members on the site. In this forum you will find multiple applications for weapons, armor, droids, cybernetics, starships, and vehicles that are immediately accessible by other members of the site and are fairly easy to understand.

    2. Plotters

      A forum dedicated to allowing members to connect their characters together through certain means. It is encouraged that if you are posting in this forum to make a list of things you wish to pursue so current and future members can read it and potentially fill in certain story positions that work together for each other. Things you may be able to find in this forum are potential adversaries, potential familial connections, and even a potential master or apprentice.

    3. Writers' Help Desk

      A forum dedicated to help writers develop items and new characters, along with getting feedback from other site members and the staff team. In addition to these two tools, this is the forum where character prompts are posted to get the writer to think about certain things some normally wouldn't.

    4. The Cantina

      This is the off-topic forum. Feel free to discuss in this forum anything not related to site.